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Wwat/mr ForaooBU 

VtetfMriA •»« vlc'nUy — Southerly and we»t- 
•r)y wioda, cenerally (air v. 1th not much 
chance In temperature. 

Lewar Malnl)i.nd — Ucht to moderate 
wlnda, V'nerally fair with stationary or 
ht^ar temperature. 


Coloniwt Tthphon— 

Clroo'UUOB U 

Job PrlBtlny ...<••••••••■••••••••• I'l 

BdltoiiaJ Rooou i* 


VOL evil., NO. 108 



imuNG sm! 

How S, S. Titanic Went to Her 
Doom Carrying 1600 Per- 
sons to an Icy Grave in the 



"Women and Children First" — 
Foundered With Her Band 
Playing and Her Captain on 
the Bridge 

NEW YORK. April xs.—How : the 
White Star liner Titanic, which was 
the largest ship afloat, sank off the 
crana Banl-s of " - NowfyuuaJau?^ ';';'on' 
Monday xnorning: last, carrySiiir to 
their death 1,601 of the 2.340 peraolW 
aboard was told the world In its a- 
details f"r the first time tonight "TSTT 
the arrival at New York of the Cunard 
liner Carpathia bearing the exhausted 
surv'ivora of the catastrophe. * 

Of the great facts that stand out 
from the chaotic account of the 
tragedy those are the most salient: 

The death list ha.<i increased rather 
than decreased. SI.k persons died 
after being rescued. 

The list of prominent persons lost 
stands as previously reported. 

Practically every woman and child 
with the exception of those wornen 
who refused to leave their husbands 
were saved. Among' those was Mrs. 
Tsador Straus. 

The survivors in the lifeboats saw 

the last, heard her band playing, saw 
the doomed hundreds on her deck and 
heard their groans and cries when the 
vessel sanlc. 

Accounts vary as to the extent of 
thp disorder on lioard. 

KaUncr rnll Spaed 

Not only was the Titanic tearing 
through the .^prii jiigiit to her iioom 
with every ounce of -BteHm on, but she 
was under orders froni the general oif- 
flces of the line to taake ali the speed 
of which she wa.s capable. This was 
the statement tonigtit of J. P. Tj. 
"\lo'*dv a ouartcrmfiHt^r of th** vessel 
and liclmsman on the night oif the 
disaster. He said the ship was mak- 
ing 'i\ knots an hour and the offi- 
cers were striving to live up to the 
orders to smash the record. 

"It was close to midnight," said 
Moody, "and I was on the bridge w-ith 
tlie second officer who was irr command. 
Hiidfleniy he shouted -port your heim.' 
I did so but it was too late. We struclc 
the submerged portion of the berg." 

Of the many accounts given by the 
passengers most of them agreed that 
the felioctt wljen tlie Titanic struck the 
Iceberg, althougli ripping her great sldes^ 
IJiie a giant can opener, did not greatly 
jar the entire vessel, for the blow was 
a glancing one along the side. The ac- 
coimtH also agree subsequently that 
when the passengers were taken off In 
the Mfeboats there w-as no serious panic 
and t1iat many wished "to remain on 
board the Titanic." 

Ksr Ziaat Flange 

The most distressing stories are those 

ttivii'iK the cXpetletiCe of jxtsaehiBera iii 
"i^he lifeboats. These tell not only of 
their own sufferlwg but give the har- 
rowing details of how tbe.v saw the 
great bullo of the Titanic stand on end 
stern uppermost for many minutes be- 
fore plunging to the bottom. As this 
awful apectacle was witnessed by the 
groups of survivors in the Ixiats they 
plainly aw.w many of those w^hom they 
had Just left behind leaping from the 
decks into the water. 

J. Bruce Ismay, president of tlie In- 
ternational Mercantile Marine, owners 
of the White Star line, who was among 
the seventy odd saved; P. A. S. Frank- 
lin, vice-president of the White Star 
company and United States Senator Al- 
den Smith, chairman of the senate in- 
vestlgatlnir committee, hold a coivfer- 
ence ^oard the Carpathia soon after 
the passengers had come ashore tonight. 
After nearly an hour Senator Smith 
came off to the cabin and said he had 
no power to subpoena witnesses at this 
time. He announced that Mr. Ismay had 
consented to appear at the hearing and 
thiit Mr. Franxiin and the few surviv- 
ing officers would appear for exiimina- 


1 — ThrlilInK Story of DIaaater. Bomb«nt- 
meat ef t>ardlu>.ellea. 

J — ^ThrllUng atory of Plaanter. 

S— 1^'brtIUAg Btory of DIaaater. 


t-~«trlk« flltuatJon Now Well In Hanfl. 

f— Mews of City. 

7— New* of CUy. 

t — In iToman's Beaim. 

»— «>6tai>« Kewa 
ii--4upii}iliitnBTimt at Oovernmenl Hbntit'. 
I],._ll(<lllaitt ||vent M Oovarnmant Houxu. 
l|.oltiM SMpt AdTts. 
IS— RmI Setatv^ A^vta, 

14— WlritaM* ^ti^narlit In Concrete Machine. 
l»-4lM4Be ««««. 
If, — BttliMMlt Svent at Qovernment Uouae. 

»lr»n h^fore th^ /•omrinlt t*^ T-fft w/ld the 
course of e.xanilnalion would be deter- 
mined afl.r the preliminary hearing. 

Mr. Smitli also was questioned as to 
the speed at which the Titanic was 
proceeding when she crashed into tihe 
berg. He said he had asked Mr. Ismay 
but declined to sRy what Mr. Ismay's 
reply was. 

The arrival of the Carpathia brought 
a vast multitude of persona to the 
Cunard doclts. They filled the vast 
pier akeds, and, overflowing for blocks, 
crowded tlie nearby streets. Through- 
out it all the rain fell steadily, adding 
a funeral aspect to the scene. 

X^asdlng Burrlvors 

The landing of the survivors was 
attended with little c-XciteTnent. the 
crowds standing In groups as the ship 
passed along. The docking actualli' 
began shortly after 9 o'clock and the 
debarking of passengers was disposed 
so quickly by the waiving of the usual 
formalities that practically everything 
had been cleared by 10.30 o'clock. Tlie 
crowds remained about the piers long 
after tliis to get a glimpse of the res- 
suing steamer and to hear the harrow- 
iiis stories " whlcii toad , heen hrausht 
back hy the rescue ship. 

Physicians and nurses went aboard 
the Carpathia before anyone was a» 
lowed to ,89- .'flpwn the gang way. but 
- _ .jtiit_ i^ g|.g^ cabin passengers, 


m>mii^0^0^liiirM\int, began descend- 
"'^'''**^' '*i*™|)^ Some walked uneldod, 

miam wtf» ' Irirtflated JfeiB;y:'-a[r4eiMMir'^^ 

Mr«. John Jaoou Aptor. now a widow, 
was met by her step-son, Vincent Aa- 

y and her sister, Miss Force. They 
raced with tears, ^hurried to an au- 
tomobile and drove to the Astor town 
■iiouse. The second and some steerage 
passengers did not leave the ship until 
11 o'clock. They were In a sad condi- 
tion. Women were without wraps and 
the few men there wore very little 

A poor Syrian woman who said .sh« 
was Mrs. Habush, bound for Youngs- 
town, Ohio, carried in her arms a six 
months old baby. The child wore only 
a light calico dress and was barefooted. 
This woman had lost her husband and 
three brothers. "I lost four of my 
menfolk," slie cried. 

The Tltanic's four rescued ofBcers 
■were placed aboard the Red Star liner 
l^apland for the night. They refused 
to talk, saying they were under In- 
.structions to give no information ex- 
cept to the senate committee. 




JfcK.A. Advt. 
Sr* A«vt. 


Wmm AMifU 

NKW YORK. Anrll 18. — The following 
Is the account of Mr. Beasley of l,onoon: 

"The vo.vage from Queenstowii had 
been quite uneventful as fine weather was 
experienced and the sea was quite calm. 
It was very cold. After dinner on Sunday 
evening it was almost too cold to be 
out on deck. 

"I had been in my berth for about ten 
iiilnute.s when at about 11 '15 p. m., I felt 
a slight jar and then soon after a sec- 
ond one, but not sufficiently heavy to 
cause any anxiety. However, the engines 
stepped immediately and I went upon 
the deck in a dressing gown and found 
■onlv a few pSGPls thsrt: who had come 
up similarly to inquire why we liad 
stopped. We saw through the smoking 
room window a game of cards going on 
and went in to inquire if they knew any- 
thing. It seems they felt more of the 
jar and looking through the window had 
seen a huge iceberg go by close to the 
side of the boat. They thought we had 
juat grazed It with a glancing blow and 
tl)0 engines had been stopped to' see if 
any damage had been done. 

"No one of course had any conception 
that she had been pierced below by sub- 
merged Iceberg. The game went on 
without any thought of dlaster and I re- 
tired to my cabin to read until we went 
on again. 1 ncvsr saw any of the play- 
ers or 'the onlookers again, a Itttle later, 
hearing people going upstairs, I went 
cut again and saw tlmt there was an un- 
doubted list downwar.J from the stern 
but knowing nothing of what had hap- 
pened, concluded some of the front com- 
partments had filled and weighted down. 
I went down aga^n to put on warmer 
c:othlng and as I dressed heard an or- 
der shouted: 

' Vo Panic 

"All passengers on deck with llfg belts 

."We all walUod slowly up with them, 
but even then presumed fchls was a pre- 
caution the captain was taking and that 
we should return In a short time and re- 
tire to bed^ There was a total absence 
or panlc^ or expressions of alarm and I 
suppose this can be accounted for by the 
exceedingly cj.lm night and the absence 
oC any signs of the accident The ship 
was abolutcly still and except for a 
gentle tiit downwards which I dont 
tl Ink on(< person in ten would have not- 
iced at that time, no signs of the ap- 
proachlng disaster was visible. She lay 
JfSt as if she were waiting the order to 
go on again, when some trifling matter 
had been adjusted. But in a few mo- 
ments we .Maw the covers lifted on boats 
and the i rews alloted to them standlmr 
by and uncurling ropes which they were 
tc lower them by. 

"We then began to realize that some- 
f.hlng serious had happened; my first 
il'.cught was to get more clothing and 
some money but seeing people pouring 
up the stairs 1 decided It was better to 
cause no confusion to people coming up 
by doing so. Presently we heard the or- 
der; ^ ' ' ' 

"All men Biand hack away from the 
boats and all ladles retire to the next 
deck below — the smoking room on B 

Xa AJb«ol«t« MlMiee 

The men all stood away and remained 
in absolute sllenaa leaning agminat -the 
ralia of the deck off paelAg aknrlr up 
and down. The boats ware swung over 
and lowered on A deok. '^ben they were 

to the iBVol of B 'deck, all the ladles 
were collected. The ladies got in quickly 
with the exception of some who refused 
to leave their husbands. In some cases 
they were torn from them and payed 
into the boats, but in many instances 
tl y were allowed to remain because 
there was no one to Insist they s'hould 

"Looking over the side, one saw boats 
from abaft already in the water slipping 
quietly away into the durknets and pre- 
sently the boats near to us were lowered 
with much creaking as the new ropes 
slipped through the pulley blocks down 
the no feet which separated them from 
the water. An officer in imlform as one 
beat was lowered shouted: 

"When you are afloat row around to 
the companion ladder and stand by the 
otlier boats for orders." 

""Aye, !i.\c. slrl' came up the reply, 
hut I don't think ;iny Yumi was able to 
•^hey tha order. 

Tear of Suction 

■RSiR they were afloat and had" the 
oars at work the condition of the rapid- 
ly tilling vessel was so much more a 
siglit fur alarm for those in boats 
than those on boad th© TJtanlc that in 
common prudehca the diailora eaw they 
could do nothing but row from the 
slnkilng ship to save at any rate some 
lives. They no doubt expected that 
suction from such an enormous vessel 
would be more than usually dangerous 
to a - crowded boat mostly filled with 

.■».JaLjyhl» -n n iB- ' tBer i 
|»»y':'«HiW7aer, panic I 
boats and no scenes of women aobbini? 
hysterically such as one generally pic- 
tures as happening at such timfs.. 
Kvcryono seemed to realize no slo*\ly 
that there wag imiTilnent danger. Whesi 
It v,':ls realized that we might all bo 
presently In the sea with nothing but 
our lifebelts to eupport us until wo 
were picked up by passing steamers It 
was extraordinary how calm everyone 
was and how completely self-control- 

riUtng the Zdfeboats 

"One by one the boats were filled 
with women and children being lower- 
ed and sent away into the night. Pres- 
ently the word went around among 
the men: 

" 'The men are to be put in boats on 
the starboard side' 

" 'I was on the port sldo and most of 
the men walked around the deck to see 
If this was so. I remained wheie I was 
and presently hciird the call, 

"'Any more ladies?" 

'■ 'I saw none come and then one of 
the crew looked up and s;iid, 

"Any ladies on your de<'k. sir'." 

"'No!' I quickly replied. 

" Then you had better jump quickly." 

"I ui-ijpireri ttim ieJi in the cwttom, as 
they cried, "Lower away!' 

As the boat began to descend, two 
ladles were puaherl hurriedly through 
the crowd on B dock and heaved over 
it to thfi boji.t, and a baby of ten 
months passed down with them. Down 
we went with the crowd clinging to 
those lowering each end, to keep her 
level, 'Aft!' 'Stern!' 'Both together!' 
until we were some ten feet from the 
water, and here occurred the only an.ti- 
oua moment we had tluring the whole 
Of our e.xporlence from leaving tile 
deck Ui reaching the (Carpathia. 
Oitagar of Swamping 

"Immediately below our .boat was 
tlie exhaust of the condensers, a huge 
stream of wcter pouring ail the time 
from the -ship's inside, just above tlic 
watcrlinc. It was plain we ought to be 
away from this in order not to be 
swamped by it when we touelied water. 
We had no offl<.'er aboard, no petty of- 
ficer, or member of th^' crow to take 
charge. So one of the stokers said: 

" 'Find the bolt which releases the 
boat from the ropes and pull it up.' 

"No one knew where it was. 

"Down we went, and with our ropes 
still holding us, the exhaust washing 
us away from the aide or the vessel, 
and the swell of the sea urging us 
back against the side again. We were 
carried directly under the bow of a 
boat which was coming down on us In 
a way that threatened to submerge our 

"'Stop lowering HI' one of the 
crew shouted, and the crew of No. 14, 
now only twenty feet above shouted 
the same. 

"Down she catne and Just before she 
dropped over a stoker came to our 
rescue and cut the ropes. The next 
moment the ex.hau8t stream carried 
us clear, while boat 14 dropped Into 
the water In the space we had the 
tTioment before occupied, our gunv\-ales 
almort touching. We drifted away 
easily and headed directly away from 
the ship." 

A BtrlklBg Bpeetaole 

"It was now about 1 a. m., a beau- 
tiful KtarliglU nigl:t. Thj sea was as 
calm as a pond. As we rowed away 
from the Titanic wc looked back from 
time to time to watch her aad a more 
striking spectacle It was not possible 
for anyone to see. 

"In the distance she looked an enor- 
mous length, her great lyulk outlined 
In black against the starry sky, every 
port hole and saloon blazing with 
lights. It was impossible to think any- 
thing could be wrong with sucii a 
leviathan if It was not for tltat omin- 
ouis tilt downwards at her bows w'nere 
the water was by now up to the lower 
of her rows of portholes. Presently, 
about 2 a. m., as near as 1 can remem- 
ber, we observed her settling very ra- 
pidly at the bows. 

"Sh» slowly tutted, straight jon_ end 
with the stern vertically upward, and, 
as 9he did, the lights in tlic cabin and 
ftalootia which had not flickered for a 
momeint since we left, died out, came 
on attain (or a single flash and finally 
went out 4iUogethftr. At the same time 
the ftachinery roared down through 
the veaaal with » ratle and a groaning 
that ^uid tM heard (or Atiles: Sut 
this 'jtjk» iMt quite, the end. ' 

"To our amaaea«Bt, (^ raihataed in 


NEW YORK, April 18.-^he 
following tabulation of the pass- 
engers and crew on board the 
Titanic, together with those 
saved and lost, has been compil- 
ed from tha ligures 'n the state- 
ment Issued by the couuuittce of 

Approximate number of pas- 
sengers aboard — I''"! rat -class, 3a0; 
second-class 320; third-class, 
750; otticcrs and crew, il40; 
total, L'S-IO. 

Number of passengers saved 
by Cariiathia — Ilrst-class, HIO; 
(»econ<i-i'|ji.s.>«, liiii; third-class, 
200. T-to'. i., savod, 

Members of crew saved-^Ofn- 
ef-rs, 4; seamen, 39; stewards, 
Dii,, iii eiiK-n, 71. Total members 
of the crew saved, 210. 

Total number rescued, 715. 

Total number perished, 1595. 

First and second cabin piisa- 
engers totalled 850. 

First and second ■cablU paas- 
engera saved, 336. 

Firat ' and 'second cabin pdss- 
engere lost, 315. 

In addition to the number of 
dead given sl.x others succumbed 
after leaving the Titanic in tho 
J^|ci^oats. making the total death 

that upright position for a time, which 
1 estimated as live minutes while wc 
watched at least 150 feet of the Titanic 
above the level of the sea and look- 
ing black against the sky. 

"Then, with a qlick standing dive 
she disappeared beneath the water.s, 
vand tiifM'c was left to us the gently 
heaving sea, f!he boat filled to stand- 
ing room with men and women in every 
conceivable condition of dress and un- 
dress; above, the perfect quiet of the 
brilliant stars with not a cloud In 
sight, all tempered with a bitter cold. 
In the Supreme Hour 

"Now and tlien thoro fell on our ears 
the most appalling noise that human 
beings ever listened to — the cries of 
hundreds of our fellow beings strug- 

help with a cry that we knew could 
not be answered. We wanted to re- 
turn and pick up som.c of those swim- 
ming but this would have nieant to 
swamp our boat. We tried to sing to 
kt^eii the wOinon from hearing the cries 
and the men rowed li-.ird to get away 
fiMiii the scene of the wreck. 

"We kept a lonkoiu f 'i li;<IUM and 
later saw a light %vhlch slowly re- 
solved itself into a double llglit. 

•■Round wo Kwiing the boat and 
headed for her. The steerman .shout- 
ed: 'Now boys, sing.' 

"For the flrst time the broke 
iitvO song "With 'Row for the Shore, 
Boy«' and for tho firat time tears came 
to the eyes of us all as we snw- .luccor 
at hand. 

"The song was sung but It was a 
very poor Iml^Atlon of the real thing, 
for quavering voice.-? make poor songs. 
A cheer was given next. 'That was 
better. You keep in tune for a cheor,' 
said ti\e steersman.'"^ ^ 

"Our rescuer showed up rjipldly and 
as she swung round we saw her cabin.3 
all alight and knew she must be a 
large steamer. She ■vj.s not niotIonles.s 
and we had to row ro I'e.-. .Umt then 
day broke, a beautiful dawn with faint 
pink clouds Just above tiie horizon 
and a new moon whose crescent 
Just touched the Horizon. 

" 'Turn .vour money over boys,' said 
our cheery steersman. 'That is If you 
have any,' he added. 

"We laughed at him for his super- 
stition at such a time but he countere<l 
very noatly by adding, "Well I shall 
never say again that i:i Is an unlucky 
number, for 13 ha.s been tlip best friend 
We ever had.' 

"Certainly tho 13 Buperstitlon is 

vcr in 
id frtfm 

who escaped frtftn the Tinlonic In boat 
13. As wo noared the Carpathia, wc 
j-aw in the dawmlng what wo thought 
was a fully rigged schooner .standing 
up near lier iind presently behind liei- 
another, with all sails set and we said: 

" 'They are fisher boats frojn the 
N'ew.foundland banks and have seen the 
.steamor Ivlng fo and are standing by 
to h'^lp us." 

"But in another five minutes tho 
light showed they were Icebergs tower- 
ing . In the air, their gllstlng masses 
dpacily white, Btill, and peaked in a 
way that had suggested a scohoner. 

"We glanced round the horizon and 
there were others as far as the eye 
oould see. The steamer we had tJ 
reach was surrounded by them and w 
luid to make a detour to rccch her. 
Between her and us lay a""* '■'*•• *<"»c 
btrg. We rowed up to the Carpatlila 
about 4.30 «. m. and were hoisted, or 
climbed up the ship's sides, with very 
I'.fiteful hearts." 

The above account of the accident 
Vtts given by ^\ . L. BeaBloy, a Canv 
biidgi.- unlvers'"-/ man, who resides In 
London. Mr. Bcnwley was In the see- 
on 1 tabln and had not been mentioned 
In tho list of the saved. 


NEW YORK, April iS.-^The Cunard 
liner Carpathia, a ship of gloom and 
succor, came into New York tonight 
with lirst news direct from the great 
White Star liner Titanic which sanlt 
orf the Grand Banks of N.-wfoundland 
early im Monday morning last. 

The great liner went down with her 
band playing, taking with her to 
her death all but 745 of her human 
cargo (*l 2,340 souls. 

To this awfui death list, six persons 
were added. One died In tho lifeboat 
which was put «ff from the liner's 
side and five subsequently succumbed 
on tho rescue ship Carpathia. 

Tho Il«t of prominent men missing 
staiido Rb prevlouoly reported and the 
tntJi! death list as brought to port by 
the Carpathia Is ItiOl. Survivors in 
tho llfeboat.s huddled In dHrknegf. «t «.• 
.safe distanee from the striken ship 
and saw her go down. 

That the liner struck an iceberg 
repofted by w-Irelcss was conceded by 
all. She struck amidships, and, ripped 
from stem to cnglnerouin -by- the 
great mass of ice, the Tltanic's aide 
was laid open. 

She simply listed to starboa-d and 
a shcKvcr of Ice fell on the forecastle 
deck. Shortly before she sark she 
broke in two abaft tho engineroom, 
and, as she disappeared beneath the 
w ater, the expulsio n nf ;ilv -au?c,l f'.«.o 
explosions which were jilalnly 
by the survivors adrift. 

A moment more and the Titanic had 
gone down to her do^m with the fated 
hundreds grouped -jn the .-Lftcr A&zli. 
To the survivors ;hcy were visible to 
tho last. 


NBW YOHK, April IS.— A passen- 
ger on the Carpathia made the follow- 
ing statement: 

"I was awakened at about half past 
twelve at night by a commotion on 
tlie decks which seemed unusual, but 
there was no excitement. As the boat 
was moving I paid little attention to 
it. and went to sleep again. About 
3 o'l-lock I was again wakened. I no- 
ticed that the boat hwd stopped. I 
went to the deck. The Cari>atlvia had 
changed her course. Life boats were 
siglited and began to arrive, and so(m, 
one by one, they drew up to our side. 

"There were 16 In all, and the trans- 
ferring of the passengers was m.ost 
pitiable. The adults were assisted in 
climbing ithe rope ladders by ropes ad- 
justed to their waists. The little cixil- 

» «^* c; iiuiCLC^Vi L"..' LflCl 


BCXSTON, April 18.— A mess- 
Tige^ : to the^ A; #. jufli igBcervea 
from Capt liord of the Ste^imer 
CaU{ornia.n of the Leyland line, 

"Arrived scene of. Titahlc dis- 
aster 8:30 a. m., ie\h. All Sur- 
vivors then aboard CarpatMa. 
iiave not and did not mm mny 
bodies. ' ■ 

(dlffrtid) "Ixird, impt»tn.T 

deck In bags. Some of Che boats were 
ero\vd(»d. ,\ few were not half full. 

SurrlTors Stunned 

"Some people were in full evening 
dres.s. tOthers were In their night 
clothes and were wrapped in blankets. 
These with immigrants In all mannpr 
of attire were hurried Into the saloon 
for a hot breakfast. They had Seen 
in the open boats for four or five 
hours in the most biting air I ever 
o-vperienced. There were hufihands 
without wives, wives without hus- 
bands, parenta withouit cWldren and 
children without parents. But there 
were no demonstrations, no sobs. 
Scarcely a word was spoken. They 
seemed to be stunned. 

"Immediately after breakfast divine 
service was held In the saloon. One 
woman died In the lifeboats, three 
others died soon after reaching our 
deck and their bodies were buried in 
tho sea at 5 o'clock that afternoon. 
.Vone of the rescued had any clothing 
except what they had on. Passengers 
contributed enough for their Immedi- 
ate needs. 

"When (her lifeboats pushed away the 
steamer wa? brilliantly lighted. The 
band was playing and the captain was 
standing on the bridge giving direc- 
tions. The bow was well submiergea 
and the keel rose high alxive the 
water. Suddenly tho boat seemed to 
'break in two. The next moment 
everything disappeared. The survivors 
w^ero so close to ttie sinking steamer 
they feared the lifeboats would be 
drawn Into the vortex. 

There were preparations for a bril- 
liant party to be given on board the 
next evening. 

"On our way t)ack to Now York we 
steamed along the edge of a field of 
Ice which seemed limitless. As far as 
the eye could see to the north there 
was no blue water. At one time I 
counted 13 icebergs." 



of the collapsible boats which was on 
the point of sinking with thirty pas- 
sengers aboard, most of thom in night 
clothing. They were rescued Just in 
the nick of time. 



N'KW YORK, April IS. — Col. Archibald 
Oracle, U.S.A., the last man saved, 
went down with the vessel but was 
picked up. iHc was met tonight by his 
daughter, who had arrived from Wash- 
ington and his son-in-law, P. H. J''abri- 
cius. Col. Grade told a remarkable 
-story of his physital luLrdshiiia and 
ilenled emphatically the reports that 
there had been any panic on board. He 
pi-ttised in tiie iiifr'iKbi teiiiia tiie on- 
havior of both the passengers and the 
crew, ana paid a high tri'mite to the 
heroism of the women passengers. 

'Mrs. Isador Slrauo," hir; ealu, '-wenl 
to her death because she would not ilc- 
sert her husband. Although he pleaded 
with her to take her place in the boat, 
she steadfastly refused and when tha 
ship settled at the head the two were 
engulfed by he wave that swept her." 

Colonel Grade told of hov he was 
driven to the topmost deck when the 
sliip settled and was tlto only survivor 
after the wave that sw-spt her Just be- 
fore her final plunge had pj'.ssed. 
Jumped With the Wave 
.."I_-4umi)ed. .3ilth--i.he. -•.yx\'c.'' sold he, 
"just as I often have Jumped with the 
breakers at the seashore. By great good 
fortune 1 manage<l to grasp the brass 
railing of the deck above, and I hung 
On by might and main. Witcn the ship 
lunged down I was forced to lot go 
and 1 was swung around and for what 
seemed to be an indeterminable time. 
Kventually I came to the surface to 
Iind the sea a tangled mass of wreck- 

"Luckily I was unhurt and seized a 
wooden grating floating nearby. When 
I liad recovered my breat'A i discov- 
ered a larger canvass and corlu i.'fe 
raft wl^lch had floated up. .A m-in whr..\e 
name I did not learn was strugglng 
toward It. I cast off and helped him to 
get on to the raft and then we began 
to work to rescue others In Ihe water. 
"When dawn broke tliere were 30 of us 
on the raft, standing knee deep in the 
icy water and afraid to move iosl tiiu 
cranky craft would be overturned. .Sev- 
eral unfortunates, benumbed and half 
dead besought us to save tiiem and one 
or two made an effort to reach us but 
we had to warn them away. Had we 
made any effort to save them we all 
must have perished. 

Terrlhls Koors 

"The hours that elapsed before we 
were picked up by the Carpatiila were 
tho longest and most terrible 1 ever 
spent. We were afraid to turn around 
and when some one who was facing the 
stern passed the word tlial soiaethllig 
that looked like a steamer was coming 
up, one of tho men became hysterical 
under the strain. Tlie rest of us, too, 
were neaxing the breaking point." 

There was no confusion and no 
panic. The army officer was in his 
bertli when the vessel smashed into the 
berg and was aroused by the .iar. He 

lOuned at nta ,>ai,cn, ne >55,u. 

- » J3 .T 

n xouno 


NEW YORK. April 18.— A young 
Englishwoman, who requested that her 
name be omitted, told a thrilling story 
0^ her experience in one of the col- 
lapsible boats which had been manned 
by eight of the crew from the Titanic. 
The boat was in command of fifth 
officer H. Lowe, whose actions she de- 
scribed as saving the lives of many 
people. Before the lifeboat was launch- 
he passed along the port decks of the 
steamer commanding the people not 
to jump In the boats and otherwise re- 
straining them from swamping themt 
When the collapsible boat was launch- 
ed Oflk5e;r Lowe succeeded In putting 
in a mast and a small sail. He col- 
lected the other boats together. In 
some oasss the boats^ were short of 
adequate crews, and he directed an ex- 
chafif e by which each was manned ad- 

}Te threw lines conneotitic the boats, 
two toy two and ali ware thus moored 
together. L«ter oh he went t>a«k to the 
wreolc with the crew olf one of the 
boiiU and «uoQf«d|d, la pkMwt up 
som* of tfioii it|it.Mi4 imp*A ovvr^ 

it was Just midnight. The ship .sank with 
him at 2.22 a. m. for his watch stopped 
at that hour. 

"Before I retired," said Colonel Grdcie, 
"I had a long chat with Charles M. 
Hays, president of the Grand Trunk Pa- 
cific railroad. One of the last things Mr. 
Hays said was this: "The White Star, 
the Cunard and the Hamburg-American 
lines are dev.otiru{ their attention and in- 
genuity to vieing wltli each other to at- 
tailn the supremacy in luxurious ships 
and in making speed records. The time 
will come when tills will be capped by 
some appalling disaster.' 

"Poor fellow a few hours later he was 

Colo&al Actor's Ksrolsm 

■•The conduct of Colonel John .Tacob 
Astor was deserving of the highest 
praise," Colonel Oracle declared. "Tho 
millionaire .Vew Yorker," ho said, "de- 
voted Jill his energies to saving his 
young bride who was In delicate health. 

"Colonel Astor helped us In our ef- 
forts to get her Into the boat. 1 lifted 
her Into the boat and as she took her 
place the Colonel requested permission 
of the second officer to go with her for 
her own protection. 

•' 'No sir," replied the officer, "not a 
man shall go on a boat until the womne 
are all off.' 

"Colonel Astor then Inquired the num- 
ber of boats wliich were being lowered 
away and turned to the work of clear- 
ing other boats, and reassuring the 
frlg'htened and nervous women. 

"By this time the -ship began to list 
to poj-t. This became co dangerous that 
the second offlcer ordered every one to 
rush to starboard. They did and we 
found the crew trying to get ft boat oft 
In that quarter. Here 1 saw the last of 
Continued on Pace >, Col. S 

Italian Fleet Off Entrance to 
Straits — Warship Reported, 
to Have Been Sunk by the 



Twentv-four Vessels of Kin^" 
Victor's Navy Said to be 
Sailing Northwards Through 
Agean Sea 

LONDON, April 18. — Cannon-firing 
was heard at t^e entrance to the 
'Dardanelles at noon today, according 
to a dispatch received from Lloyd'.s 
rtrrm! strrrtnn "III tht? •* >ar i i : ii !eHey. 

It, is believed the Italian fleet has 
begun an attack on the forts of the j 
straits, but no details hav-e come tu 4 

The boivihardnic-nt of the Dardan- 
elles began today, according to a spe- 
cial dlspatcli received here from Con- 
stan'tlnoplc. One of the Italian war- 
fahlps was damaged by a shot from 
the land batteries. 

COasT'STANTLVOiPL^, April 18.— ^he 
Italian fleet is re^jorted to have ap- 
peared at the entrance to the Dardan- 
elles straits. 

One Italian warship is said to have 
been sunk. 

ATHjENS, Greece, April 18.— Two 
divisions of Italian warships, each 
comprising a dozen ships,* passed 
Skyro Island, in the Aegean Sea, yes- 
terday, sailing to the north. 



Mr. ColUngwood Sohrlabar Oomplatas 

Trip of Xnspsotion— Most Slffl- 

onlt Part Is rinlslied 

OTTAWA, April 18. — Colllngwood 
Schrleber, chief consulting engineer for 
the Dominion government, has Just re- 
turned from a tour of Inspection over 
most of the recently constructed por- 
tion of the G.T.P. main line in the 
West. He was as far west as Tete 
Jaune Cache, which is fifty miles west 
of Y''elIowhead Pass. 

In conversation with representatives 
of the press, Mr. Schleber stated that 
the G.T.P. is now completed to a point 
278 miles wtst of Edmonton or thirty 
miles west of Yellowhead Pass. Tho 
track has been laid from Prjnce Ru- 
pert 164 miles eastward. This leaves a 
gap of 490 miles still to be constructed. 
Mr. Schrleber rcmarkt'd on the fact that 
the llnei so far built In British Columbia 
represents the most difficult portion of 
mountain construction. 

By tlic end of the present month 35 
more miles will be graded on the eec- 
tlon this side of Tcte Jaune Cache, 
while on the section east of Prince Ru- 
pert grading Is being donfe to a distance 
of 245 miles from that city. Mr. 
Schrleber reports that labor conditions 
are unsettled In the northern part o( 
British Columbia, although conditions 
are better than they were a year ago. 


Oass against Olarenos ■. Barrow (or Al- 
leged Tampsrtng with Jonxors 
Xas Ooauueaeed 

DOS ANGEDES, Cal., April 18.— 
Preparations for the trial oil Clarence 
S. Darrorw, the former McNamara at- 
torney, under Indictment for alleged 
tampering with Jurors, has begun. 
Twenty stibpoenas have been sent out 
for service. It ■was stated there were 
as many more local witnesses and 
possibly ' ten or twelve from San 

The prosecution will be eonducted 
by District Attorney Fredericks. It 
was estimated the trial would con- 
sume four weeks, Stiperlor Judgo 
Hutton will preside. 

Bert H. Franklin, Darrow'e former 
confidential agent, and Attorney John 
Harrington, also associated with the 
McNamara defence, it was stated, 
would be the state's principal wit- 

Fiftff Year8 Ago Today 

From the ColOhUt of April IS, J8«2. 

e wiat«r~-iwsapwr mf i or ace* 
d«a| of WtdipMr nlfhc !»»■«■&« 

IBvsfyttHa ■ aMfcnjt, riiiiiMMliiiWf lh« 

rata ta ^Mtny xMpsa '''JNinMii''WiM| 

Overland Immigration — Lata aocounti from Red River aad Westera Caaada 
■tate that quite a large number of tramisrantt will attempt to reach CarilMW 1^^ t))* 
overland route. Vt'n .f<^! soma ala,'m lent delay* ancountared oA t&S read StifAlM 
catia« them to reach tha Rocky Mountafns at ao late a pstlod^ In thw Sfatstt |s 
to make It neceaaaysr to remain there durlns the wtat«r~-|)ep<|k4r mf i eC Me« 
vistona. Were tha latter th* case, a vary (raat " " . -- .i.. .. ^^ - ,-!,.- 

from hunjrar, and. not improbably loaa of Ufa 

■uffarinsa br tHe «verrsiid Immlrranta to caltfernia 
anowed in in tha Sierra Naviiida— ^lOd evea eaaeltMUism 
order to auatain life. Aa lat# at tS tiirkt Sttitt* 'fWl 1-, 
tha ovarland immigranta' who had stttteirad br th* lalii 
short of provMlons In th« deacHa Mat of thS ffayril "" 
Nevada Tarrltcrr. Bvan now, when tlui rantea l|Mt«H!h- 
Oragon sra ao well known, ao muelt ttafeiiad.t 
of auffarlagt otstiwm verr ottan,. flM linaveMafel 
tiiry trsvallad ahd tha ncoaasti^ ei( > i(ri»tv«iim 
hia "hotel" wiOi Mm. At a« UMWi^ h»W< 
lag California as tbay are ik Mn^MInC 
lt««ky MottataMs wa cegtMi i» ^*»H, 
oHlrtss will ha^««90«nterH' M^ hi the 



Friday, April It, 1»1k 

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John B. Thayer and Qeorgt B. Widener 
of Philadelphia." 

Colonel Grade said that (Jesplte the 
warntngs of tceb»rsB no hlrrxlag dowr. of 
iipeert was ordered by the commaiuler of 
the Titanic. There were other warrilnK 
too, he said. 

•In tho "i hours' run ending the Hth," 
he aald. "'the ship's run waa 246 miles 
and then we were told that the next 2i 
hours would see even a better record 

"No diminution of speed was Indicat- 
pd in the run and the engines kept up 
their steady hum. When Sunday even- 
ing canio, we all felt the Increasing cold 

which gave plain warning that the ship 

was in close proximity to icebergs or 


••The ofncora 1 am conftrmed h-'« hA«n 

advised by wireless of the presence of 

Icebergs and dangerous floes in that 

vicinity. The sea was as smooth as glass 

and the weather clear so th.ot It seems 

that tluM-e was no occasion for fear. 
Did Hot Bealls* Daafar 
•■When the vessel struck. " he con- 

li:uied, "the pas.senfrers were so Utile 

alarniea uial liicj jt/rvcCi o.... '■■'■i. -' — ^ ^ 

ter. The f-w that appeared on deck car- showi-d approxlmulely ...uOO. i •"• 

!y had taken tlicir ume lo iucbb pF^k- '•^ '"^ " • • " 

crly and therefore there was not the 

slightest Indication of panic. Some of 

the frasments of Ice had fullcn on deck 

and these were picked up and passed 

around by facetious ones, who offered 

tlieni as mementoes of the occasion. 
"On t!?^ port »»ld» n srlance. over tbo 

side failed to show any evidence of 

damage and the vessel seemed to be 

on an even keel. James Clinch Smith and 

I, howe'/er, soon found the vessel was 

li.sting heavily. A few minutes later the 

ofaoers ordered men and women to don 

life preservers." 

-Qn f » of- < ih e -l ai ftt-w o oi >a> ,« ee!i by Col- 
onel C?racie/ he said, was M ' n^. 

of Xew York, who refu.sed to ;jp leticii- 

cd, because, according to the army offi- 
cer, phe had- been tol.l by a fortune 

imnter in X<dhd:on that She would meet 

her death on ihe water. 

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SFAV YOUK. April 18.— The .sufferings 
of the Titanl<''s passengers when taken 
olf the lifeboats by the Carpathia were 
Kraphlcally told by John Kuhl of Omaha. 
Neb., who was a pa.-'senger on t.he lat- 
ici' vessel. 

-Many of tlie women he said were 
scantily Clad and were all aufferlHK from 
the cold. Four died on the Cafpathia 
aj a result of the exposure. 

Of all the heroes who went to tlielr 
death when the Titanic dived into Us 
ocean prave, none in the opinion of 
Miss ICllda Slater a pas.«ienger In the 
last boat lo put off, deserved greater 
credit than the members of tht vessel's 
orchestra. According to Ml.-^s Slater the 
orehe.stra played until tbe last. When 
the vessel ,.tQOk its tlnal pluiiee the 
strains of a "lively air mingled, grue- 
unmoly. with «hp. cries of those who real- 
ized that Ihey were face to face with 

"As soon as members of the orclicstra 
cuuld be cQlIected," said Miss Slater, 
•'there was a steady round of lively airs, 
it did niueh to kfep up the spirits of 
everyone and probably served as much 
as the efforts o f the o fficers to prevent 

•' were rnariyTouchliis: sccne.a as 
llie boat.s put off. 1 saw Colonel Jolin 
Jacob Astor hand his younfj wife into 
a boat tenderly and then ask an officer 
wlielher lift mfght go also. 'WlicS i>tt- 
ililssion wa.s refused, he stepped back 
and cooly took out his cigarette case. 

•Good bye. Dearie,' he called ffaily as 
he lighted a cigarette and leaned over 
the rail. 

••Another, a Krenchman, I believe, ap- 
liroRchod one of the boats about to bo 
lowered, lie had with him two beauti- 
ful little boys. An officer waved him 
back sternly. 

*■ •Bless you.' he said, '1 <ion't want to 
go. but for God's sake take the boys. 
Their mother Is waiting for them in 
New York.' 

"The boys were then taken aboar*!.^' 

our Botice aad Thlcfa we l>«U«v« to h* 

-'Ob SuiHlay, April 14, IMt at about 
11:40 p. m., on a cold starllKtit ntfht. 
In a amooth 8«a ami with ao DBOon. tl^a 
■mpB truck an Iceberg which had been 
r*t>ort«d to the bridge by lookout*, but 
not early enouch to avoid coUlston. 

".Steps wtre taken to ascertain th« 
damaKC and aave passencbrB and ahlp. 
Orders were given to put on life belts 
and the boats were lowered. Thu ship 
sank at about 2:20 a. m. on Monday. 
.Prior to her foundering, the usual dls- 
tresB signals were sent out by wlr«le«s 
and rockets lit Intervals from the ship. 
Fortunately the wlrelfess messages were 
received by the Carpathia at about mid- 
night and she arrived on the acene 
about 1 a. m. on Monday. 

"The officers and crew of the Car- 
pathia had been prepared all night for 
the rescue and comfort of survivors, 
and the last mentioned were received on 
board with the most touching care and 
kindness, every care being given. Ir- 
respective of classes. Tlio passengers, 
officers and crew gave ut> ^their state- 
room.s, clothing and comforts for our 
benefit. All honor to them. 
ITumber of Ufeboata 
••The KngUsh board of trade passen- 
ger>»^ eertifUiate on board the Titanic 

le same 

ccrtiricatG cilled for 

modatlons foi- approximately 950 In the 

foilowinr; bouts: 

••fourteen laree Uteboals. two smal- 
ler boats, and four collapsible boats. 

•'Life preservers were accessible and 
af>parently In sufficient number on 

"The Ki»ijru.\i.inni.« iiUilluer of y-:i:^ 
sengei-B carried at the time of Die col- 
lision was: 

•;Flrst class 330; second class 320; 
third class 750. Total 1,400. Officers 
and crew 940. Total 2,o40. 

"Of the foregoing the following' were'iied by the steam.'ihlp t'arpathia: 
l-' rliis,'^ 'JIM; .'■■>-r..inl cLi'^s i "J r> ; tlili'd 
class -00; uiXicers 4, .seunit-n :iO; iitou- 
ards 96; firemen 71. Total 210 of the 
crew. The total was about 745 savod, 
tnis ncmg approximately 60 per vrnt 
of the maximum capacity of the life- 
boats. / 

"Wii feci it our .duty to call the at- 
tention of the public to what we con- 
sider tlip Inadequate supply of life- 
saving anpllanees orovlded for, on mod- 
ern passunger aleamsliips and rocnni- 
mend steps bo taken to compel pas- 
senger steamers to carry sufficient 
boats to accommodate the maximum 
number of people carried on board. The 
following facts were observed and 
should be coi\sldere<l in this connection. 
Xeoommendatlons for Safety 
"The insufficiency of lifeboats, rafts, 
etc.; lack of trained seamen to man 
uof>^» /■«r<»l:«r?. «t«w*ird». etc. arft not 
efficient boat handlers); absence of 

••The board of trade aliow.-i for en- 
tirely too many people in each boat to 
permit the same to be properly handled. 
On the Titanic the boat deck was about 
75 feet above water and consequently 

m«in*eni of hw tomHy what aha could 
racaill of tlia olrcumatancea ot the dis- 
aster. Of bow Colonel Astor met hia . 
death sbo had 90 dennl^to conception. 

8tM recalled.' she thoucht, that in ; 
the confusion as she iwas about to b<! ' 
put Into one of the b9at8. Colonel 
Astor was stAndinr by her side. After 
that,' said Mr. BIddle, who recaunied 
her narratlvo, she had no vtry clear 
recollection of the happenings until 
the boats were well clear of the sink- 
ing ship's side. 

Mrs. Aalor, it appearg, left l«» one of 
the last boats which got away from 
the «ihlp. It was her belief that all the 
women who wished to go had then 
been taken off. Her impression was 
th** th^ boat she left In had room for 
at least 16 persons more. The men 
for some reason aa «fhe recalled It 
tonight, did not seem to bo anxious 
to leave the ship. Almost every one 
' seemed dazed. 

"I hope he is alive somewhcri?. Yes, 
I cannot think of anything else," the 
young woman said of her husband, to 
her father as she left the latter to go 
to the Astor home according to oonie 
who heard, her story. 

The chief' steerage steward of the 
Titanic, who came in on the ' Car- 
pathia, says lie, saw John Jacob Astor 
standing by the' Hfo ladder as the pua- 
aengvra were being embarked. 



the passengers were 

recjuired to 


dangerlng tiie operation and preventing 
the taking on of the maximum number 
the boats would hold. 

••The boats at all times to be properly 
equipped with provisions, water, lamps, 
compa.';scK, . lights, etc. Llfesavlng 
boat drill should be more frequent and 
thoroughly carried out, and officers 
should be armed at boat drills. 

'•Great reduction in speed In fog and 
ice as damage If collision occurs la 
liable to be less. 

•'In conclusion wc suggest that an 

form the passage of laws providing for 
the safety of all at .sea. and we urge the 
I'nltcd Stale."! government to take the 
initiative as soon as posslDie.'' 

The statement was signed by Samuel 
Goldcnberg, chairman, and a committee 
of some 25 passengers. 





NKW YOUK, April 1^: — News that 
the Carpathia was outside the harbor 
and rapidly approaching sent thousands 
to vantage grounds along the water- 
front. At the battery, the first point 
on Manhattan Island, which the rescue 
jjhlp would pasi^ a crowd of ten thou- 


Wholesale Agents for B. C. 
Victoria Vancouver Nelson, B. C. 

sand assembled. Other vantage points 
further up town w(«rc crowded with 
persons eager to catcli the first glimpse 
of the approacliing Carpathia. 

The Carpathia proceeded steadily to- 
wards her dock, passing the Statue of 
Liberty at 7:60, the Battery at 8:15 and 
then on past tlie forest of shipping on 
both sides of the river, proceeding 
cautiously under an escort of tugs. 

.\s the liner passed the Battery the 
great crowds stood In silence. At In- 
tervals the dark r'lver up which the 
rescue siilp, with few lights showing, 
was lighted up as photographers from 
decks of tugs and from well selected 
places on shore, exploded great flash- 
lightB. As the Carpathia steamed up 
the river, dimly lighted and slow mov- 
ing, she looked like a funeral boat. 

Among the Crowd were scores of 
white clad hospital attendants with 
wtretehers. Invalid chairs also were 
rolled up to the pier entraBCs for those 
who were unable to walk. 

When the ship docked at »:30 the 
gang plank quickly was lowered and 
doctors and nurses walked aboard. The 
first survivors beiati Jo leave the ship 
at B:SBr^ The foUowingstaUinent is- 
sued by a committee of survtvtnc pas- 
sengers was given to the press on the 
arrival of the Cart>aihia: 

NEW YUUK, April 18. — Bruce Ismay, 
chairman of the International Mercan- 
tile Marine, gave out the following pre- 
pared statement at the pier: 

"In the presence, and under the 
shadow ot a catastrophe so overwhelm- 
ing, my feelings are too deep for ex- 
pression In words and I can only say 
that the officers and employes will do 
everything humanly possible tu alle- 
viate the suffering and sorrow of the 
relitlves and friends of those who per- 

"The Titanic was • the 'ast word In 
shipbuilding. Every regulation pre- 
scribed by the British Board of Trade 
had been complied with. The master, 
officers and crew were the most e*^; 
perlenced and skillful In the British 

l.ONUON, April 18. — .V searching In- 
quiry Into matters concerning the ca- 
tastrophe to the Titanic pertaining to 
the respective departments was prom- 
iscU' in the ilouBc of COniniono by Sjj'd- 
ney Buxton, and Herbert L. ' baniucl, 
postmaster general. 

The postmaster-general said he al- 
ready had taken up the false reporl.s 
that had been published. i-lo con- 

"I am making Inquiries as to Whethei 
the- w frelesir'nTeS ;^ : '■ ; : •.!iIjrS"Traid- 

ms license for ■.■i.i. i.graph, on 

which the reports are reported to he 
founded, were in fact .•sent from iliose 

Some nieml)er3 of the Housii sug- 
gested that the false reports had been 
spread with a view of affecting the re- 
insurance, but Mr. Samuel said that 
that matter was not within his cog- 

The London morning paper.'! make 
comment on the subject of the numl)er 
of boats carried by steamers, and call 
insistently upon the government to re- 
vise the antiquated regulation of the 
board of trade which dites from 1902. 
The subject will come un In parlia- 
ment today. 

Contributions to the relief funds In- 
clude the following: JIO.OOO, Morgan 
Grenfell & Co.; $5,000. Kdward Gren- 
fell; |2,aOO. Baring Bros.; $i,i>GO. Ivlis. 
Alfred .Vanderbllt. 

Naval architects are already burying 
tiiemselves with the problem of design- 
ing a deck which can be slipped from 
a sinking liner. said John Harvard 
Biles, vice president of the Institution 
of Xaval Architecture, today. Hi,- 

"The problem Is c 
expense of the apparat 
be used only once In 50 years. An un- 
slnkable ship Is a fiction of the trans- 
Atlantlc sailors." 

I'"lgure8 from the highest official 
sources show that '.M50 lives was the 
greatest number that po-sslbly could 
b© saved with the apparatus carried 
On the Titanic. That vessel'M facilities 
were just within the board of tra^lo 
regulations, which specified total ac- 
commodations for 962 persons. ]':aeh 
of the Titanlc's lifeboats was cap- 
able of taking 6:! passengers. There was 
no evidenQc on the plans to show that 
the Titanic carried any collapsible 
boats or rafts or lifeboats, ptitting her 
barely within the board of trade regu- 

Comparl-sons with the Oceanic and 
Campania, which are much smaller, 
show that they carry 20 boats each. 
The Lusitania has only 16. The board 
of trade rules Ittid down In 1905 took as 
triclr basis 10,000-ton ships, and apply 
only to ships with watertight com- 

'20& Century' Suits 

Have No Superior 

••20th Century" Suits 
are made tor men and 
young men who have a 
cultured taste in cloth- 
ing — men who recog- 
nize a strong (Vstinc- 
iive^uit when they see 

To such men the 
"20th Century" Spring 
and Summer models 
that we are showing 
have an irresistible ap- 
l)eal. We do not need 
to argue their merits. 

Slip into a coat, look 
into the glass, and you 
have the\vhole story. 


$20 to $37.50 

We carry all the ac- 
cessories (except 
shoes) of a well dressed 

-Gloves, modish Ties, Hats, l!nder- 

Socks, etc , etc. 


:hlefly tnat of the 1 
iratus which would j 


"1 am Informed that 
U. -S. senators has been appointed to 
ln\^estlgate the accident. r heartllir 
welcome the most exhaustive entjulry. 
ana Will randet them every assistance. 
Urwler these circumstances I must de- 
fer making: any further statement at 
this time." 

Mr. Ismay said lnform«lly before 
glviliir eut this statement, that he left 
the ^hlp In the last boat, one of the 
collapsible boats on the stirboard side. 

"I don't know the speed at which tlie 
Titanic was going," said Mr. Ismay In 
repjy to a jjuestlon. "She hit the Ice- 
bel'g a glancing blow." 

Mr. Ismay then xvcnt to his apar.t- 
ment at the Rita-Carl ton. 


"Wa.) t^ie underalfned suTvlvors on 
the- ritmtdei tn orttt to foreaull any 
seitaatlonal or «xkfi«J«tMr atttetnents. 
iwm U tour duty to f Ivi the pimm m 
■taUmeitt of tiMsti Irh^b toVtt ao|Be to 

Mr. Charles K. Rays 

Mr. Charles Melville Hays, president 
and gentral manager of t1ie Grand 
Trunk System, was one of the mo.>)t bril- 
liant and successful railroad officials 
of the continent. Chiefly to 1.1s un- 
precedented and successful operation 
are due the present size and strtngth 
of the road, and Its extraordinary de- 
velopment throujrh the Northwest. One 
of his remarkable feats was to per' 
l)ersuade tht government to build a 
line from Halifax to Winnipeg and 
lease it to the Grand Trunk. Mr. Hays 
a committee of ' was a forceful character. Big and broad 
an* powerful, physically and mentally, 
he gave the emprcsslon of tremendous 
energy and perslstancw. 

Mr. Hays was born In Ttock Island, 
111., May 1«, l«56, and was the^'efore 
barely 57.' He was iedocated In the pub- 
He and high flchoolr. of his native pfaco 
and at the age of seventeen he ehttred 
the passeftger department of the At- 
lantic and Pacific railroad at St. Louis, 
Mo., being transferred to the auditor's 
department a year later and subsequent- 
ly passing; Into the department of the 
superintendent, where his ability quick- 
ly manifested' Itself. He was sefertitary 
to the R««*r»l nikliABtf bt the Mlssonrt'; 
Pacific from 1«78 to I M4 and filled the 
same position In the office of the geh- 
eral manager of the Wabash, St. Loois 
ft Pacific from 1S84 to idSe. In the 
latter y*»r he was, appointed assistant 
general manager of the Wabash W.o«t-. 
•m, and In 1«I7 bfBfawwe geijpntl. nwiiia- 
fer of the line. When the Wat)Mh sys-' 
tetn was reorgaBljted In 1189 he was.|kP-^ 
polntfd |e¥erAl mahaffer. Pfva" y«(ws 
later he Was chosen as vlce-'presldent of 
tr.e road. ^ 

"When the Orand Trunk Dlrectan yfttarm 
In itit tooklng for a geiteml ' nuina|*r L 
to pull the ro*d Up to tha atan«i)|^4 ^t, 
•tjier itBcs i^Kll- phole*. ftinatty tin vi#o| 
Mr. HayA^a«<|/.)i«,WfAt,lUk,Jf^«|l|»l>o|bt«! 



NUW Ypnk.^J^rtl 18.— While ut- 
terly exh«W*t*d from her experlanoa, 
Mrii John Jkcob Aator wa« declarad 
toiiiffht by Ur. Nlchoiaa BIddle. a 
trti»t«« ot tlft ^Mor ^tat«. to be in no 
daflgvt wliit^«r. Her phyatclaiis. 
lio#«v«t, htt^- iriv^n ord^ra tiAt Ml- 
thtlP Mr«j iiidt ncir h*r mftld. wlio 
trai-HMvceWtUi her wet* |* M i^<- 
miucd t» Wiki Vptm Utttdlti^ frt>to, _ . _ 

(h« OaftvfttfcU t»« nkng brldfe. wM- t tba Oraiid #puii|t to iH* mii^ 
owed by 1119 ;|!lt«lil«'« UliliuniK, told (MMiMM-^tfli^ % OA % 



W. & J. Wilson 




TAX RUSSIA CALF PUMP, made on short vamp last, has 

Goodyear welt sole and Cuban heel. Price $4.50 

WHITE NU-BUCK PU^MP with short vamp and frill round 
i._. 1 A. — .^^ K..i/»Ha /-in til** vamn. Price 84. 50 

VELOUR CALF PUMP with welt soles and Cuban heels 
on stul> last. I'ricc ,- $4.50 

PATENT COLT PUMPS with corded silk bow on the 
vamp, as Goodyear welt sole and Cuban heels, i'rice $4.50 

Mail orcler.s promptly filled. 


Sole Agents Broadwalk Sr.uffers for Children 

tr «. <=«„" V -v \Vlchert & Gardiner, X- T, 

Hmnan & Son. ><. Y. 

7«^%e?tcn BuIlAlRffj **1 Tort Straat 

Victoria Fuel Co. 

Agents for the famous 


Phone 1377 

622 Trounce Avenue 

The best for the k«st— thafs what you get when you purchase 
WXI.X1IKOTOH COAi. Real eo«il economy does not mean to buy for less 
money, but to buy QUALITY for a.s little money as possible. WSlMWtt- 
TOH COAt is the' quality coal-the oJal with all the properties that are 
necessary to insure Cftersr, long life and absolutely no waste. 


Off teas I 618 TaUa •»*•* and JBaqnlmait »«•«• 

nioaaa 911 aad 13*> 


UatcKea from jB-wlW pmr^mii^ot tM itertUa •ctfs.i l£ »o« mun to 

hatch poultry ooffia and see otir mefhlnes; we h^vi, aaveral ruiiiiln» te 

the clty.l«»d tre iuara^taed *»>««luteU- perfect; l*i •«■ inws^a. W, «• 

ega ma«Miw ^'iftjB. . ^ ' • ' _ " _ » 


1 r- 

Architects* attd 


I>rawinj|.|iMTyt»t *^:at 









rrUUy, AftrU It, 1»1» 

VKTO»I4 mM I30iff<^ 

E^tal Commodities for • Succa^Mtoer 

;W« «r^ ickiiowledged expert! in the Oroc^ury buaineu 

Hdnty, txtta. quality, pure white, in jars, 35c and. 25^ 

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Sliced Lemon CUng-^Pnches. per g:lags 60f> 

Pineapple, 1slic;ed'«r tubed, per tin. 20<^ 

Hawaiian Pine||>|)te, in heavy syrup, tin. 25^ 

Grated Pineapfkle, per tin *315f^ 

Teysonneau, fine French fruits, extra heavy syrup,- bot. 50^ 

Pickled Figs, per glass jar ;...... .65^ 

Defender Figs, in corn syrup - • • • 9S^ 

Skinless Figs, glass jar 65< 

Maraschino Cherries, bottle $1.00, 65c. or 35< 

Cherries in Creme dc Menthe, bottle $1.25, 75c or 50< 

Curried Prawns, per jar 75f^ 

Lobster in Aspic, per jar 75f^ 

Chicken in Aspic, per jar. . , 50^ 

Halford's Curried Fowl, per tin 50^ 

Curry Paste, per j ar 50f^ 

Olives — Our stock comprises the largest variety on the coast : 
Mammoth, Queen, Manzanillas, King Ripe Olives stuffed 
with nuts, anchovies, peppers, etc. 




In the court of ptiblic opinion — and the ladies of yic- 
toria are to be the judges. • 

For ten days we will place one of our Electric 
Irons in any home in Victoria free of charge. Phone 
us your name and address. 

B. C. Electric Co., Ltd. 

Light and Power Dept. 

Phone 1609 


iose~3e'sire~it' is to enjoy a comfortable and "?ra5\r"gTtar\-c 
should use the PERFORATED RAZOR HONE, now being 
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hone and will solve the "secret of easy shaving" as it abso- 
lutely does away with "wire edge"— the ill-effect of over 
honing. Ask for booklet. Price $1.00. 

CYRUS H. BOWES, Chemist 

Telephones 425 and 450 

1228 Government Street 

Island Lumber Company, Ltd. 

Duncan, B. C. 

Manufacturers of Rough and Dreaded Timber*. Dimenslona. BoardB. Ship- 
lap, yioorinp, Celling. Siding. Finishing, Mouldings. Etc 

Victoria Office 

«ia Baywftxd niAg. 

H. J. WARWICK, Ag«nt. 

««I«phnM Vo. asTt 

Phone 272 


Mantels Grates 

Just arrived, two carloads. Something to suit everybody. 
Come in and look thetn over. 

613 Pandora Street. Upstairs. 

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(i6. It suoaii^ 

Hfli:moiiy H«U 

■kould occupy uB th« ph>ne«r CanadlftO 
r»ilw«y, and on tUh conclusion of hbi 
contract bla aervlcefl were tagwly 
■n«pp«d up tiy the late K. R. H»r«l|liitiu 
"w*o made him pi-WJldertt of tb* So«th- 
ern Pacific and allied illiee. with Head- 

quiiriei'» at Baa rtttu-wici^u. •«»•■ *i— »-• 

however, was unable to tiec things as 
Mr HarrlmiJi dealred, having a Imowl- 
ddge or railway EBjtnkBcment which the 
railway king lacikeC. and he resigned 
after holding the position for » year. 
On January 1, 1»02, he becawfc' seoond 
vlce-pre«idBnt and Ke»>eral edanaj^er of 
the Grand Trunk ayatem, latfer wae 
made first vlo*-pteBldent and on the 
resignation of Sir Charles Rivers WIU 
son wae unanimously eltcted president 
by the stockholders. He had been presi- 
dent of the Orand Trunk Pacific frorti 
the formatldn of that company, as was 
fitting since It was to his genius aa a 
railway manager that the old line 
reached out In such a remarkable way. 

Auxiliary offices htld by Mr. Hays 
were: President of the Central Vermont 
rttilwp.y: Chicarr". Detroit *• Ounnda 
Grand Trunk Junction railroad; Grand 
Trunk Western -a'.lway; Detroit, Grand 
Haven & Milwauket railway; Canadian 
Express company; St. Clair Tunnel com- 
pany; International Bridge company; 
Montreal Wurohou.sing company; Port- 
land Elevator company, and the New 
England Elevator company. He wa.-* a 
director of the Merchants Bank of Can- 
n.\At% ^iiCt Ok. •lie AvOyati A ruoi. cori'tpcMtyi' 
a governor of McGill tiniversity, a gov- 
ernor of tlif) Montreal General Hospital 
and of tlie Royal Victoria Hospital and 
a vlce-presid??nt of the St. John's Am- 
bulance association. 

Mr. Hays married IMIss Clara J. 
Orogg. daughter of the late Mr. William 
H. Gregg, at. I-oiUs. and had Xout 
daughters. He was a member of the 
Frtsbyterian church. 

Mr. WilUam T. Stead 
Mr. William T. Stead, one of the most 
noted and fearless of British journal- 
ists, founder and editor of the Review 
of Reviews, was born In Embleton, 
July 5. 1849, and spent his earlier 
yearp after leaving school In a mercan- 
tile office. Entering newspaper life, he 
wa.«i editor of the Northern Echo, Darl- 
ington, irom 1871 to 1880, assistant edi- 
tor of the Pall Mall Gazette 1880 to 
1883, and editor 1883 to. 18iJ9, when he 
left daily newspaper worJc to found the 
Review of Reviews. Since that time his 
life had been one of many and varied 
activities. He was frequently found on 
the side of unpopular causes and made 
bitter enemies as well as strong friends. 
Hu took a lively intert-wt in the peace 
movement and was a strenuous oppon- 
ent Oi trie South African war. Me visit- 
ed Canada and the United States several 
times and was on his way out partly 
to fill a lecture engagement but chief- 
ly to watch the strugsle I'or presiden- 
tial nominations in the States at close 
range. Of late years !ie had devoted 
much attention to spiritualism. Among 
his most notable books were "Tlie 
>.«... i/jjjj^ Tribute to Modern B^b^'lon 
the publication of which resulted in his 
tmpri.sonment fdr tliree months' in 1880 
'If Christ came to Chicago," "Satan's 
Invisible World," "Study of Despairing 
Democracy," "The Truth About Russia, 
The Pnn»» and the Xew Bra," "The 
United States of Europe 

C-ol. John Jacob A.s^oi- was the great 
grandson of the founder of that im- 
mense fortune, the John Jacob Astor 
who was a fur-trader in western Can 
ada and for whom Astoria, Ore., Is nam 
ed. He was born at Hhinebeck. X. \.. 
July ^3, 1861, received tjis education at 
St. Paul's bc!k)o1 at Concord, N. Id., and 
graduated from Harvard in 1888. In 
1891 ho married Miss Ava Willing, of 
Philadelphia. The first -Mrs. Astor ob- 
tained a divorce In 1009, and Col". Astor 
last winter married Miss Madeline 
Force, and they were on tlieir return 
from a honeymoon tour In Egypt and on 
the Continent Col. Astor is survived by 
his second wife, his 80i\, Vincent, and 
hts daughter, Muriel, 19 and 10 years 
old respectively. Col. Astor had thy 
management of an estate valued at 
$450,000,000. He waB a patron of sports, 
an enthusiastic yacftitsman, an Inventor 
of several devices, notably a steam tur- 
bine, of which he gave the patent to 
the public, and ah author. During the 
Spanish-American war, when he served 
as a lleutelfftnt-colonel pf Unjted Stale.^ 
volunteers, ,he orgrtniised and equipped 
the ■ AStor mountain battery, which 
.served In the Philippines. The Asrior 
estate Involves a large part vf New 
York City. Notable anvong Its buildings 
are the hotels W'aldorf-Aslorla, St. 
Regis and Knickerbocker, the Astor 
building, and the Vincent 

wajMtoiimiVt tb* VrntUm^ mmtiam. 
I" M«*«£irt f>f tb* Anwrictn Ae«A»ii»y .in 
Rome and ot ti>e 4n)irtcui CwteratiOn 
ot At\»; ♦ice-prwiilint of the jiouinlctpivl 
art ooinmlwKJon.'hi New TorK and Untt^ 
Btatea oomnoiMloner-ceneral jto tlM 
Tokyo exposition. Ruvsia »nd ]^amaiki<i, 
both gave hitu d^corAtlon. lie was 
Chovaller I^eglon of Honor, Parjs. 1900, 
and a member of the Hrst claw •* the 
Order of the Sacred Treaeure of Japan. 
He Was the author of- ee*«#ai Vo«k». 
and beiildea being a membei^ of the As- 
sociation of on Painters of l^ondon, wae 
nn honorary member of thi Amarlcan 
Institute of Arcliltecte, In recent. year* 
he had a tudlo in WasUlngteb, aOd alao 
maintained resiasnoeB In New York aa<6, 
Worcestershire Eogland. Ho had many 
^friends on this coast, and was expected 
to visit Puget Sound points this sum- 

Major A. W. »att 
Major Archibald W. Butt, was mili- 
tary aide to the preei^'ent of the United 
Slates. A native of Kentucky, he begau 
life as a newspaper reporter In LouTs- 
vllle, and later became Wasliington cor- 
respondent for the Atlanta Constitution. 
He entel-ed the army when war was de- 
clared agalnft SphI", wnd w«« HKsigned 
to duty ill the (luartermaater's depart- 
ment. He rendered c=pecl:..:!y JJO'-'fi ser- 
vice in Cuba, and later In the PhilUplnea. 
Hts a.ssignment to duty as military aide 
at the White Hoiisr ootuirred under the 
ItooBevelt udmlni.stration and continued 
uninterruptedly under President Taft. 
He was entrusted with many personal 
missions and always accompanied the 
prosiuejii. irn i; ' ^ " 

and unmarried 

Mr. Isidoi- Straus, president of the 
National Educational Alliance, R'as on 
the board Of trustees of numerous na- 
tional, financial, charitable and phil- 
anthropic institutions. He also was 
I active in politics, having been connected 
with various tariff reform movements. 
He was a member of congress. 1893 to 
189D, where ho was active in the fram- 
ing of the Wilson tariff law, Mr. 
Straus was born in Rheinsh Bavaria,- 
February 6, 1845. He was a brother 
of Nathan and Oscar Straus, the latter 
secretary of_ the United States depart- 
ment of comm<^rce and labor under 
I'resident Iloosevelt, Isldor Straus 
came to the United Stateij with hi^ 
parents in 184,'i; was educated at* the 
ColUnsworth institute, Talbotton, Ga., 
and held the degree of LL.D. of Wash- 
ington and Lee university. In 1836 he 
joined his fettjier in forming the firm 
of L. Straus dSsSon, importers of pot- 
tery and glassware. Mrs, Straus re- 
fu.sed to leave hor husband and they 
died togttther; 

Ar^Campb9a A (^o., ij<L,J0OS40 Cooirnnwrd Stimt 

lO JWU,klV>0. XLV t««^0 

Isidor Straus 



Xr. Tkomaa MeOmitsj 

Mr. Thomas McCaffry, Vancouver, 
superintendent of western omces ot the 
Union Bank, was one of the best known 
financial men in the west. He joined the 
Union Bank twenty-eight years ago, anti 
erved in many branches, being Manager 
at Winnipeg before coining to British 
^ Coi,mi^bia. Ljiter he took ebarge of the 
rwmlnlon Asa^y Offlce tn yancouver, but 
^ben the Union Bank opened Its^branch 
there he rejoined It and became manager, 
and, later, supervisor for British Colum- 
bia. He was born In Quebec, and was 
unmarried. m« only living relatives are 
•istera reniaent In Madrid. His trip 
abroad was taken for the benefit of his 
health. Ha hB« bfen for thret months 
in ho*i^^V#t |be close of; laat year, and 
on .Tatouary.iff, *»• went «hr*»* to reeu- 
p«ra««. He ttiii.Oho of ttte moot popular 
of tta« grdup ef imanei«ni,ln the terminal 
city. „ ■.-..'■ 

Kf. V. O. initet '^' 

Mh Franc)(i p^ Miltet, the American 
«rtl«t. wa» a i*«at travener, and equally 
At noma in V9la»bitistoti, Londoti, Rome 
-ar- -TsSa^c,' A- ija!tlV*"-Of-,Mft.«»»E*»«ia-t*9. 
bom in ll«. l^e »a« 41 ISninittiW Iwr and 
asUatant «urt«oii in the el^tl war. He 
took a degrM at H*rvafd In |l<9. »M 
attandkd tb« Bftyal A^adMiiy Of Plna 
Art* at Antwarp i^n JlitJ-Tt. H« ww cor- 
t««(loi»dent ot thft Now fork lit-rald and 
t.o»i«n iMW«jpM»*ni tn iho IftunM-Turk- 
Mlk Wal- of iW-tl. At>tha ¥wia'm fair 
Mil CW«illW-*rf'^Mfi''''*'*»<Hi^ -dwjoni- 

Vfr. Btajamla Oa«'g«ali«im 

Mr. Benjamin Guggenheim was the 
fifth son of Meyer Guggenheim and a 
brother of Simon Guggenheim, United 
States senator f^om Colorado. Like Jlie 
other members of this remarkable fam- 
ily ho was unusually successful in ac- 
cumulating a great fortune. Born In 
Philadelphia October 26, 1865, he was 
sent to LeiidviUe, C-cdo., when he was 
20 years of age by his father, the 

Ougfecnhdlln &, Sons'.' For iiio" last few 
years Mr. Guggenrhelm had been devot- 
ing his entire time and energy to di- 
recting the atfalrs of the International 
Steam Pump company, which has seven 
plants, one In JSngland and six In the 
United States.. The firm has extensive 
Interests In British Columbia, thp 
Yukon and Alaska. 

Mr. Thornton Davidson, Montreal, 
was a well known financial man, a son- 
in-law to Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Hays and 
a cousin of Hon. H. K. Young. His father 
Is Mr. Justice Davidson of the Quebea 
-gTTTifffjn^ cbttrt. Aitothcr Montrcs.! flnan" 
cler among the lost in Mr. H. Markland 
Molson, member of one of the oldest 
families 6f that oity. Mr. H. J. Allison, 
whose whole fartlly went down together 
was a Jfontreal business man, Mr. V. 
Payne waa private secretary ta Mr, 

Mr. Mark Fortune, who is lost with 
one of his daughters and his son, while 
his wife and two daughters are among 
the saved, wai» utie of the niOat prOlAln- 
eht of Winnipeg's morchants. Mr. Hugo 
Ro^s, a son of the "late Mr. A. W. Roes, 
had many friends In Victoria and will 
be deeply regretted. 

Mr. Edward Pomeroy Collcy, the only 
Victorian among the lost, was on his 
return to this^ city fi-om his parent's 
heme in Ireland, where he always spent 
the winters. Mr. Col ley had many 
friends -here who \\^ve been hoping 
4«:(?raln»t h'ope'for his afety, although re- 
cognizing "hat, he wnS the type of man 
who would never leave the steamor while 
there were .still lives to be saved. For 
several years Mr. Colley had carried on 
survey work for the government and his 
knowledge of . the northern part of the 
province was probably not excelled by 

Boston men anwng the lost are: A. W. 
Newell, president of the Fourth ^atlohal 
bank, whose two daughters, MadeUno 
and Marjorie, were rescued; Jacques Fut- 
relle, the author, whose wife was saved; 
George K. Clifford, president of tha 
Bel<;her Last Company, of Stoughton; 
Walfer C. Porter, of Worcester, last 
manufacturers; Clarence Moore, Beverly 
Farms, a well known sportimnan. 



The i;iag on the offices of the Orand 
Trunk Pacific otfmpany's offices was 
lowered' to. baU maat yesterday to 
mourn for Pr«aident C. M. Hays, fol- 
lowing tiia receipt of the followinc 
telegram by if. H» MoArlhur, dock atod 
freight kflrent of the companjr, from 
Capt. C. ; li. Nlchotaon, manager of 
O. T. P. Utaamera: ^ 

':Vic* Pre8td«nt aitd a«h«r*l ' UlAia- 
arer &• , J- . Cjli^nib^rtin advises ma tbta 
mominff kit WaJr in direct conqtmuntca- 
tlon with the Ckrpathla to tke ^fact 
that Trepfdwit Hiuri was nl^ on hoard. 
W«' (kra Hlilctantljr f oread 'v>' soacada 
his l<wie."' 

Oi'dhtts ware sont to all the Qi^fi'. P' 
steamers to lofrar t)t«If f isci^ in moiue'' 

Mrs. W. B. 0»rrard. of t|iia. (itiy. 

vhoaaiiriit^; Miv Jii»|ii,«i^^»|j»^ «•• 

,;«i«l>l«»iyljl*j|» ltiw^:Vaieo(i«f«lil !»r. .,T. 

itfCiaMty of tfca ttefon feaiiki Ml CMC 

Big Week'End Attractions 
at Campbells^ 

Special L 6t of Sample Dmsaes ^ ^ /r /I 

Speciallg Priced, Today, $8.50 to., ^ "• ^ ^ 

In our centre windows we display a sample line 
of new Dresses right up to the minute in style, 
high waisted and long sleeves— with little finish- 
\na touches onlv seen on much higher priced 
models. The materials are cotton voiles, 
white repps, cotton foulards and alpacas, 
there should be a siege on these this morning. 

'A Waist Special 

Wilheverv bit? shipmeot of Waists theix are naturally a few that ^-et just a little soiled. 
Commencinjr todav and lasting until Saturrlay we've picked out a goodly nunibei- of slight- 
ly •s'^led-Ph'MN tA-ttORE}>S4:lH^f -V^'ALSTS marked, to sell .as follows: . ^^ ^A 
Reg. up to Si,75 for $1.25. Reg. up to $2.50 for %P LttJKJ 

John, Why Don't You Get a Gnartnteed Hat, Too? 

Why not. indeed, when the BUCKLEY guaranteed hat cost* no more 
than the ordinary kind> 

An ordinary hat could not be sold with the iron-clacJ BUCKLEY guar^ 
antee. Only the exceptional quality made into every BUCKLEY hat can 
possibly live up to its makers* endorsement. Nor '\% the guarantee an ordinary 
one ; it is the sltiongest ever given vnih any itriich of apparel. In order to avoid 
all possibility of an argument, or of embarrassing questions from the dealer, 
the guarantee provides that he is to give you a new hat even if your old one 
has been damaged by accident ^ 

Can ypu think of any ilronger way for the makers to express their con-1 
fidence in the BUCKLEY? 

are ms 

lade by skilled Union workmen in a modern English factory, to tht 
Utestylmcrican styles. The BUCKLEY range includes every shape Hhc 
tioned by current f&shioM. Hats for xoung men. for old men. for lean 
men. for fat men. You'll find die style that suits you best in the BUCKLEY 
line. At die belter storetr 


Buckley & Spns, London, England 

Th* WaMran-D^nili Cm, UaaH^ Montreal 



—revenue prodocjnr. «<»»* 
terms. Prtpo ...... fllft.OOO 

Ml»i-~r«vea^« i»lnd»itKc; 
t«rm«. Pries ., 

ott y\^. |I»W cashj faJK^fe' 
. I t»4* ]r««(!A^; «^;;jpljMOO' 

Two Railways 
For Fort G< 

No wis tRe tim« to get iii^ 
us about the price an4 
7om!i»^ tlie Towil«te, 



?i: ' . 

:..a-*^.uii - 




Ttaa CoionUt PrtDilai and FubltohiM 

ComiMiny, JLimlted DabtlUjr. • 

lltl-lllt B>t>ad Stract. Victoria. B. C 

I ' Witl ii i i w 

"t ' A 'S l ' U 

U.'.JU.r. 1.11 i".. 


„-^ -.*,(; 

frlday, AifHI It, 1tl2 

! i * jif nuMjfti iiii aj i iw ' i iMiu iwiBa«Bw wii W ii%,JAAi ' J A ! .:iii B 

tlitnva cor our»«!>f»« we h»v« to> ••Jf* 

a. 8. 12. MAT80.X. 


Dellvore<t by carrier ti SO oenta per month 
It paid In advance; 60c per month If paid 
artcr the :5th nf sarh m..nih. Uailiia poat- 
llald to "any part of Canada, except tUa city 
or aiiburban dUirlcla. whUib ara covered by 
cur carrier* or the Unllad Klasdoim M tUa 
loilowtns ratea: ' 

One Vear ^•'W 

61x Mentha *■•• 

Three Uonlha ^••' 

London Office: sO-»» rieet Btreat 

Manuicrlpt offeroo aala to The Colo- 

nUt niuit bo addreiacU lo the bu»lneaa office 
otlierwiio tho roiiipiiny will not «»inime the 
ic»poii»ll)l!lty of the return of aamo to the 
uuihor. M. S. 8. accepted by other than 
viiu buelnaaa manaicer will not be paid for. 


To Insure publication of ailvortlalnB mat- 
ter In tho Dallv Colonial, all copy must bo 
left at tho ofllce before i p. m. the iluy 
previyus to publloailon. No CHANGE ot 
vonv win bp received after Ihut lime. Copy 
for "Sunday riiornlnn'H U»ue must bo m not 
later than JVlduy, !• p. "i-. oailler if posal- 
bie. Smal! w»ivt ad. copy. <n--v.-) will b" 
received tmtll B p. m. In order Hint our 
patrons shall not bo disappointed wo wl»n 
10 notify udvertlacrs lluit thia rule will not 
be broken after April lal. 


Friday, April 19, 1912 

ifttcemavAXDXva x>xi': 

The appalling loss of life in 
_^n.,, .^ijiHiilc wreck lias direct&iJ atlentloh 
f'? l:ffvwywhero to tU? necessity of providing 
!'f^'^}%itM#.0S^'i&nces for' the:re8cue of pas-' 
'^ I i;ii#tlijr'lin i«M > '1 slnU i^s a hiji.s . .l t .. 3g a ^ ; a . 
V,^, V|;^v^-;j^^ I'- I- i£ f'e circumstances 
been the most favorable |>osslble. 
bave been taken off for 
•there were ■ not boAls 
enoug-h. This fact .stands out beyond 
all chance of conlradlctlon on tlic pub- 
lished facts. 

The r'.asoii given why the Titanic 
did not currj; more boats was that the 
iLKulalions of the Board Of Trade, 
framed by inariiu- exports, do not re- 
quire vessels of tho so-culled uusink- 
able type tb have boats enoupfli to 
accommodate tlieir full complement of 
pussengers ami crew. We all know 
that experts In construction and ex- 
perts in the reuuiremetits of sliips 
were wroiiK- The ipt^son has beiTn 

be hoped it will be lieeditl. We now 
know that n.s yet an uiislnkable ship 
has not been devised; we also linve 
Very good reason for believing that 
none ever can be. At least wc are'juat- 
Illed in thinking that no sliip can ever 
lif! built that will not be in danger of 
going down. Jt Is true that hundreds 
of voyages are made in perfect safety 
where one results in even a minor dis- 
aster; but the law must guard against 
(xtremo cases. Xo vessel that puts 
to sea is secure from accident which 
iriay not make it necessary for every 
one aboard to take to the boats. We 
know this now; but If any one had 
said so last weeli, tlie so-called ex- 
perls would liav(' laughed him to scorn. 
It Is tinie for the common people to 
lake thenisel\es heard, it not be 
tliat t!ic cries of those who w-ent down 
in the darkness to a death amid the 
Atlantic loe-tloes, be as voices tliat j 
nitd in tlie wilderness. Let the clam- 
or of public opinion make itself heard 
until the lesson of this awful sacrl- 
lice to expert Ignorance Is written upon 
every statute book. Terhaps what a 
paper published in this part of the 
world may have to say upon sucli a 
.subject may not have much weight In 
tlie councils of ^hose who have the de- 
cision of such matters; but it is our 
duty to voice tlie sentiment of the 
eomniunit.v and we have done so. 

tlv«, referendum and recall «aroeb«tore 
the Stipreme Court it wan argued tt»at 
these measure** w^ro not within the 
Bcop« of the pow«»B of the "people,, be- 
cause it was ttllfttfed that the «o»*rn- 
nient of the Unltttd StatfiiS l« r«pubUcan 
in form, not democrullc. It ^ Is true 
that the court held the measures were 
constilutionai, but it miijiit "Cia 
otherwise, and if It might ■have held 
otherwise, it is always possible that the 
court may be Bo constituted at some 
time' that It wlU reverse the decision 
lately given, or may on some other im- 
portant point determine that there Is a 
phase of self-government not open to the 
people oi the United States. In view 
of the inevitable clash between special 
interests and the public -welfare, the fact 
that there is in the country an appoin- 
tive body, which is superior to the people 
and from whose decisions there can be 
no appeal, beccnnes fraught with dan- 

in this country all v.-c ask of a,judK« 
is that h'e shall to the best of his ability, 
honestly interpret tho law. If a decision 
is objectionable to the people and it Is 
ui>held by the appellate courts, there Is 
always redress available from some leg- 
islative body, and If the legislature will 
not remedy It, the people can elect a 
legislature that wWh It seems highly 
Important that, this should be Kept In 
mind In these days when we hear so 
much talk about the superiority of the 
Institutions of other countries to those 
of our own, and when so many allena 

it will bo observed that the i:^'"^' 
would not approve of the presidential 
appointment until saiisiie.i that the ap- 
poiiil«:'H vlewa-on pu::. , ■ ::tions coin- 
cided with those of the Senate majority, 
l.lttle imagination is required to prove 
that the special interests, the represen-^ 
tatives of great wealth, the owners of 
great franchises, the benenciarles of any 
species of legislation will see in the 
senatorial debate a new reason for ob- 
taining control of the body whose assent 
is necessary for the conflrinution of ju- 
dicial appointments. As long as there 
is a body liaving power to curb the as- 
pirations of the people for complete 
self-government, such as the Supremo 

Court of the rnlled States undoubtedly 

'.. . .«.*-. A — 4.1... .«...-, 

ly, Uiiere wiii ue ai* ciiw»* u** t*,,, !>,*•* 

of the powerful interests to control it, 
and through it to control the people. A 
situation of this kind is full of danger- 
ous iiosslbllltles, and this is one of the 
reuMoii.-i vvhy \v,.- liave ui«eil luai greater 
«»re ought to be taken in Canada to 
Instruct the rising generation of voters 
in the completeness of our constitutional 

t«4n,«xtent Ivat iii»ht of wh»t is 4tt* 
to oUters. When pabllo aQpmla m« 
mad* to the •ympatijy of M|« P«ople». 
the rMponse iB always genftrous. Tbe 
hearts of Britlstt Columbiana are In 
the right place, and we feel sure that 
It will not be long before the presa Will 
)i;«ve (>.'> re<'<><'<) nUiAr ex&mplc« of fln« 
public spirit We congratulate Kelow- 
na upon having such a citlsen as Mr. 

XKB ZbATK a. M. mAT« 



it appears as If there Is no longer 
any ground for hope that C. 'M. Hays, 
President of the Grand Trunk and 
Grand Trunk Pacific railway com- 
panies, l.^ among those saved from the 
wreck of the Titanic. Mr. Hays was 
so closely Identified with transporta- 
tion matters that his death can hardly 
fall lo have an imi)ortant effect. His 
was the dominating mind in tJrand 
Trunk circles. He wa.« n miui of great 
executive ability, allhough perhaps 
not always as as lie might have; 
been In directing tlie policy of the. 
great enterprisis with which he was 
associated. lU; more of a irallic 
man than a groat projector. One who 
knew htni well said to the Colonist re- 
ceiuiv W'iitrii Ihwi c %%.,.-• .* t-;;", c* 

fieii,!il in sight, Mr. Hays knew how to 
gui it, but he could not always see how 
freight oould be created." He was ex- 
ceedingly llkabi ii^ manner was 
ever courteous. He jn.->plied conlidenco 
in those whose Interests he managed, 
1 i . uua a flne specimen of vigorous, «ei i 
respecting manhood. He had made iiis 
way in the world from modest begln- 
nlngH without any adventitious aids. 
His death will be greatly regretted i>y 
his many friends; and is a public loss. 

pr^aene^'tbvm Iq ParlMnent Th« for- 
mee j|p(r«ftto« wft« to an v»cancliM» o» 
tb« >eo<!lb ''b]r tbe appoltttment of tbf 
then attorneys-general, and no harm 
ever capne of it. 

A gap of 480 miles on the Grand 
Ti'urk Pacific in British Olumbia re- 
mains to be completed. Thirty miios 
hak'lng been completed' west of Yellow 
Head Pass and 184 miles eastward from 
Prince Rupert, we have' the total mile- 
age of this line within the province 684 
miles. Victoria via the Canadian North- 
ern will be about 80 miles nearer Yel- 
low Head Pass than Prince Rupert will 
bo via the Grand Trunk Pacific. 


II >>i 1 1 1» 1 1 » i |i|i ' 

. ,,.Jl.«^><;5r3Cknr«r4.- the m^BVCvr of ^^ 
^a'c. U.9U oompMiy In tMn r*»p«ct. He 
lftU|rb*4 ABd, piipmi«<Ml tbut he would 

*'1^*,4i »!0S^^ Lt* <ttt ^l/fitvmm^ ""fm* ¥•»» utmiDM 

We learn by way of Toronto and 
through the medium of the Globe of 
that city that the people, who live in 
the interior of British Columbia Ivave 
coIn«d the happy phrase "sloppy slope" 
ns deporlptlve of tho Coast. This will 
be news lo hoili the people of the 
Coast and those of the Interior. Our 
contemporary luis a wonderful sense 
of humor, for It thinks we ought to 
"find fts clever a bit of alliteration." 
Well, here goes. How will "Tough 
Toronto" do for a beginning? 

And no'lv It's Halifax thtit Is looking 
for a real estate boom. We shall soon 
begin '.o,-v*> with Hrottier .laspCr, 
that T). sun do move.'" 

.\ California woman Is seeking di- 
vorce on the ground that she promised 
lu marry her htisband in a moment of 
Wf.ikniss, .MmosI any ol<l reason will 
do when you really want a thln;j. 

Correspondents have taken to writing 
us letters for and against cats. IJu- 
fu-tunately In most cases their Indus': y 
Is wasted because they forget our rule 
not to print anonymous correspondence. 

rc<v,_ „„ >ua« TtaJJai* v>.nsels liave 

begun the bombardment of the forts on 
the Dirdanelles is very dl.squletlng. 
Nothing else was necessa': ' ■ I'-mon- 
strate the unjustifiable nature of the 
Invasion of Tripoli. It is not easy to 
H-.iy what may iiappen n^^xt. The pow- 
,., -, :i,;-!il. II ru< \ sa'.v I'll rrii,.i.:: 'ii- 

different to what transpired in Atrua. 
but they cannot regartl with comphils- 
ancB an titlemjH on-tht p.arl of iliiiy to 
carry llie war into Kurope. The Dar- 
danelles is tile name of the narrow 
strait between Kurope and Asia, con- 
necting tlie riea of .Marmora with the 
Aogeaa Sea. It la forty-five miles long 
and varle."? in width from one to five 
miles. Tt i.s the entrance to Conslaii- 
linople from the .Mediterranean. Bat- 
teries line its shores and tho passage Is 
also protectetl by mines and torpedoes. 
Tlie Dardanelles have never been forced 
since Admiral Duckworth, with a Brit- 
ish stiuadron, sailed through them in 
180". By treaty signed by all the great 
powers, no warship ha« a right to pass 
through these straits without the eon- 
sent of Turkey. 

tiika not be«n dona. 

Slnoa la«t September the resident* of 
Victoria, Weat^j^nd the Ksquimalt dis- 
trict have been kept waiting for a road. 
t.»ie main thoroughfare Into the city, to 
be put Into a condition that was evep 
safe, let alone aji It should be. Month 
aflAr'month^ wa ^%v« hoan niil off iMHi 
fall the excuse wa» that the v'ork had 
bt>«n started too late and the wet wea- 
ther coming on stopped the work. 

For some monihe we bave had weather 
flne enough for anything In the way of 
outside work. Other excuses are made, 
and While this road With more trafllc 
over It than almost ail the other roads. 
Is left In a condition dangerous to traf- 
hc, miles and miles qf pavement have 
btiCn laid in somo districts where there 
Is not even a house. "Roads, sewers and 
street car service," as we hear visitors to 
this city saying almost every day, there 
is only one city on the continent that 
would stand for It, and that Is Victoria. 

Now sir, while I very seldom use th<' 
columns of a newspaper and some might 
tlilnk that an a rfslrlont of tmrdly n year 
tiiJit 1 am previous this time. I want to 
aa,v that I am paying considerable In the 
way of taXcB and liuve bfen a iaxim.ver 
much at heart as any one, and this let- 
ter is written in what I consider t'li- 
best Interests of isvery one. 

Apologising for length of this and 
trusting that same will receive your ta- 
AOriible attention, I am 

F. I' lIKKis. 

'm uertaln slttsdjurd ot m«rft 

WhH* It a^QUM l|«?Jt^.niMewftnr for 
<thit f.nti«ntlv« to 'interest the yutinjK 
p«(iple of Canada in good roa^a, and 
their r^li^ton to the ■wetl-beln* ot. the 

jHya mf an entrance at one*. 8o far thia country, the fact rcTnalha that tri this 

aa In ot)ier things, aome Indueement 
ia often neceasary In order to awak«u 
the younger generation to the economic 
;ieedB of this country. 


MmU vxkakiiis er Caa<atet«s "X&s r^e- 
■eat XhemaeWea Vaaa Teat 


Mbool Board Qnartera Axa inadaqaata 

—City Wm OaU Tot Eida Oa 

Xrtok — Hiadv Temple 


The latest appointment made by Pres- 
bltnt Taft to the Supreme Court of the 
rnited States was ratlfled by the Senate, 
but was reconsidered the following day, 
snbBequcntly being ratified. The inci- 
dent Itself is oC no special Interest ,but 
tlie reconsideration and subsequent dis- 
cussion are because of what gave rise 
to them. No finest Ion was raised as to 
the fitness of the appointee on the 
ground of legal attainments or personal 

■ character, the (piestion at issue being 
whether or not lie held what the major- 
ity of the senators 'jonsidered sound 
views on ciueslionH upon which the Su- 
preme Court may be en lied ujion lo de- 
tide. This Is of importance to all stu- 

,'<<Ients of government, for lt''shows the 
drift (jf United States Institutions, and 
we canr>(t)t but think the movement te 
tr, lu dangerous direction. 

ITnder the Constitution of the VTnltcd 
Slates the powers of Congress are fixed. 
In Canada all legislative power vests 
somewhere. In the Uiilted States Con- 
gtesa exerctikea certain powers; tlie state 
legl^laturcB have certain other powers. 
and the theory haa been that the resi- 
due of power reata ^ith the people. The 
Uupreme Cttwrt haa t!ie flnal word aa to 
tlto inierprewtion of iiic ittTiguago far 
^iitou tufl powera of the several legis- 
lative bo^lea are amiirned to them. Until 
very recently It wa« auppoaed that the 
b«oi*l« mifht, if they aaw lit. a9»tgtr*t>me 
of ttl* rtaidtia oi; the uhaMlgned powera 
t,i one or, the other of the legislative 
>«Mliee, 4ii«d wahyjMWple of the United 
Btatee wlU be rtirirtaed at the ousfea- 


The announcement that Mr. J. 11. 
Hawthornthwaitu contemplates enter- 
ing tho political arena in he United 
Kingdom does not come as a surprise. 
Although he never speclllcally said so, 
it was understood by Mr. Hawthornth- 
Wttite's friends that he lind sucli an 
.object in view. .He ia a gentleman of 
much ability and c?.n hardly fall to 
make a mark in British polltlca. 

The Colonist has not always been In 
sympathy with Mr. Hawthornthwaile's 
political methods and his views of pub- 
lic nuestlons have not always com- 
mended themselves to it; but this has 
not prevented us from recognizing that 
his Ideals are lofty and that hl's In- 
lluence has been exerted in behalf of 
those who toil. Personally in common 
with all who enjoy his friendship, wo' 
hold him in high esteem, and we extend 
to him our best wishes for his future 
prosperity. The years have done much 
to make Mr. liawthornthwaite a use- 
fur public man. 

St. Jolin. having «eicui-ed great rail- 
way and ocean terminals, Is now out 
after a gieat iron smelting and steel 
I'lent. Th"»'s thp wny It croes. As the 
old lady remarked: "Tliem as has gits." 

The full st,ory of the four days on 
board the Carpalhla will doubtless never 
be told. The worst of the dl.^asjer was 
not when the Titanic with her human 
freight plunged to her last resting 


Aid to tbe Sufferers 

.Sir: — Everyone must stand ag' 
the terrible mishap on the Atlantic, 
when the Titanic carried with her some 
1600 souls to death. Tho proliablllty ia 
that about 700 at least of those were 
n icnbera" of,, the crew and .veri' probably 
cdcli man had either wife and children 
or other' relatives dependent on him. 

Can we in Victoria sit quietly and let 
those dependents want? They are of our 
British Imperial family, «o shall w« 
wlio are In a prospero-us corner of the 
Empire and not directly aJIe<:ted by the 
apalUng loss of life, sit quietly while 
knowing that hundreds of people have 
lost their nearest and dearest and are 
perhaps being made more painfully 
aware of the fact in the knowledge 
of the sudden stoppage of Income. 

May »I suggest that you, Mr. Editor, 
signify your willingness to accept dona- 
tions to a fund for the relief of those 
affected and aLso would it be asking 
too much for his worship the mayor to 
.voice the feeling of the people of this 
city named after Victoria the Good, in 
a message to the proper rjuarter. Suivly 
such actlona would be appreciated. 

H. MALil.X>i^M tJlGWUUD. 

V'ANCOUVBR, B. C, April !£.— 
The results of the aemi-annual exam- 
Inatlone In pharmacy were made 
known tonight. Out of 30 candidates, 
only 15 passed. Ten paased fhc 
major examination, thus entitling tlicm 
to a full pharmacy diploma. The 
other five were in the minor class. 
They are now eligible for clerkships. 
The successful candidates are: 

Major — Mr. C. E. Anderson, North 
Vanfcouver; F. J. Temple. Vancouver; 
C, H. FcParlane, 'Vancouver; G. N. 
Elwyn, Victoria; W. H. Wainman, 
Vancouver; H. \V. Brlen, Victoria; f. 
E. Kee, Vancouver;, R. J. Dawson, 
Vancouver; W. 11. Whites, Vancouver. 

Minor — O. Thorateiiusoii, Vitncouvor; 
(-'. W. Helhorlngton, Vancouver; J. T. 
Crowden, Vancouver; W. Crummcr, 
Vancouver; H, W. Wood, New Wc:it- 


.\ memorial service will be held to- 
day In .St. Paul's Cathedral because of 
the Titanic wreck. It might be well 
for tlie people of Victoria to place their 
flags at lialf mast today as a demon- 
stration of sympathy. 

..\ relief fund for the sufferers by the 
Titanic tiisastcr has been opened by the 
l>orrl Mayor of l.,ondon. If any Vic- 
torians desire to conlrlliute to it, tlie 
Colonist will receive their donations 
and cable the money to London. 


Yesterday it was our great pleasure 
to mention that Mr. Remblcr Paul of 
Kelowna, has dedicated a tract of ono 
iuindred and sixty acres to charitable 
uses. Upon this 'he will erect a sub- 
stantial structure for the maintenance 
of which lie t^lll provide 12,000 per 
annum, conditional upon the further 
sitm of 11,000 being contributed by 
tlie province annually. The institution 
Is for the caro of the aged and Indig- 
ent o.f the district. This Is a noble 
charity, and Mr, Pa\il haa set an ex- 
ample that might advantageously be 
followed by somo of our wealthier cit- 
izens, n^ot necessarily along the same 


It Is not for us to say In what di- 
rection benefactions ought to bo «ex- 
tended, although It would hot be difB- 
cult to name some things that ought 
to be done. We prefer to apeak of 
the ' general subject^ 'trf' rhnrilaMe* 
gifts, or gifts to ptiblle uses. It doea 
not necessarily follow^ that a gift to 
be worthy should be devoted to allevi- 
ating the necessities of thoae In want. 
Something may be done to keep pe<>ple 
from needing aaslatanec. Something 
can be done to a^d -tOT th« "phiaware .of 
the people.. There la * wide Held for 
the activity -bf th«j»« who raky feel 
disponed to give the public the beQeflt 
of k portion of the wealth with which 
they are * fortunate enough to bo en- 
dowed, ;;■. 

We hope to be' able to record maitr 
acta worthy Af >UiO* <»Mild« that of 

It the steamship Titanic could have 
been set on the Causeway, her bow 
would have been opposite the north end 
of the post office and her stern oppo- 
site the Provini-ial Muneum. She would 
liavo hidden the Empress hotel com- 
pletely from view from steamers en- 
tering the harbor except the very top- 
most part of the roof. 

Clarence V. T. RIcheson, a minister 
of the Gospel, living In Ma.isachusctts, 
deliberately murdered a young girl 
member of his choir because she stood 
In the way of his marrying an heiress. 
He was found guIUy and- sentenced to 
death. Now people are ransacking his 
family history for generations back to 
prove that he was insane when he com- 
mitted the deed. 

Every one will be glad to know that 
the most rigid Inquiry Is to be Insti- 
tuted Into the origin of the false re- 
ports sent out concerning the Titanic 
wreck. We do not like to think tdiat 
any of them originated In over-zeal 
on the part of newspaper men. Ex- 
planations ouglit to be forthcoming 
also from the Wihlte Star oflAelala in 
New York as to the reports seht out 
f^-om that oiflce. 

Commenting upon the appointment 
of Mr. Ooodeve to the railway commla- 
sloncrahlp, tho Manitoba Free Prea», 
IJberal. says: "Th«re la a good deal 
of humbug in the contention that mem- 

bvrs'vf ;p»ir»l«u*VfcJrt ttS it -r«ia^t-G« .^§»- pOl- 

tey should not be appointed to otBce. 
i't m nian. la big enough for the offltce' 
to whioh he la appointed hii parlla- 
nientafy experienee will add to hla 
ijifllelericy. Ali Ihiproper Appolntiftcnt ta, 
,^hw«ver, none the teee Ittopridrpar !>•• 
eauae tH* <ifaotoe ' ICatUi upon a mwiber 
«({ parliament." It would W a etraiig^ 

Barnard Street 

sir. In editorial t/Olumns of your pa- 
per of this morning the 18th, "re In- 
sanitary conditions" you refer to con- 
ditions at the foot of Barnard road. 

1 was In the iKipes tliat this matter 
might be attended to wlUiout too much 
publicity and for this reason 1 have re- 
frained until the present from 'publish- 
Ing anything In connection with same. 

You say. If people Interested in mat- 
ters of this sort would complain to 
those whose duty it is to provide a rem- 
edy that something would be done. 

It was In .lune, 1911. t!i«t I purchased 
my present home in your city, and that 
1 ^t~rzt hr;tt!^ht thif*. matter to the iLtten- 
tion of the city. It was not nearly 
a.< bad aa it \e now, although l'a<l en- 

Hlm-e coming here lo live the first 
of August, 1011. I have lime after time 
taken it up with the offlclals but so far 
witliout results. I can get no satisfac- 
tion of any sort. 

Tlie trouble is one block, is Inside the 
City limits and. is partly .caused from 
houses oulsldti the limits who arc con- 
nected with a private sower. 

For this rason I am at last Informed 
by Dr. Hall, tho city medical health 
officer, that I will have to take the 
(luest'lon up witti the provincial health 
(Upartment, through Mr.' Fagan. 

I might say that l have written Dr. 
ai''gan and am hop^ig thai at last souie- 
thlng may be done. 

The situation is as follows: Barnard 
road Ifl a short road off Esquimau road, 
running down to the beach. 

tn this respect I might say that the 
beach IB In front of my property, iha.'. 

I have a lease of it from the Dominion 
government and that I am Improving It 
In every way that I can, as It Is the 
only sandy beach In this district, and 

II favorite resort and play ground, not 
only for my own children but all the 
children In this district. 

The end of Barnard road being the 
only public appraach to this beach. This 
end haa been made a dumping ground 
for garbage of all kinds, which Is bad 
enough, but nothing to compare with 
sewage connection and conditions as at 
pi aimnt. 

There are apmo houses Iri this district 
that canhot connct with the 'main «ewer, 
as the aewer is too high for their con- 
nection. These houses with ome outtlde 
the city limits an I understand it, are 
connected with a private sewen that has 
no aeptic tank In connection with It, but 
the pipe comes down the end of Barnard 
road and empties on tho beach In front 
of my property. 

This has alwava beep bad, but for aome 
months now baa been dnngeroua as the' 
pipe la evidently broken or clogged anti 
8t'Wag« in place of coming out.of pipe, 
la flUertng through the bank at the end 
of thia pubUe road and my ptoperly. 
ft ia In a moat dtagraceful oondUlon, and 
how We have ever escaped an epidemic of 
typhoid up to" the preaent la beyond my 
comprehenalon. We are bound to -hive It 

Now air, I hava complained to city 
oflloiaXa in thia aa well a« other matters. 
'gine* laat Noventber t havebeen unable 
to tilt out of my place with my ear, ow- 
ing to the *i««d of thia Yead being block- 
ed by work beintf atarted on MMii'wfkit 
road too la*«. ^«ar<^ told latfty«kr to 
tw iiiWa to flirtnl*. I ,h»ve aoii#4««4 beMi 
imonillte^ tiHti^Mwry«titrm«ttff>iit Willie 
«cttlot it. 1%e tnliiaewHfcf doWrtmeat 


Six Ken Taken ia Charge By Police on 

Obargea of Intimidation 

of Workmen 

Taken in charge accused of having 

ture, five of the striking employees o£ 
the Canadian Mineral Rubber company 
were arrtsted yesterday at noon by dep- 
uty Chief Palmer, Inspector Walker, 
.Sergeant Harper and a squad of police, 
summoned to Herald street by telephone 
message by special officers appointed 
to guard the workmen at work at that 
point. .Samuel HIgglnson, one of tho 
leaders of the I.W.W. forces in the city, 
was among those arrested, the others 
being W. Plaister, .lohn Dot. James Din- 
nell. and E. Youngstas. 

'Wie five, with others, all believed to 
be acflve agents of the I.W.W., were 
early at the scene of work and despite 
warnings persisted in wandering among 
the men and by threats attempted to 
Induce them to leave work. They en- 
deavored to achieve their purpose by 
jiolnting out that tho n\en at work 
would soon be discharged, "and that If 
tliey would go on strike at once they 
would be lobktd after for the present 
and later, wh«i the company would be 
forced to meet the demand for Increased 
wages, the men would benefit should 
they desire to resume work. Under es- 
cort the five were taken to the police 
station and booked. 

Louis Augustine, a foreigner, was also 
arrested yesterday morning on Superior 
street, where he was attempting to dis- 
suade workmen at the new construction 
work from continuing' work. A large 
number of etriktrs assembled at Su- 
perior street and by threats Induced 
the paving company's gan4 " there to 
cease work. 

The company's officials state that 
men are dally returning to work, and It 
is expected that within a day or two 
nearly all gangs, will be sufficiently 
large to continue work at practically 
full speed. Seven gangs *ro now at 
work, and thf. concrete mixer was start- 
ed up yesterday on Herald street. In 
all about 200 men a^e at work and 
Villa number will, it Is stated, be aug- 
mented Vo about 300 by Monday. 

If you cull keep your head when all 

auoul you 
.\rt; iosiiiu iiieir'a an»t Mirt-iilns it or, 

If you Can yourself when all men 

doubt you, 
itnt make aillowance for ilielr doubtlngs 

If you can wait and not be triqd by 

' waiting. 
Or, 1>eln«- -lltsd «l>o'il, don't deal in li^ea. 
<.)r. being huteil, ! n. l ^ ■ ■ <-: '> t" ■'' 

.\nd yet don't look too god, -nor talk too 


If you *can dream — and not make 
dreams your master; # 

If you can think — a«d- not make 
thoughts your aim. 

It you can meet with Triumph and 

.4Lnd treat those' two imposters just the 

If you can bqar to hear the truth 
you've spoken 

Twisted by knave.-! to make a trap for 

Or watch the things you gave your life 
to Iwoken, 

And stoop and build 'em up with worn- 
out tools; 

If you can make a heap of all your 

.\nd risk it on one turn of pltch-and- 

And lose, and start again at your be- 

And never breathe a word about your 
loss : 

If you can force your heaj-t and nerve 
and sinew 

rfi ^ .. ........ i...^^ 1...,^ \,^^^t,■^ Ai._.. _*.«. 

And so hold on when there is nothing 

In you 
Except the Will which says to them: 
"Hold on!" 

If you cati talk with cro' 

your virtue. 
Or walk with kings — nor lose the com- 
mon touch. 
If neither foe nor loving friend can 

hurt you. 
If all men count wiUi you, but none 

too much; 
it yOu can ^fiii ii'iv uniorgiving niiinuto 
With sixty seconds worth of distance 

Yours Is the Earth and everything 

that's In It, 
And — which Is more — you'll be a man. 

my son ! 


More accommodation 'or school board 
pui-i>08e,s will be the reijuest which the 
secretary of the' board will make to the 
city council at tonight's meeting of 
the lattfer body. At A recent iiica-tiUK of 
the board the necessity for mtu-e conveni- 
ent quarters was mooted, the argument 
being advanced that with the pruposed- 
ed change In civic headquarters belter 
quarters for the school board ishould be 

The city engineer will reoommend the 
calling for tenders for 130,000 vltrUled 
brick and •( fit', 000 comnnju brick for 
sewer purposes, as well as 650,000 brick 
for completing the St. Charles street 
surface drain. In view of the poor 
quality of brick being secured f<ir sur- 
face drain purpose.i, complaint of which 
has been voiced at the past two meet- 
in.!!!» of the council, and tlie lack of an 
udeijuate contract under which brick 
has of late been purciiased, the new ten- 
di;rs will b.- ri'Diimiended by tlie en- 

City boiiuitoi JCuiiertson will advise 
the council that the recent court deei- 
sl-on whereby the city was ordered U: 
grant a building permit to the trustees 
of tiie KiiaiBM. Dewaii religious society, 
for the erection of a Hindu temple on 
lot 261), Hillside extension "C," Work es- 
tate, Should not be further opposed. Ap- 
plication was recently made , to the 
building inspector for a permit, which 
was refused. The matter came before 
the city council, which supported the 
stand tttlien by the building inspector. 
The case was carried to the courts, 
which ruled that the, permit should be 

lix view of the .decision the city soli- 
citor has advised the council that' the 
permit should Issue. Harl Singh, Narain 
Singh and Bachnn Singh, as trustees of 


■i:"H j.i.',L;iisL the c'.ly. 



Flftb Begiment Planning a Spectacular 

Attack On Uarlne Hospital Point 

After nrigbtfaU 


The FIftli liegiment. C.O.A.. under 
Lieut. Col. A. W. Currlc, officer com- 
manding, resiionding to the request of 
the committee for the Victoria Day cele- 
bration, is jilanning a spectacular sham 
battle which wiU add much to the holi- 
day programme. 

It is proposed, if the privileges of- 
fered two years ago, when the plan was 
proposed and was not carried out owing 
to the death of His Majesty King Ed- 
ward, can be .secured, to make an at- 
tack, from the city side of the harbor on 
Hospital point on the Indian reserve. 
There a "fort" will be held by a force, 
of the local artillerymen, and this will 
be bombarded with a battery of field 

It Is proposed to place two guns on 
the C.P.R. wharf, if Capt. Troup ptr- 

Hiit.--, atiu twu guiu9 un the ulu Cu»t0u~»rj 
or O.T.P. wharf, and these guns will 
carry out the bombardment of the Hos- 
pital point defences. Under cover of 
this fire the remainder of tho artlUtry- 
men who are not serving the field guns 
will be taken !n bc>ats to make a land- 
ing to carry the Hospital point fort, 
where a stock of flrewor'aa will bt 
Iilaced to ad<l to the spectacle. 

The attack on Hospital point, which 
promises to be one of the chief feat- 
ures of the Victoria day celebration, 
will be held soon after nightfall. 



Continued from Page 3. 

London, saying that he Is returning 
shortly to Victoria. He has thus obvi- 
ously amended his plans and was not 
on the lost .liner. 



'Work of the daaadlaa Xtvbway Aaao^ 
elation la Savtag SpleaOia BeatUte ' 
AU Along Ooae% 

The paDgress and activity of the 
Canadian Highway Aasoclatlon ia 
dra^wlng to Itaelf commendation wher- 
ever Ita work l«.fcnown. -IDver since It* 
Inception, not $» mtiny' month a ago. 
thia ofganUatJon 'haa ahown itself to 
be Imbped with vhtor and enthualaam 
of the practical aort. Already lta,re* 
suits are prltctVcally ItihluWid^ Blthoufh 
,crf course. )t means , probably fl'W 
years ot Wrd work b:efolre the enlire 
acheme csh be realix«*. " -• ' 

The latest plan Emanates from the 

prcJMUciiti- i»Fi - TT-. w. «»r 

pecinlly framed to jntere»t the grow- 
ing generation ot jroung Canadians Iti^ 
the sooA roads mctvelnent. As a r«l|iv|lt 
of the Invitation th* head<i«arterB 'vtf, 
the as*>clatio« It flootd^fl with >i|i# 
from aapiran^ tpt l|!B«ti*f. Tr "' 

. Am an elKteii«pi«h«i*N6 jj.U tMl\ '^ ' 
to busy- 't>it»i(l*flV«il>^B».'''tfc'*' Pt^' 
: of' theM» ^tMUrii^'^bt^itflMdMit r~ ' 

Everybody knows the yellow water- 
lilies of lakes and ponds, but very few 
who enjoy seeing the great leaves float 
on a quiet lake have ever suspected 
the remarkable contrivance by Which 
these flowers are protected against be- 
ing uprooted and thrown on shore by 
the rolling waves and breakers aroused 
by every storm. 

The leaves and flowera of each season 
grow from a creeping rootstock. as 
thick ns a man's arm, and thls^ stock 
Is so (Irmly anchorjpd to the bottom 
that the lifting power of the Water, 
and the pull of tho Waves, cannot dia- 
lodge It. 

From t^e rootatbck k grow tufts of 
smaller roots, that look like blrtilir 
twine. About a hundred of theae 
twlne-like roota. firom a few. Inches to 
more than tWo feet loag, grow from a 
foot of rootstock. Down Into th^-.dark, 
solid bottom they feel their -win" and 
each root is provided with ihnvtner- 
able amall halr-roots, which Ini^irSa^^ 
the hold of the plant afii a*ao f^rPlah 
food. ' 8o great is the collective 
SatreWth e/ th* tWlne-roots, . that jftach 
:foot; of the pH^m^t ««»cJt...SHtt resist 
a pull of about 1«M tfow^ ( 

Sometimes, In years '«% \ vet^ lew 
water, the soil trf 'ttha. ,Jake bottom 
frceaes solid, attd ¥m 6^jf*> ^»ter of 
spring floats ^he ^ft36tn.,imA In great 
chunks, like cak^i^-loe; a«« IHftf .1;^ 
big Tootatocka ^trtiught txptOb^Pw 
ing th* surtmer. thsy ^itift irtiOttt'^|ir* 
and there, b«t It is tha laUt filnner 
'they producjs 4cave« ^fdj^m^ W*»J»f 
the weather tt iraiNM|^'^||Hir 
stnisgle «iii^ MmiMim, 

Xnveatigatlag Committee 
WASHINGTON, April 18.— With sub» 
poenas for certain Persons aboard tbo 
Carpathia whase names were not dis- 
closed. Senator Smith of Michigan and 
Senator Newlands of Nevada, members 
of the committee who will take the 
first steps In an, Invefctlgatlon of the 
Titanic disaster went to New York to- 
day to meet the rescue ahlp. Senator 
Bourne, th.e third member of the com- 
mittee, will Join tliem tomorrow. Tho 
BUb-comrtilttee intends to aubpoana 
every one of the Carpathia who might 
throw any light on the cauaea of the 
catab'trophe. poubt aa to the powera " 
of tbe aeplitb to command the testi- 
mony of J. Bruce lamay. managing di- 
rector of the White Star line, or other 
qiiloers of the company because they 
«ra f foreign subjects was dispelled to- 
day. Secretary Nagel said there iraa 
no anestion of the Juriadlotlon of the 
aenate to aummon any witnesses '«rtio 
are in American tetritorir. It tbe 
Steamship offlofahf refuse to respond 
to lijqttiriea it imintg^iUi that -at^s 
be taken to penalise vessels entering 
harhora wlt|«mit «o«j«M»«ee »*^iii»MM* i 
loan, fWitttesaiewt* A ■'""'■ 

'^'* _ V m il i pi'm ny i fjS^ 

» v«gi^ vep "i'f^^^*^* 

i I Hi 

. pn^ 



but. in fittivfaii* tiiinr)!M»-\% 

frost. *- ^ ^^.^^i^^^-ti 

■ However, #. w _,^ 

falls thiMa%,t»^,Vll!ir^ 
•and? ytt'^--^ -'""""^ 

)«V«!P aiUI 

j^W*« off! 

f*'/. *'r*"-ViN)i*^**pr-V 



I' f».v > n ' i > i'' .tr*»T-"''wv'#"'^ ' t*j'f ' ^i-\P''' ' ' ^' ' ' "'. **?' ' -■^. ' ' :'"• ' ■ •• 


., , ,.i i i... , I , . ' m< ;i > ma r ..m '»fgmfl^g ^KJMM':fP ' ^^V ' f ^J^^ 

Prld«y, ApriflV, lym 










Rcmciill)cr that wc fit them 
comfortably. The heat con- 
tracts and swells the loot. 
wSure fit if fitted here* 




Forty-four uf Armed I, W, W. 

* 'i.i.,-. A A 1 S «4. 

AiiiMi"!^ ,".;;wL.luu lui ni- 

tempting to Interfere With 
Construction Operations 

Eastman Kodaks 
and Supplies 

Brownisa, $1.00 to 
Kodalca, up to . . . ■ 

.. .»10.00 
f 65.00 

Ivel's Pharmacy 


Westholrne Ilotel Buildingr 
VhOB* 3963. "Wt Deliver. 

The Homo of the Soda Fountain [ 
That Is Different 

VVith House Cleaning 


Picture Cleaning 

Phono P.-IOS or caU ajfd 
consult us. 


1013 aovernmcnt Street 

LYTTOX, April 18.— Forty-four mem- 
bers of the I.VV.W. are now in jail at 
Kamloops at the result ot a raid made 
upon a sttamshovel crew at JJttl.v's 
camp near Savona yesterday. The pro- 
vincial police were nnohUized at the 
camp yesterday morning in time to pre- 
vent tlie mob rr<Jin running thf men 
away from tlie work'-. 

■\Vhi:e the of Hct ra ;ind .strikers were 
milling- around ilie grade a <lonl<ey en- 
gine Clime througli and struelc one of 
tliV slrlkern. brenklnsr his tlilRh and 
Otherwise Injuring lilm. He was taken 
to the hospital in Kamloops. 

All of the 8triker.s wert. searched and 
their Illegal arms, conslstlne of knives 
and billies, were tlirown into the river. 
There were about thirty officers con- 
nected with the affair. 'rhoso from- 
Spuzzum and North 3(.na arrived too 
lute to be of any assistance. 

Alex, KotaweiJ. his'iil vvittCuiTiS.r* .Or 

Griffin & Welch at 3-.ylton., who last 
week Shot a striker in the leg while 
prevehtingr a raid on the company's 
camp and who has «5nca been held In 
Kamloops under $S,000 . ball, was this 
morninLT disi-harg-fcd and returned to his 
\v(>!k. '; I ' . , 't'ter having been 

.i.-puLi... ... .... ,..xi> ... .. ..g .shont, the. . f Irat 

num who put a foot inside the do6r of 
lite building lie was guarding. One of 
the strikers stucka leg In and had hl.i 

rnir piM-r'-'n'^rl T!l" Camp wa« n>it 

•MM'v ■■"• ^' i-ioUnvell ■''- ''- 

rf.sicil anil \\,ih iiiii\ (n.<!cluirgi-..l iDciity. 

and played M*ndel«Bohn'8 Wedding 

.VI arch as the happy i^air left the 
church. A reception waa afterward* 
held at the reeldenr.e of the brldea I 
sister, Mrs. B. W. Powell, Kelvinslde I 
IVrm, Kok«Uah. when Mr. and Mr». 
Williams received the congratulations 
of a large number of frlendii. lj«ter I 
on li the arfternoon they motored | 
duwn to Victoria to catch the Zea- ■ 
landla and I'il't on a hhne.viuoor. liJp 
to Aastialia. Uoih Mr. and Mrs. Wll- 
i iiorv^n have ^ l«ry« clrcl« at frlfnda 
here and on the mainland who will 
wlHh them all happiness In their 
wedded life. Among the Victoria 
guests at the wedding were Ven Arch- 
deacon and Mrs. Scrlven, Mr. and Mrs. 
1). Spencer, the Misses* Williams, sisters 
of the bridegroom. Miss "VVlona Orr 
sister of the bride. Miss Mary Lawson, 
and .Miss Davlda Raymur. 

jVlr. 11. B. Tliomaon, M.P.P., lias re- 
turned fron'i a buslne.'^s visit to Vancou- 

Mr. and .Mrs. i.tiarii-H Gibbs ure 
spending a few. days wiili Iriends on 
iiie mainland. 

Mrs. McXa.ugliton Manson has return- 
ed from a ffvi.- weeks' tour of California. 
M. and Mine. L. A. Giroux, whost- 
niarrlage was .solemnized last week in 
KdmontiiH, are spendiiiK a portion of 
their honeymoon here. 

Mrs. E. liOns of i'lili-t; iCu;.".;!. ;s 
visiting with friends here, 

.Mr. Duncan Ross is spending a few 
(l.ivs in Vancouver. 

Dr. .1' ( ^I'S. J. D. Henderson are 
visllin., mainland friends. 

}ilTB. A. T. Miller of Kaniloops is 
enjoying a fortnight's iiol-iday with rela- 
tives m tins city. ■ 

Miss \.:\---'-r bas returned from an 
Kaster v ' h her sister. Mrs. 

Croucher, at '■ 

The AmerU il ami Mrs. Smith 

left yesterday via Vancouver en route 
to Winnipeg and Chicago on an extended 
vacation tour, which wUI take them 
flftgtt ' to tBeir wa tiTO T e In a yrinaBgig. 
Ills. They 'expect' to return to Yietorla 
some time in June. 

Mrs. Mclntyre of ICiO Vaio.s street 

will not 1 "d «>ilS' aln 

-.intll fur; 


In Women 

.$40 Serge Suits for $30 

A minibcr of blue black Serge Suits, strictly 
!u:i(le, aatiu lined, with long low cellar ami revers 
buttons, rounded corners, mannish style coal^, jila 
ored .skirts with habit back and front. 
suits arc good value at $40 enoii. On Fri- 
(l.iy and Saturday we will -.ell tbeni 

IsCoBtume Section — Second Ploor 

, juaiii i<»ii- 








643 Dlaoovery St. ▼ictoria, B.C. 

Fisiicr's Old Stand 

Prompt .Service and Good W'or 
nianship Guaranteed 


Sutter and Kearny s-^iroeta 

San Francisco 





Larere variety of Flower, 
Vee'etable and Farm Seed 
just arrived, in original 
sealed packets, direct from 
Sutton & Sons, the King's 
Seedmen, Reading, Kng. 

Tliat tlie provincial police are getting 
the .strike situation well In hpnd along 
the line of the Canadian Northern con- 
.struction Is indicated by the following 
telegram wiiich the attorney-general re- 
ceived lost evening froju Savoua. from 
Superintendent of Provincial Police 
Colin S. Campbell: 

"Daly's camp working. Testenliiy 
over one hundred strikers tliieattned to 
drive constables and men off the works. 
Reinforced by eigtiteen constables and 
forty-three made prisoners. All go to 
Kamloops tonight, ,, All the other men 
ordered to leave town and are going. 
One hundred men marclied to track 
■west of Yale yesterday. Brought back 
and ordered out of town." 


An up-to-date modern fire proof 
hotel of 250 rooms, taking tlid 
place of the old Occidental Hotel 

and Lick Mouse 
Xuropeaxt Plan — Si. 50 per Day 

and Up. 

Take Any Taxicab from the Kerry 

at the K:cpense of the Hotel. 

A. J.Woodward 

616 Fort St, Victoria, B. C. 

Sole Agent for B. C. 

•EDSir* ■AI.SSaKJkV 


Xhe bess Oak r- M.- osany, »12 per fool 

7. S. B.OB8 FBmBT OO^ 

Hax JanSerls B>.. vaacoarer. *.o> 


A meeting of those interested 
in the formation of tlie proposed 

New Infantry Regi- 

will be held in the 

On Friday, .April 19, at 9 p. m. 
Intending N. C. O.'s and men 
are specially invited 
- Full particulars as to terms of 
service, etc, will be given. 

Advertise in THE COLONIST; 


For rent, lower and upper halls 
Tor dinner.^, concerts,^ectures, etc. 
For particulars, apply on the 
premises to Mrs. Simpson, Mgr. 
Phone 1570 


Rev. George Cringle, aceompanied by brido (nee Daisy Bel!, of 
Vernon), is a guest at tlie I3nipre»s 
hotel fo^.a^Iew days. The marriage 

land city and thoy •decldeii to spend tlie 
first p.irt or their honeymoon in Vic- 
toria. Tile groom is a brother of Rev. 
I>r. .lohii Piingle. who jumped into 
prominence a few years ago in con- 
heclion wltii hla erltlclam at the '■ad - 
ministration of affairs of tlie Yukon. 
Yesterday afti'rnoon .1 1 the J'Mrst 
Presbj"ti=". iun ciuirch man.«e, the Rev. 
Dr. Campbell celebrated the marriage 
of Mr. Robert Patrick of Larks, Scot- 
land, and Miss Annie, daugliter of Mr. 
William Cross, of Glasgow. Mr. and 
•MTS.^ratrlct--wil? "•■■'-^ ''■'eir >'^!''^ ■■•'■ 


(Successor to R. Daverne) 


$3.00 per /double load. 

1615 Douglas St. Phone 97. 

Band Instruments 


Come in today — what you waul may Jjc gone tomorrow. 
24th is the last day of sale. 
Martin Make B Flat, Low Pitch Clarionet^was $37-50— 

Now ?11.50 

Genuine Hawkes & Sons C High Pitch Clarionet— was $65^. 

Now ?35.00 

Corntti marked down to prices starting at ^2.50 

Trombones marked down to prices starting at 915.00 

Extra special reductions given to band masters. 

Montelius Piano House 

•The Largest in Western Canada T. F. Gallery, Manager 

1 164 Government Street Corner of Fort 

■(MM--—*--— -—-*-- ' . ' ' 

The last social for the sea.«ion of the 
Victoria West Amateur Dramatic so- 
ciety takes place this evening. 

The Capital Athletic Club winds up 
it.«; successful season with a ball to be 
held In the Alexandra Club ballroom on 
Monday evening next. The committee 
in charge of the ai-rauBements con- 
sists of Messrs. F. Brynjolfson, A. 
Pike, G. Brooks, K. Irvlnfe. R. Milne, N. 
Croghan, Roy Bray, ,J. Jones, (1. Wille 
and K. Pull in. 

Mr. and .Mrs. I'-rank Taterson, Mr. :ind 
Mrs. W. I. I'aterson and Miss .Mury 
Paterson, ail of Vancouver, are 
of His Honor the Lieutenant Governor 
nnd Mrs. I'aterson at Government 
House. having come over from tlie 
maininnd to attend the liall la.^t even- 

Mrs. M. A. VlROr retjtriirtd on Tues- 
dyy from a tliree month.<t' fip to Cal- 

Tlie many friends of Miss .•Vudrey 
Topp, dauRhter ot Mr. C. H. Topp, will 
rejoice to learn that she Is conviilt^wcen t 
after a serious attack of pneumonia. 

Mr. ('..'n-ln l)avi.« of \'!Uieouver, l.s in 

Mrn. Cli.'irles Mncaiiloy of \'nneoueer. 
Is spending a few days In Victorifi. 

Among the guest.*! at the .Tames Bay 
hotel 1.'^ Mrs. Pili.'iworth of Vancouver. 
Mr. Bruce Law.ion and Miss Frnncea 
T.awson, of Revelstoke, nre spending a 
few days at th«» coast, aaj txcvc among 
the guests at the WUIinms-Orr wed- 
iling on Wednesday at l^iineuti. 
^.llrs. (J. ^r. ■Penkellv left on the TTina- 
tilla yeslerdny for a six weeks' visit 
to relatives In Cnilfornia. 

Mrs. C.odbolt and her tliree ilangli- 
ters, of Winnipeg, wlio has been upend- 
ing some weeks at the Glenshiel Inn. 
left yesterday afternoon for Vancou- 

Mr, C. ' W. Strathy, of-the North «Am- 
ertCiJn Ivi'fe i'^ssiiVance' Co.. Winnipeg, 
has been staying nonie wec^ks at the 
Glenshlel Inn. He left yesterday for 
Seattle. . 

Miss Moore of Vancouver, arrived, at 
the Glenahlel Inn yesterday, where she 
Intend^ to spend some weeks. 

A pretty wedding was solemnized at 
St. John's ohurch, Duncan, on Wed- 
nesday at noon, when Miss Jean Orr 
and Mr. W^. T. Williams, both of this 
city, were united In the bonds of holy 
matrimony by Ven Archdeacon 
Scrlven. The bride, who wa« gl'/en 
away by her uncle, Mr. Bruce T>awson, 
of Ttevelatoke, looked very well In a 
white sergre . suit and Jiat to match. 
,l,l]W)fl M1«B Marjorle Powelf, her niece, 
acted as no%¥er glH, and Mr. Mason, 
of Vlotorm, was beat man. Mls» 
FraticeR Law^dn, of Revcl.«itoke, cou- 
•ta ot tl>« bria«( om^Jtiied «« orf uilBt. 

.Miss Bainliridgc rtiiiilh Is tiSylng a 
visit to Vale, where she is the gue.nt 
of Mrs. Croucher. 

Mr. David Gibbons and his bride tnee 
Miss Bertlia Burnett of this city) have 
\c-(i on a wedfllng- trtji to Toronto snd 
upon their return they will take up their 
residence in Vancouver. 

Mr. Wm. Mtirchfint, inspeetor of cus- 
toms, is paying an official visit 
Prince Rupert and other points in 

Mr. George Petigrew of l-.ait> suiiili is 
visitin.s relatives here. 

.Mr. Wallace Oliamher.s of \'ancouvcr 
'jMine over to Victoria yesterday to at- 
tend the ball at GovernineiU House. 

Tvirs. W. J. H. Hoimes entertamea a: 
a small tea on Wednesday afternoon at 
the KmpreSs In honor of her mo'ther- 
In-la.w, Mrs, .T, G. Holmes, wlio is at 
present visiting lier. 

Tlic B. C. circle Cmpanion^- oi' liie 
Vciresi .t'Hvi> thfir eigbteentii armuai 
Primrose dance last evening, the eve of 
Primrose day. In the Forester.*' hall, 
Broad stre«t. There was a irood at- 
tendance, and -the evening proved a. 
great success. The music was provid- 
ed by Miss Cochrane'a orchestra and 
dancing went with a swing until soon 
after eleven, wlien there/ was an inter- 
val for supper, after which dancing 
was continued and kept up until tlie 
early hours of tlie morning. Tlie la- 
dles who composed the committee of 
manageincnt, to whose efforts so miioh 
of "tlie success of the evening was due, 
Acre Mrs. Manson, Mrs. Curtis, Mrs. 
Whatman, Mrs. Ostrum, Mrs. Lambeth, 
Mrs. Yarwood and Miss James. 

Mr. John Stewart and Master John 
and Miss Stewart, from Ladysmith. 
have been spending the post few days 
with Victoria friends^ 

Mr. W. J. Goepel has returned from 
an official viSH to Xanaimo, Cumber- 
land and othor up-island* population 

Mr. A. "Watson has returned to Port 
Alberni after a pleasant visit here. 

Mr. G. F. K. Mesaerschmid Is re- 
moving to Port Alberni, where he will 
engage in business. 

.Mr. ,R. Harris han returned from a 
business visit to Port .Mberni. 

Mr. L. W. »hatford, M.P.P.. Mrs. 
Phalford, Miss Vera .^hatford and Mrs, 
Wilson, have just completed a motor- 
ing trip through tlie Simllkemeen. 

Ajr.. ...-.1 «•.„ I.i^n,..!. T ,«l-.. u....- 

relumed from an extended vacation in 
.Southern California. 

Mr. Frank Middleton Is vl.slllng 
Peacliland. his former place of resi- 
dence. , 

.Mr. P. G. lOiiner, one of tiie liest 
known traveling men of ]^nt Koot- 
enay is removing to Victoria to make 
Ills home hero In future. 

Or, McGulre, Vancouver's first mem- 
ber in the prcnMncial legislature, is 
spending a few days In the capital. 

Among the prominent easterners at 
present holidaying in Victoria, are Mr. 
i'. M. Squires, a well known feed and 
coifniis«don merchant of Lindsay, (^n- 
tai%n, and his mother and bride. The 
little family party liaAe been touring in 
Southern Californln. liaving just ar- 
rived frem Lo? Angfe)i««, Hnd wll] visit 
Prince Rupert and other northern 
points before returning to their east- 
ern home. Mr. Squires Is an old friend 
of Mr. F. .\. MnDlarinld. wiiose gueHt 
he was yesterda.v. 

Ladies' Bags at Big 

i'or i'viday and Saturday we an- offering very spe- 
cial prices on Ladies' Bag>. Tlirrc is a vcr;^ good 
assortment to choose from, including plain and 
fancy velvets, .suedes, tapestries, in plain colors 
and .shades, suitable to match any costume. .In 
three lots — 

$2.50 to $500 '< 




««lt noor 

85 Satin Coats for .$50 

Twenty-four Only, Handsome Imported Satin and Lace 
Coats, latest ParisicuiiC models, 'llicse coat.s liavc large 
poiiil;-'!, square or round collars. Some with .shawl col- 
lar effect. .Ml are perfect fitting. Regular values up 

to .$85.00. Rriday and Saturday 850.00 

Costuiue Ssctloa — Sscocd rioor 

Misses' and Small Ladies' 

III serge. cashnitM-c and silk, in navy blue, king's blue, rose, 

lirown, black, and white: range from ?i2.5o to ..$20.00 

Cootajne Dopartin«nt — Second rioor 

Panama Hats- Puggaree 
Trimmed, $7.50 

On Friday and Saturday wc will dispose of over 
dciicn Ladies' Pananta Hats, puS;garec triinincd 
Romati scarf, all colors, no two alike. 
ThcsC: hats would sell iji the regular 
way at Sio and ;?i2. On Friday and Sat- _ 

iird.iy \ on can, liave'yoqf; choice at %^ « • %^ V/ 

.\iiother l)ig offering in the Millinery Section is a large 
assortment of Street Mats, all styles, at prices ranging 

I'roni Sr..;n \n , $l_'.oO 

Millinery Sectloa-Second rioor . --fFtWTyW 

First Floor Friday and 
Saturday Specials 

Ladies' Bclt^ in k'aihcr, suede, elastic and patent 

iM-iday and Sainrd.ny V. ; .. '.~. :\ 


ilack anil 

Ladies' Linen Collar^, al ! .■^JKes 

,} for ■■ 

Ladies''String Ties, in gicy, navy, brown, 

l-'nday ;i.i.l S-'Uiin'ay „„ 

Jabots, Collars. Bows and Collars, a splendid assortment. 

i'Viday. clmicc 25<^ 

White Lingerie Blouses, Uulcli neck and Kimona sleeves, 

piped pale liluc and pink, ficgular value .St. 50. Spccia 

price Friday and Saturday 95<J 

Ladies' Shirt Waists, m linen, cross bar muslin 
and xc^tiiiK. varied in style, some tucked front-, 
others with the new .side 'frills and effects. 
Regular \alue $1.25 and $-'.00. I'riday and 
Saturday $1.25 

^7 =;o 





also white, in all 
sleeve > also 3-4 

All-over Cream Lace Blouses, 

sizes, low neck and long ... 

sleeves, daintily trimmed \'a1. lace and cleverly 
tucked. Reg. 'vaUies $6.;,o and $r-00. iVid-.iv^ , 
and Saturday $2. 4 5 


Finch & Finch 




ZadlaaapoUs Boxar XxpMtad to Baat 

Both Bama and Oonlon Within 

raw Voatba 

INDIA.N'APOLJS, April 18.— When 
I rankle Buru», of Jersey City, finished 
ten rounds of the fastest bantamweight 
milling ever seen In an Indiana prize 
ring, with Chick Hayes, of Indianapolis, 
«a the *>I>]>0"i ♦!**>= ^? l"""" th*t «nqth«r 
lie-pound lad had somcthtnif to say 
•botit the title In that division. Instead 
of picklnjt oft a soft proposition. Burns 
tangled up with a IS-ysar-old miller, 
who proved that h« would be the next 
man for tha bantam lltia contenders to 
dispose of before tbetr olaim cOuld be 
i^fttnted without question. 

nutfis wa* slven cradU for a aUcht 
shade over Hayes, but the Hooalar 
chicken psrfonned far above ejcptota- 
lions, and flnlstied the tenth round with 
«» mucb utrenflta «» diU ttM "Jeriay 

Skeelcr," to wlioni imtny have given the 
credit of holding even with Johnny Ton- 
ion at New -Orleans in their reeenl 
twenty-round go, despite the referee's 
decision against Burn.s. Burns' followers 
dropped a nice little bunch of money 
on two or tliree wagers thai, rfayes 
would not last the ten rounds. 

Tile Hayes lad not only sta.veu the 
ten rounds hut hurt Burns several times 
when the hivtlling wa.s of tiie toe to 
toe variety, and when at <lose .nuirters 
Hayes withstood Burns' liillghting with- 
out suffering at any tiiio^. Burns' great- 
est advantage lay in hi* longer reaeli 
and heiglit. l)Ut lluyes proved nnnli llie 
faster of the two in Ills footwork unu 
oulllgliting, landing eleane,- and harder 
blows than Burns 

Two or three tunes the Jef.'iey Cit>- 
boy was driven to the ropes with hard 
lefts to the face, and Hayes brought 
out for tlie lirst time a hard riMhl 
Runch. ISxperl.s who saw the milling 
gave llayes credit for fiO per cent im- 
provement since he heal Monte .'vttell, 
and prophesied that inside of six months 
he would beat Burns und Coulon in any 
style of lighting they cboomi. Hayes 
and Burns probably will bo rcmatched 
in tlie near future. 





' ^v^' 

KoOoorty XHaappolnta 

SAX FRANCISCO, April iS.—lildd.c 
McOoorty, the sensationai eastern mid- 
fllewolght. has again disappointed Coast 
fans. McGoorty was scheduled to mest 
Kid George in « tan-round bout In Oali- 
land April 24. Today McGoorty tele- 
graphed Promoter Mel Moffltt that he 
would be unable to cOme west on ac- 
count flf the serious llln'ess of his 
mother. MofNtt is now trying to arran^ 
a match between Frankle Conley ahA 
Kddle Campl. 

VA.N'COUVKK, .\prll IS.— Mr. H. von 
Berger, a world-famous German iilg 
game liunter, is at tisc Hotel Vancou- 
ver. This Is hl.-4 ninth visit to the Pa- 
cific coast, oil wlilch he has enjoyed 
sport from tiie Arctic ocettn to tlie 
.Mexican border. 

Mr. vOn Berger will leave Vancouver 
in May for tiie Kodlak peninsula, 
.Xlasku, to seek specimens of the Kodl- 
ak hear. Mie largest of tlie species In 
exirterce. He visited the same region 
last Ma>, bin wajs unable to .shoot any 
m.Tlei, two large females failing before 
hl.x express ride. He hopes to have 
better luck this year. The Kodiak 
bear is a brown animal, and largo ones 
a:e said to weigh from 1,400 to 1,500 
pounds. It l.s described as very feroc- 
ious and dIRlcult to approach. Mr. von 
Berger has heard ot one that was »hot, 
rtnd that had a length of fourteen feet. 
Ho doubts this; and believer, that a 
normal lipeclmen will measure about 
twelve feet, . 

Mr. vo,i 'Berger Intends to donate, 
as In the past, a numbef of his tro- 
phies to the Berlin Royal . Zoological 
museum, which has fr«qu«ntt/ bMni 
visited by the Oarnian iUUicr. 1|« Imm 
a valuable oollectlon ot Ma owm .ii« 
has ihunted in m«ny Oount»l«li, ■^lWl»4«''' 
ing T«rKtBtan ikn4 parpl*^. ,,. "^ .. 

Mr. von Berger wIH pni«iiSrifi,|SiwF 
Point, Alaska, wherg' UK ir|^ '.--^--^y^ -.^ 
small schooner «n« dhNHtftf f, -^- ,. ,_, ^. 
hunter and • dOOk Ht«l(».$fpimm$'-0m 
ttie JCodiatt e«u«tr)r. |C«.,«NM)Ki 
return to f^i^if^,U ' " 

i> II I 1 1 JH I I II 

Xome of Bapnty lUalatar 9. MoS. MMlth 
Is Purchaasd by tUs rrorlAOo At 
Fifty Tbousaad SoUaxc ^ 

Mist Julia Oladwlit rorelveO ae'/lOQ* l»- 
.rurle« nl ^nilclon' last •wf'ek, WilAW »••• 
JianU w 


niirlMK 'l"u>-H<lny aflrraoon the Sale Wmu • 
ooinpleloil 01' the pVojmrly owned snfl toi 
muiiy years jiaiil uceupied a« a iBnilly 
rmldi'iie.' l>y Mr. MpH. Hmlth, deputy m)n- , 
)i<ler i>r flnain,*-. at tlic corner of Govern- 
ment au(t Kup»rlor iitr«i«tii, ths Provincial 
(aoveinnieni buying, nt a. price of t60,»«0. 

The Hiti — uitli CionlogeB oi: 110 feel on 
Ooveriimenr ami f.'O im Superior sirest-— i» 
on exci;|itl(iiirtlly fayoiabl«. one for . futtirii 
<i.\l.-a>iloi)H uf l)in l'.ie;iiiiefl OT t!ui govern 
nieni, wtjich *l:i ui.(|iiei»l!jn».t>Iy IjeeOrae 
necenpary vt>ry nhonly, with .BrIlUU l-ol- 
iimtilH'd prencvit rai>lil nnil yst subxtiintlal 
growth, being linmiKllutcIy Opposite the site 
of the lunv museum, oil tlie <!oveniment 
nnd Bupcrlor etreet fr^magei of Purllament 

Kegotlsi.lon.'! for the ikuqulrement by th«. 
governmerrt of Mr. Hriillh'S property hav« 
been I" piOKi'^e* during iiome iftlle time 
pslit. and were practically completed by 
Premier MoUrlde prlor.,tO Ws departura for 
England. , ' . < 

It I* eurr^Hlt;^' reporlad that ths «(ta t»«s 
been sDlett^ far a n*** e«urt h»tta#. V«t^ 
e* lo iU tliti«ttU*it* in ihU reSIMCt t»» M' 
naoneament Is a» yit fc^rthcpmlsg W9% •*'*^ 
govfrtuMRt. . ./ I 

, «rf*ru. .fth 



'■V. ... 

Id vift" <;uu«iu In the raan.j|io at *•*?* ItiK 
*i^l /Sundry. _ '__ \, _J _ . . „. . _.' ■ ••' " 

fait «ad. iM^pi 

(«ffln<Mi (oniiillt ws 






VirrORlA DATI.Y c?oLoyi»i 

Fridcyt Api-M 1«, 1i12 ' 

*• », 1 





Investment Snap 

Within one block of centre uf city, Douglas and X^^es Streets 

60x120 at 
$700 Per Front Foot 

Terms. This price is $300 below market value. 

17^ Acres 

Wi.hin ,i/,-mile circle. Vrl^^ ^'"'-y ^f'loo per acre. One- 
quarter cash, balance i. 2 and 3 years. This commands 
line of the very best views in the city. 


Corner Government and Brou^hton Sts. Pbone 1402 

Members Victoria Real Estate Exchange 


In reeponse to requests from Comox 
dUtrict, the Department ol PubUc 
WorWa has authorlaea the construction 
of a Bide walk between Cumberland and 
West Cumberland. 

■Mka Brothar — The local police au- 
thorities have been reyueated by Morris 
Orandfleld to ascertain the whereabouts 
of his brother, John Grandfield, who 
was last heard of In Victoria, The 
brother Morris writes to tUo police 
from Courtney, B. C. 

B««a«Bt«d ttraat Deniad— In response 
to requests from Bosaland for special 
assistance toward hospital Unprovo- 
ments In that city, Hon. Dr. Young has 
cammunicated with the local member, 
advising him tliat the Kovernment Joes 
not feel Itself in a position to extend 
the requested aid. 

Indian Centenarian Dead— ^^'ord has 
been received from uueen Ohariolle 
City of the'death of an Indian woman 
named Zallst^, who was unaue.-itlonably 
the oldest resident of the Queon Char- 
lullo islands If not of all British Co- 
lumbia. Kesidents ci" iho district, now 
themselves very old, agree tliat Zntlse 
was a notably old woman when tiR-y 
first knew her, and her age Is roughly 
approximated at 115 years when »he 

We Are Not Content 


Ikit put all possible energy to make our store— our 
offerings— more and more attractive. Our permanent 
success has been achieved only by the pursuance of 
honest business methods and giving honest value and 
tHe best of .service to our lar^£fc.clLentele., 

Fresh Strawberries, per box. -^^ggg, ^^^ 

Yellow Newtown Apples, per box $2.50 and. .^2.25 

Sere's Red Rhubarb, 4 ^bs 25«^ 

Fresh Pineapples, each 50c, 40c and 30^ 

Fancy Grape Fruit, 2 for 25c and 3 for -*^r 

Fresh Tomatoes, per lb 25^ 

Fresh Cucumbers, each . : 35^ 

Fresh Local Asparagus, per lb. 20c. 2 lbs.. . . . . .35^ 

Fresh Water Cress, per bunch l^^ 

Fresh Lettuce, per head ^^ 

Fresh Local Cauliflower, each 30c. 25c and 20^ 


Craham Bread— Our famous White Bread— always 

sweet and fresh. 

Hunter's Celebrated Chocolate Cherries and Straw- 
berries, per large box $1.25 


Grocery Dept. 
Tels. 178. 179 

Butcher's Dept. 
Tel. 3678 

Liquor Dept. 
Tel. 2677 

741. 743. 745 Ff^rt Street 


made by 

Especialy for shipping work 

They dry quickly with a fine gloss, and can be washed 

repeatedly without being destroyed or washed off 

LAGOLINE PAINTS will withstand sea air, spray and rain 


Holzapfcis Copper Paint and Composition 

Are recommended by all who have used them 
Lagoline Paints have the same reputation behind them 

For Sale by 

E. B. Marvin & Co. 

X203 Wharf Street 

The Ship Chandlers 


*.'-»X' '. 

i -'-.; 


V Royal thsltfanceCd.;D^ 

Fire and Life. 


R. V. WINCH ft CO. 


521 Fort Street 

Bulldln*' Periiiiti— Building permits 
were Issufrcl ye.sienlay by the building 
inspector to Mesars. William Dunford & 
Sons, dwelling on Glasgow avenue, lo 
cost JliTOOO; to Mr. H. L. Uonerta, 
dwelling- on Quamiclian street, JB500; to 
Massrs. Wrlg-litman & Tabb«nor, apart- 
ment block on \,May street, to cos-t 
$12,000; to Mr. John Mortimer, dwelling 
onWirtield road. »1,000; to Mr. William 
lUirtlett, dwelling on Fourth street, to 

Hope rerry DilflcultieB — Further 
complications ' having presented them- 
selves in connection with tho Hope 
ferry Hor\'ice. a contract tor wuic'.i wa.i 
recently award&d to the Hicks Brothers, 
Government Agent L. A. Dodd of Yale 
is now at the new railway centre under 
instructions from Ho^. Thomas Taylor 
to thoroughly investigate all features 
of the Pitnatian and report. Mr. Dodd 
Is authorized, if he rinds the service In- 
sufffcient and unsatisfactory, as al- 
leged, to arrange for other Bervice 
temporarily, until final action can be 
taken by the Department. 

rairfleld Bead Widening— At tonight's 
mectlnK of the city council Alderman 
al>out to begin the necessity of making 
Stewart will introduce a bylaw to pro- 
vide for tlie widening of Fiurflel'd road 
ij^-^.veen Dallas rood and Foul Bay road 
from the present irregular width to a 
uniform width of sixty-six feet. For 
RoniA time the wideninar ^Vork has been 
advocated and with the paving work 
the roadway a uniform width lias been 
appreciated. Tiie expropriation proceed- 
ings win be undertaken at once in or- 
der that tlie roadway may be widened 
and the tracks of tlio J8.^ C. Electric 
c-ompfl-ny laid. 

MetxopoUtan Auxiliary — At tho an- 
nual meeting of the Metropolitan Aux- 
iliary of the ■V\% M. S., hel-d this week, 
reports from various officers indicated 
«, very successful ycir's work. There 
are one hundred and fifty-nine annual 
members .and fifty-four life members. 
Miss Elliott gave an Interesting report 
of the work of the Mi.-ssion Circle since 
Its organization. The Mission band, 
under the leadership of Miss S. Spen- 
cer, has al;3o done gocnl work. OfflcerB 
^ip^t«^ for th« onKuinir year are: Fres- 
ident, Mrs. Fendray; second vice pres- 
ident, Mrs. Fendrey; second vice pres- 
ident, Mrs. Burkholder; recording sec- 
retary, Mrs. A. Lewis; corresponding 
secretary. Mrs. Foxall; trca.surer, Mrs. 
G. P. Christie, and superintendent of 
Christian stew.ardship, Mr.s. Brown. 

BolMUav ■ytow— ^Th* new 

tMitldink bylaw whloji will come b«tore 
the city council In a,bout a month'* time 
w»a the Bubject of coneldcratlon by a 
Joint committee of the BulMere* ««' 
change and Arohitecta' aeaoclatlon yee- 
terday aft«rnoon. After oonalderatloiv by 
the special council committee the 
nrteasure wae to so to tiie builders and 
archltecta. aeveral of the provielont* of 
the'meMure dealing- particularly with 
the bulldlnflf and architect* associations. 

Tnt^l^' g BeoOBd TTnlt — To meet tho I 
increasing demand for power in the city 
tlie B. C. Electric Railway company is 
at work on the line from Jordan river 
putting in Insulators that will enable 
another unit of electricity to be trans- 
mitted. At present the wire is only 
carrying one half of its possible amount. 
The work la already lialf ftnlshed and 
Mr. A. T. Qoward expects It to be 
oomploted by the middle of June, when 
the company will be in a position to 
supply 12,000 horse-power to con- 

X.Rrga Block Por Oak Bay— The largo 
lot on the corner of Oak Bay avenue 
and Xovviwrt avenue has recently been 
acciuired by Mr. A. St. John Martin, a 
genliei;i»iii vilio, Ihou^h he has not been 
long in Victoria, has already inviistod 
lieavily in" city property. In company 
with another gentleman he Intends to 
erect a large block on this site, to con- 
lain seven stores and a large apart- 
ment house above. This building will 
cost about »50,000, and the architect, 
Mr. W. D'O. Rochfort. Is already at 
work on the plans. 


II win be a pleasure to show 
you our latest arrivals In summer 
dress goods, narked at our usual 
low cash iM'icea. 

OraaiB ■•rffa, with sliadow strips 

at W-OO 

Or«un ■•>«• with black stripes at 
»1.00 and •"*• 

Slack aad Vary Bnitliigw, with 
white stripe at fl-** 

0»T, Striped Bnitintfa, at . . «l.a5 

Gold Safeto 

We show these dresr tooessorle* 
In various stvapes, such as round, 
flat, square and polntedi. We also 
have some neat enuitneied pltu>. 

PBXCllB BBOm AT ijil.OO 

G. A. Richardson & Co. 

▼iotorU mouse, 636 TatM Straet. 
Agents for Battarlck Patterns 


Sooke Lake Claims — Arl)lliatlon pro- 
ceedings in connection with llie settle- 
ment of the Sooke Dake claim-s i.« pro- 
ceeding. Next week tlie claim of Mr. IL 
H. Maloney, wlio owns two and three- 
quarters acres on the lake watershed, 
will be adjudicated upon. Mr. J. J. 
Shallcross iias been chosen by the city 
as arbitrator and Mr. Kichard Hull by 
the owner. Mr. \\ Brett will be tlie 
third arbitrator, ili'. Maloney's claim is 
approximately JSOOO, while the city of- 
fered approximately j:iOOO. So far lour 
claims have been settled and about 
thirty-five claims have yet to bo settled 
by tlie city. The original estimate of 
cost of securing tlic needed lands on 
the watershed wa« »100,000. The four 
claims so far settled call for the expen- 
diture of about $40,000, not Including 
the Dier claim of $17,000, which amount 
tho .arbitrators awarded and which will 
.l>e appealed against by the city. Wnlle 
the great bulk of the claims have not 
been settled It is a foregone conclu- 
sion that the original estimate will be 
largtly exceeded. 

Provlnoial Appointees — The following 
appointments ' appcur in tlie current 
number of the provincial Oa*ette: 1''. 
Smith DcOrey of blew Westminster to 
be assistant sanitary Inspector; A. E. 
Craddock to be secretary and statlsll-^ 
clan of the department of agriculture; 
J. P. Fordo to be assistant engineer in 
the department of public works; Samuel 
Somerville of Vernon to be clerk In the 
office of tho government agent at Ver- 
non; W. J. Bonavla of Victoria, to he 
assistant statistician In the department 
of agriculture; J. H. Terry to be chief 
inspector of poultry raising; R. Thorn- 
ber of Kamloops, to be asslstatit hor- 
ticulturist for the dlstrldt of Kamloops ; 
W. J. Costello to be outside watchman, 
and Charles Costello to be fireman In 
the parUathent buildings; 'Jam^s Man- 
sell, George E. Ferey and Phillip 
Davles to be janitors at the parliament 
Ualiain'" ■ JiJ^thur Prlcb»''4 of Thurlo w. 
^, F. Hurley of Cranbrook, and E. Y>. 
Thwittes of Courtenay to be notaries 
publUs; B. Q- »• Maokensle of Vancou- 
ver to be a commissioner for taking af- 
fidavits; B. T. W. Peariie of Kamloops, 
to \m aistrlct registrar of births, 
d«atiu» ani marrtogea for ths Yala land 
raiilatmtlon dtatrtttt, in place 6« W. H. 
Kdmoilda. TW* apuolntment is *1M «a- 
Mtt«d of H#n. Thomas Taylor to b« 
•ctUig minister Of mlnea daring the ab- 
ience from «»• etty Aa^ province of 
Hon. KiOhard ilcBrid*. ^ 

from I'rince Uupcrt are to tlie effect 
tliat fTHTt; were, when t!ie lant steiuner 
left tliat port. sllU thr-ee belated poll- 
ing stations that had not yet com- 
pleted their returns ol the votes cast 
at the election on the 28t)h ultimo for 
tlie representation of the Skeena dis- 
ict.'t. Th« otUcial rc-cQunt was set f"'' 
Monday of this week, by which date 
the re.'sults In ell out of the way sta- 
tions were looked for. At last reports 
tho totals cast were in the following 
order: William Manison, £50, AleX. 
Manson, &34: W. H. Montgomery, 271, 
and Dr. Clayton, 106. 

Wew K. ». Y. Oontracti— Prior to 
his departure for Toronto, "wihero the 
annual meetings of two of the Urge 
corporations of which he Is a promi- 
nent shareholder and director are 
sliortly to be held. Mr. J. J. Warren, 
president of the Kettle River Valley 
railway lines, approved the award of 
tiiree new contracts In connection with 
the construction of this road. The 
new contracts provide for twenty-five 
miles of gradirlg to t'ho west of Carmi, 
Clyde H. Williams & Co. securing six 
miles, Mllligan, Dussault & CVi. nine 
miles, and Porter & Connelly ten miles. 

iiie compiouiuu w«. I...V.C . — — — .. .-i 

bring the grade within fifteen miles of 
the Summit. Work upon each will be- 
gin immediately. 

X.lghtlng the "Clateway" — Mr. II. B. 
JackMon, manager of the Empress hotel, 
is joining heartily in the movement 
which has been set af^oot for the further- 
ance of the proposal made by an Eng- 
lish visitor iiittl thw "gatcv.'tiy .0 ...e 
city should be illuminated, and will give 
the project his hearty support. The 
question of the co-operation ot the lOm- 
preuss hotel in the scheme will be laid 
before Mr. K. v Marpole, general^ execu- 
tive agent .oi th.-. C.P.R. for the western 
division, at an early date. The matter 
will receive att«ntion at the council of 
the board of trade at its next meeting, 
to which body It was referred at the 
recent general meeting of the board. The 
electric light committee of the city 
council «t its next meeting will also 
deliberate on the question of the city 
joining in the ■project. 

Coming Prom the Old Xiand — A resi- 
dent in North Devon, a retired officer 
of the Indian army, writes to the Van- 
couver iTSland Develofrtiient L.eaguc 
thanking them for information. He con- 
templates a trip out here with a view 
to making investments • for his sons, 
also officers in the Indian army. He 
mentions that there are in his neigh- 
borliood some twenty young fellows in- 
tending to leave for Canada, who will 
take up fanning or laborers' jobs, and 
he is convinced that, were .some quali- 
fied agent to make a tour of his dis- 
trict and give information on the 
opportunities awaiting men In the Do- 
minion, many more would be found 
ready to come out. A young carpenter 
Is coming from his village shortly and 
would like advice from some reliable 
source on landing. Otlier requests for 
information como from California, and 
from Liverpool, Wigan, BIrmlngliam 
and N'orthwich in the Old Country. 

One Third 

Watch our north window 
for a di.splay of Hand Bags 
01 the distinctive type. N'<Mir 
particular bag, • properly se- 
lected, will harmonize with 
yoia- dainty appearance and 
enhance your beauty. 


In charming walrus, seal, al- 
ligator, "Empire" and many 
other exquisite materials at 


W. H. Wiikerson 

The Jewelec 


•IS OoTsrament >t. Victoria 


A dream! just lovely! re- 

marked a young lady last 
Tuesday afternoon who had 
just been fitted with a new 


Don't wander ar<u 
come direct to u 
you will be fitted perfectly. 



1432 Government St. 

Disorderly House Caee— The police 
court was thronged with Chinese all 
day yesterday when the evidence was 
taken against S. F. Chaivand Mrs. Chan, 
charged with keeping a disorderly ho^ise 
at 120 Niagara street. Wing, another 
of the Clilucae taken in the roid on 
the place, told of the ciinracter of the 
premises. In tho afternoon the Chans 
and Wong, another Chinese arrested 
with them, gave evidence for the de- 
fence, maintaining that the witnesses 
for llie prosecution had not told the 
truth, and .Mr. Frank Hlggins, for the 
defence, took the ground that there was 
a conspiracy by the Chinese witnesses 
for the prosecution against his clients, 
on account of their having given In- 
formation regarding gambling houses in 
Chinatown to the police. The case was 
remanded until this morning. 

Haw rishlaff Oompaay — ITurtner de- 
velopment of the fisheries of Uie we«t 
coast of the Island Is foreshadowed by 
the formation of the Great West Fish 
erles company, a concern with a capital 
of 1300,000, which has just been Incor- 
porated to engage in JMLlmon« codfish, 
halibut and herring Ashing, with head- 
quartors at Albeml. The Intention is to 
place fotir up-to-date gasoline trawlers 
In service and to erect a^ canneTy at 

BOine poiirt m aor^^ict «» »»» »«««^« ■- ' <•'•" " ■ " "■ 

with a capacity of bertween 8M00 and 
46,000 cases annually. Options on sev- 
eral convenient ■ites have been ssqured 
and work on the erection of the can- 
nery will be cotamenced at once. The 
venUemen behind the venture are eael- 
erners from Olouoeeter, Mass., ahd Boa- 
ton. The vessels w\\\ ^H, eonetrweted In 
Victoria and pl«ns ha^e •tre«ffy been 
prepared. It i« the intention of the new 
company to ship to th«4 Japanesiff mar^ 
ket a# well •• to meet the easf*™ dci 





acres, '^gobd soil, for 
$1350. Terms arrange. 
5 acres, good soil, for $3100. 
Terms arrange. 

. For full particulars see 


Member Victoria Ileal tiistate 

Room 12. McGregor Blk. Tel. 2901. 
•34 Tlew It., ▼lotorta, B.C. 

Phone 2901 

Y. M. C. A. 

Summer Membership 

April 15, 1912-Sept. I, 1912. Seniors, $5; Boys, $3. Terms cash. 

This entitles the holder to the use of the Gym with its 
modern equi])ment, baths and swimming pool, reading room, 
.social gatherings, outings, games and all outdoor sports 
connected with the Association. 

Since 1847 

since 1 847 f he marfc of fhc 

world's best silver plate 

lias been 


This name on knJrcs, forks, 
etc.. is a guide In baying 
and an assurance of wortn. 

gtst (ei sets, disbti, waH*tt, 
etc., arc sfarapcd 



' "Saptr TiaU that Wuzn" \ 


Quality and. Quantity is our 

Hall & Walker 

:23a ooveminea* Bfc OPhone c? 



The latest iiiterior 
finish for buildings 


Exact reproduction 
Of Hardwood Pan- 
elling — carried i n 


1105 Wharf street 



IIU •eveniaeat B%^ 

X3\t^ot Importers of aM klnde ot 
Chinese and Japanese sUks and 
furoishin* itoode of every descrip- 

Uon. ^ 

CaU and examine car stook o»- 
tore pur«hasln« eleewber*. 



Very best quality, in a 
o-rcat variety of colors at 
lowest prices- Call for color 





Kwong Tai Yune 

Lee Block, 
1622 Governmcni St. 




726 Fort Street, 

Opposite Kirkham's 



Hore Xeat &•>■ 3oei 

Kess JLsa. *e 


Try a ton today and tee oonvlaced 


ybone MS 
ofliee - dM OoxMomst 

Dairy Lunch 

Try ««r Home-Made— 

' ^rdditf|lih|^ • w. **«»•. 



—the foundation upon which 
*we have built our businesR. 

The T^a Kflfle^ 

lilt oovffiM uu 09f. yfmtMk 



■ " . on. . . 

MAY isjtVTO 

Chairs and 

We hav^ a good variety of 
Sea Grass Chairs aiid 
Lounges to choose from. 
Now is the timie to think ol 
your summer home Jiod 
, nothing is nieer ^th»tt Sea 
Grass furniture. 

Lee ^4 ^* 

lnmiK iJJlVlH Hill l|'l iJl 





The secon<( annual bAll 4{ 
day Dmoliit «»uto will M W 
Ale«»tMlra ^l«lil> oa tli» tltR 
l^reett ttt<Si>rtnitl« Tickets tmr 




r:,ery. April t% 1»12 


n il 1 1 ,1 Ml I ' H U' l li ii |J I \ 


Wash Prints 
and Ginghams 

iSCf Imported Ginghams, 15c — Superior quality, fast color, fine 
.thread weave, the correct fabric for house dresses and chil- 
\dren's school dresses. They come in a variety of the dain- 
tiest color tones in stripes, plaids,' plains, etc. A very ser- 
viceable wash stuff. Per yard 15^ 

15c English Prints, 15c — Something a little different from the 
above ginghams you will fiml among our large stock of 
nhe -^-ashing English prints. They come in pretty striped, 
check, and polka dot patterns in colors of navy, dutch blue, 
greys, reds, blacks and light color tones. Per yard... 15^ 


McCall Patterns 

649 Yates Street 

Specials for Today Thursday 

SILK STOCKINGS, pric e .^1.00 

CHE;CK silks, per yard . .... . . li. . ...... ..Vi... ... -40^ 

MOTOR SCARFSJ^ fsom, up e., . ♦. . ?l-35 

1601-3 Government St., Cor. Cormorant. Phone 2862 

COOK STREET CORNER— Close in. Revenue 
nroHnrinp-, Price $28,000 

SOOKE ACREAGE — With s-roomecTlTouse on. Six 
acres cleared. Good terms. Price, per acre. .$25 


City Land Co., Ltd. 

120 Pemberton Bldg. WMHKHk ^^^^"^ ^^75 
W. T. Williams S. C. Thomson Albion Joljns 

Cook Street Special 

One hundred yards from the beach and facing Beacon Hill 


8-roomed fully modern House, furnace, cement basement, two 

bathrooms. This house is in excellent condition and was 

built eighteen months ago. vSize of lot, 100 x 140 


J. E. SMART & CO., LTD. 

Ejiclusive Agents 405-7 Pemberton Building 

(Members of Victoria Real Estate Exchange) 


Rug Store 



Carter's Oriental Rug Store 

Opposite Alexandra Club. 7x8 Courtney Street. 


BucK" Stoves and Ranges. $15 Up 

W* WHWOt lMT« ^wa kloa*. W« m« MlUaff m nuuiy and satlafTUc 
■e Ti t tt«r th«* ^«** almp^ »»« NTala draw roar atttatloa to tlUa axolo- 

Uberty Rang*. fSO.TB I Chiefs IH'^ 

Liberty RaJiueii— new atyle, see I Crlt«rloiis f^2'l!2 

window , f 35.00 ' Happy Thoughts ...... .f 68.00 

If ff^y stli« iwMUfal ai7l«9 awl laooawu^tla i^Mbaa. 

9Mif9vA 'or a Aort wlilla loagat wa ava ooatlaalar our ImtroAuotloa 
vt tUfHUMA Oaak aaA Salaaoa «a oalt. ^ 


Ba<n«lBf tlM ▼otara' lUata — Courts 
far the revision of vtter.,' Uata >iU he 
tiild on Monday *liy %^' M ijt'>'n*«', 
\%nc»uvw, A»haroh and vl6torta. 

AMarfirave ATrloaltaral AaaooUtloa 
incorporation haa been granted to tlie 
Aldergrove Aijrlcuitunil assoclatlou. It 
h^ti thlrty-oa<t menibem aud will do 
bu»lneB8 In the New Weatmlnater dis- 

■s»«iiB«tloaa far Znapaokoxa— Kx- 
ajninatlona for ce.rtM1eal«iB of tendency 
aa Inspectors of atearn boUera and ma- 
chinery will be held at the leplalatlve 
balldlnga. Victoria. con\mencing May 
1». Application and inatructlon forma 
can be had from Mr. John Peck, ohlef 
Inspector of machinery, New Weat- 
minster. The salary attached to these 
inapectoratea la $130 per month, In- 
OBeosiag five dollara per month per an- 
num up to $180 per moiUh. 

▲ttractlona for Juna — The theatrical 
Reason In the Pacific Norlhwcst, Inclus- 
ive of British Columbia, la expected to 
continue thlH year for a full month 
longer thap ciiatomary in past yeara 
the touring i'Oini)anles coming to Victor- 
ia and Vancouver until the end of June. 
Amontr the proapeciive Juno atlraotlons 
are Blanche Bat^-f in "Nnbody'H Widnw." 
'•Introduce Me," Maude Adaiua lli "Clian- 
ticlcr," "The Sprlns Maid" (returnlnK): 
William T. Hodge in "Tlie Man frum 
Home," "The Campus," and Henrietta 
Crossnuin, in "Tlie Red Thing." 

Bridge Kiver Koad — ActiuK under In- 
fitruction.s from tlic public worKu de- 
partment liert, Koad Suvefintendent J. 
.S. Beli liaa begun work for the season 
OR the Hrldss river road. Abour twen- 
ty men are under Mr. BclTs direction 
and they will first clear and repair the 
lOinple'tfcd section of road, afterward.s 
.^xtendine It tlirough to the minef. The 
crew now working on the Ashcroft road 
under l^'oreman Jones will alHo be trans- 
lerred to tlie Bridge river road In the 

l».,<r i'utUXOr— _^. I , ..., 

iriftf l»oll»W Carlow Bura- 
vail. a farmer at Klk Lake, who waa 
ehargad with allowing )>la plga to wal- 
low hi a brook, tributary to Ulli lake, 
ajid pollute tha watar aupply of ti»e 
city, waa fined $50 in the police court 

koof nra— A roof fire at unoccupied 
promiaea. 1122 Langley atreet, called 
out the fife department laat evening at 
S:80 o'clock. Someone amoking in ad- 
joining premiaea who threw a lighted 
match upon the roof of the next door 
baUAl&r, la believed to have been re- 
aponaible for the blaae. No damage 
waa done, 

CUnaaa ItaUaf rund — Mia.s Caroline 
Macklem acknowledgea the following 
additional donationa in aid of the fam- 
Ine-strickon in Chinas "From us," $10; 
Maater Fred Saunder.s, $1; friend, BOc; 
two frlenda at Bellingham, %Z; A friend, 
»2; W. U., Victoria, $B; "A mite from 
Tiny Tim,'' $1; Mrs. O. Macklem, $10; 
Colonist office, $5. Further contrlbu- 
liona win be received by Miss Macklem, 
1126 Tlichardson street, or at the Col- 
onist office. 

Xiattar Oarrtara' Oonoart — Tlie letter 
carrler.-s' concert at tlie Victoria theatre 
laat evening was a huge success. The 
(lippfce w»H packesl from the top gal- 
lery to tile pit, and the i>iufti'«ininie In- 

Among the best of these was the ven- 
triloquhstlo performance by Mr. M. L, 
Harby, which created merriment and 
was \eTy good Indeed. Little Baby 
Adelines, a bonnle mlte In kllta and 
Scotch cap, did some pretty ilaiiclutj to 
a l).iKi>ilii- acmiupanliiient, and Mrs. J. 
is. McCuiium related with great; reeling 
and ejtpresslon, the aad atory Of "The 
Inventor's Wife." Other features were 
.selections by the Victoria City Boys' 
bund, under the direction of Band mas ler 
I'lowright; solo by Mr. F. E. Fetch, 
comic Bongs by Mr. Jack Clayton, char- 
a oter cornedian, and a reading by . littl e 


Ooau&lMaa la Oluurva of TUa Toafc 

avoat An aalii* Wxmj Kaktav 

M31 AnaavoBakita for Bvoat 

Ke-trial Is Sought— In connection 

with the unprecedented case of Mr. 
Max Major, a resident of the Okanagan 
who was recently convicted of having 
desecrated an Indian grave and sen- 
tenced to three months' imprisonment 
for tliat offence, a re-trlal Is belnR 
sought by application on behalf of tlir 
oonvlcted raiioher to the supreme court 
of British Columbia, Mr. A. D. Mclii- 
tyre representing Mr. Major in these 
apT)ea! proceedings. Mr. Lucas, for the 
government, lis opposing the applica- 
tion, and the court has held that Mr. 
Mcliityre must produce evidence as to 
the wilfulnesa or otherwise of the act 
complained of before the motion for 
re-trial will be considered. 

irew Joint Stock Companlaa — The 

following provincial business coin- 
panie.<i have been granted certificates 
of incorporation: Bert Lorsch, Ltd.; 
Canadian Concrete Appliance Co., TjLo; 
Kxpert Buildcr.s & Financiers, Ltd.; 
Fort I'rii.ser Development CU'b; Hiber- 
nian and Woctern Csinadian Tnveatmenl 
t:o., Ltd.; Industrial Properties Ltd.; 
Lillooet Hotel Co., Ltd.; London anvl 
Western Canada Investment Co., Ltd.;. 
Mainland Iron Works Ltd.; Pease Pa- 
cific Foundry Ltd.; Priest Home Build- 
ing Co.. Ltd.; «. Santiklan Ltd.; S^aJt 
.Soring Island Tradlnir Co.. Ltd.: Unit- 
ed' lunipi.-o . and Investment 

Co., Ltd., and WirSt COabt Geiicitll liOrt- 

pital. Registration as extra-provincial 
companies haa been granted to the Ter- 
minal Townsltc company and Wheeler 
Osgood coaiipany. J»io©iw;es ah extra- 
provincial con>j)Hni^ Ijaa ,bccn ip^ued 
to the Caledoiilan and Dttnilnion In- 
vestment Co., Ltd.; George J. Llppert 
Table Co., Ltd.; Gordon and Gotch 
(Canada) Ltd., and Pedla-r People Ltd. 

That Inter-City Pavlnff Project — Ar- 
rangements had been completed by the 
rr,unlClyii.ntiCo Of aUd South 
Vancouver to aend a joint deputation 
here to confer with the minister of pub- 
lic worka on the subject of government 
aid towards the proposed paving of the 
New Wtstmin.ster-Vaiicouver trunk road 
hiit this step will probably be adjudged 
unnecessary, a.s Hon. Mr. Taylor is In 
Vancouver today, and Intends giving 
consideration to this particular matter 
during his sliort stay there. The esti- 
mate, prepared for the Intere.ittd muni- 
cipalities places the probable cost of 
the work at $600,000, of which the gov- 
ernment is asked to contribute one-half, 
the remainder of' tlifj required amount 
being oared for by the municipalities, 
'^ith liberal grants from the motoring 
clubs of the two cltlea concerned. 

Oarml Bo«d ApproTad — Mr. L. W. 

Shatford, representative of llie great 
Slmllkan:jeen In the Provincial House, 
has, after a personal Investigation of 
the 'cwuntry and pfevallfng conditions 
and proBpecLs therein, decided to rec- 
ommend to the government the early 
construction of the Pentlcton-Carml 
wagon road, which It Is estimated will 
cost approximately $70,000, and open up 
a richly mineralized territory, as well 
as afeveral good farming arias. The 
mlnlater of public worka Is to be urged 
preliminarily to have the route survey- 
ed and an eallmate of cost prepared. 

VroTlnoa to Xaka XxUblt — The pro- 
vioclal department of agriculture, un- 
der Inatructlon from the minster, Hon. 
Mr. Ellison, la arranging to send a fine 
exhibit of British Columbia fruit and 
V6iarot4blep, thor<>Ug}ily. repreBonlative 
of al! parte of the province, to the Dfy 
^Fymlng Products Bxliibitlon to be 
held at Lcthbrldir*- on tha Zlst of Oc- 
tober, continuing until the 26th of that 

Miss Gladys Stfilnmetz. Thij 'Wostern 
Star Amateur Dramatic club closed the 
programme with a comedy drama in 
two acta, entitled "The l.Mst Loaf." 


CliKsiiifc finderella — Mis. Slmpjnn la giving 
her oKisiMf; i inncreiia on me evening of tlio 
'^Z\<\. for the cliildren's and youns iiPO))le's 
cltt»sps, Jn the .\. O. U. W. hall iit 8.30. 
MIbs Thaln'M urehestriL will be In alieiulance 
ami all pupils aiij (rlciulg will be made 

Templars Go VlnlUng — Victoria Lodge l.O. 
G.T. No. SI will pay a frnlernal vImU to 
yearly Welcome Lodge. (Jolqullv: Hull, tliLs 
evenlntr. All, ineinbe.rR wlsUlntr to attend 
I'an meet llie Tally lie fit the <-oriicr of 
Yates and DoiifclaM strei-t.s at 7 ji. mi. 

Yoiinu reople'H Entrrfalninenl— -At Iho 
social hall of Ihc f.Jieek I.uthei-an church 
this evenlnjf the younx people of the church 
^vii^ hold K Hociui H.nd eimrriiiinriient he 5 
o'eloek. The evi'nlnR ^vlU he opened with 
a short progranijno Hnd buslne."!S meeting. 
after which games will bo engaged in for 
a. time. After Hiin ail wiii take part 
In Si! o!d-faahionert taffy-puli. The young 
people Invito all their friends and iisqualnt- 



Jamaa D. Koblnaon, a Slgbly 
apacted Pioneer of Victoria, 


The death occurred at the .luMlee Hos- 
pital yesterday morning after a brief Illneiis 
of Mr. James Dickie Iloblnaoii. at one time 
mayor of this city. He hud also held the 
office* of councillor, water eoinml.i."iloner 
and city clerk. The late Mr, RobIn.son had 
been In faillnjr h.^alth for some time. He 
was 71 years of age. aii Irishman by birth. 
and came to this country In 186,1 at the 
age of 22. 

He early displayed an nrtlve In 
the municipal life of Victoria, and In 1S7L' 
became a member of the elty eouiiell. four- 
teen months later sueeeedlng Mr. J. E. Mc- 
Millan as i.hlef magistrate. I'pon the erea- 
t'iOri oi !iu- t>^»'itOn or 'wHler cOtnininiiioner. 
for whieh. by virtue of his profession as an 
aerountant. he was peculiarly fitted, he re- 
signed from the mayoralty and bccBine 
water commissioner as soon as the city's 
waterworks were established. He look an 
active share In tlw i-arly managrmen' of 
the waterworks and renialned In th:lt offic" 
until 1S7G. when he was succeeded b.v Mr. 
Thomas Russell. He rennlned out of muni- 
cipal life until the death of City (^lerk 
Wllllain .'I'-dgh in ISJCl. when he was ap- 
pointed to succeed him. filling the office 
until IKSS. when the present elty clerk was 

The deceased was a man of many excel- 
lent qualities and as a municipal offlcei- 
endeared himself to many by the thorough- 
ness and kindliness with which he per- 
formed his duties. He was iinmanled and 
for S'Jiiie years has lieen residing with .Mr. 
W. Hnrrison. at lft2« .Tohnson Ht. He was 
a member of the Oddfellows. The funeral 
will take place on Saturday afternoon nl 
■-.30. Hev. Ur. Campbell officiating. The 
interment will be In ftnss Bay. 

Arranvements for the Empire Day 
celebration are now in hand, and the 
various committees appointed to pre- 
pare the projrrainini© ajwl provide for 
the three days feta Are hard at work. 
LiJist eYenir!" the »>eirgd« <^omTnttt«n 
held a. aesaion et the city hall, when 
the following progrramme waa decided 
upon and prizea fixed: 

Beat decorated motor car, 1st prize 
1100; 2nd, |75; 8rd, »ij0; 4th, |25. 

Beat gentleman'* saddle horse — ist 
prize, value $5. 

Best lady'a saddle horae — let prize, 
value $5. 

Beat saddle borae ridden by a tioy 
under fifteen years, competitora in 
classes 2 anG 3 not eligible — Prize 
value f5. 

Best single roadster ahown to an ap- 
propriate vehicle and Judged as a road- 
ster — 1st prize , value $7.50; 2nd prize, 
value $5. 

Best pair of roadsters, to be shown 
to an approprlatf" vehi<'le — -1st iirlze, 
value $10; 2nd prize, valuo ?r>. 

Best horso roadster, entire. In har- 
ness, to toe ahown iii a xour-wiiecit-d 
vehicle— 1st prize, value $10; 2nd prize, 
value $5. 

Beat tixjtter, mare or gelding, hav- 
ing cuinpetecl or eligible to compete In 
a race, to be shown in a two- wheeled 
vehicle— Ist prize, value %l»; 2nd prize 
value |p. 

Beat, pacer, maic or g'.ldintj, having 
competed or ellgrlble to compete In a 
race, to be s^iown to a two- wheeled 
vehicle — lat prize, value $10; 2nd prize, 
value $5. 

Best single -carriHge horse, to be 
shown to a,n appropriate, vehicle — 1st 
prize, value $10; 2ik1 prize, value $5. 

"'Beat pair III' (.■kri'ltti^e I'lurseii, lo bo 

shown lu an appropriate vehicle — 1st 
prize, value $10; 2n d prize, value $5. , 
Health dep&rtmont. condition of 
horse and njipnintments to count — 1st 
prize, $15; 2nd prize, $10; 3rd prize, 
n\ 4th priz*', $2.50. 
Best single draft horse, to Vie shown 
tu dray or other appropriate vohltMe — 
lat prize, $10; 2nd prize, $5. 

Best pair of draft norses, to be 
shown to gravel or aand wagiin — lat 
prize, $1.5; 2nd prize, $10; 3rd prize, $5. 
Beat pair of truck be shown 
to a truck or other appropriate vehlclo 
—1st prize, $15; 2nd prize, $10j 3rd 
prize $5. 

Best pair of horses In light Uvcry 
truck or wagon as actually used In 
local deiiverj — 1st prize, $10; 2nd prize 
$7.50; 3rd prize, $5. 

Beat horae In liarness, as actually 
iiKod In grocftry delivery — let prize 110. 
2nd prize, |5. 

Best horae in harness, as actually 
used in butcher delivery — lat prize. $10; 
2nd prize, 15. 

Best liorse in harness, as actually 
used in bakery delivery — Ist prize, $10; 
2nd prize, $5. 

Best horse in harneas, as actually 
used in laundry delivery — 1st prize, $10; 
2nd prlvre, fC>. 

Best burse in harness, as actually 
usc'l in express or other deiiv'cry — ist 
prize, $10; 2nd prize, $5. 

Best pair of horses in harness, as 
actually used In express or other de- 
livery — iflt prize, $15; 2nd prize $7.50. 

Best pony under fourteen and a half 
liands, driven to appropriate vehicle — 
1st prize, value $7.50; 2nd prize, value 
$5. ■ • 

Best Shetland pony in harncs.s — 1st 
prize, $7.50; 2nd prize, value $5. 

Best pair of Shetland ponies in. bar- 

■J .t.^: 


*7.?0; 2nd 3?rise, 


Moteorologlcal Office. Victoria, B. C. at 
8 p.m., April Vglh, "1012. 

1 hlijh*frMi*-« «•«#!, V.J^,r,f\or< the 
Callfornr«.yand Oreg(»|i eoiiat »nd l4w pr««- 
■ure areia oveKIn ttte Aocl(y Mountain fo- 
gionc. Bhoweri have rallafi on the lower 
Mainland and throuirhout the Pacific staten 
and cool weather baa %t«n g«n«ral. in the 
Pralrht Provlncea the nraathar it mostly fair 
and rain la faUtnB at Ru'Appelle. 

Vlatoria, B. C. 42 bs 

;Vai>coaver 42 54 

KaiAioopa »..^» . , . . . . . . , - 38 4* 

Barkervilla ..;..... ...i,.. Sft " ■<« 

Prince Rupert ,. 34 6:: 

Atlln 22 4<l 

Pawaoii. Y. T 1(1 B2 

Calgary, AUa 32 58 

Winnipeg, Uan. 80 64 

Portlatid. Ora. • 40 Is 

Ban Franoiaco, Cal. .......... (» M 


.Hiahaat • , o . * ■ •'• • • •' '* 

jl^owaat' ••'• .....t.i,. J';i...'.ii ~M 

,-Avari4i« ... ..,»r, ,.-. ^-i v. . . 4> 

' Brtalit aufiahlna. fareti houra and thirty 
miaatan Rain, ,99 to. 



Failura to Flna&oa ' Sawaratra Bchaxua 

I)«ada Property Ownara to Ba- 

llava Ttaia Oaly Conraa 

The meeting of property owners of Es- 
qulmall at I.Kmpr.on Street school last 
night decided that an every other expedient 
had been tried to obtain an sdeguate sys- 
tem of sewerage for tlielr district and hnd 
failed, there was no other eotu'se open to 
them but the formation of a municipality, 
and the preliminary steps to that end were 
entrusted to a committee. 

The report of the commlasloners elected 
some months tigo to deal with the problem 
of sewerage stated that after trying In 
every quarter to obtain the necessary funds 
and falling to do so they begged to resign 
their offices and leave It to the property- 
,>wners to dc^vlne sonie new means of iYi«.et- 
Ing the situation. 

It was decided that If possible a muni- 
cipality should he organized, the boundaries 
to bo the city limits on the east. th"nce to 
the GorKC, marching on the north with tho 
south of the Sannlch district, and on the 
west and south the sea. 

Messrs. T. H. Blatcr. Alrtc. Stewart and 
Sydney Heald were appointed ns a com- 
mittee with power to draw up tha necessary 
petition 10 be circulated amonsr the prop- 
erly owners, and to obtain any lagal advice 

licBii— ^i<»t 

value $5. 

Best pon.\-, any claps, under fourteen 
hands, to be shown under saddle — 
prize, value $B; 2nd prize, velue $3. 

Hest lloa-t In parade representing any 
local industry — 1st prize, $50; 2nd prize, 
$25; 3ril prize, $10. 

The route of the parade will be from 
the corner of School and Yates streets 
on Friday, May 2'l, the parade to com- 
mence at 9.30 o'clock sharp. Kxlilbltors 
nuLst report to the committee at the 
abi.\e mentioned jilace before tlie time 
mentioned, when they will be allotted 
positions, in all harness classes the 
Judges In awarding prizes will consider 
^equipment and appointments: horaes to 
count seventy-five per cent, equipment 
twenty-five per cent. The parade will 
proceed down Yates street to Douglas 
atreet, to Cormorant street, to (xovern- 
inent .•street, along the loiter thorough- 
faro to Superior street and thenco tu 
Beacon II iU park. 

The parade committee Is composed of 
tile following gentlemen: Messrs. J. W. 
r^riuier, H. M. Kullcrton. B. P. Clark, 
Charles McNeil, Klre Chief Davis, S. 
Moody, P. Bannerman, H. Ross, Leon- 
ard Tail, 10. 13. Henderson, Dr. Tolmle, 
W. G. Allison, A. E. Wade. D. Spencer, 
Jr.. C. P. Sylvester, Aldermen Porter 
and Baker. 

This evening at the city hall a meet- 
ing of the regatta oommittee to ar- 
range for the aquatic eventa for the 
Kinplre Day celebm'tion will be held. 

Maata OlympU Taam 

Th# f'anadlfln Oiympic iv)Tnmttf«a gava 
Manitoba Ita first recognition when 
Prealdem T. Boyd, of the Manitoba 
branch of the A.A.U., received work that 
the eaatern men aaklng that the Mani- 
toba branch nominate eilgtblea for the 
team to go to Sweden. It la likely Joe 
Keeper, Army How4ir(I and K. C. Blair 
■win eM. T!omlnafl.on aa anon km My. 
Boyd can tiall togrether the nomlnatliis 
committee. , 


Morton — The funeral of the late Mr. 
Edmond Morton will take place thla 
afternoon at 2:30, Interment being in 
Ross Bay cemetery. 

Brittob VootMU 

LONDO.V, April 18— Pollowin^ are 
the reauUa of yeaterday's Old Country 
football samea: 

Flrat 4i>irtflion-~Mid<lteabOToush 1, 
ltaB(iH«««ar UntteA 0. 

S*oil>tid['4inakm--8laidU>ool 1, Wolvar- 

Births, Marriages, Deaths 


aWAYKR — On Thursday. April ISth, at B4S 
Battery street, to Mr, and Mrs. Charles 
Swaync, twins (dauifbters). 


ROBINSON— On tho Uth Inat , at Jubilee 
Hospital, James Ulckle Roblnaou, of 1026 
Johnson street, aged 71 years. Born In 
Ireland. _ ^ .. 

The funeral wilt take place on Saturday 
at 2.80 pm. from the ebapal of^ the _B. _C. 
"Ftta^rai pumjshing Co-., im ^^^jV^ritBiSR.. 
street, whera aervlce will be held, inter- 
ment In Kosi Bay cemetery. 

Friends pleaae accept thta Intimation. 
MORTON— On tha Uth Inat:, at Three Val- 
tays, B. C. KUmond Marten, at Vic- 
toria, but late of Vancouver, B.C., ap« 
Hhawntgan l*k«. beloved huabaad of 
Sllgabeth Morton, aged tl yeara Bom 
In Qlaagoi*. BooUand. _ 

The funeral arin take' piape on Frtday 
at 2.t0 from the flhapil of the B. C. Fun- 
eral rurnlahln* Go.. 10t« Oovarament St.. 
Where aervlce irill 1>e »«M. taCemaeat in 
Rosa Bay o«ineilwrr. 
<!Vaa«oaT«r, B. C., pa»era plaaaa «»nr>> 

A Good Pi 

For $275 

Sixteen beautiful Upright Grand Pianos— your 
choice of walnut, oak or mahogany, cases, including- 
stool and free delivery, for only 

Terms of payment can be arranged as low as $io 
jicr month. We consider these pianos to Ipe better 
value than are usually sold^ for $.-^7-51.. A limited nura- 
bci only M this pricc« 

WeBlem Canada's Largest Music Dealers 

1 23 1 Government Street Telephone 883 

Copas & Young 


secured a number of cases of 




Which they think is equal in quality to Old Dutch or 
any other Cleanser made. While it lasts they will 
sell it at 

4 Tins for 25c 

Order some quicl!. IT'S CHEAP, BUT IT'S GOOD . 






Corner Fort and Broad Streets 
Groc. Dept. Phones 94-95 Liquor Dept. Tel. 1633 

^^*^ V ''%! 

.. f 


The fly season •will aoon b« here; it is beat to get your acre«n 4oora 
before they come. We keer) them In all sisea. Cheaper on«» for the' 
bacit doors, 91.86.. l!\>r a wall made, patielled and TaptilnhW front door, 
prices upfo • • •••• •■••'» 


1418 Douglas Street 


Double corner, 120x120 feet, close to Fort Streets 

PRICE fi, PER FRONT i?ooT." 

I I I ii « ■ »" > 


ao8 P«mb«rt^ii 






\ icrroRiA UAii^y vMUMgiAa* 


Closing Out Sale 

of Boys' 

Starts Tomorrow 

Owiii'^ to '.he ircnicndoiis m- 
cre;i.s(' in Dur Men's Tailmin^' 
department, we must L^ive up 
our l>oys' depurtnient. 


Nothing- reserved. ' I'irst come, 
first served. 


■i»i ." p i j 


Coau with tta* OMMM» 

If ttnly father* and mothers would 
ooine Into town with their boys and 
jflrl« when they go to the picture show 
or other entertainments lit tne evening, 
riiijch danver w<)uld be avoided. This 
should not be ImponBlble. If the moth- 
er la obliged to stay at home it> *.»«»^ 
tare of little ones, the father must 
have some leisure tlnm which he could 
devote to the pleasure of thn older 
children. He is then in a position to 
find out if the treat prepared for them 
Is wholesome. What Is quite as Im- 
portant, he can see that they g'et Ihomo 
safely. If neither father nor mother 
nor older friend can come, It la *ar 
better to find some other w«j of 
amusing the little girls than letting 
Iheni come to town at night unattend- 
ed. In the case of boys, there must. 
Iifrh,aps. be more latitude, although 
not only sons, but fathers, would be 
greatly the gainers U' once In a. while 
they shared their aniusemenls. Half 
the troubles which make heart-broken 
I>arentH begin when th« children are 

ttiiUWCU Out rtv OtQ.*.. .^ **..* — -It .,,Utt*-l.^l» 



ftokrertaon, ' itu 

Aiirll 18.— L«w«on 
expert «o*cb and 
triiner or the Irish- Amerl<j*n A. C. 
athlete*, wlH aJlortly be neleCUd to act 
aa aagUtant Qoach of the American 
Olympic rotter. 

Rob^rtBon !• ciuallfled to serve a« 
trafner and coach, for. next to MlUo 
Murphy, thh Irish-. American nieutor Is 
regarded as the best coach In the 
country. Rcbertson .^as been looking 
oft«.. tJ^» wnlfare of IrUh-Amerlcah 
A. C "athletei Since Ernie Hjertberg 
left the club to go to- Sweden, wherj 
be has the position of governmfent 
coach oif Sweden's hopes in the Olym- 
pic classic. • 

Not so many years ago Robertson 
was one of the best sprinters In tlie 
country. He reeled off the "century" 
In ten seconds consistently. Since 
taking hold of the Irish club perform- 
ers Robertson has turned out a num- 
ber of champions. ^_^____ 
Mistaken Identity 
••I om plB8»oa lo meet yo" a»alr\," he 
said.— "Thank voit.' replied th«< la<ly. wbo 
ha-d onoe been hl» wife.— "How Rre the 
cliMilr«fn7" — "What c->U(ire«?"— ' Ours. — 
"Wo never had any."— "Oh. 1 beg your 
-.lardon. It wai very glupld or nie. ' ""•• 
took you for somi'one else." — Chicago 

AOVEfrrisiNO heaoers 


The MOtmk ijjnual b<^Jl o?^th* 8»t«t^ 
day DanicilMr club l»*«; been" inde^nlt*- 
ly postponed. .' %-\ 

Buhderar Notice. Doors, wln«ow«, 
glaB«. etjp.» in atock. Gbt our eatiroate; 
Bhone R1998. 1037 Flaguard Street; «. 
A. Green & Co. 

Meet roe at the Jamea Bay Ctril}. We'll 
dine together at (:16. 

Merchants' ijuncn wHi be liiTVsS as 
uaual from IS to > at tha Bandrlnvbaia, 
izi Fort atreet. on and att*r January 


i Hoys' 


S.WWARD BlIl.UlNti. 


Train tbv Chlldran 

A «rouii of little L'hilUreii were re- 
turning from lunclieon to school yes- 
terday. One of them had bought an 
orange. and, in childhood's gcijerous 
way, began to sliare the frull with ills 
playmates. But In the distribution the 
jioel was thrown away on the oU'cct. 
There was no thought that this was 
wrong and that the peel might jus^ as 
well be carried and put into the school 
waste basket. Might there not be neai' 
the school.s receptacles for such things 
;is peel, scraps of food and paper? Ciin- 
not teachers persuade the pupils that it 
-Oa— wrong to lltteT-MuIfi-ViLrtLa. w i Ui rub 

Alderman,— Of rather ex-A derman- 
f.avton or I'llhce Kupert U iirg.Hl 
to resmne bis Ht-nl at the coum-n lm»ru. 
He re.lBned recenllv In consequence of 
differences with Mayor .Newton in the 
course of Ihc late campaign^ 

To Rcnt-$350 Per Mo. 

Premises on Yates Street. . near 
corner of Douglas, consisting of 
ground and meMinlne floors now 
occupied by Messrs. • Baxter & 
Johnson. Apply: : 

A. G. Sargisoa 

Boom 4 Vromla Block 

You. get bargains every day here* 



Yverdon Kindergarten and 
Preparatory School 


Summer term commences Monday. April 
16th. The principal, Miss Gulland. N. F. U. 
will be free to Interview parents and guar- 
dian, from 10 a.m. lo 6 on Friday, 
April 12ih. 

. Very Serviceab le— Always Neat— Easy to Wash| 

Just in, a splendid line of Wash . Skirts in ducks, 
whipcdrds, linens, brown Hollands and navy blue 
polka dot Galateas. R. & A's SPECIAL ^| o^ 

. PRIGE^ START FROM ., . ... . .f ■•Ot>^ 

EXTRA SPECIAL— White Duck Wash Skirts with 
detachable buttons down the centre. When but- 
tons are taken off the skirt can be opened up likq, a 
l^eice of Vvhite' cotton, thus making- laundering- par- 
ticularly easy. Price $2.85 



Better See liinton's 

\\ illi Spring- cleaning almost fin- 
ished licut.'^cwives should not fail to 
sec onr glorious display of h.lcc- 
t rollers. Art Class Domes and Cen- 
tre l.amijs, in designs to l)lc!ul ex- 

aCllN Willi IiiC iUIiliLlljC .till. ..„!._ -. 

anv room in the home. 

biBh and that a bad accident may be 
caused by fruit peel which is allowed 
to fall on the pavement? Unless chll- 
fiVen are trained In habits of careful- 
•nes-3 liie strnets will always oe uUta-uy. 
A civic spirit can be cuUivaled. and 
no time is more opportune for t-tiis 
than when children first begin to real- 
ize tlie benefits they receive from the 
public sciiool. The little citizen 
.should be proud to keep the streets 
hprwpen hi.s or Jier home and the school 
in the very nicest order. 

Water HlKhts Branch 

In tlu! mait.r of the Hoard of InvesU, 

-^«r*.-r" --r-.»r— ■f-f.'t — H*»— **w.". — tf-<- -♦".♦^ U**. '*\VaX41X 

ACL" for the <leternilnallon of wal«r rl^hls 
cxIstlnB on the IJth day of March, ISOSt, 
and In the matter of th<! following creeKs 
In the Alberni water alslrlot. 

I he Hinlon Electric Company, Ltd. 

St r.<»nrdo\ ^rhnnl for Girls 


Moved to The Laurels, Rockland Ave. 
Snmmar Term Oomi«i«nc«» April 15tli 

when the Kindersarten department 
will be reopened under Mias Aahworth, 
N.F.U., L.L.Ot. 

. Boys under 8' adinltte.r 
Frlnolpal - - - «»• S^«* 

Boat Builders and Launch Engine Experts 

".nvcninicnt Street 

Colleiiiate School 

Kockland Avcnu* 

Victoria, B. C. 

Uoardins andX'ay School for Boys. Particular %"*:"','"",„ ^?'" '.'i 
backward pupil.t. Also Preparatory Class for boys of . to 10 j ears of 

Hge cjnJ'.u'teil seimrutuly. 



Su.'iUDL'r Term will commence on Monday, April inth, at 8 

a. m. 

WholcsDme Old-Fashioned English "Sweets'' 


Our connection has been makii'ig this line of goods 
for nearly 'i"oo rears, and are famous for the (pialily of their 
sweets ,and they are not any dearer than the ordinary cheap, 
highly colored stuff. 

Silver Mints, Lemon Humbugs. Golden Butter Mint Balls, 
Sherbet's Butter Drops, Sherbet's Honey Drops. 

A' national Bauaflt 

The Toronto Star sets out vvy clear- 
ly ihe aims of the Victorian Order of 
Xursta and shows why the money asked 
for by the Duchess of ConnauglU shoul'd 
be fre.?ly subscribed. The editor says; 
"An attempt is belnt,' made to raise a 
Huni of ?r>00,000 to extend the work of 
the Victorian Order of Nurses. The ob- 
ject' Is 10 supplement the work or the 
lar.«e hospitals by provldingr nurses 
and. where possible, hospital accommo- 
dation for the smaller towns and sparse- 
ly sellled portions of Canada. Thl.«i Is' 
a very beneficial wurk, tor whlcl. there 
is srreat nefd in a country having a 
small population scattered over a large 
urea. In many newly settled districts 
there 3.r; no hoj^pit?'"! families live far 
apart, and the problem of obtaining alil 
in sickness. tspecially in maternity 
oases, is serious in the extreme. In the 
cities liiere arn many homes where the 
servicts of the Victorian nurses have 
been found most valuable. Such a work 
oarrietl on over so large an area re- 
ijuires a large amount of financial as- 
sistance. A fund was established by 
I^dy Minto. and the present appeal for 
additional aid is furthered by the Duch- 
ess of Connaiight, who has become deep- 
ly interested in the work." 

No province In Canada will benefit 
niori; than Br1ti*h Onl'imhif! hy .a jvlnn 
which will brinsr tlie aid of trained 
nurses into lonely places. The ne*d 
will be more greatly felt as Bettlement 
advances into the. new districts of the 



Phone loi 

619 Fort St. 



Yu'J %vant Pomethir;r that possesses qviali>y as well as finish. 
Our lines are complete, and our prices are particularly. reason- 

B.C. HARDWARE Co.. Ltd. 

Phones 82 and i6n 825 Fort Street P. O. Box 083 


■,^ftAlb«f»\ Value* haw* !ncr«"«^ 1*« vwe cent, in »« (>Ul 1» 
miintlM. Ihe Albeml l^nd ComtHUiy have atitt a number ot l>t« iot 
Ml* it »»«• trlglnal prtcea. 

44 fojt iota Sxtra faW 

* ■ If , foot "ota ; rbnr. ......<• %#f'0 

t^tlM 1-4 «*"h »«« bfclanea ©var 2 »-« yaara at • p«t aant. 

riunffiQay^L & MOORHEAD. LTD. 



Straw, per tm 

Hran, per 100 lbs 

Shortii, per 100 lb» 

Oats, ppi" 100 lli« 

Feed Wheat, per 100 lbi..l.76 
CruBliod Oats, per 100 Ihii. . . 

Harley. per 100 lbs 

Hay. per ton 

Chop B'ccd. per 100 Ib« 

Cru»hPd Barley, per 100 lb«. . 

Airalfa Hay. per ton 

Kggs — 
Fresh Island EbK", per doi. . 
Cheese — 

Canadian, per lb 

California Cheese, per lb ... 

Cream, local, each 

Butter — 

Alberta, per lb 

Best Dairy, per lb 

Victoria Creamery, per lb . . 
Cowlchan Creamery, per lb.» 
Comox Creamery, per lb ... 
Salt Spring Isl. Creamery, lb. 

B. C. nutter 

New Zealand Butter 


Royal Household, baj 

Lake of Woods, bag 

Royal Standard, bag 

wnd Rose, per sack 

Robin Hood, per sack 

Calgary, per bag 

Moffat's Best, per bag 

Drifted Snow, per sack 

ffhree Star, per sack 

Snowi'Inke, per bag 


Oranges, per dozen 

Tangerine do., per do» 

Grape Fruit, each 

Lemon*, per dozen 

Bananas, per dozen 

Apples, per box 

Pineapples, each 


Beef, per lb 

Mutton, per lb 

Mutton, Australian, per lb.. 

Vest, dressed, per lb 




Fresh Green Peas, per lb- . . 
New Potatoes, 3 lbs. ..^. .. 
Mexican Toinatoes,p«rlb. .. ., 

Florida do., per lb 

Parsley, bunch — 

Cucumbers, each 

Potatoes, per sack 

Afif'-GT^ft?— titles, per ss-ck-. 

Cabbage, naW, irar lb 

Qarlic, par lb 

Orefon Onionit, 8 lb* 

AuaiFaltaa Onlona, 4 Ibi ... 
Lattuea, bot bouaa, per bd . 

Baati. par lb 

Carroia, par lb • 

Mbw Caxrota, ( buncbaa ... 
OanHfla«br> aaeh ....,,... 
Calait. ««T atalbt^l tor 



1 . 7 fi 

2.00 O :.2B 












.35 9 .75 

.10 .16 .20 

2.00 9 6.00 

.07 .31 

.05 O .30 
.05 9 .15 

.12H 9.2« 

.:» 9 .86 





2.00 9 2.36 


Al!na. S'^ritj.-. 
Anderson l,3ke. 
ABh . River. 
Ash Luke. 
Uergh Crock. 
Boaver t're.'U. 
BulBoti I'r^ek. 
Sear River. 
Buttles Lake. 
Btirnian River. 
Buck Croek. 
Balnbrldee Lake. 
Uouldcr Creek. 
Browning Greek, 
l^amlleld Creek. 
Canon Creek. 
CM Ina Creek. 
Olnnatjar Creek. 
Crtpieron Lake. 
Cameron River. 
Coleman Creek. 
t:layoquot River, 
CMcagh River. 
Cache Croek. 
Cous Creek, 
i.-oaer d'Alens C*.eck. 
Cinnamiin Creek. 
Dublin Gulch. 
Dickson Lake. 
DePr Creek. 
Doners I.ake. 
Deep Lake. 
Delia, F.-111S. 
Klsle Creek. 
Kisic Lake 
RngllHhnuins River. 
Elk River. River North Fori;. 
KiTiiinJiMiu . Cretk, 
f^alao Creek. 
Fossell Creek. 
French Creek. 
Franklin Creek. 
Four-Mile Crtiii 
Granite Falls, 
(iranlte Creek. 
Gold River. 
Grappler Creek. 
Goose Creek. 
Grace River. 
Green Lake. 
Gfeal Central Lake 
Ham-l-lah I>»ke. 
HArdy Creek. 
Hobart Lak.'. 
Handy Creek. 
Ingersoll i-reek. 
Jew Creek. 
.(ohnaon River. 
KIlBucRsls r*reek. 
Kannedy L.nke. 
Kleth River. 
jCleih Rlvor, North For 
Kewquodle Creek. 
Ka-oo-wl nch Creek. 
Lizard l.akc. 
l^fist Shoe Creek. 
I„onK Lake. 
Lake SuRsnr. 
LiK'ky C'reek. 
Lltde Quall^jm River 
MefTln Lake. 
Muohalal Lake. 
Mahatta Rh jr. 
Mfc''.'"'-k River. 
Museum (ireek. 
Mosqultto Cra.Mt. 
MeFarla,nd» Creek. 
j|lneral Creek. 
Maggie Ijfke. 
Marble Creek. 
Muriel Ci-eek. 
Mortimer Croek. 
Ml!! Creek. 
McQuillan Creek. 
Nahmint River. 
Nahmlrit Lake. 
Narrow Gut Creek. 
Pool Creek. 
Porphcry Creek. 
Penny Creek. 
Roger Creek. 
nebbeck Creek. 
Stamps River. 
Shakespeare Creek. 
Honias River. 
Kprlng Creak. 
Sproat Lake. 
Ban Joseph Creek. 
Bt. Andrew's Creek. 
Sage Creek, 
Sand River. 
Sutchle Rlrer. 
Sarlta Lake. 
Sarlta River. 
. Sarlta River, South Fork. 
Ternan Croek. 
Taylor Creek. 
Tsulal Lake. 
Toquart River. 
Tranqullle Creek. 
Trout River. 

Tahsis River. f 

View Lake. 
Williams Lake. 
Yellowstone Creek. 
Spring on Sharp Point. 
Pohd situate about 000 feet from Grap- 
pler Creek. . ^ ^ ' 

Small stream emptying Into bay about 
hatt a mile wcat ot Village Point, KyuqUot 
Sound. . , . -^ . ^. 

creek running through Lot S, Rupert Dis- 
trict. . . ,^. . . «. 
Small creek running through Block ( ol 

Unnamed cra*k running through Lot 
148, Alberni. 

Creek which enters lot 27, approximately 
1,7<J0 fait treat of north -eatt corner. 

And all unnamed springs, streama, ^creeke, 
-jond*. tulcbaa, and lakes tributary to or 
In the vicinity af the above-named atreama. 

Take notlc* that each and every per- 
son, partneriblp, company, or muBlolpallty 
whi. on the a*ld 13th day of March. U0». 
haa water rlfchti on any of the abova- 
mantloned crealu, Is directed to forward 
Si or before t»e 4th 4ay »< May. lilt, to 
the Comptfonair of Water .RIfhta at the 
t>An«tw««t WUlldtnas at VietoHa^ » memo- 
raiidaili of ciiBn in wrlirn«, atr rsqIHreT W 
Motion is ot tM aaid act aa amantad. 

Printed forri»' for auch mamorandum 
(l<of» Mo. iW.c»« ba obUlnott fnom any of 

Corrig College 

Bf^oon mil Park. VIetori*. B. C. 

Select HIsrb-Grade Day and 

Boarding College for Boys. of 7 to 
le years. ReHnements of well-ap- 
pointed gentlemen's home I", 'o,^"'/ 
Beacon Hill Park. Number UWlied. 
Outdoor sports. Prepaned for Uusi- 
nesB Life or Profesalonal exainlna- 
tlons. Fees Inclusive ana strictly 
moderate. Three vacaorles. Sumnfier 
term, .\prll 16th. _„„ „ . 

Frlncipal, i. W. CHCRCH, M. A. 


Fresh Eggs 

30<^ PER DOZEN: 

ERSKiNE's mmm 

Cor. ' Quadra and Johnson 
St. Phone io6 


Dealer in 

Coal and General Teaming 

Ordera pro^iptiy attended to. 
out ■•Qinlinalt Boa&. Tbonaat Tat»3 


A difficult combiuation 
but easily done by us. 
Men and women should try 
our made-to-order Suits 

No fit — no pay. 

Charlie Bo 

Ladies' and Gents' Tailor. 

1605 Government Street 
Next Oriental Importing C- 

I Fairfield Kindergarten and 
Primary School 

For ■oy» Md CHrt« ^•* * *<» ' 

To iHy tlie lieslB of a »onnd edu- 
cation, the early training of your 
children should only be entrusted 
to experienced teachers. 

Miss Norman. N. F. U. Higher, 
late of Bedford ColleKe, England, 
has successfully adopted the 
latest methods of kindergarten Jn- 
■tfuctlon. Vacancies for a few 
more pupils. Next term com- 
mences April 29tai. Apply Our- 
teon, 615 Trutch Street. 




Xotica la hereby .jiven that F"*««''^'*.J'f 
Hfags of VIotorla. larltisb Cc>liin»bla. Is ap- 
plying trt Hia iHiAemTicy Itta Oov.rnori 

ueneral of Canada In Council, for approval 
or "be area, plana, site and d*acrlptlon of 
wflrka proposed to bo constructed la West 
B4y Victoria Harbor. Victoria. B. C. being 
the landa altuaie. lying and being In the 
c5ty of Victoria, aforesaid, and known, 
n^bared and described aa part ot sub- 
SJviaiona five and alx. of section thlrty-two 
?|j) . map 04. and of another part ot aai* 
aafction thl«y-two {»3). VIewtleld Vwm.^ 
ViSoouvar laland, J!rovlnee of MHttah Col^ 
tt*S>lB. and haa d^poalted the area ««« J"^ 
Sanlrof tha prwoaad Worka and »r4aa«*b^ 
?wS therwt iTTb tba Mfalatjtt or *^e 
wS-Mi at Ottawa, and a ^upJlc*N taaraof 
*i?I the Jtavlatriu Oaneral c^t Titlaa In tha 
ri^^ HefclaSy Of«i» «» the City of Vlo- 
JoH^ Brmah ColSibla. an* thai tba 
^AMer of Tha aaW^pHcatlon win ba »to- 
^ML with at the S«»r<ttl«m of oaa month 
?j{m tlTe «l«. *ot th? tlrpt pabHoaUo. ol 
i3o notice In tha "CaaaA* OMOtCfc" 
*Daw4 thla mh *ay ot Maroh, ^f^»»-: 


^M'%.^^^.M .UMeMK. I 




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,fjff/!>mw^-yii»^'-- ')'-i 


■'■■•'■ "■;:,- ;'■?! '"■ ■;'-'i '^^,'".\'. '-!»'* 

Friday, April 19. 1912 


The Spoiliifi 


Nordyke's Victoria Baseball 
Squad Trims the Ind'ians a 
Second Time — Narveson's 
Brilliant Work a Feature 

0ay'» Reaultn 

Victoria, 5; Spokane, 1. Portland, 12; 
acaitle, b. ,X»comtt, i; Vancouver. ;;. 

JLeogue'i) StandiiiK 

Vlcio^a :: 1 .0«6 

Vanc,(^ver :; 1 . 8fit> 

I'orllana :: 1 .«*)« 

Sottlllo 1 i; .331 

Sjuikviiis .. ., 1 :; . .333 

■jacomA .' 1 3' .383 

faJ^OKANE. Wash,, Apill IS. — Pitcher 
Nurveijon niuBt bu held i)craonaKy reapon- 
alble for iha vUtory ol' ihu Vli.-iorla team 
.V t2i>L«iU'uy. lits liruVH iii Uu'oo oi Luu X;o«»«* 
runs and scort-U a f lurth liiinsolf. Vlc- 
tiiiia li('«t Sniikuni', f> to 1. the real of the 
Vlflorlft team barely managliiK to tie ihi- 
eftorVsJot the '-Indians. 

In aildlHon. Narvcaon pitched an aU- 
tl<ht Kttiii'-. He held the Indiana to five 
hlt». laniK'd seven and walked only one. 
Uehlnd the iiltiher, the Victoria team 
played clev»^r ball, not a^ all like the 
article the fanH Kot tii expecting Irom the 
■•yic tOTl a- tea-m- in«T '" "v. . . ■ 'i . i ' • — 

Victoria Rcnri'd in the third on elnglcR by 
Keller and Meek, and Spokane pioeeeded 
to tie up the count very promptly on ninKlos 
by Shaw and Melcholr, Hunky Inserting a 
stolen base In his route around the plate. 

iCenaedy irlpiud and Nurs'cdou'ii tiacrillco 
fly grave Victoria what proved to be the 
winning run in tlie seventh, and In the 
ninth a walk, Davla' error and Narveaon's 
terrific tripl-? counted two more. Sodofslty 
singled, sending Iht pitcher home. 

The score; 

Spokane— A.B. K. 11 P.O. A. E. 

i^haw, c.f •» 1 1 •• 

t'oonov, s.». l 1' « - 5 1 

Melcholr. r.f t n - ' " » 

Davla. I'b 4 1 3 

Zlmmorman. I.f. -t d « '- " 

Sheeloy. lb 3 u f> » 1 

CartwrlRht, 3b. . . . 3 I o 

Ryan, c 3 (; • H 1 I 

Kraft, p 3 " 1 " - *> 

•Wuffll 1 " 'I 

Totals 33 1 5 -'T Si 3 

•Batted for Sh«>eley in the ninth. 

Victoria— . A.U R. M. V.O. A. E. 

Badowsky, 3b & " I « ' " 

Keller, i!b,igHHK 5 1113 

Frione, nSBB I » " " } 

Meek, f. 7™^W. 10 17 

ifordyke, lb 3 10 I 

Kennedy, c.f 3 1 ' ' -0 

Uaniels. I.f 1 1 - i " 

[{awlliiss. s.ii 4 1 1 3 

Narvcson. p 3 1 1 1 - 

Totals 35 5 8 :;7 10 1 

Score bv Innings: 

Ppokane 1 ,p— 1 

Vlctorlil ....,.,. 1 1 0'3— 6' 

Rumff>ai-y — -Tfireis-ffasc hii.f, i\enTieay, 
Narvesoi& Sacrlfloe IiIUb. Kejihedy. Sacri- 
fice ftl'e», Narvcson. B.ise on balls, off 
.Narveson, 1; off Kraft. 1. Struck out. by 
Narvcso.i. 7;' by Kraft, 8. Balk. Kraft. 
Stolen basejj. Sadovvsky. Keller. Shaw. 
liOft on bases, Spokane B; Vlcioria G. l'ti»» 
pire, Tlman. 



SEATTLE, April 18.— Portland hit Klein 
and Vance almost at will today and won 

• K I I • 1— < 

•I OS T • • I • 0-^lS 

ecer« l>r inntnCf: 



Summary — T«o-^«ae hU«, Wftllr, Dvlln. . 
8h«a, Harris, M«9«or, ICathM. Horn* raka. 
Kibble, 8tr»tt. aMorlflee hlti, Cnilokahtttik. 
WeeO, Raymoad. 

Pitcher*' wiiniiiary — f runa and • hita off 
Klein In 3 t-i titt)|n«t: « ran* %»*- T hits 
oft Vanee In S t-t Innlafi: n« rttna and 1 
hit off 0ohn*ld*r \n 1 Inalni*. SUuek •ut, 
by Klein, f, by V»no«. t; by TonntMa. |. 
Saae* en balls, 9tf Wltln. 2; oft Vanc«. %: 
ott 8ehnai«t*r, \\ ptt Tonneaon/ 3. 'WriVl- 
pitcboa, TonMlhoii: 2. Hit by pltcbad tatl.t 
Moran by'Toan««>tt. Ooutile playa. Weed to 
Raymond; Cblfsk to Weed; Crulckahank to 
RaymoiiA; Tonneaon to Coitrin; Coltrin to 
Menaor to Williams. Umpire, Moran. 

Th« lad wdio waA on the rcceUrlnc end 
for the Vlctofla BaMbiUl team l««t aea- 
•on and who la with the club again this 
yeak ■ . 

from Seattle, 12 to 6. Tonneaon was hit 
frequently, but moat of the bita were acat- 
tered. The vame waa played oi^ a muddy 
field and waa devoid' of featurea. 
T'he score: 

' ■ ♦„ ■ » ' '■ ', ' 

• "I » ' ' . ' ■»|' 

■ 1 ^ * e 











r.f. .. 



Moran. If. .. 


Dulln, lb. .. 




Wcod, lb. . . 

CMck. 3I>- ■• 




XoliaHlB. >b. 


IHtfMjlnd, a.a 

« • a • • 



Khea, .« 



KI«Jli!i. p. .■• 




Vaac«» pk ••• 



«h!liMM«i'> P' 




•Wailly ..... 



**Oer*vt ... 







VANCOUVER. April 18.— Gordon pitched 
etfective ball In the pinches today and was 
accorded (Ut edco support, Tacoma wiantnii 
by 4 to 2, Stanfleld was hard' hit and in 
th* sixth WfiB r«s«»»«»»><J by Sniitli.- Taroma'a 

Celebrated IrisK Thorough- 
breds, Recently Brought 
From Great feritain, Entered 
in Victoria's Spring Show 

For {he special benelit of Victorians 
Inter^'iat^'cl in th»« aport arrangementB 
have been made tor a nurob«%of pure- 
ly local events In connection with this 


Mr. Handeroon is one of thoafe most prominently Identifled with 
Victoria's ftrat • aprlny horse ahow.' He will have a number of entrlea, 
one of whtoli la the thoroughbred mare shown. She wIH complete in 

hIttlnR waa timely and came when hits 
were needed In run Kettlng. 

The score: 

Vancouver — jV.B. K. H. V.O, A. E. 

Domagglo, i.f 3 2 

nennett. :'b. 3 1 1 - 1 1 

Drashear. lb. 3 110 2 

Frlack. r.f. ........ 6 1 1 

Klppert, c.f '. . ,1 1 2 1 

James. 3b 3 2 2 

Sharnweber, s.s. ..302130 

I..ewl». c * 1 « 

atanfieid. p 2 o o o 3 i 

Smith, p I 1 

• n<>y<u. 1. 1 n o o o o 

Totals 30 2 6 27 122 

*Baker batted for Stanfleld In the sixth. 

Tacoma— A.U. P.. H. P.O. A. K. 

Yohe, 3b 4 1 2 

Mil, 2b ♦ 3 4 

.Vbbott. I.f S 1 1 1 « 

.S'elghbors, r.f t 1 2 o o 

Morse, s.s 3 1 o 7 5 a 

Lynch, c.f. 3 o 1 2 o o 

Cameron, lb 1 1 2 l) 1 1 

I.udwij, c 1 1 1 1 

Crittenden, c 1 4 

Qordon 2 3 

Totals 32 4 8 27 IS 1 

Score by Innings; 

Vancouver 1 1 — 2 

Tacoma 1 1 2 0—4 

Summary — Two-basa^ hits, Ludwlg. Neigh- 
bors, Scharnweber. iSacrlflce hits, Braahear, 
Scbarnweber, NIII, Lynoh. Bases on balls, 
off Stanfleld, S: off Gordon, t. Struck out, 
by Stanfleld. t; by Smith, 1; by Gordon. 4. 
Double plays, Ludwly To Cameron to I..ud- 
wtg; Gordon to Morae to Cameron; Klppert 
to Bra>hear: NIII to Morse to Cameron. 
Hit by pitcher, by Smith, Crittenden. Time 
one hour and fifty-five roidutea. Umpire, 
Van Haltren. 



▼tolorla aUM «^ WUuUp«nt«n of th» 
ir«w ir«*tl » »w at %mgn» tma. 9f- 

oiote Mm** noMf 

will b« held tMi avvnlliK at the PriBQ«. 
b«or«e at 8 p. m. and all clubP 
Interested In such a (ormatiuu aee 
aiked to have a det«f ate preaent at th* 
roeetlHg . ■ ' ^ 



AavtnOiaae Ooat^Oeat of Wiamtac Olyn- 

plo ■v&nniai' ■oaon— Bo Hot 

Vivas* *m CaaaAUa 

What Tomtny Dj^^dstle. who wjm 
one of Victoria** ttam In tbe Paclflc 
Cout hockey leaffuift, thinks of the 
fame's prospecfi In the weft Is Indi- 
cated In an Interview be {k4tI1 out In 
Winnipeg shortly aher his JUrival. He 
starts out bt saylns that New West' 
minster would l«ave won the Stanley 
Cup had It |r6Bi"h«eirT»T»ffliJ»l« To| 
that honor. 4n ttUa oaiwasMoa tamsHc-; 
ln»: • 

"Had New Westminster cone east 
and played the Ahelent «ity team for 
the Stanley -cup, I am c«rtjaln that the 
trophy would have found a place wttb 
the other silverware at the coast. Si'x 

city's first spring horse show, which 
win be held on May 2, 3 and ,4.. The 
management is taking this step at the 
earnoat solicitation of a large number 
of inland equestrians, and there is no 
doubt that these competitions will at- 
tract a particularly large entry. . 

There Is a Jumping contest for 
ladies, over four hurdles, performance 
only to count, for which a silver cup 
Is offered the winner, a silver medaj 
for ssconA, and a fcronse nieual for 
-third. This will be followed by a rid- 
ing competition for girls (novice), the 
awards for which are a cup and med- 
als. The boys under sixteen years 
have not been forgotten, a Jumping 
event having been arranged, for them. 
The successful one.3 will receive prlaes 
to the value of $10. $7, and J5. The 
last will be a combination class, in 
which kre hung up a cup and two 

7»moa« Xrleta Jnmpere 

During the paat few dayii' Secretary 
George Sangster has been receiving so 
many high class entries that he con- 
fidently expects the forthcoming show 
to measure up to the standard sef up 
by that which Is held hero in the tell 
during ekhtbition week. Among trie 
most notable of tho^e which came td 
hand yesterday were the famous Irish 
Jumpers recently brought to British 
olUmbla Irom the Old C^ountry and 
which are 4n charge of Mr. A. Doy)ie. 
who Is maktnf bis home at Vancouver, 

These beauti/ul animals have been 
shipped ifrom Oreat Britain to form the 
nucleus ol a thoroughbred stock fint) 
in this province, it being the opinion 
of their owners that the conditions are 
ntbre sultible 'here than anywhere else 
for the brewllnir of horses of- the re-^ 
quired Quality i^r entry In tbe Grand 
National and other well-known stee- 
plechases. Those coming to Victoria 
Include Shamrock, St. Johnson, Haw- 
«en,. America, Shea and Valentine. 
Their **'e reported to be as tine a Idt 
OS r0portad and their perform«itip^ are 
being looked forward to T>y enitivuMiaStB 
a« en* 'Of thv features of the event. 

When Dr Medd.^'of Victoria, return- 
ed from Calgary, where he Judged that 
city's .show, he stated that th^ horse- 
men of the prairies vrere much ta>h«n 
Oblumbla f^om the Old Cautttry Jind 
decided almost- to a man to oomfi to 

It is slated that although the Aus- 
tralian swimming teaun entered In the 
Olympic ^ames will be weak In some 
respects Its. overwhelming strength In 
all free style swima should make it 
possible to win the point tropliy 
against all comers. This ia an asser- 
tion made by Mr. Cecil Healy, apeak- 
Inj In behalf of the Commonwealth. 

With regard to the Americana Mr. 
Healy points out that they have made 
most of their records in short pools, 
wlilch cannot be compared with the 
marks established by William Long- 
worth, the all-round .Vustrallan c*iam- 
pion. pver straight away or 110-yard 
courses. He also tiuestlons the ability 
of Porry McCllllvray, Harry Hebner 
and Rlcliarcl I''rizell to cxjvoi- ilie "ceii- 
ttiry" under 57 seconds, since they 
were beaten by C. M. Uanlels last 
spring In 56 4-& seoond-s, and he seems 
particularly skeplical of Duke Kahan- 
anioku's speed, not even coneecilng hi in 
a chtiiiie in the 100-metre dash. As to 
the hellof held by outsider.s that i-htu 
AustruUnnsi wlU Ixr aftccteii Uy the 
northern ellnitttij' and the low temper- 
ature of llie- water, he laughs at the 
thought and says Anxprlcans are mucli 
more likely to suffer by the change. 
Fast Belay Team 
"William Longworth, Harold Hurd- 
wlck and LerfUe lioardman and -l will 
probably compote in the 8U0-metre re- 
\ay race. and_ wc have aver aged thl.-i 
season 'J minutes and 31 ' 1-5 second.^ 
over a 110-yard course, which, JudginK 
by past performances, is faster by a 
couple of seconds than any ofher <iuar- 
totte can do under similur conditions. 
Then Longworth and Hardy have tra- 
veled 100 yard.s strais'iitaway within' 
inches of each other in 56 1-6 seotmda, 
a world'.'^ record, which seems to make 
them e(iual favorHes for thu lOO-melre 
title. And all three, LongwortJh, Hardy 
and myself should have a chance in 
the 400 and 1,500 metre rices, for 
Beaurepaire defeated England's best 
distance men in their own waters, yet 
could not win in Australia on his re- 
turn. Longworth's mile record, too, is 
better than Battershy's world record, 
if we take conditions into considera- 
tion. We should score heavily l" all 
four of these events." 

Xfo Ta&ojr atrokes 
"Of our chances in fancy diving and 
in breast and backstroke Swimming wo 
do not feel very confident. Aleck Wick- 
ham ia a splendid diver and might 
place, but he may be unable to take 
the trip. E. G. Finlay is our best 
stroke man and may score, but he wiU 
hardly win, and In t-he back stroke 
race wc may not have an <HiUy at all. 
Still, the points in these events will be 

At-.t^f^A ..■., A.v^/^.>.«' u£ki'..ro1 tAAtrta »im\ 

when the totals are returned, our Hrsts, 
second.s and third.s in the free style 
swims may well place us" at the head 
of the list, for England is also weak 
in them. America and Germany will 
hardly tally in the distance races while 
F.rance and the other nations are 
neRllgible quantitcs." 

The complete overlooking by Healy 
of George Hodgson, of Canada, as a 
possibility In both the 400 and 1.500 

iii rf i f iii 

Victoria Team Players Indig- 
nant Because Tiieir Right to 
Play for People's Shield is 
Questioned— Make Proposal 

Victoria's ftootbajl , fraternity Is 

Juet after the last Victoria- Vancou- 
ver Thistle soccer match it was an- 
nounced that the former would chal- 
lenge for the people's shield, which is 
the symljol of the Canadian champion- 
ship, and the tournament for which is 
to be held in Winnipeg this summer. 
When the Victoria West eleven cap- 
lured the Vancouver Island simon 
pure amateur title it was stated by 
Iheir captaiu, Mr, Stanley ^kcli, that, 
lirovldlng the trip could be llnanc^d,- 
(hey would make a try for the Do- 
minion's highest honors. Then bhero 
was spread a report that the Victoria 
representative team, or the aggrega- 
tion which have l)een jokingly referred 
to as profossion^ils durins the season, 
could not lake part in the prairie com- 
petitions because at thi.-lr questionable 

This a.isertlon promises to re-open 
the long-standing dissatisfaction 

among many soccer, players with the 
British (•olumjji;,!. Amateur Athletic 
ITiilon. The team which has been 
dubbed the professionals is not so in 
thi; generally actepted sense of tlie 
term. They h!>ve bcon called that to 

amateurs. Tn point of fact they liuve 
never accepted or played for munev as 
individuals. They pl:iyod football 
for thi> lovp of it and have given some 
of the tinest exhibitions whlcli Vic- 
torians have had t,he opportunity .of 
witnessing. Therefore they claim the 
right to challenge for and to play for 
the people's shield. They assert also 
that they are on no different standin»f 
with respect to the amateur organiza- 
tion than are the 'Vancouver Thisties 
or the Nanaimo United loams, both of 
which are authentically reported to in- 
tend making a bid for the Canadian 

It is not believed that the effort to 
discredit the Victoria team emanates 
from the ofllciaila i»f the Victoria West 
soccer club or of any other amateur 
organization directly under the Juris- 
diction of the local branch of the B. C. 

questions have been asked come from 
unauthoritative sources end that nothins 
further will he heard. The fact that 
Victoria's team intends journeying to 
thu east, it is explained, does not in- 
terfere with Victoria West plans. 
IlT' it is the wish of the aniateuf i.sland 
champions one of the otticials of the 
local cluto volunteers to arrange for an 
fxniDicion match to necide which is 
the best, the issue to decide which 
sends in a challenge for • the shield. 
Should th« W<>Rt,s not care to line up 
In an encfosed area, and charge ad- 
mission, the ropresenitative Squad is 
satisfied to have the contest take place 
on some open ground. 

To Confi^ai^rs and TciiBrsters 

We have^just received a shipment oi 

Bain Dump Wagons 

Call an4 see them. 

■0. Prior Coi,l-td[. Ly. 


I ■ 1 1 1 . 



These Kaciiuets are made of the best Muallty 
selected P^ngllsh ash, naturally bent, and free from 
Xiaws,' and the gut is the beist imported and noted 
for Us life and drlyias_jio\vor. Prices from *10.00 to ga.oo ' 

We also have a large stock of .supplies; Nets, Bails, 
P5eese.s, Markers, Marking Tape and. Tennis Shoes. 
We make special prices to^ clubs. 

Peden Bros. 

990 dovarnmciiit Btract. 

Vbona 8lf. 


U. H. E. 

nil ■: 

S 13 7 






IV t. 




men or «even men aalile, it wouJ<(a'i t;t|,^'":^{Ji^rcoai^ 

Total* ,...,..;«# • I* JT- W '» 

•BMU4 ifbr kiMa la wHrentli. «*Ilctnd 

f»r Chiek li (wVMth. fBtttml tor .Jtoran 

have mattered. New 'V^eetmihftter bid 
a Kr«st team this seaaon. aiM I .thlftt 
they would hay«. )M4*eomethtinir on ^4 
Quebop CltA." '— • • ' 

aevardlnv ttaa BtaUmaata^ ^at VtwAJf 
aRd Lester Patrtok tfropQM. ^''ti^nAfi 
of money In <"»T*H»Mj»tti hoclWiy «t thfi 
coaaf TomiAy Ua lml« Jilk«pilc4l. 
"BverythlDx imm a««fiUit Ui« t>»trlacB 
.maklnc money In the flfit ibilM. Tbkt 
sr«te undfr a. vwjr ttivy (KpfwiMi 
fba j>MVl« had f 
Cmma. bd|3t at thiT t _. 

lOne ht the Victoria da««ball t«am'a 

i '' i II I i II I i< ■ ■ I, II iiihiaii. I ,11,11 11 iiib l * -M- 

metre aWlna la not to be wondered at, 
as he did not until a few months ago^ 
abow remarkable spaed, but be wilt be 
In the runnins, and tttia, added to the 
fact that Kahananitoku, of Hwtolulu, 
and ttratthiti of dorpany, are aprlnt- 
ing In wonderful form, m,oy somewhat 

Usseball KeHuttH 


vAivi-.A,rN i>, Ciii., Ap.rii io. — iiu» Aaj|eii^» 

broke Oakland's wlnn'tag streak today,' 

wrettlng from the locaUt b.v 4 to 'i the «ec- 

ond game the latter have lost thl» (k^uimmi. 

.Score— U, H. E. 

TjOb Angeles ..:... 4 fi :; 

Oakland 2 4 4 

Batteries — Tozer and Smith; I'aikln. Mar- 
tine and .Mltze. ^ 

LOS AN'CELEa. April IS.— 
■ Suore — 



Batt«rlea — Gray, and Carlton 
and Choclc Hart. 

PORTLA.NU, Ore., April IS.^ 
claco-Portland game postponed, 
League Stand Inic 


Oalcland i:t 

Vernon '• 

tiOR Angeles ' 

Sacramento A 

San Francisco 6 

PdrtJind - 

PITT&BURG, April IS,— - 


8t. Lotils 

. Batteries — Ilcndrix and Gibson ;Balle and 

At Kew York: New Tork-Brooklyn, wet 
* At Philadelphia . Boston - Philadelphia 
game postponei^, rain. « 

,'At ChlCKKO: Chlcaiio-Clnoinnatl opaning: 
irame postponed, rain. 

BT. LOUIS, AprH 18.— 
Bcore— ^' ^- *'• 

St. Louis ^ 10 « 

Chicago 1" 16 6 

Batteries — Nelson, Hamlltjon, Spencer and 
Krichell; Walsh and SuUlvah. 

All Other American League games post- 
poned, rain. 



ilte seleoted Tot TaelUaaMn'f »«w 

Some — ^Fropetty Well Adapted to 

the me«iiireBMata 

Bicycles - English Bicycles - Raleigh 


This is to certify that Raleigh Cycle is guaranteed 
against defects of manufacture as long as it shall re- 
main the property of the first retail purchaser. 

X t3|iliig i- a. 


1220 Broad Street 

Sole Agents 

The Baseball, Cricket, Tennis and 
Fishing Season 

Is here >.'o matter what your favorite pastime may be, we can equip 
you with anytliing In tlie Sportlhg Goods line. BASEBALL, aOOI>S. 
KODS, 'lI.NEs', baskets, lOTC, TISN-NIS— RACQUETS, BALl^, NBtS. 

ktc • 



Oimainltli. Xt«. 

IMl OoT Ww eat at. 


bunltar, >aBb aaA Doora alwaya in atock. We specialise In artlatlo 
front doors, steamed aluah, gralni flr, and Howard's Qaab. 


''^ '11 

> Si 

Vb«u» 77 

», O. 



H. K. 

Ti 1 
1 1 

„^ _ -_ uprct the. Australian Qalculatlona. 

ySTlTS^l- Thai Pfi ^if.«0rtS'i^^^4j«f:"f- ^ZZil ^^tr 
1. .«.ijtr.» ki., «t<. ^T.^.!^ u^^M-mM,iitA,i' '«•* SW*a« will rtirnlan a jrrtat' flffht for 
S hwl 7^ ^ ^*^^^*9f^/^j^t»rMmna\ aWmmtii* laur^ 

Two. Q( .th<||ie comlnff from AJ2>«$l|4 
ar« hmnMHOMt or t)ro^iii«tio« in i«r««(w 
tm ■<:»mik, mwwho wttitmpa -iukmti 

QritltK OotifrtiW*ns» who ffV* aAy of 
or t3^t thoTOt^Vtfin^ Onti f* Cotwiif A# 

Cadboro Bay ta the site selected by 
VlctoVla Yacht club officials for their 
new home. In every way adapted to 
their needs, except i^erhapa iii the niftt- 
ter. of nccessibliity, besides being ex- 
ceedingly beautiful, it is confidently 
believed that the organization with the* 
proposed club ,<i<iartei*», will prove CtA- 
ioently aatlBfactory; 
', And even the objectloit dted^ .H Is 
^ouglit, win be overcome ahortly' by 
ll^e cODStrnctloa of an extenelQti . of the 
B. O. Klectrlc raU'^'fty ay stem to the 
Way. One aera of }%iMl haa been. >«eoured 

^tn the match laat Mcht teilyeiii the 
ipoWR^an igpivef tttoent Co; '«« ^^Ji^jkijoile- 

be e«tt*»W«,t<r^ 01,^-^/^ V b«ftfl»» ■*»«» *^*1?»<W hlMl 4^- !*«>>. ava^^^ win be constni<!le<!i. 


Pritei will b« tt^veQ for^the 

b<Mt high loiuret #riig 

thi«'iiK»mi cC^. 

Ar^df Bowling 

f m 



rait at. 

1 a 

Tfie Next TMni to Flying 

»iit^ni forka, apring imam, ball 
beating .^aglne throudbottt, auto- 

airtftm >«n<i 



r ■" r "<•■■*'. Ji'*.*«»<W»«l»iifc,i«,i.)4tfci4.Mft;ofc>-.<h/'Jl t>ii<«*i*Wf 

' }«W; «f JjSKt^WPi' 

' #''Xf??i'l 


Friday, April 19, 10ia 



75fl rATfis sr. 

Still Without Your New Hat ? 

It may be that iur some reason or other you 
are still without your new hat. Well, our show is 
still the most exclusive and most extensive in 
town. We arranged our buying to ensure that it 
would be so all, the time. But remember, no ex- 
clusive prices. We want to do business. Bring the 
children, too. 

New Shirt Waists 

In Linen. Vestins^s and Lincncttc. Plain white and 
with fine pin stripes. All the newest styles and 
the best of the ojd ones. You will find your idea 
of a sensible stylish Shirt Waist among those on 
show tndav. I 'rices from S5.00 to ^l.!H) 

PHONE 1391 

Attractive House Dresses 

There is no reason in the world why your morning house dress should 
not be as daintv and attractive as your afternoon gown. That's what 
we thought when wc bought those we are showmg this week-end. 
Percales ginghams and other cotton materials of the most service- 
able kind in stripe and check designs of all shades. A great variety 
of pretty .styles and prices from $6.50 to ?1.5U 

More Prettp New Neckwear 


Embroidered Linen, 350 and • • • • ^ ■ • • • • ; • •_;•••■., JJ^ 

Plain Soft Linen. Soft Vesting and Silk With Silk Embroidery. .^^25^ 
Maltese Silk Scarves, real sdk Maltese lace. $3.00. .$2.50 an<l. . . .|2.00 

Maltese Silk Jabots •.-.• ••'• ..;pi.^& 

Real Irish Crochet Neckwear, comprising coat collars, yokes, labots and 

bows, prices from i? 12.00 to 


Ladies ' 

In Summer 


— s^ul s-ilk-- 

iti cotton • lisle 
-lisl&r- — without. 

Every Day Next Week 
Mrs. L. C. Redding, nationaUij re- 
nowned corsetiere, luill demonstrate 
the beaatij and perfection of the 

Modart Corset 


sleeves or with short sleeves, 
light or loose knees, $1.50, 
St.oo, 75c, 65c and 50^ 

Vests in fine gauze lisle, short 
or no sleeves, fancy lace 
trimmed yokes. Many styles 
to choose from. Sizes 32 to 
40. Our price 50f^ 

Vests in fine lisle thread, short 
or no sleeves, plain or fancy 
yokes. Drawers to matcli- 
with tiglit or loose knees. 
.Any three garments $i:00, or 

each 35^ 

This is very special value. 


Fine Cotton Hose with spliced 
heels and deep garter tops. 
In black, tan, cardinal, sky, 
or pink. Per pair 25<^ 

F:.~_ Ci-y,i-m. T icl» Mr>c#» cnlirpri 
heels and> wide lops. All 
colors. Plain, embroidered 
or lace styles. Per pair 50^ 

Children's flB 

We have a splendid range 
for school and dress wear and 

Silk Lisle in all shades and 



In the Fancy 
Work Depart- 
ment ji which 
are both 
Beautiful - 
and Useful 


The Lieutenant-Governor and 
Mrs. Paterson Entertain the 
Largest Gathering Ever At- 
tending a Ball in Victoria 


sizes, per pair 


ing shown here at half custom 
prices, in the Faultless Fitting 
"Dorothy Dodd" Shoe. For every 
occasion in all the fashionable 
fabrics and katliers. 

At Gordon's Ltd. 
Victoria's Ideal Store 


.Vnother shipment of fancy 
goods h^s just reached this de- 
partment and here arc some of 
the good things. 

Cushion Slips — Embroidered 
ready for use in beautiful 
colored silks. The slips are 
of grey linen, finished cord 
and scalloped edge. Splendid 
for camp, verandah or l)oat 
use. From $1.50 to... 50^ 

Laimdry Bags, ready embroid- 
ered, each $1.00 to 35^ 

Tea Cosies. \\'hite linen em- 
broidered in white and fin- 
ished with frill, ?i to 50^ 

Cushion Tops and Table Cen- 
tres, in punch work and 
rambler rose designs. Lace 
and fringe for finishing, 
$1.25 to 75< 

White Linen Centres, stamped 
desi«''ns for working, 18 to 3^1 
inch, $1.75 to 35^ 


For The First Time 


Hexagon Head Iron 


Iron Set Screws 

Star Expansion Shields 
Cold Pressed Nuts 


VHUdovlUe an<1 iilrturc prORi-ammp Fildny 
and Salur<lHy-"K«ne.'" thr IMu«trloui> von- 
trl!iiqul»»; "IluKo and Mtndoiim." Spanish 
HerciiadPi-s on thn harp and violin: "Mot lirr . 
and Dau^htfr*." Krtlsnn comedy rlrama: 
•The rroniM-ctor'n I^Kary," EJs»anay drama; 
"An American Count," Ivubln comedy. 

Majestic Theatre 

PrOBrnmm<? Friday and Suturday — "A 
llrpnollc Deteotlre," a great detective atory; 
"Her I»o.r," a story of Kentucky moon- 
slilneirs; "Th« Nurne." a Blrong dramatic 
picture; "Hot Stuff," niofpaphlc; "A Voice 
From «he Oeep," Blograph Comedy. 

Victoria Theatre 

Monday, April 22nd 

Klaw and Erlanger present their pre- 
eminent attraction direct from one 
year of triumph at David Belaaco^s 
Theatre, New York. 

Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm 

By Kate l.loiigles WlRsrln and Char- 
lotte Tliompson. Founded upon Kate 
DouRlfs Wlggln's famous Rebecca 

Prices 11.50, »1.00, 7r>f.', SOc. .Seats 
on Bale Friday, April lOtli. Mall orders 
now received. 

fin press 

The CMriete Jmhumm O^maaat 

In .9ens«Uoh«l Gsplolti 

Uich-wBter Mark In Miniirclw 


Arthur U Edwin F. 

, t<ateat Protean Com«dy -,*, 

NarrU lOitm waa B«asW CtOlmm 

, "llta Awful NlBhtmare" 
Arttatio lJ*nc«»~-Tun*ful MjjodiM 

Last evening at Government House 
Hi» Honor the Lieutenant Governor of 
Brltls-li Colunitafa and Mru. Paterson 
entertained some twelve hundred 
i<u«:h1.i at one ol Uie l(i.rcest and 
brllllaiu balla ever held at any tlnio 
In the ulBiory of the province. 

The beaullfiil old building wua 
abiaae with light and gay Indeefl waa 
t'ho bceni; as th« long train or guests 
were webionied by the kindest andmoal 
ho.'jpitublo of hosts and passed on to thf 
Bptuluua ballroom. U was a rcpresen- 
taUvo Kalherlng ot the beauty and 
fashion 'ht Victoria at Its best. Many 
exquialte costumes were worn, the 
wlilte goiwns of the debiitunte.>i mingling 
with the more bplcnUUl tol!eit"a of 
their mothers and slbtera. 

Mrs. Paterson looked very hand.'iome 
In 'a beautiful gown of yellow satin 
charmeuso faille, drap<;d with Macram* 
lace, with clusters of shaded ihyaclnlhs, 
lili'c- s:nd roses -oil? t^l^f^vA being en- 
tirely fanhlonod of rosett. With this worn a cou>t train of satin in \ha 
same shade. 

Mrs. W. J. Bowser looked very 
graceful and was much admired In the 
lovely gown of cloth ot gold which 
she wore recently on her presentation 
at the Court of ^t. J<ame«. Th is wa,s 
made in panicr elTect wTlfi a' I'hik 
square train, the bodice trimmed with 
chiffon and lace and the whole effec- 
tively llnlshod off with a black satin 
rose worn in the corsage. She wa;? 
accomparii«d by her niece, Miss Eunice 
Bowser, oi Vancouver, who wore pale 
Blue satin with a pearl overdress. 

Mrs. Koper was gowned in black 
velvet, made with a train, and relieved 
with beautiful lace. 

Mts. Gordon Hunter, looked very 
handsome In a mauve brocade princess 
gown, with a berthe of Battenberg 
lac-c, with knots of mauve and pink 
roses and trails of heattier, the cos- 
tume being completed by a square cut 

Mrs. J. A. Macdonald wa« gowned 
In pala blue ninon over satin, with 
pearl trimming. 

Mrr<. W. A. G«IIiher wore white 

.satin with an overdress of gold lace. 

Mr.?. "W. J. Macdonaid wore a h|»nd- 

sonie gown of pale grey brocade, made 

with a train and relieved with gold. 

Mrs. Riley was gowned in sea foam 
srrcen satin with a tunic of Bruges 

-Vniong tile dcihutant'-f, prosent wa.^ 
Miss Dorothy McGlllivray. of Vancou-- 
vpr, niece of Hon. Richard and Mrs. 
McBride. who looked ch<i.rmin.sf in soft 
white satin, made en prlncesse, with 
a tunic ot Iri.«h guipure lace appUqued 
with rose.s, trailing over the train of 
the gown and ending in a big white 
tttSfflel. Another pretty debutante was 
Miss ' Grace Monteith, daugliter of 
Mrs. J. W. Devlin or this city, who 
wore a simple girlish gown of soft 
blue satin with a peart overdrcBS. 

The music was provided by Miss 
Thain'H full orehcstra, which has sel- 
dom been heard to better advantaga 
Supper was iserved a'bout midnight in 
the diningroom and billiard room, af^r 
wKti\h dancing was coniinued until tlie 
early hours of the morning, when the 
strains of the National Anthem brought 
a memorable gathering to a close. 
The Invited guests were;' 

MlHM J. M. Allan, Mr. V. G. Aldou.s, 
Mr. .J. A. Aiknian. Kev. Mr. and Mrs. A. 
J. Stanley .\rd, Major and Mrs. Audaln. 
Mr. and Mrs. .1. W. .\mhery, Mr. and 
Mrp. C. L. Armstrong, Mrs. Atvvood, 
Kev. .Mr. and Mrs. and Miaa Baugh Al- 
len, Mr. Baugh Allen, 'Mrs. and the 
Misses J. Angus. Capt. J. Angus, Mr. 
and Mrs. Wm. Atkins, Mr. .T, Arbucklc, 
Mrs. G. H. Austin, Mrs. Annable, Mrs 
W. M. Allan, Mr. and Mrs. H. B. An- 
drews, the Misses Angu«, Miss EPHe 
Alexander, Mr. Mrs. and Miss F. J. 
Ai'mstrong. Mr. Mrs. and Miss Arbuth- 
not, Mr. a. E. Ambcry. Algerlne Ward- 
room Officer* 

W, Brm4«ti»v, ]!««• ■%. B«te. MIbbc* 
Gphmcron BroWii. If is* Ver« Betb^ane. 
Wrf. Wj «' P*r»»l<WV, Mr. Mr*, and Ml«8 

4. N^v«4 *«r»^i««fc. Mr». BUlkiock. 
f(r. 4ui m-4 j.'.0- B«,U(intln«, Mr. and 
Mrs. H. C. rirtwater, Mr. and Mrs. J. L. 
Beckwlth. Mr. *nd Mrfc H. C. Brlggs. 
Mr J. C. Barnftcle, Mr. Mrs. and Mian 
Butchart, Commander BrooWer, Mrs. 
£>otigUs B»irour. 

Mr«. F. Cole, Mr. Mr«. and Miss 
Crulcksnanka, Mr. vv. ti. <;orr«eid. Mr» 
.^ackenile Cleland, Mr. and Mrs. .John 
Cochrane, Mr. and Mrs. ^y. Chambers. 
Mr. and Mrs. Louis <'uppHjre, Mr. and 
Mrs. Granville Cuppagc. Kr. and Mrs 
Cecil Cookson, Mr. and Mrs. D. K. 
Campbell, Lady and Ihe Misses Crtase, 
Mr. L. Crease, Mr*, and Mrs. A. D. Crease 
Kev. \V. L. and Mrs. Clay. \U: and Mrs. 
M. B. Carlln, Kev. Gllb'.-rt an! M.s. Cook 
Mr. and Mrs. H. Croft, Mr, Mrs. and the 
Misses Cameron, MisH CrKiinine, .Mi-, 
and Mrs. Crotty, Mr. -Mrs. i.nU Misses 
C. T. Cross, Mrs. Cun^lUt, Mi. and Mr.x. 
Arthur Coles, Colhlt. ,D). and Mrs. 
Calvjcrt, Miss Cole, Mr. and' Mrs. U. )i. 
Chapman, ^Mrs. and Mlsn F." Came, Mr. 
and Mrs. J. W. Cliurch, Mr. .Mrs. and 
Miss Harvey Coombe. Capt. and Mrs. 
Coambc, Mr. and Mr-. Cowh;y, M!»" 
Chlsholra, Mr. and Mrs. J. F. H. Crowe, 
Mi-, and Mra. F. L, Crawfoi.d, Mrs. 
Campbell. Mr. W. L. Challoner, Miss 
Cran, Mlos Luey Collins, Mr. lind Mrs. 
Colpmnn, Mr. M. H. Cartwrljirht, Mr. 
Mrs. and Miss Carrier. Mr. and', Mrs. C. 
.\. Cornwall, Mrs. Harry Currie,, Mr.-*. J. 
J. .Colii-son, Mrs. (^ourtne^^^ Jl. r. 
•Courtney. M . i l. !■:. A. CqiWSImM^''- •-• 
Casey, U\sH G. (.•otswoitH^-'ilHKfSnilth 
Curtis, Misa Agnes Deans Ctimeron, 
Mlsa M. A. Cameron , Mr. K. K. Col- 
bournc, Mr. I. L. Caesar. Mr..E. f. Col- 
loy, Mr. C. H. Collisson. Lt.-Col. and 
Mrs. Currie. Mr. R. W. Cronipton, Mrs. 
iiiKl Mlsri I'rorkcr. 

Too Late to 

Com#r Unden Ave. Fairfield rd — 
HtttUllful lot 6!ixlT5. Kor quick. 

»al« would tocfpi |2«0«. Terms 
1-3 caih. balance 6, \i and II 
rtvn'hs. Brilish Canadian Momo 
Ilalldcrs, 3l:'-aiii Sayward Uldg. 
I'huno 1030. 

Vlrtucia >Ve«t Wa havo nevoral irnoa 

lol.s .It from ISOO to JHOO Trrma 

- II 1 tt»li, l>ulaii;-.j »-.'« PIT month. 
HrltUh Canadian lloni<> Hulldcra, 
3l;-,3J3 Suywaid UUltf. riionc 1030. 

TI..I1. Iv iinn aT- . ' >■ >^ ^Tn. .' Mr :\Trs. 
and Misses lid. Dickinson. -Mr. Nc>rman 
DIckinMon, Major and Mrs. Dupont,j Miss 
Dupont, Capt. and Miss Tyrwhitt r'rake, 
Miss F. Tyrwhitt D^-Ucc. Mr. MrsJ and 
Misses P. O. Dickinson, Very l^ov. iDean 
and Mrs. Doull, Dr. and Mrs. DO|neld. 
Mrs. G. J. Dunn. Mr. and Mrs. R. L. 
Drury, Mrs. Wm. Donald, Mr. and 'Mrs. 
11, W. Deans. Mr. C. Devonshire, Mr. 
L. E. Denham, Mrs. W. S. Drewry, the 
Misses Alan Dumblt-ton. Miss Merle 
Dennis, Mr. and Mrs. C. Bampfylde 
Daniell, Mr. G. W. B*mpfylde Daniell, 
Dr., Mrs. and Mlss'L. T. Davis, Mr. and 
Mrs. and Miss J. N. Devlin and Mlas 
Montelth, Mr. and Miss Dawson, Miss 
Dorothy Davis, Mr,.^, and Mrs. Nar'ler 
Denlaon, Mlse Elsie Dodwell, Mrs. J. C. 
Durlck, Mr. Mrs. and the Misses Frank 
Devereux, Miss Day, ,Mr. and Mrs. W. 
E. Ditchburn, Mr. and Mrs. T. Davis, 
Mr. and Mrs. AJec. tJ^yle. 

• Mr. EUa«, Mr. Klpiilnstone, Mr. Mrs. 
and Misses Ellison, Miss Elvery. Mrs. 
J. W. Ellis, Miss Marguerite Evans, 
Mrs. L. E. Erb. Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Ed- 
wards, Mr. and Mrs. ilerman ICrb, Mrs. 
and tlie Mi.sae.H Win. Fjaston, Mr. A; 
Easton, Mrs. C. M. Edwards, Mr. and 
Mrs. W. II. Ellis, Mr. Leslie lilllis, Mr. 
Emery, Mrs. .Vfilton Ed.mson, Mr. and 
Mrs. Victor Eliot, Mr. and Mrs. R. T. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. II. Fox, Mrs. Deans 
l''reeman. Dr. and Mrs. R. L. Eraser, 
Mr. and Mrs. H. Fleming, Mrs. artid Miss 
E. H. i'Mtzgerald, Mr. H. Fitzgerald, Mr. 
Mrs. and Miss Fort, Mr. and Mrs. H. M. 
l'"uIlerton, Mr. -J. A. I'^raser, Capt. and 
Mrs. I-'reeman, Capt. and Mrs. Foulkes, 
Mr. and Mrs. Fiumerfelt, Mr. Mrs. and 
Miss Thornton Fell, Mrs. E. Ferguson, 
Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher, Mr. A. Fletcher. 
Mr. and Mio. E. Frainptoii, Mrs. anu 
tl^e Misses M. L. Fennell, Mr. and Mrs. 
R. D. Flnlayson, Miss Foggo. Mr. and 
Mrs. B. N. Floyer, Mr. and Mrs. .lames 
Forman, Miss Eugenie I'^ox, Mr. and 
Mrs. H. Fall, Mr. Fall, Mr. and Mr.«i. 
W. W. Foster, Mr. D. C. Franw, Mr. I\ 
B. Freeland, Mr. Mrs. and Miss G. A. 
Eraser, Miss Fox, Mr. and Mrs. W. S. 
FreKer, Mr. and Mrs. .\'. F. Ferris, Mr. 
and Mrp. G. L. Foulke.s, Mr. and Mrs. A. 
F. Forbes, Mr. und Mrs. A. B. l'>a«er, 
Fifth Regt. Officers. 





Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Beaven. Mr. and 
Mrs. Robt. Beavert, Mr. an* Mrs. Ber- 
rldge, Mr. and Mrs. Frod. Bellby. Mr. B., 
D. Broughton, Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Bow- 
ser. Mr. Mrs. and Miss Frank Bowser.. 
Mrii. Baer. Mr. H. Berrldge, Mrs. Burge, 
Miss L. Brooker, .«Ir. and Mrs. Q. H. 
Barnard. Mr. and Mrs. F- S. Barnard, 
Mr. E. L. Bosbook. Mr. U. S. Bostock. 
«lr. and Miss BecKer, Mr. Mr*, ^tid iR(tjlHi> 
Blackwood. Mr. and Mr«. BowkeT, Mnt. 
end Mi.«s B. R. Brown. Mr. and Mr*. O, 
C. BurOlck, Mr. and Mrs. Burchell, Mrs. 
A. D. Briggs, Mr. and Mra. N. T. Bur- 
dlck, Mr. and Mrs. Bod well. Mr. and 
Mrs. Frank Benrtett, Mr. Mri", and MIh" 
Burrell, 'Mr. S. Burrell, Mr. and Mrs. 
I'\ C. L. Bieckettl ::^^r. and^i*. aftvln 


Che I^avorlts Comedian 

uimalt Sewerale 

A m|*tlAf oii»ta»w%y o#n«rB Jn «!». 
<iuiaMiit liiitrior |irt^i>» li*H *» z^imp.^ 



H. Burns, Mr,< and l^fs, 
W. J. and Mrs. ifowjjiir, iit, H. A. Brt>nti 
ley, Mr. and Mrs, Rup«rt Better, Miaa 
Boyle, Mr. Mrs; and Miss Bow«ra-Bun- 
nett, Mr. C. Bow^rB-Bunn«tt. Mr. K. 
Foley Bennett, Mr. and Mm. C, O. Blto^. 
Mr. and Mra. F. C. Barter, Mr. Mr a. and 
MlaacB J. Q. Brown, |^;;Si(lmuhd Buckle 
Mr. and Mra. R. E. Bt%it; Mr. and Mra. 
H. Sherldan-^ickeroi- M^. itod Mra^ V. 
J^ovUl, Dr. and M131. 'B^t^^i'lh^r. and 
Ufa. FlUharbert lllfitn««i. : Itr. Doudaa 
tHrtiM. Mr. W. 9. BUF^ Vtjr*. an« ^b« 
iplM aeo. B«r^ni, R«V. «n^ Uf a. Wm. 
ten; Mr. and Kra. A. S. B»rtop. Mr. 
A. '''JL Barton, Mn W. a Barton. Mies 
Batfle. Mr.„ Mid Hrn. C |k MtOVfttf 3f iaa 

Mr. Mrs. and >y^s Geo. Gillespie, 
I l^onald, Sholto, Dugald Gillespie, Mr. 
and Mrs. J. H. Gillespie, Mr. and Mrs. 
Al. Gillespie, Mr. Mrs.* and Miss J. H. 
Gray, Mrs. and Miss George, Mr. and 
Mrs. N. B. Greeley, Mr. and Mrji. M. A. 
Grainger, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph E. Grey, 
Mr. and Mrsf. Oarew Gibson, Mrs aiid 
Miss Gurd, Mr. Mrs. and Miss R. I', 
Green, Mr. and Mrs. C. N. Qowen, Mr. C. 
N. Gowen, jr., Mr.' and >Ils8 A. T. Gow- 
ard, Mr. and Mrs. B. G. Goward, Mr. 
and Mrs. H. A. Goward, Mr. Mrs. and 
the Misses Gaudln, Mr. Mrs. and Miss 
R. W'. Gibson, Mr. Jiiatlce and Mrs. 
Galllher, Mr. F. GalUher, Mr. and Mrs. 
Victor Gilmer, Mr. 'and Mrs. Lionel 
Guerney, Mr. attd Mrs. B. Grlerson, 
Rev. H. B. Grtiy. Mr-andMrs. Galletly, 
the Misses Galletly, Mr. and Mrs. L. A. 
Oenge, Dr. and Mrs: /i, OibTOn. Mra; 
and Mi«B J. A. Oraham, 'Mr. H. M. Gra- 
ham, Mr. H. Q. Garrett, Mr. Herbert 
Gray, Mr. \V- "■ Oo"»'P' W*"- a«»d Mrs. 
A. F. antfltlia, Capt and Mra. Oould, 
Mr. and »ir«. T. $• Gore, W- *nd Mrs. 
W~nf %irii6n. ItArthur Oore, ^p^ and Mrs. Wm. 

Mint «WWr»y Bootn. Mr. 11. ft 'Bi^tikton, 
iljr, jmd Hi*. '^Wi i|«*rt«*» Mfi, J«m.' 

^ -a^rX. .C. a »*i«li*Wt, Mr„iG, -^ 

arant. Mr. mnd Mr*.' Harold Grant, Mr. 
and Mrs. JB. H. Orltflths, Mr. and Mm. 
Andrew Gray, aklAi Qeprse, Mre. and 
the Mtaaes Gordon Or«nt, Mr. F. W. 
Qwinim, Mr." indnMr*. U O. Qamett. 
Mr. t,. H. CWktvett.' Mr, U)d Mrs. B. F. 
; Ounther, Mra. and Utaa Qi^>«. Mr. Joim 
Or^lc, tb» Itliwe* Qtmce. Mr. «sd MtrA. 
p. c.,ar*m, Mr. eijijl Mm. .^. a OtlJC* 
fltb, Mr:- Mrib^ wM th* Uimnm *u^ ^- 

Mr*. <Aif|k QtfUamt. 

j5 >jS.miS^c>nt«r aSd jii^isiitm 

Yal<< tit.. Oak Hay — 5-Knomed mod- 
•■111 biinijalow. i-i b.oi-k from car, 
beautifully flnlghcd. I-rko 14000. 
JilOO oaili. bal ini-o t2t> per monih. 
IJritlih I'miadliiii Home DuUrtcra, 
ai:'-ol6 Suyward iildg. Phono lOJO. 

ICduiontoii Hd., iiexi to comer of 
p'l'i iwciod. iil'.e l-vel lot. to x 
l;'".t; lhl.M IM a Knap at $ll:K'. 
'/'•■nii.x, l-;i i-.iHli. liiilamr 8. i'.' and 
IS nmiiili.'). Hrtllnh 1 ■u'lunllan Homo 
HuiiikrK. ;<1;!-31!> Snywaid UldB.. 
Plioiiff 1030. 

I>unle«y Ht. l^napa — AdioliiInK t'p- 
l:iiid» -Ml, have several fliio build- 
ing lolH, 60x115 to a lane, at 
fllBO; third cash, balance «. 1- 
ntrd IS iniiullin; hurry uji or you 
will lie too late. Urltlah Cana- 
dian llomn Itullf1«r«, 3I2-.116 Kay- 
wurd BldK-; phone 10,10. 

tjtanley Ave. — Beautiful modern 6- 
rooraod house olo«<. to Tort it. car. 
I'rlce $5000. Terms $750 caah, bal- 
ance ('. 12 and 18 months. Hrlilnh 
Canadian Home HuUders. S1--31S 
Sayward Jlldg. Phone 1030. 

Aral St., Hurlelth^-6-Hoomcd bunifa- 

low. bath and paatry; every con- 

Tcnlence, Includlutf full basement 

■" • Mrnacc, thoroughly modern. 

.jOO. JTerma 1760 caah, bnl- 

■ - atiy. uriiiKU Canadi-an jlonie 

Ku.iUerh, 3l:!-316 Sayward Bldjf. 

riione 1030. 

l*ln« St. and Herewnrd Rd. — isomer; 
108 feet on Pine St., und 1S7 feet 
on Rereward Rd.. suitable for fac- 
tory or store and cottages. Prko 
S.1,000, for one week only; terms, 
1-3 Cash, balance 6, 12 and 18 
months. British Canadian Homo .112-315 Sayward Bide. 

r-h..,,,.: io3o; ■""" "" ■ '^ ■ 

i"ul)-fleld — Staniiard Ave.. beautiful 
modern 8-roomed house with fur- 
niti-e and absolutely every > con- 
venience, oh lot 50 X 19:: racing 
ou two btreuis. Plenty of rouxii 10 . 
build another hou-». Price $6000. 
Terms $1,100 cash, balance month- 
ly. British Canadian Home Build- 
ers, 31:1-315 Sayward Uldg., Phon« 

Sound Investment — Purchase iharea 
In British Canadian llorae Build- 
ers, Ltd., -ivhlle you can at $1.10 
per share. In addition to profits 
from our bulldlnK depfirlmen't the 
Tteal Estate and Insuraino* depart- 
ments contribute to the dividends 
on Home Builders ahares. Send 
for prospectus It will lotereat you. 

Uon't forcet to call f«r tree Indexed 
Map of City. 


Real Estate Department. 
Member* Victoria Real Estate Ex- 
Agents:. Boral Insurance Company. 

Third Floor. Sayward Blda. 
Phnn« lOSO. 

Ernest Kennedy, Managing Director. 

I Cheap Buys 
Near Burnside 

Five high, level lots, 50x125, 
on Obed street, $750 each 
or $660 en bloc. Easy 

Two lots, Portage avenue, 
50x120 each. $800 each, 
balance to arrange. 

Si.x • lots, Albina street, 
50.X143. $700 each, one- 
third cash, balance 6, 12 
and 18 months. 

Grogan & Crook 

Phone 1865 
128 Pemberton Block 


For Shrewd Investors 

moomxra xovsa 

16 Rooms, new. up to date In 
every particular, hot' water 
heatlnir. 2 bathrooms, 2 toilets, 
full-siaed basement ■W'Uh cem- 
ent flioor. large dining room 
suitable for fftvlng I>oard. Lot 
Is 60X120, arid we are offering 
to sell lot and house for |9O00. 

Oak B*7 Jtyr.—SiOTMe com**- 
near RookUind *t<s.. with good 
hotis«, W« can deliver tWa 
for a ihwt tl*a« twt »»600. 

Oak »•» M/n^'c^t Ampiiioia-r-S^, 
•torMt, A mra mi>|iiiy tMMm" 
at t«*#». 

OMtUlt A««4««r. 1|«^"< 

iiK iKim 





" ■ ,> ■ 

l i M i l i JW. Ii " ' - '' .*" " 

m * m I I I ' - W I^.H. - I I I ff 


Friday, April 19, 1912 


Only A Few Lots Left in Our Hillside Subdivision 

A quick decision will be necessary to secure one of these choice investment lots 
in OUR HILLSIDE SUBDIVISION at present prices. If you do decide to 
buy one of these lots, you will make a SDund investment which will net you 
good profits in the near future. These lots are right in the path of develop- 
ments about to take place and will be in big demand at increased prices. 

Prices From $800 to $850 

TERMS 14 CASH, BALANCE 6, la, 18, 24 MONTHS. ™™|p 

Remember— That these lots are all close to the new Hillside car line and 
just outside the city limits. Every lot has a frontage of 5o feet and not one of 
them faces north. The lots are all cleared and level, having been under culti- 
vation. Four corner lots are included at these prices. 

Come in and get a marked plan now, and go out and judge for yourself. 

•ouwish. Thertll^g money in these lots for present 



CvDilMiad from Pace 10- 

r » T -n ^ _ 1 

WC Will LdrwC 


you. if you 



Sayward Block 

j j ^Sir -Pacific Coast I irc Juburar 
Members Victoria Real Estate Exchange 

Mr. Mrs. and Miss E. Hodniion, Mr. aii<i 
Mrs. C. J. Hearn. Mm. O, W. J^al■nel^. 
D,: lUynts, MliiB M. A. Hlslop. Mr. and 
Mrs. J. liliuon, Mr. ami Mis. Frunk 
lllggin-s, Mr. Mrti. ami Mtiis Jl. 1'. Hum- 
liiK. Mr. and Mrs, N. J. llopkiriB, Mlsa 
llawthornihvvaJte. Mr. and Mrs. J. 
i-Iunier, fJr. and Mrs. J. D. Huntwr, 
Dr. and -Mrs. Httsell, Mr. and Mrs. A. 
W. Harvey. Dr. and Mrs. Harper, Dr. 
Mrs. and Miss Hanlngton, Miss May 
Hjunlltion, Mr. and Mrs. \V. CuthU'rl 
Jlolmes. Mr. \V. Holmes, Mr. and Mrs. 
A. S. Iloaken, Mr. .1. .H. iluyward, Mr. 
an-il Mrs. Alfred Harvey, Mr. Mrs. and 
Miss John Hall, Mrs. M. Hamburger, 
.Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Hayward, Mr. and 
.Mrs. H. Hplmos, Mr. and Mrs. E. Hod- 
dur, Mr. rind Mr.s. Hnmlin, Mr. Mrs. and 
Miss Hjc-key, Col. and Mrs. IIolnuH, Mr 
and Mr.s. R T. Hill, Major and Mis. IC. 
«'. Hart. iii<H Slisses HumijlueyH, Major 
;uiil Mr.«. lUitton, Mlsa Hayne, Mr. Mrs. 
.ind MIns 1). K. Harris, Capt. .1. C. Har- 
ris, Jtev. C. AV. .iluuslit'in, Mr.s. \V. 11. 
Vjijj^jinf, Mr. »uid Mrs. J. Parker Hib- 
l,eu, Mr-s. and Miss Hills, Mrs. Harrap, 
Mr. nnd Mrs. G. A. U. Hall, Fleet 
Si;rKi:>on and Mrs. Home, Mi. aiul TVI.iS. 
Douglas Hallam. Mrs. A. .M ir.nvoll, 
.Mr. and Mr.-^. 1 :. ^^■. Hardk'. M • '.ar- 
ence Hoard, .Mr. and Mrs. G. iiuk», Dr. 
Gcorffe Hall, Miss Kdne Henry, Mrs. 
0,'i. iLivers, Mr. and Mrs. R. Hlncks, 
.M,~.s f. L. Halj!J.M^•.^B. C. Hall, Mr. X. 
_ -. "■"^■'^''^^■■•'■■■•*TBrrett. Harvey, 

Mrs. ^an'S'^^^ftWrif' 

i.;. Hall. Mr.J 
Mr. Mro.;|^:« 
Honour, tSrf'. 

Mr. and ^r».,3oifU!t^.tmH^^^^^» 



You will always be proud of it.. Dollar hv Dollar, wc can gi^c you beUer value 
vouf money See our new Self-Starter. It U impossible to tell you all about the Ovci- 
iand iu this space. Ask for a catalo.c;ue, or we will ^ive you a demonstration. 

THOS. PLIMLEY, 730 Yates, 727 - 733 Johnson St. 

"If vou L^et it at Plimley's, It's All Right" 


We offer lOO acres choice river frontage at Sahtlam for 

,^7.;oo, e 


asv terms. This snap is good for a few days only 


103-106 Pemberton Building. 



V.'e fur- Ltd. 
nlah funds 
for JiK'orDornt inn 
and I'ndorwrltn 

Pharcs In flrKl class 
Companies. 312 Hayward 
?ldK. Phone 1030. Offices: 
Van<:ouvor and I.."niI'Mi. ]'.ng. 

.raoUsonV Mrs. and Miss 3|[ 
Mia. O. M. Jones, ^'''' fltlwa i 
Jones, Mr. end Mrs. Rlctiarfl- Jcncs, 
Mr. and Mrs. and the Misses Geo. Uay, 
Mrs. and Miss R. Jesse, Mr. and Mra. 
H. A., Jesse, Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Jack- 
son, Mr. W. Foster Jones, Mr. and Mi'S. 
Percy James, Mr. Mrs. end Miss 
.TflniPS, Mlsa J, K. J ones, Mr. Mrs. and 
Miss E. M. Jolin.soii, Mr. and Mrs. J. 
Jardine, Mr. .N'aplcr (.;. Jossop, Miss 
Jesaop, Mill', anil .Mrs. Ct-o. C. John- 

.Mr. and Mrs. \V. II. C. Kirkbride, Mr. 
<ind Mrs. Klng'liam, Mr. and Mrs. 
isappi^le. Miss Keast, Mr. and Mrs. D. H. 
Ker, Mr. J. C M. Keith, MLss Kenneily, 
Mr. and Mrs. Klrk. Mrs. J. A. Kinloch, 
Mr. and Mrs. Krn»Kt K»nnpdy, nr. and 
Mrs. A. W. KennlnK. Mrs, F. B. Kitto, 
thf Ml.«ses KStto. Miss F. G. Kenny, Mr. 
J. Kc.v.s. Mrs. J. \V. Kelly, Mlsfi Kelly. 
Mr. K. \V. H. Kin.i;, Mrs. King:, Mr. 10. 
If. Kintr. Mr. Keeffr, .Miss Phyllis Kin;,'. 
A:r. :in.i Mrs. Herbert Kent, -Mr. M. A. 

Mr. and Mr.". .\. 1' l.uxton, 
Mi.s. Lewtliwaif . .Mi and Mrn. W". F. 
l.ovtdanci, Mr. and Mrs. J. \V. Lysle, Dr. 
I nnd Mr.". Loenliolm. -Mr. and Mrs. IjU- 
I bi!m. .Miss Luffrln. Mr. and Mrs. Little, 
j .\t'-. and Mrs. Simon l.-isor. Miss 
Lt^lser. Mrs, Max Lei^' :. u,-^s Lelacr, 
.M!-.M. A. Leonard, Mv.«. \\ . i.aneley, Mr. 
iind Mrs. .). M. Langlcy, .Mr. and Mrs. 
W. Langley, Mis.'s Lelich, Mr. and Mr.''. 
.1. .\. Lindsay, Mr. ;intl,Mr.'». W. M. Lftw- 
).nie, Mrs. K. M. Love, Mr. and Mrs. J. 
H. Lusconibe, Mrs. and the Misses Law- 
son, Mr. J. M. Lawson, Mr. and Mrs. 
H. G. Lawson. M^bb Muriel Lanjfley, 
Mr. and Mrs. Artiuir Lander, Miss IT. 
l.c-nr, Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Lamb, Mr. and 
Mrs. Ghas. Uunb, Mr. and Mrs. H. V. 
Langton, Miss LegK, Mr. and Mrs. Gny 
Langton, Dr. and Mrs. J. W. Lennox, 
Mr. and Mrs. G. O. Leaak, Mrs. and the 
Mi.s.Kps LovpH, Mr. ami Mrs. J. H. 
Laaindy, Mr. Lynne Laundy, Hon. K. 
Gore l.>aniBrton and Mrs. Lanpton, Mr. G. 
Oore Lanjfton, Mr. M. Gore I^ngton, 
Mr. and Mr.-*. J, C. A. Lonp. Miss Lonp. 
.Mr. and Mrs. G. .\. Liicos. Mr. I'. G. T. 

Liuc*», Major Bflthune Lindsay, C.R.C.K., 
Mr. and Mr*, K. W. Law, 'Mr. and "Mra. 
J. Murray Lay, Miss (;onnio L*-*-, Mr. 
Garnet LfO, Mr. C. l.oewenberg, Mr. and 
Mrs. Lontfluirst, Mr. and Mrs. H. !■'. 
Jjjiwrence, Mr. and Mrs. J. ^\■. Lysle. 
mihs Mci.'lure, Mr. and Mrs. A. W. 
McCurdy. Mr.. Mr.s. and Misses Mf- 
MicklnK, Mrs. and Misses McTHVlsh, 
Mr. Wm. McOarter, Mr. »nd Mrs. G. H. 
.McTavisli, Mrs^ AV. G. MoLartMi, Hon. 
R. and Mrs, MtBrlde, Mr. and Mrs. u. 
McMlcklng. Mr. and Mrs, McGaffey, 
Mr. and Mrs. E. M. McConnan, Mrs. L. 
.McKenzlt. Mr. and Mrs. .1. H. McKilli- 
fjan, Mr. C. .S. MoKUllKun. Mls-.^ Mc- 

Candllsh, Mr. and Mrs. M<."Plillllp«. 
Mr.s. McCalluni, .Mrs. and McCal- 
luni, Messrs. Ken. and Dlclt McCalluni, 
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. McGregor, Mrs. J. 
C. Mcintosh, Mr. and Mrs. K. id. ii€±Ca.v 
Mr. J. H. McIUree, Mr., .J.. Jl. Mclllrec, 
Mrs. and Ml.sii MoUroe, Dr. and Mrs. 
J. A. McArthur, Mlsa McQuade, Mi-. P. 
A. -Mctjuadf, 'MiaH Mc]'\irland, Mr. and 
Mr.<>. D. N. Mclntyrc, Mr, H. Ti. Mc- 
Iniyre, Mr. .L A. MoTavish, Mr. C. Mi> 
Tavlsh, Mr. and Mrs. D. D. McTavlsh, 
Mrs. McKonzlc, Miss Goalie McKen^io, 
Mr. and Mrs. D. B. McConnan, Mrs. 
Ales. M;-Donald. Misses MeLUnont, 
Mis; i. »ii;GiHivray, Mrs. V,'. J. Mc- 
McKiuii, .Mr. l;.,i yirKi'on, Mrs. 
and Miss A. j: i .• .^i^. and Mrs. 
McDiarmld. vmaasffig^seMi' 

Mr. and Mrs '' > ^' mn. Mr. and 
Mrs. K, C. Alu!. ) M .Mary MaHon, 

Mr. C. Dubois Mason, Mr- and Mrs, 
■ L. Marks, Mr.: Mr.-,. :md Miss H. A. S. 
Morley Drley, Mlas 

Money, ivii. -i.iio.i. „iui.vj,Mlss M«4ads- 
■iBjti -Capt and Mrs. MuBi(raye» Biav. and 
Mre. MfteflR,ae, Mr. Justice Martin, Mr. 
and Mrs, B. T. Martin, Mr. and Mrs. 
Alexis Martin, Mrs. aii' i -ca J. W. 
Mackay, Mr. ;ind Mrs. . Dr. and 

Mrs. Milne, .Mr. and .Mi.s. F. J. . Mac- 
..kBTizie, Rev., and .Mi-.-*. L. G.' Midler,: -Mr.. 


aon, >tr,j:^A;g|i|^^iS'«hd 

Jv>"an.T 7.Tr::. v. j^iaatici), Mr. and 

Mrs; J M i ra: and Miss P. Dun- 

das iUorelon, Mr., Mrs; and Missp.s 
Monleith, ■ Mr. Roger' 'MonteUh, Mr. 
Montfelth, Mr. J. j. Montelth, Mr., Mra. 
and MLss G. C. MeHher, Mr. and Miss 
J. G. .Man-. .\i i Lyttan Mare, Major 
and Mrti. c iuiiui; Mciss, Mr. and Mrs, 
C. C. Mloiiener, Mr. and Mrs. R. Mu.s- 
jjrave, Mr. Jack Mtisgravp, Mr.,' and 
Mrs. n. do M. McUin, Mrs. and F. 
Macrae, Mr. and Mr.s. J. .S. H. Matson, 
Miss E. Mooi;e, Major R. F. Moore, Mr. 
and Mrs. David Miller, Mr. J. A. Mit- 
chell, Mr. and Mrs. X. tl. Mitchell, Mr. 
and ]Mrs. Majier, Miss , .Jftesle Muri'ay, 
Major and Mrs. Mili»,' Major, Mr.", au'd 
Miss Mutter, Mr. .J,, I.slay _MuttciV-Mi:. 
and Mrs. AJlan Mutter, Mr. »nd Airs 
G. W. Mutter, Mlsa Mack) em. Mr. and ■ 
Mrs. Mllroy, Mr. 'au'Jd Mrs. H. A. Mat' 
lean. Mr. and Mi's, J, W. .MorrlS. Mr. 
K. C. Mayer.*^. Mr. and Mi-a. J. K. Mil- 
ler, Jilisses Mctrye, Mr. and Mrs. S. P. ^ 
.Mood.v. Mr. and Mrs. B. O. Mes.s. Miss 
Macmillan, Mrs.. Mackenzie, Mr.s. A. 
Mlddloton, Mrs. Mall lard. Misses Mac 
I,,...(i Mrs J. Mi?L. Muirhead, Mrs. 
Jl . : w- .) I .Mosby, Mr. and Mrs. 

T. JH. .\tunk. .Ur.'^. Moresby, Mr; Wm. 
Moresby, Mr. L.vnn Morris, Miss Mow- 
bray, Mis.? Maclean, Miss Montelth, 
Mr. J. .S. Montelth, Mr. A. D. Muskott, 
Mr. F. J. Marshall. Mr. and Mrs. Mil- 
man, Xfr. and Mrs, Mansftcld,' Mrs. 


7\Ir., and. Mrs. R. Xash; Mr., Mrs. and 
Mises ir IT. Xash, Mr. C. NeiU, Mrs. and 
Miss ,i. 1!. .Xason, Miss Newton, Miss 
L. Nelson, Mrs. and Dr. H. R. Nelson. 
Mr., Mrs. and Ml.'ss C. P. Napier, Jlrs. 
Napier. Mr. and Mrs. Norrlngton. Mrs. 
E. NlcolBon. Miss Nixon, Mr. J. E. New- 
man, Mr. and Mrs F. C. Nlvln, Mrs. 
Tliomas Nlrhoi, I.,ieut and Mrs. Nerout- 
sos. Mrs. H, P. NewUnc, Mr. R. W. Nix- 

Mr., 'SU!>. and Miss Ollphnnt, Mr. and 
Mr.'*. A\\ F. OUvor, Mr. and :Mr.«i. I'rank 
Oliver, Miss Harriet O'Brien, Miss "F. 
O'Brien, Mr. W. F. O'Reilly. Mr. H. P. 
O'Farrell, Mr. and Mjas F. T. O'Reilly. 
Continued on Pnife I<t, Col. I. 



2% Acres, with 3-rooin house on concrete founaa" 
lion, bath, water laid on, barn, chicken houses, etc.. 
all under cultivation, verv fine fruit iiccs, 2 5pring;s, 
splendid soil. ^ minutes from station. Cash $800, 
balance $300 yearly at 7 per cent. A ^reat bar- 
gain at ^ * 

4^ Acres, 8,000 strawberr\ , loii^anberry and rasp- 
berry plants, all under cultivation, plenty of water, 
3-roomed shack, garden tools, etc., Cash $800, $3CO 
Vcarly at 7 per cent. I'rice. . .'. . $4,5UU 

17 Acres, 14 acres cleared, splendid .soil. G-roomcd, 
house, good barn, chicken^ houses, etc. The 14 
acres are under lull cultivation. Only i-' mdcs 
from Victoria. Cash $3..5QO> balance to suit 

i;, • , ^ --^^S^ff-'- jpy^Wf" 

3 Acres, very light clearing. This land is situated on 
the Coldstream road, 3 minutes' w^alk from the sta- 
tion, water main runs on the edge of property. \\ lU 
-> „i^,^ace an iifetohicken ranch. Ca^li S.^00, balance 
^^lafa".. .P«a<^^iife!.>.acre, onl v :^OV\3 

l-jcre, only $500 


329 Pembert^.Bldg. Phone 228 





Struck At Last! 

The secret of the wonderful Herbs, Nature's own cure for asthma, influ- 
,.n-/:a. pneumonia and bronchia! couKhs. Why wait until the pric« advance.^, 
when a guaranteed cure awaits at your d^>in-. Saved after years of 
suffering'. Skeptical people call on him ai^ hear the wonderful resailt of 


Note Address— 1041 CoUinson St. 

Read his Letter:— 

1270 iludlund .-\vo., 

January 21 at, 1910. 

Xnif ..r,^ tr*/.V-- 

Dear Hlr — U slvcs mt mUch pleftauTe- to- inx-alc a few words in favor 
of vour medicine. I mlKht .say that X had been a sufferer from .fcUon- 
Chltl" and Astlima for .-.d-xteen years and the attacks were so had at times 
that thev caused mv neck to .-.well. During that time T spent a larRe sum 
for doctors' advice and medicine, but got na relief, but since I havi> started 
uslnK your medicine I have improved wonderfully and feef quite sure that 
T shall be capipieiely .cured .wlliiiii a very short time, and vc^n\d g'adly 
1 ccommfnd it' to all who euffer from the ."lame cause. 

I rfm^in, 

Grati'f uliy yi)Ur.>», 
, ' ' A. XFWBKRRY. 

F. J. Flt^patrlck, Victoria. B. C: 

• On iieaiSiig that TQur Indian Herb wo^Ud "i.r- A"thma- after aomo 
time I decided to rIvc it a trial. After trying so many things and all - 
failed to cure, 1 had comm«nce<l to think there could be no cure for 
Asthma but after taking two bottles of Hie Indian Herb, 1 commenced 
"to fret better and kept on taking it for two months, at the end of this time' 
1 was curfrd. It is .seven months now since I stopped taking it and I 
liaveii't had any sign <if Asthma since. T have been troubled with Asthma 
for a grpal m«ny years and n<»v..r -vpe.ned to get cured. A million 

thanks to the Indian Herb. 


301 Yates Street. , 

Five More Cases of "Proper Clothes'* Suits Arrived This Week 
and Have Been Placed in Stock for a Big Saturday Selling 

U„. .™„ myTHES VALUES a. ,<ee,„.>....s..^.^^ J^f S:r;^'r^;3.::;:^.o.oo a„. ,.5.00 

Scotch Banncckburn Tweeds, bluc-sraj ..ul Mnpe.l ,xo Ml bine serge, a a ^^^^^^ ^^ .^_^ ^^^^ ^^^^^^^ ^_^^l _._ _^.. ^^_^^ .,„^,„^ 

You'll pay fro.n S..50 10 W^™,?,'-"' ™';:'- =';;;;," ''j J',,;. ' ^e :,-■" 1 "° values Ren,e„,l,cr wc will Lvc >-,.u n„.nc.v, besides 5 
,.an-t beat tbcn, anywhere m Cauada. Thnik ,t o>c.. Dou t ^K'- ^ > ^^' S -^ |,„„-cr-vou are entitled U. it. ■■^■■."■ll like n„r elothcs"-Rgcl 

besides i;i\iny- \ on the best ?Torc .service 

Our Hat 

Comprises Only Lead- 
ing Lines From the 
Best Hat Makers of 
the World 

There i.s not a style or .shape 
vou can ask for that wfe hkve not 
got in stock in all th.e new colofsi. 
Wc .specialize at $3, $3,50 and 
$4.00. and consider our values a 
liitlc better than you can get else- 

Our Straws and Panamas are 
here. Don't buy one till you sec 








i ■*. .- 


For Men and Young Men. 

Vc'v'cr before have we sliowii .smii a.s- 
,'-iirlnicnt<; i>f .s\va}.;i:;er fiirni.'^hiii';-^ as for 
tliis .spring;. Our Shirts, Hosiery, .\cck- 
vvear. Collars, Handkerchicis. Tntlerwcar, 
etc.. are excellent values and are made up 
in exclusive u^i? styles. Come in tomor- 
row and see them. 

: 'f 

The Styles Are Very Smprt 

Dent Gloves 

In Celtic. tH" and chamois, extra 
\ allies, per pair $1.00 

L^adies' White Kid C.h.ives, 2- 
buUon ; special $1.25 

Ladies" T^.; Dogskin and drey 
."^uede, per pair $1.50 and $1.75 

Dents* and Perrin's Gloves for 
men, in tan dogskin, with 
regular and cadet fingers; 
special per pair, $1 and $x.Sft 

Men'3 Dents Chamois Gloves in 
yellow, light and dftr|c t§it and 

Dent's fine Kid m4. 
\ Gl©ve»,i: 

- - - * • ■ ,./^ 

' ' m 

811-813 GOVERN»fii>t¥ STREET, OPPOSITE P. O. 





Friday, April 19, 1912 


Oak Bay 

Mitchell Street, 58x122, oak treea. One-thlrd ca«h. balanc* I, 


• ••••• • •l.i*-J — 

i'£ anu IB ritvuioB: x-ituo ■>' 

Victoria West 

Seven-room modern dwelling: and lot DOxiaO, close to Cralg- 
flower Hoad. 1-4 caah. balance arranged to suit purchaser. 
Frii;o ?5000 

Mitchell Street 

Oak Bay, 1 lot 83x120, In th« best part, not far from Oak 
Bay Avenue. One-Quarter cash, balance 6, 12 and 18 
months. Price l|HOOO 

Near Oak Bay Ave. 

powlchan Street, 1 lot. running- tlirous!-. 
Size E0X113. 1-3 cash. Prico ■ 

to HuUon Street. 

Richmond Avenue 

t; to Oak Bay Avenue, 2 lots each 48x100. 1-3 cash, bal- 
auee 1 una 2 years. Prtcccach iJtlSOO 

B. C. Land and Investment Agency Limited 


Money To Loan 

1 have $100,000 to loan on mortgage or for the pur- 
chase of agreements for sale. What have you to offer? 





PEJiBERf fflM M 



Only Four Left 


This is positivelv the last opportunity to buy one of these lots at ilic ground floor prices. 
Over three hundred' lots already sold to investors and home-builders within the past two months. 
Subdivjsion has a frontage on Lansdowne Road, where street car service will soon be in opera- 
tion aifd is within a mile and a half from the city hall. These four within a block and a half 
from Lansdowne Road. Ten sold yesterday. 

Prices $700 

Terms lo per cent, cash, balance $50 quarterly. 



52 X 124. Two lots each 52 x 124 with 
'frontage on two streets. Block and a half 
from Oak Bay avenue: no rock; 'few trees. 



50 X 126. Beautiful building site, 
the avenue; clear, no rock. 


Fire Insurance Written, 
Phone 1076 

Sole Agent 

1 1 12 Broad Street 

P. O. Box 428 

Member Victoria Real Estate Exchange 


-^J CAjlxXwd 

GOVERNMENT AND NL\GARA, splendid apartment site. Price for few days ... $8,500 

CLOSE TO DALLAS ROAD, large six-roomed house, fully modern, three open fire places, 

stone foundation, etc. Ori terms. Price $5,750 

REVENUE PRODUCER — Apartment house netting $420 monthly, very centrally located: 

Only. $9,500 to handle, balance arranged. 
CLOSE TO DOUGLAS CAR, on Cloverdale Ilill, new 7-room house, four down, three up;. 

concrete foundation, piped for furnace, dining room beamed and panelled; plate rail, etc. 

On large lot. Price on terms . .^ '• $4,000 

GORGE — Two large lots, fenced, and chicken house, etc., on terms. One at $800 and $1150 

AIvo von Alvensleben, Ltd. 

P. O. Box 618 

Members Victoria Real Estate Exchange. 
636 View Street- 


Phone 2441; 




* i.OOO; 



acres 2 3-4 miles from. Cliy Hull, small house, fine orchard, 
a streets: a splendid subdivision; and the price H.uOO an acre. 

ink of this— 30 acres for $8,000, about miles out: timbered. 

3 acres rock, rest good land. Easy terms. 

1-2 acres Holland Ave., all cleared, good land, near car line. 
1-4 cash, balance ^, - and 3 yeare. 

acres Wilkinson Rd., cleared, good land; fine view: near new car 

JLuOO an acre. 

ANTED A mortgage for $3,200 on house near Higli School, 

North West Real Estate 

Members of Victoria Real Estate Exchange 
'^ -., ^40 751 Yates Street 

V > Another Snap 

Til? pitM .• (if Uiiiil fiontinK on the Gorgre that wc advertised yesterday 
Is .sold. 
There i.« anotlirr ono. Two 40ft. lota on Oorgc, 2!)0ft. deep, each fSSOO 

Or wc can deliver the two for ^6000 

One-tlilrd carfh, balance 1 and 2 years. 

Members Victoria Real Estate Excbangs. 

■ayward Block, OroTisd Floor. 

piioa* ate4. 

Some Good 

Foul Bay, 6-room house, lot oO 
xl2a. One-third cash ..j^.'>250 

North Park, in half-mile circle, 
S-room h<»u£.e, lot S0xl40. Ca!«h 
$2000. Price jp6750 

Dominion Rrxid, good 6-room 
house witli lot l-!lx200, just off 
Gorge car. $1000 cash. Price 
only 93600 

Hillside Avenue, 5 large rooma, 
modern. I^rice ^GOOO 

Adelaide Road, second lot from 
car line, good 5-room house, lot 
50.X120. $500 cash. Price St^S.'OO 

B. C. Sales Go. 

1418 GOTEBiracEsrr stxszt. 

Phone 268a 


Foal Bay — Hoeibwooil A\eunp . ."i- 
roomed bniiKulow, full liascnicnt, 
modern: toon i-ash, bal, arranned. 
Price »3.«>»0 

Manrhmter St., .lust off BurnBldc. lot 
eoxl&o. whh 5-roomed h<>u»«>. 
modern f»,750 

1 0*k Bay — Lovely llttlo home, up-to- 

■ dnte In every respect; JSOO caah. 

bol cany. Close to car and school. 

price »*-3»« 

ITOHI Bay— Cl0B«< to una. 7-roompcl 
noua«, modern In every detail; 
$1,000 cB'iih. bal. arrshiKpd. . .W,500 

Have hou«e» and vacant lota In all 
parts of the olty. Write or call tor 


Five-room' house on Alder 
street, $350 handles this. 
Price $2,300. 

Sbawnifcan lj»ke waterfront laud, 
nearly two acres, wost alJe, op- 
posite Strathcona Hotel, six-room 
house; fine horaeslte. Terms easy. 
I'rlco only S2,r»00 

VU^^-.rla Helirhts. largo corner lot. 
Six 1.11'. I'rlce fl,o76 

Another on same street, 81x130. 
rrloo $t,275 

Splendid Home In Fairfield, olght 
rooms. tdUy modern, includln« 
furnHce. lot 50x102. If you ait 
(Hilrklv you can pos.^esa this fine 
homo 'for »«,»M)0, with only $1,700 

»iv Seven-room Hoii«e, twelve min- 
utes walk from City Hall. Ymir 
op;!ortunlty to secure a real home. 
On terms, only W,«00 

/tmold Street, two fjne level, frrasay 
lots, 60xl:0. Terms. Each $1,250 

Inside Mile Circle 


Special Sale 

of a new 5-room bungalow just been com- 
pleted and newly furnished, owner leaving 
town. Price $4,750, v.ith only $1,500 cash and 
balance over 2 years. 

Exclusive Agent. 

A. von Girsewald 

Phone 2976 

Fort Street 


Cooknuui Street, between St. Patrick and Transit Streets, 43x120, $250 

cash, tmlance $50 (luarterly i|t050 

Victoria Avenue, comer lot 52x100, $300 cash, balance 6, 12, and IS 

months 1|(1060 

Burna Street, 3 line lots, each 50 feet, 13 casii, balance G, 12 

and IS month.H .7 , :|(1050 

Hampshire &oad South, 50x180 to lane, $500 cash, halance 6, 13 and 18 

months )^14T5 

Double Comer Hampehlre Boad and McXTeU Avenue, '96x115 to lane, $860 

cash, balance 6, 12 and 18 months 1^2600 

Brubaker & Meharey 

Real Estate and Insurance 

Members Victoria Real Estate Exchange 


1300 DoiiKlaa St. 

rhune 2075. 

Niagara Street 

Near Dallas Road, 3 lots 44-^165. Price, 
eacli $10,000. 


Members Victoria Real Estate Exchange. 
118-1x9 Pemberton Block 

100 Acres first class land, close to railway at Metchosln. One-third caah, 
balance to be a.rrangcd. Per acre • ■ • ^135 

9 1-2 Acre tracts at Saanlchton. frontinjr on two roads. Splendid ■oil. 
near new tram line, and V. & S. Railway. $2000 cash, halance to be 
arranged. Each ipfiOOO 

100 Acres logged ofT land, half-mile from Shawniean Lake, one mile from 
new Canadian Northern Rellway station, ig<K>d •oil, excellent foa* fruit 
$2000 cash, balance 1 and 2 years. Per acre, only ^90 

A. W. Bridgman 

« IMI Govt. it. 

ittU Salat* LoMU laeorMice 

Rutley & Smith 

Real Estate, Insurance 
PHone 2278 854 Yates St. 


'VMM »»M. "" ^"•'•» "*• 

itee Mire. Burnelde Hoed, neer Alpha St.! 

.l^ll4»SIS: ••■••OS third cwh^ ,/««,, 
rSfUtm BwraeWe »nd Alpha St., lot Wo. IZ, 

ll^fii; third caeli. 
t^inwr Bumelde ami Atpha St., • Jele. | 

•IM ttlRll*; M,BO«; third c«»U. 

Are You Looking 

For a five or six roomed modern 
hunKalow in a desirable locality 
at a moderate price and on easy 
terms of payment. W« can show 
you some barf&lns. Let us help 
you get located. 

Welch Bros. & Co. 


A Close in Home 
Princess Avenue 

Near the corner of Chamb- 
er.'*; good lot and 5-room 
cottage, riiodern conveni- 
ences, close to car and 
George Jay school. 

PRICE ONLY $3,500 

Terms $1,050 cash and the 
balance only $25 per month 
including interest at 7 per 
cent, per annum. A .smaller 
cash paymerif 7can Wt air- 
ranged if necessary. 

Heinekey S-Sliaw 

"The Home Finders" 
319-330 Sayward Building 

Halt Acre Blocks 

.'\t Sidney, all cleared, good soil, and immediately adjacent 

^o Electric car. , ~" 

$400 EACH. 

C. F. de Sails. Roberts & Co.. Ltd. 

Members Real Estate Exchange 
ITaynes Blk., Fort St. 

Phone 856 


Members Victoria Stock and Real Estate Exchange. 
101-2 Pemberton Bldg., Victoria Fifth St., Stewart, B. C 

I '' " I II 




H-ayne & Wilkinson 



P. O. rB<u 6a 

htlh— M». iiliiiilli 

') ' .."., ' 1 'lii J..^ I II ■ !" ! " *• 


(irHBt Street — ClOMt ro new Blgh 
School ttte! modern 7-room hotli^ 
on pfopcrty, 100x145. 1-3 ca»h, 
balance easy $•,♦•• 

Ruck Bay Ave. — Near Bay fit, €- 
room hou»e, lot 40x180; revcnu* 
%2i per mouth; 1-S ca«h, balance 
I and 2 year* f4,»t8 

Arm.. 8f .. corae* M l^lMIc At».-> 

Splendid lot 60Xlio^i,>S cai^. bal- 
•nc* eaay. '....., ft»W0 

BonMiid* K«ad— 1-1 of aa 9ibr% XtVx 
311; wilt aubdlvid*} t<4 oasti. lOfi' 
ance «, It and II Utontta.. 

Catnwall M., b«w Oallt«0i£» lnai|u>- 

10 w; hattn^iiMl " fl»*m "WP^i Ar^ 
plac*, beaanA. aa4' ywWtllafl, WM< 
maat bMHOiMML Ut aaHu fcaliwMi 

Iglaa« IM.— OiMki l^el lat, IfkHM 

i>i «m1iv bafanoa *a«y. .^.f. Iti^ 

ill I I [I ii'/iilli' ii,«» ll'''!* »|l I ^f*mJrtm(mkl III I) I U—tltiy 


$215 per nic*^. 

We have •■•n etumtftH^mA f 'Wf*wi 
gain Jn a ftni;;-«l^Mt lhfe^^Hiil^^^ 

way and «Ml llMijNi «iMt -0 

oDd^r <»»pv»tf -""' ■- —'■- ■ -' '■' 

ftr9^<tt!«t« tlim 

*«** m^,, 

injN. JtA 






■ ■iii. ^ . _^ _ ^ i ^^^^^^^ - ^ iii yMj * ^ ■L..A '" 

Friday, ApHI 19. 1912 





A Gowichan Home 

Only 3 miles from Duncan, on permanent creek of water, near station on Cow- 
irha'n lake railway. Six-roomed house, lo acres land, 6 acres cultivated, good gar- 
den, asparagus bed, orchard, etc., balance of land pasture, barn, stables, poultry 
houses and other outbuildings. 

Price $5,500~Terins 


Tclcplionc 30 

620 Fort Street, A'ictoria, B. C, 
Members Victoria Real Estate Exchange 

Established 1890 



Richmond and Taylor Sts. 

Jiouse, 3 -bedrapi^lii^e 
liss pantry aneP^Q^^^^Full 

Price $6,500 

pantry an(i"creiK^-«P'ua size basement, cement floor, lot 

TcA ' ma t e ^ti^ jnit-^:iiH' 


■^^'^if^v^^Sii^^t^ >:-:(' 


Corner Langley and Broughton Streets. .^.,^^, 


Phone 1518 



2j;i. Price 


XVnWS STREET, 1 lot r,flxl2S. 

Price 91"0 


Price """'O 

PIPUK street, 2 lots 50x1 2S. 

>Price 91500 

BEX.Z.S ROAD, .2 lots 60x151. 
Price .,......•.••• i- '•• -'l-SO 

TERMS: One-third, balance G, 12, IS months at 7 per cent. 

1 lot n7x 

,.,.;,„, 91900 

QVADBA STREET, 1 lot -ir.xi;!'!. 

rriro 92500 

HAMPSHIRE ROAD, 7 lots iiOx 

1-..^ ?1400 


Corner Fort and Douglas Sts. 
Manuf^'-tiirers Life Insurance Company 
(Members of Victoria Real Estate Exchange.) 

Phone 2612 

A ^~ 

«ll LO A V 


Near Beacon Hill Park 

Between May and Dallas. 
Three brand new bungalow, on lots 47>:i^5 eaclu Owner will 
■ <=ell at a sacrifice to clear. Pncc for the three $16,000. One- 
litih cash, balance pn long terms. 


403-404 Sayward Block Telephone 2772 

■ r.ranch •, Duncan, \. 1. 

Lots Left In 

Gorge View 


(Kcr A(ldilion) 

and we have been instructen 
to dispose of them quickly 
at the original prices of 

$750 to $900 

. On very easy terms 
^lake vuur choice at once. 


Will introduce something new. Keep 
voiir eyes open for it. 



MAN & CO. 

(Iciicral Agents, 1212 Broad 
Victoria, B. C. 

Btaanard Av«nue, sizr; r.Oxr:o. 

PrR.,, fiaso 

Stannard Avenue, sl/.o r.nxlST. 

j.ricf J|H60<) 

Orahame Street. bpUvecn B«i.v uivl 

Kingf^. Price jpt360 

Davie Street, two giHfsy loL.^. 

slzf! CiOxlOJ em.b. Price $^2850 
Central and OUTer; double cw- 

ner, lOSxlHO. Price ...fZ.'OO 
SutleJ Street, nnar Cook, lVxl::r.. 

n-ke r-i»00 

Queen City Realty 

J. ^ jLskland and A. t. yrootor 
«al«p)ioa* 8774, 1413 Doaglaa St. 

This fine business corner 
on Pandora street, 54-6 x 

PRICE ?15,000 
Good terms. 

J. F. Belbin 

Office Phone* 11««. RM- n-ttU. 
•It dsntedMat M., Ttotmn*. 

For Sale 



Price Jt$20,000 

Very Easy Terms 


Tvistings .of_ lots in 
Xorth End, Oak Bay 
and Fairfield Districts. 

John T. Reid 

.Member noal Kstate Kxchftn^re 
519 Bayward Bldtf. PUone asSO. 


643 View Street, Phone 2307 



"We call your attention lo ono 
ot the best buys tliat can bo 
made around Victoria. On 

Oorge Road, right close to tbn 
arm, 129 feet frontage liy 2.15 
feet rieiJlJi. SOU ih rto. i ana in 
fine condition. To the party 
wantlHB a lovely homo site let 
us show this. On easy terms 



MS raadora 

Prince Qeor»e Hotel Block. 

A Fine ^ 

On Two Lq<&, 100x120 

Monterey Avenue, North 
Oak Bay. 

Tlie ha.s seven 
rooms with all .sorts of 
bnilt-iiu furniture. The base- 
jnent 1.4 fJoored and contains 
a hot-air furnace, the whole 
making a very fine high- 
class residence. The price 
for all this is $7,000, on 
lenns. To vicw.a^^y tO- — ; 


Oak Bur ^file^i Office 

2056 6& BtV**vi 

Phone Fi6o5 

C^owichan x5ay 


20 acres, good farm land, partly cleared. 
Terms. $100 per acre. Also 10-acre blocks, 
commanding good view of water, $1,000 
per block, easy terms. 

Members Victoria Stock Exchange 

I^Iembers Victoria Real Estate Exchange 

ir McCallura Block P^^onc 766 

Linden Avenue 

New -7-room house, just completed, situate be- 
tween Faithful street and Dallas road. Well finished, 
all modern conveniences. Price, $7,500— terms 

Cambridge Street 

Lot 50x132, close to park and beach, just off car line. 
Price $2,100 — terms. 

Grant & Lineham 

^^^^^^^ boo J aic,^ Ml Cv ., 

P.O. Box 307 Phone 664 

Fire Insurance Written 

A Good Home In Fine Locality 

e owner is leaving town, he will sell his new modern liouse, four bedrooms, three sitting rooms, with' 

Lot 60x120. He will also dispose of hi|ti^raiture;at very reasoaabk.prices. 

all^nveniences, and garage. 

The price is $7,500. For further particulars, apply 


Manager Branch Office of Great West Life 
P. O. Box 167 



Real Estate. Insurance and Financial Agent 

1205 Broad Street, Next to Colonist Office 


90 Acres, adjacent to Saanichton. 
' Further particulars, aj^ly to 


Members ot Ui« Ke*l E«tAt« Kxcn*n»« 

jooa Brord 8tr««t 

Tlctorla, B.C. 


BEAUTIFUL HOMESITE— Lot 62 by nearly 200 feet, Gon- 
zales avenue, one block from Oak Bay car line. South ex- 
posure, looking down Vicioria avenue. Easy terms. 
Price ; ?2'250 


Beautiful Garden Gity 


Ouartcr-acre blocks. Take a 1«/k. Our A.ito at your servke. 

Prices $300 to $600 

ONE-QUARTER ACRE, Hollywood Park $1,500 

GOVirRNMENT STREET, 60 x 120 $65,000 

THREE \CRES, Portage Inlet, beautiful buildiog site, 337 
feet waierfrontage, $2,500 will handle it. balance arrang^ 
Price ^^'*^ 

McPherson & Fullerton Bros. 

618 Trounce Avenue, Victoria Phone 1888 


REAL/ LbfAT-b AinD 1i\ V t^olAiiiiN io — uNov^JxAiW^i-. 

- ■ 1^'irc, Life and Accident 

Rooms S-7-9-11 Mahon Bldg. Victoria, B. C 

Phone 1462 

Members '\'ictoria Real }%^lale Exchange. 

Best Buy in City 

Jobnion Bt., between Douglas 
and Blanchard. 60x120. Price 
for 3 days only. $700 per front 
foot. Good terms. Apply 


eao BrouibtoB Bt., F««b«r»oaBUt 
rboB* 850S. 

All kinds of Insurance written. 


1 lot only, 50 x 120, in this 
choice location, at $2750, 
on easy terms. 


Room 10, Mahon Block 
P. O. Box 786 Phone 111» 

Money to Loan 

I have a small amount to place on first mortgage; 8 per 
cent, wanted. 

Phone 304, 


704 Fort Street, corner Douglas 

Less-than six miles out and close to railway, four 
acres level and cleared, except for stumps, soil gravel- 
ly and always clean in wet weather. 

New six-room house with concrete foundation, 
lathed and plasteredr Stable for 4 or 5 horses. New 
chicken house 12x24. 


Only $500 cash, balance monthly. 

R. V. WINCH & Go. 


521 Fort Street 
Members Victoria Real Estate Exchange 




Corner HHUlde and Orcvenor Road, V•^"'?«,*!,lS^'■'prI<:. .uS 

Corner of Bl»«kwood and Klnr« R»«J. .""• ""*,ia Price"" Sm 

Manchealer Road, near Bunutde, one lot, alte 80x110. Priee ¥«.»w» 


Small Estate 

Within I'A miles of the post of- 
fice, 6 minutes from car line; 
this land is entirely surrounded 
by evtrgi-een trees, flowers and 
shrubs, lakes and lawn, cement 
walks and magnificent view; • 
roomed modern house. 


•04 TatM StTMt 


Good sea frontage. Im- 
proved farms. Acreage. 



SUITS jtm^msE m the colonist 


In EdmoRUm? . 

Robert F. Hicklifi 

ParlttHlile, V. I. 



Send lU 

'■ ■ .;......-^.-.....^^.. ."..'.- ..■■■- ■■■ -" '-'— ^.J.-^^^..^ ^...^..i^Jiit.:.,,,..,!,^..^^^^^^ 



*> ';V i-' ' ''^r- ' ^-^-a-":*--' r:,.^w'ffi''rj>r^.'>i'»'fi:'i'i«'('W^:'Wi¥!*^''*^^ 


fciT r li > -^ - ■ '•- •-V.«'.«'.<T!»'i?i»'i ■ 

FHdty, April 19, 1»12 

'■ ■■«■ 

■> ■».." < ' " I :" 

€®l®]nii§t ir^ady feir 
malMsig at th© 
€®l®iniii§t ©ffie© 

o o 


,v Mail a 

t© ^eimir 


'.■'I'vf ■■HS'\'' 







, * 


Josepti Hunter, Formerly a City 
Fireman, Was Instantly Kill- 
ed on Heraid Street Yester- 
day Afternooa 

■ itf ' " > "! ' l ' . ' 






til i »it4yi'i,|:j„i, ia!g 

Caught by the clothing In th« re- 
vcilvlng shaJ't on the concrete mixer at 
work for the Canadian Mineral Rub- 
ber iJornpuny at the corner of ilerald 
street and Douglas street. Joseph Hun- 
ter was klUed Instantly yesterday af- 
ternoon at 3 o'clock. 

lie was engineer on the nilxor and 
was engaged in oiling the machine 
when his clothing was caught and he 
was drawn into it. His head 
have struck tlio edge oi' the drum used 
for mixing materials, for he never ut- 
tered H word. Thf^ tlret that was known 
u: Lho itccldent was -when one o? the 
men engaged on tho paving work saw 
the body hanging from the shaitins. 
He signalled to tho fireman, Duncans, 
and the latter immediately shut down 
the machine. By Mie iimo ihat m.>n 
could reach the mixer life wsi.-, cxtlmt 

Dr. Baynor and Dr. fijocl^ilr were 
'^mixioned and the bod3f^1B(HBPSWl to 
tita ttBdertaHing parl«ni-«f:il|i*>'S> C. 

'Sm^mSmmm reca 

4«lMI»KyUfll|«tokon. The b^l^^jga;- 


CuutOtftn Il^ii«wl1$4»lier oottpar^ for 



$475 Up 

Phone 1030 



■■1. M^W 


,'"^ ff 

Tlie bcautifu] subdivision adjoininf; Tniversity school, clos( 
line. Ail lols t-ominanding Ijuiidinff sites. 

Lansdownc is siluate % mile dircctQ||||r,ci>t ol' Uplands, on llie tw(Ha8Me"<d»eJe, 
jMoMliude Uie city lipiUiiaud joins IPEpfei^ . school. With its beautiful, 
"^K'sSli-ial^ g1s^e!stiti«d%^be^i$ em-mmimit popular residential 

% 'Mm 

•: i,MftX«B 


IW May St.. 

^ . — ,. .. 




Lots for sale in the very choicest location. This 
is an opportunity to get into the coming Metropolis 
of Western Alberta at the lowest prices and very easy 

terms. >■ 

Lots in a sub-division within Nine Blocks of the 

, ^ 'r\ Ti T> a- -1. X--*.^ (t;.r,^^ i-^ <i-r r-^ 

or. X . X . i_/CpUL clU 11 Ulll Hix\J\J LKJ %i> J. jw. 


Fn^iON inwN^JiTF rn im 

k^x^a* ax^ffiivk^i 

x^ A^ •< 

■ t^« 

Robert Baldwin, Local Manager 
1214 Government Street, Victoria Head Office, Vancouver 

^on'Hei«!«%treet. ' Prior 'W^WMpaSirSti 
position with the paving company he 
wiU3 an engineer in the lire department 
having severed his services with the 
department eighteen months ago,, ^'e 
was about 40 years of age, .-ind oesidp.s 
a wife leaves three children, two boya 
and a girl, residing on Fernwoo^ road 
almo:i'. immedi?.tely opposite Xo. 7 Fire 

An Inquest will be held this after- 
noon at 4 o'clock 



«k._i. «««^ v*li v^4-r\ T,n-mrmr HolA on Voy- 

a,gc from Santa Boialla *»d W»« 

Sidney Is It 

Fortunes \\il1 l)c made as soon as im- 
|)rovenients are annoiineecl. lUiy today — 
don't wait till tomorrow. 

Lots From $350 
to $5,000 

Easy payments. 

Vancouver Island Insurance Agency 

<S2n Fort Street 

PORTIj-^^NB, Ore.. April 18.— Capt. C. 
MaroU 'Of tlie German shLn Frieda re- 
ports that on March 13, when the ves- 
sel was four days out from .Santa Ros- 
alia, Walter Lehmann, a dock boy, fell 

injurpd that he died two .hou^s later 
wiiiiout recovering consciousness. The 
lad was 19 years of age. His parents 
live in Berlin. 

Tihe Frieda arrived here after en- 
countering Hght and head winds prac- 
tically all the way up the coast. She 
was plelced up by the tug Wallula, 
seventy-flve miles ofT shore. The tug 
.secured tilm schooner Resolute in the 
s;ime locality and towed the two ves- 
.st'l.s into port tandem. 

Although the Frieda missed her can- 
celing date she will be retained by 
Npame & Co. to load ;:,i>00,uOO Xebt o£ 
lumber for South Africa. 

In January the Frieda was charter- 
ed at 00 shillings, and the contract 
.spoclfiod that she must arrive by 
.\Iarc.!i 31. It Is optional In all char- 
ters whether the company enRaging a 
vessel keep her if she fails to put In 
an appearance as soon as specified, or 
permit the owners to seek other busi- 
ness for her. 

Since the Frieda was chartered at 60 
.shillings, the rate for similar tonnage 
ilia."? advanced to 70 shillings, and nat- 
urally tho company engaging her sev- 
eral months ago has decided to retain 
the vessel. It is said that the Increase 
which has resulted over the old rate 
at which she was taken will be ample 
to pay e big .share of her port expenses. 

^aBies of OonardcrB 

"Andania" and 'Alunla" are tho 
nnmes oincially fixed by the Cunard 
company for their two important liners 
to be built by Scott's Shipbuilding & 
Knglneering company on the Clyde for 
the Canadian service from Southamp- 
ton. The vesHOls will be 13,000 tons 

'W^ il,, IJ i 111 Hi ^ ^ 1 

Lots for SafL hrom $475 ito 

^' One-fourih eash, balance 6, 12, 18 and 24 months. 
Phone 1030 and we will be glad to take you out in our motor cars at any time. 




KRNEST KENNEDY, Managing Director. 
312-13-14-15 SAYWARD BLDG. 

Agents Royal Insurance Co., Liverpool^ Eng. 

PHONE 1030 







Mrs. I.. Reese, B. D., will lecture In 
Ingle's llflH, Oovernment Street, Sun- 
rtay rvvonlng. .Sub.lcrt, "What Is True 
SpirltunliBin." Soul mcssafires at close. 

Multigraph work promptly executed. 



iMJ inffc ii 



♦900 @ 



»900 @ 

§ § 

Those desiring specially written and exclusively displayed Ad.s arc rc- 
spectfylly requested to communicate witli u&-UQt Jater tli&n noon: Jtodav - 

Newton Advertising Agency 



'7?S t 


- -" 

' ' ?fe'75^gf675^ 


00 >• 








mill mm 

^^OO @ ra»700 . -^ -,,vv^» O rounds 


w ) )fJ»;! i<i | iiy ^ i iWi W UtJ'IM')U ' ^|JM^i ' 'v^'i*-'l":^.' 


iH,i, «i; I! HL f^^^*^^ W* f y lU'J' 


Friday, April 19. ^01? 





' "W." ' !! ' ""t 

On the Waterfront 

8hii)buUaing yard a 3500-ton. Bteamer for 

U., tJU.->*-ir.t>ir. 

%1<k««./4 Mmv 

Empress of Asia, New C, P, R. 
Transpacific Liner, to Make 
Maiden Trip Early -Next 



Settlement is Reacfied with C, 
P. R, of Insurance on the 
Wrecked Steamer Empress 

f P.hlnQ 


'•Tlie conBiruc'llon of so many veHsela 
is understood to hovo regard for th« 
extension of the company's buajnesa to 
tho east coast of North and South Ani- 
frlca through tlie Panuiim canal. It la 
the .announc»il Intention to run ateain- 
era to New York and bra.zll, and the 
company Ls now niaklnK preptirallons 
for a Yokohama- New York cervloe for 
which It is considered that 11 .steamers 
of 8U00 to 10,000 tons will be needed. 
In thi' nu'aiiwhihi Ua new veascls and 
Improved equipment will afford a fort- 
nightly jaChedule from Hongkong to Se- 
attle. It has not • yet heen decided 
whetlier Manila will be a regular '^lort 
of call for .stettmerM of the line." 



Osaka Shcsen Kaisha Liner 
and Kosmos Steamer Setos 
Expected Soon After' Day- 

e C, P. K. liner Empress of Asln, 
14.500 tons register, which Is to replace 
the lost Emprpss of China in the trans- 
pacific trade from, this port to the Ori- 
on! . is to make ber first voyage in Feb- 
niHiy n «Xi . t; .'»i>. nftan 4 to>g iiii tq .> ; ci>id wl a an ... :i ui» t . 

received by C.P.R. officials. The Empress 

Xiocomotive and C&ra Taken on tlia 
Satgo Oeorg'iau H. In Tow of 
Tug z:aoort 

The big barge Georgian II. is on the 
wny li^ Prlncft Tlunort in -tow- of the tug 
i:sti)M, carrying a locomotive and len- 
der, two box cars, one caboose and 
twenty flat" cars. The full consignment 
of this G. T. P. rolling stock from the 
company's shops at Winnipeg, consists 
of three loconiotlve» and lendrrs, thice 
xa.h^SMU^'^yio box cars, and foriy-nlne 
flnf'Hwifeif' Thft rfitna1ni1flr.,'nrlll,,bL taken. 

hy tVic same bafge. Georgia II. later. 

The ChicaRO Maru. Captain Goto, of 
the Osako iShcm^n kHlslm line,- and the 
German steamer Setos of tJie Kosmos 
line -y-lll reach the outer wharf fhlH 
morning soon after daylight, following 
upon the steamerClty of Puebla, of the 
PaciHc Coast steamship company, which 
came from San Francisco, and the 
stt^anier Wellington, a steam collier en- 
gaged in carrying coal from the Vancou- 
ver Island mines to San Francisco 16 
expecteqi for wiiol-1'f r<>. The Occano 
and Hercules of the Weir line, which 
are tnaUing long passages across the 
Paciflu from the Orient, are fully due. 

Tho Osaka Shosen kaisha liner Chi- 
cago Maru. has 300 tons of general 
freight to discharge at the outer -wharf 
and 130 Chinese to tllsembark. The 

one day behind iher schedule. The Setos, 



Brltlsb Aai*rtOka OoBStruotloii Oom- 

pany WIU BaUd Drydock at tb* 

Oraad Trnak Pacific Port 

Tihe British- American Construction 
company, representatives of which 
h»v« iiiHt uruutsedcd lo Prlnco Huuart. 
hav« heen awarded contracts for tho 
construction of the piers, landing stage, 
building platform and launching ways 
in --connection with the construction of 
the G. T. ;f>. drydock at Prince Kupert'; 
These are preliminary contract's and 
the work will commence Immediately. 
BIda have been called for hardware 
woric from hardware Arms in Victoria 
and Vancouver. 

It la expected tliut work on the ac- 
tual drydork and the huUdings in con- 
nection with I'lie plant will be eoir.- 
nicnced as soon a.s the preliminary 
work, •outlined in th*- foregoing con- 
tracts, has been completed and detailed 
l»lans iirepared. T.lie contract with the 
Kovernmcnt calls for completion of the 
wo'rk within two years. The lifting 
Cipacily of the d'Ock will be 20,000 tons 
and it will bo able to take any steamer 
on tlie Pacific, even tho giant Minne- 
sota. Tlie first conKigniiutit.s nf ma- 
terial have gone north. 

The lumber for the work ;has been 
ordered from the Lester W. David com- 
pany, Ocean Falls, and will be shipped 
from Ocean Falls direct to Prince Ru- 
pert. The ereoaoted lumber contract 
has been awarded to the I>ominion 
CrooBotlng company at Kiiurne. The 
creosoted piling has tieen ordered from 
ICagie Harbor, liVash., because no Bril- 
isii Columbia firm could supply creo- 
soted piling of tlie length required. 

C. p. R. Liner Empress of Asia which will start service next February, 

of Uussla, her sister ship, i.s to start 
jTjcrvlcc a month later. These two big 
^steamers, which have been built for 
speed and comfort, are 580 feet In 
length and have a beam of 68 feet. It 
is expected they will reduce the time 
from Yokohama to Victoria by two days. 
The fastest lime up to the present is 
that of . the Kmpress of Japan which 
made the voyage about twelve years 
ago in 10 day.s 10 hours. 

The Enipres.s of China has been aban- 
doned to the underwriters, who will 
sell the steamer as she Hes damaged 
at Ui-aga, Japan, by auction. It Is ex- 
pected that the claims under policies 
held on the Kmpra^s .of China will be 
settled on a basis which will work out 
at 75 per cent on the hull policies. The 
stoampr was stranded on Shirahania 
reef on July 2 6 last and after protract- 
ed salvage operations, whlcii cost $1S0,- 
000, the vessel was floated. The hull 
was insured on a valuation of aboiit 
1750,000, and a further amount of $250,- 
000 was placed on disbursements. It is 
expected that the disbursements' under- 
writers will contribute 25 per cent to- 
■ward the settlement and this amount 
is Included in maklnc up the 76 per cent 

The new steamers tHr the Nippon 
Vusen kaisha arc to be started across 
the F-'aclIlc next month and In June. 
United .States Cotusul Generwl G. 10. An- 
derson, writing of the addition.^ to tlu^ 
line says; 

•'The now steamers are the Yokohama 
Maru, building at Nagasaki, and tho 
Shldzouka Maru, under construction at 
Kobe. 'I'he xokoliama Maru ■will replace 
the Tamba Maru sailing from Japan 
about June 1. The Shldzouka Maru will 
replace the Inaba Maru later in the 
summer. It is understood that the Tam- 
ba Maru and the Inaba Maru will be 
employed on one of the Indian routes. 
The new vessels have a gross tonnage of 
6200, a length of 400 feet, breadth mold- 
ed of 50 feet, and depth molded of >^0 
feet. Tliey have been constructed to 
carry 28 saloon passengers, and 3!)0 In 
the steerage. The propelling machinery 
consists of two sets of triple-expansion 
engines supplied by steam from double- 
ended marine boilers, and their contract 
Npeed Is to be a- mean 15 knots. 

"It is also announced that the com- 
pany has g^rdered from the Mltsu Bisht 
Khipbulidlnff yard a steamer of 15,000 
t»jitr 4s-W P^acsd on th« ICaropean rxsn, 
which vessel Is expected to be com- 
pleted in August, 1913, and one of 6500 
tons, to be allotted to the American 
line and to be coniplete<^ In June of 
next year. From the "Kawasaki sltlp- 
buildiav yard Imi been ordered a steam- 
er Of 16,000 itmn for the Kuropean line 
to toa eompleted in October. iti3, one of 
ClfdO ton* for the Atnerlcan Un« to bo 
com^cttd tn Novwnber, IIIS, and one of 
3506' ton* for tb« Shaairhli line to be 

The barge — which Is very much on 
ths lines of a sco-jv with hij'.f.-fsrK^ — !r- 
powerfully built and equipped with a 
steam windlass. The locomotives and 
cars are run over an apron direct from 
the company'.^ rails on land to the 
company's ralln on the barge. The flat 
cars are double-decked, that is, rails 
are placed upon tho top pf the botti>ni 
tier, an<i then, at tide, when the barge 
is sufficiently low in the water, the 
rest of the cars are run along the rails 
which have been laid upon those be- 
low. Tho top cars arc lashed, and aU 
the cars have their brakes in use and 
Khoes gripping the wheels onto tiio 

The Georgian II. is 202 feet long with 
a 40-foot beam and has been running up 
to Prince Rupert during the ,past two 
years. The greateot care is exercised 
in taking consignments up north — the 
present consignment is worth about 
$35,000 — but there is aways a certain 
amount of risk when tho sea is at aU 
rough, and It will be remembered that 
the Georgian 11. was wrecked several 
years ago. The O. T. P. tug Kscort, 
which has had her broken flange re- 
paired on the Wallace w-ays. and which 
will tow the barge, is a particularly 
powerful tug. The trip there and back 
occupies about ten dayr, and then tlie 
Rscort will tow the barge to Prince 
Rupert with a large quantity of con- 
tractors' supplies being sent there for 
a. Mr. Harris, a well known Seattle 


C. p. B. Zilnar Xieft BaUavlUa Btraat 
-WTtaarf l^ast Xlfht for I>yim Oanal 


The steamer Princess May. Capt. 
McLeod, of the C. P. R.. left last night 
for Skagway and way ports. A large 
complement of passengers has been 
booked for the steamer, the majority of 
whom will embfljr|i at Vancouver today. 
The Princess May missed one trip ow- 
ing to the breaking of the thrust shaft. 
The Prlnc**K Mary took her place In 
tiie northern service. 

Bteamnhlp MoreimBts 

SAN FriANCISCO. April 18.— Arrived; 
Bi'imsra Maai!ka. SylB-y; J. B^ Stetson 
Cowing vchooncr Oceania Vance. Oraya Har- 
bor, Sailed: Steanierk Expansion, Briatol 
nay; Santa Barbara. Rainier, Weiterner, 
vrniapa; thlps Oriental. Bintra, Briitol Bay. 

SHANOHAf. April IR. — Arrived prevtoua- 
ly, Pannma Maru, Tacoma. 

SEATTLiE. Aprli 1». — Arrived: Schooner 
Oalltle. Kan Francisco. Sailed: Steamar 
Jefferson, i^arway: ESurrka, Col. B. TU 
Orako towlnir bar^ •!. B»n rrane ilaco. 

was hauled out on tti« 'Victoria 


■which is coming from Hamburg via 
Mrj'.ith -* mf^rlcrtu ?>Qrts find t^an Frftnciff-- 
co. has a big shipment of nitrate on 
board for the Victoria Cliemlcal works 
and also has a consignment for Depar- 
ture Bay. 

Harrison Xiiners 

R. P. RIthet & Co., were advised yes- 
terday that the local cargo on board the 
Direct liner Crown of Toledo is being ru- 
sh Ipped from Vancouver and the steam- 
er will not come to the outer wharf, 
as was anticipated. The steamer Crafts- 
man, one of the newer steamers of this 
line, will leave San Francisco this morn- 
ing en route to the outer wharf from 
Liverpool, Antwerp and Glasgow. The 
Craftsman, which is due here on Mon- 
day, is the largest steamer of the line 
to be sent lo this port. She Is com- 
manded by Captain Maycock, who had 
command of the Centurion when that 
steamer inauBurnted the service to B. 
C. from the irnlted Kingdom In June 
last. The Craftsman has four masts, 
ii 450 feet In length, 52 feet beam and 
has a depth of 31 feet. The Crown of 
Arragon, which is also coming here for 
the first time, will follow a few days 
after tho Craft.sman. .She reached San 
l''rani'lsco on Wednesday from San i'edro 
en route here. , 

Bri&ring Taoht 

The Hercules, a Norwegian freighter, 
under charter to the Weir line, now due, 
has lashed on her deck a large motor 
yacht, one of a number built to the order 
of Mr. J. B. Woods at Hongkong for 
Vancouver men. Tho motor lioat is to 
be launched from the steamer at the 
outer wharf and taken to Vancouver. 

Ocaaa voaaroh Ont' 

The steamer Ocean Monarch, of the 
Maple Leaf line, which spent eight days 
at the outer wharf discharging a big 
shipment of steel rails for the B, C. 
Klectrlc Railway company, from Atlan- 
tic ports, passed out yesterday en route 
to the Columbia river to load after tak- 
ing bunker coal. 

J«osatal« an Bonta 
Advices were received by aicents of 
thei Canadian Mexican line that the 
steamer Lonsdale left Sallna Crus. an 
route here with a good cargo of general 
frolcht transshipped from liners plylnir 
to the Atlantic terminus of the l*ehaun- 
tepec railroad on Saturday last The 
Lonsdale is due here about Thursday 
Best.- T-Jtc stcahrer Beckenhanr of "this 
line Is scheduled to sail for Mexican 
portf at the end of this week. 

fiaft Tokobama 

Tbe steamer Canada Maru, of tiie 
Osaka ahosen kaisba, left Tokabama 
yesterday for thia i>or^' folktwlnr t^io 
Tamba Mara «f Mt« Ni|»p^-«p|it<3i IcMalla 
wb1«h )»ft a itiM* P>«^l<iPy Mi^ la dna 
naxt Wadtwsday. The IC J^Iiil^wrai^ 
of the Ciuiadlan-Auatraltaa Ifiuir^ii f«. 

' ■ S a.m. ■':,■.•"•?,'..■ 

Point Orey — Cloudy; wind «. B.; 30.07; 
42; sea snjootli: In, Venture at 6.10 a.m. 

Cajjo Lazo—CIear; wind N. W. ll.-jlu; 
30.00; 45; sen smooth. 

TuloosU — I'aro cloudy; wind W. t! niilcs; 
30.13: IS: sea madertttc. Ont. Znal.-mdln 
at 1.80 a.m.; In, durini? night a tlii-ec- 
inasled barque; Inside, bound oui, schooner 
William H. Smith; outside, bound in. a 
four-nuisted schooner. 

I'acliunB — Cloudy; wind N. V.. llBlii; 23.90; 
17: llKht swell. 

listevan — Clear; calm; 29.76; 38; sea 

TriunKie — RainlnK: wind 3. \V. ; 29.40; S4; 
6ca rough. 

Ikt.-Ua — Overcast; wind S. E. ; 29.80; 44; 
sea smooth. 

Prince Uuport — Cloudy; calm; 30.00; 40; 
sea smooth. Spoke tug Gollah off l^ucy 
Island with Wanderer at (i p.m., south- 
bound; Chicago off Cape Fife at ti.30 p.m. 

Dead Tree Poljii — -Clear; calm; sea 
smooth. !, 


Point Grey-i<;jear ; calm; 3(/.r:: 6-; sea. 

Capo Laio— Cloudy ; wind N. W. ; L'D.DS; 
r.G: sna smooth. Paget Sound Towboat 
Company's tug abenm at 10.45 am., north- 

Tatoosh — Pare cloudy; wind west, 10 
miles; 20. I.S; 4S: sc.i! moderate. In, schoon- 
er .VUoe Ci^j.k at. 10.30 a.m. Ont, steamer 
Wasji at S.50 am.; steamer Charles Nelson 
at 11.30 a.m.; schooner 'William H. Smith 
at 11.35 a.m. 

fl . . 

Tat ooslw— Part cloudy: wind 
miles; -SO.!' ; 4(i; sea smooth. In. 
sipniiior Setos; fi steamer 
IMi'bla. Out. 3.:;f) p.m.. steamer 

Point Grey — I'lear: cdlm; 30.11: 51. In. 
1 p.m.. Tolfliyblus. 

Cape I<a7.o— Clear; calm; 30.04; 60; sea 
smootli. Admiral Sampson, northbound, 
4.25 p.m. 

, lislevan-— Clouily : wind southwest; ;9.74; 
4S; IlBht swell. 

I'aehena — Overcast; stronK westerly wind; 
L'ii.Sl'; 4«; rough. 

Prlnee Rupert — Cloudy: calm; 30.04; 48; 
sea smooth. Spoke Humboldt at 12.30 In 
Ul.xon F.ntrancp. Prince Albfrt due here 
S.30 p.m. In, Vadso, B.30 p.m. 

Dead Tree Point — Clear; calm: smooth. 

lUeda— Hainlns; wind easterly; llsrht 
swell; 20. '.Ill : 42. 

Triangle — Cloudy; wind N. W., S miles; 
29.43; 46: heavy swell. Camosun at 3.30 
p.m. In Millbank Souhd, northbound; Prln- 
s.:cs» iioyal orf Kss liiiilil at 3.15" JS.8EV 
northbound. ' ' 

west, 20 

3.35 p.m.. 

City of 


Charter Kandasan Mam 

The Japanese .<.teamcr Mandasan 
Maru. tinJi-r charter bo Mitsui & Co. 
to load sugar at Formosa for Vancou- 
ver, B. C, lias been taken by the same 
Arm on tho outward voyage for lumber 
and flour from Puget sound to China 
and Japan. The .Tapanese steamer 
Shintsu Marui which arrived at Hono- 
lulu yesterday with ' coal Trom New- 
castle, .Au.stralia, is under charter to 
load lumber on Puget sound, or tihe Co- 
lumbia river for Australian ports. 


aOOD SITBOXVISXOir pbopbbtt 

Between Old and New West 
Saanich Roads and one-auarter 
mile from B. C. lOloctric. 

100 Acres al $250 per Ac. 


$5000 cash, jmoo a ye<ir for the 
next tiiree years at a i)er cent., 
balance spread over another 4 
years at 1 i>pr cent. 

'Wa spaclallsa In Tataa Btraat 

Patrick Realty Co. 

64S Port St. 

Phona aS58. 







.llff.trhart, AtiraaL 

choice and Cheap 
Residence Lots 

Blohardson Street — Several lots 
60x120, facing the south, com- 
UMiuding puoltlun. Thest: ure tlie 
choicest offerings in this high 
claas district. Terms ^f one- 
third cash, and 6, 13 and IS 

ijiultlao. Filua ........ ^3200 

Orairdarroch — One lot. This is a 
bargain for cash ^2650 

Tomer Btzeet — ^Two lots. Terms. 
Bach fSSOO 

Ooarlas Boad, Ylotorla 'West — 1 

acre of land, «-room residence, 
stable, orchard, etc., charming 
situation. On easy terms. 
Pries f 7oOO 

Choice Corner 

112 feet on Niagara Street by 7S 
on Sooth Turner, with building 
rented for ISO per month. This 
property has a choice location 
and until this end of the week 
Is offered at j. low price. The 
price Is |7o00, with reasonable 
terms. This is probably llio 
cheapest priced property in the 
James bay District. It Is on tho 
car line, one block from Ijaiias 
Road, two blocks from Ii<?acon 
Hill Park and ten minutes 
walk from the Post Office. 


Inside and near inside a num- 
ber of choice Muotalioris. 


And acreage in XorUi «uu South 
S«iank-h, and elsewhere, suitable 
for subdivision and for farming, 
some of tho most attractive offer- 

Thete are .'?l!il lo In; had at bar- 
gain prices. ,,jp,'j5,ii4;».. 




Are You Going to 

The O'd Country 

Or Bringing Your Friends From There ? 



CONSULT US'. A pleasure to give inf ormation. 

L, H. Ellis 

Room R. Moody Block. 
Comer Tates and Broad Streets- 
Phone 3IU. P.O. Box no. 
Member Keal Estate Exchange. 



From Victoria « a. m. every Wednesday. 
S. S. C.MATIl.LA or CITY OF PUEilLA, and 
10 a. m. every Friday, from Seattle, ri. S. 

For .Southeastern Alaska. April 20. litl: 
Mav :>. .''. .S. .SPOKANE or CITY CJF 
SEATTLF. leaves Seattle 9 P.m. 

Ocean and rail tickets to Now York and 
all other cities via San Francisco. 

Freight and Ticket Offices. 1117 Wharf 

K. P. RITHET a CO., General Asents. 
CUAUDK A. SOI..LY, Passenger Agent. 1210 

Douglas S»reet. 

Yachts For Sale 

of .Ml Kiiul-s. 



"S'acln and Ship Sale Broker 

519 Sayvvard Phone 2690 

Insure vonr boats with u.s. 


I^arKOst .S.iJ. Co. 
OVBK 400 


In tlu> VVorM 

1, -J 1 0.000 




Pres. Lln<>oln. .. .April 2S. 1 p.m. 
KnlK'n Au«. VIc.Apnll 30, » a.m. 

a'PreloHtt May 4, noon 

Victoria I.,ul*e .... May 7. 10 a,m. 
aWm call at Boulogne 
•Second cabin only 



(Thf Hamburg-American l.lnc orlg- 
Iniitfd Ocean Cruising 23 years 


.%.>!» SI OK rKIl'S 

• • ttm"! Tours: 



Nov, 12. 19ri, from New York 
Fell. '.'7, 1013, from San Francisco 

iw the 


(ir,,rion tons) 
Duration Kach Cruise, 110 Days 

(-CSX »«50 cr 

Ini-ludlnjr a" n«ee»«ary nxpen»e» 
aboard and ashore, railway, hotel, 
shore excursions, carrlagCB, luldes, 
fees. etc.. 

To thP LAND of th" MIDNIOHT 

SUN. Eight delightful cruises dur- 
ing Jiin«<, July and Aii|ro«t, from 
ItemburK lo Norway, .North Cape, 
Spltibergen, Iceland, etc. Duration 
H to 26 day«. 

CoMt $6t.ft0 ud Up. 

Splendid iervlco, large ■teamshlps 
PRIN7.B881N CBCILB" and "MB- 
T130R." ___________ 

Write -I'dr. booklet of any cruise. 


41 -45 BROADWAT. N. X. 

"Or Local Axent 


Notice l« hereby t<ven thut *A the exptr** 
Hon of thirty d*3r« from tho dAt« btMtot 
kimllCAtlon will b« ip«de tt> tho lUiMlrir 
of Joint Block CompMlWi, VtOIOTi*,. Bti-5!.. 
to dipprove u»« ehKngs^in aMn* «tf 
Carlbo* OonMU4»ted , iUiAw *. 
Qtmvmmr, UmkeiL -Noik-ntnifnM 
tQ "The CartlMW |fcXlitii«y 11(10 
iii# conaxMur. linauo. K«k-r"~ 

srsoxAx. azovBazox batsb io bastxbv oavasa ajto 

vamrBs W£Atwm 


City and Ticitet A^t. Tel. 1242. Dock and Freight Agrt, Tel. Ut\ 


Canadian Pacific Railway Co 

Special Excursions to Eastern Destinations 

Ticket* 'wm Be On Bale Tor the Abovo On tho PoUo-wln» BatMl 

April 25, 26 and 27 to St. Paul and Minneapolis. 
May 2, 3, i, a, 10, 11. 17, 18, 24 and 29. 

June 1, 6, 7, 8, 13. 14. 15, 17, 18. 19, 20, 21, 24, 25, 27, 28 and 29. 
July 2, 3, 6. 7. 11, 12, 15, 16, 20, 22, 23, 26, 29, 30 and 31. 
AuKUst 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 12, IB, 16, 22, 23, 29, 30 and 31. 
September 4, 6, 6, 7, 8, 11, 12 and 30. 
Final Return LliiiU October 3lBf, 10T7.: Stopovers In hoth directions. 

Winnipeg- ?60.00 

Chicago 5Va.50 

Detroit »83.50 

Buffalo ...... 591.50 

Ho'chester . . - .... . .596.30 

Montreal ......5105.00 

Atlantic City ...'.,...... ..5111.00 

St. Paul . . 
Toronto . . 
Slnux City 
I'lttsburg- , 
New York 
Boston . . . . 

. .§60.00 
. .991'BO 

And all other principal polnt.s in the J^aat. For reservations and further 

particular.s apply: 
X.. D. CHETBAU, Olty raiseug-er Agunt. 

1102 (5overnnu-nt Street. Victoria, B. C. 

Tlie Union Steamsliip Co., Ltd. of B. C. 

B.s. CAMOSU.V — For Prince Rupert and Stewart every Tuesday. 

s.s. CHEIX)HSIN — For Skeena River, Prince Rupert, Naas River, Fort 
Simpson and G^oae Bay every Saturday. 


s.s. VENTrUE — For Campbell River, Hardy Bay, Rlvero Inlst, Namu. 
Ocean Fall, Bella Coola, Bella Bella, every Weiln'jsday. 

s.s. VADSO — For Skeena River, Prince Rupert, Naaa, every two week*. 

Phone 1925 


534 Yates Street. 


1 59 1 Lansdowne Rd., Victoria, B. C. 
Phone 2353 

Dahlia.s, all new kind?, per dozen $2.50 and $3.50 

Gladioli, named kinds, per dozen $1.25 

Pansy, j^iant strain, per hundred $6.00 

Excursion Fares 


Northern Pacific Railway 


.\ few samples — similar reductions to many other points in the Eastern 
United States and (:;unada, as well as the Middle West. 

.-!.t. Paul 5 60.00 

WInnipes 60-00 

Chicago. 7a.50 

St. Louis 70.00 

Kanoas City nnd .St. 

Joseph 60.00 

Halifax 127.80 

Denver, Colorado Springs, 

Puebla 55.00 

New York 108.50 

Phlladeliphla ., 



Montreal, Que. 



Washington . . . 



. 108.00 

. 110.00 
. lOft.00 
. •l.OS 
.V 91.60 
. 107.B0. 

. aa.B4^ 

. 91.S0 

Tlokata -«rm Be On 8»1« 

April 35, 36 end 27, to St. Paul and Minneapolis only. 

May M to Dallas only 

To all point*, exc^'pt Dallas, Texas, on numerous dates. May 2 to Sept 80. 

Limit 15 days on going trip. October 31, 1912 for return. 

North Coast Limif d ( ^ « »^ - ^ *r.) 
Atlantic Express (▼»•«• » ^ »' ) 

Dally through to Chicago via Minneapolis and St. Paul. Immediate con- 
nections to Duluth. Superior and Winnipeg. The Nortli Coast Limited 
runs via Milwaukee, with Compartment and Drawing Room Sleeping Cara. 

Mississippi Valley Limited 

Dally through to Kansas City, St. Louis, St. Joseph 
and Denver via Billln-gs and the Burlington Route. 
Direct connections to Omaha. ' 

Standard Di-uwlng Room- and Tourist Sleeping 

Dining Cars with service that le famou*. 

I'or reMervatlons knd tickets call' oB— 

B. B. "B&AOXWOOBk ' 

General Agent. ... ' Victoria, -B. C. 

1934 OoTanuiMiit StrMt. 

A. D. Charlton, A»st. General Passenffer Agent, 



Seasonable Clothing 

At Tbe Duck Alock 






rmtf n. 

; Mr. a^d'Mn. F. B. Pembert»>n. JXv. 

and Mrs. J. J>. Femberton, Mrs. L. E3. 
.pierce, Mrs. »ad Miss ^hipps, Mrs. H. 
;0. Prtoe, Mrs. Joseph Patrick, Mr., Mrs. 
'and Miss Finch Pase ,Mrs.- PontUtftx, 

Mrs. H. H. Pe\«ar, Mr. C. H. C. P*yne, 

f" 01. uui Mrs. Prior. Mr. jMrs. Basii 
rlor, Mr. and Mrs. Punnett, Mr. and 
rs. F. A. Pauline. Mr. Hungerf ord Pol- 
jlen. Mr. and Mrs. T. F. Paterson, Mr. and 
JMrs. w. 8. Paterson, Mr. uidJCra. A. D. 
aterson. ,'" . 





Fridayr ARrii ^*» I**' 

Mr., Mrs. and Miasee Plercy, Mrs. A. 
Ipope, Mrs. Pro .hero, Mr. and Mrs. Perry, 
r. and Mrs. Fthilllps, Mlseex Phillips, 
r., Mrs. asd Mi«ti«e C. JS. Pooley. Mr. 

und Mrs. B. H. Pooley, Mr. L. W. Proc- 
;ior, Mrs. B. W. Pearse, Misses Payne, 
:Mr and Mrs. H. G. Parsons, Mr., Mrs. 
:aii'1 MlbB««i P«ter(i. Mr. and Mra. W. A. 
jparrott. Col. and Mrs. Peters, Mr. and 
Mrs. Hugh Peters, -Mr, and Misses S. F. 
tl'ltts, Mr. A. C. S. Pitts, Mr. C. H. Pltte, 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Pearce and Miss 
iDuff, Dr. and Mib. PoWt.!!, Mr. Sldnay 

Powell, Mr. and Mrs. Pease, Mr. and 

Mrs, G. F. Pownall, Mr. and Mrs. T. 

Ciirdey, Mr. and Mrs. F. F. Plcltard, 
-Mr. and Mra. G. H. Pethlck, Mrs. H. 

Pendray, Mrs. J. K. C. Prllchard, Mrs. 
'and Miss S. D. Pope, Mr. H. F. C. Pope, 

iMr. .S. O. II. Pope, Madame I'arlzeau, 

Mrs. Pemberton, Mr. W. Pemberton. 

Mr. and Mrs. Alex. Robinson, Mrs, 
und Miss D'Oyly Rochfort, Mr. D'Oyly 
'Kochfort, Mr. and Mrs. W. Rochfort, Mr. 
and Mra. C. M. Roberts, Mrs. P. T. Rowe, 
.Ml-. L. Ro%ve, Mr. and Mrs. B. Reynolds, 
■jlrs. and Miss RuthorforU, Mr. and Mrs. 
.S. A. Kobertti, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth 
HobertB, Mlsa Ralph, the Mlgsea Ra ven- 
liill, Mr. RavenhjlT, Mr. Leslie. Ra'veri- 
lilU. Mr. and Mrs.'WI'J. Roper, Mlsa G. 
0. Robinson, Right Rev. Bishop a/d 
'Mrs. Ropei', Mr. and' Mrs. Raymur and 
jVIioa Rayiiiui, Mr, XC M. liayiiiur, Mrs-, 
and' Miss Robson, Mrs. L. R'ssniuUcr, 
Mre. and Miss Kome, Mr. Rome, Mr. 
und Mrs. Rattenbury, Mrs. Rae Rome, 
Mr. and Mrs. RIcardo, Mr. Rose, Mr. 
iind Mrs. Stuart Robertson, Capt. Rotli- 
well, Mr. and Mrs. T. Riley, Wardroom 
pfficcrs of H.M.C.S. Rainbow, Mr. and 
^Irs. Baynes Reed and .Miss Reed, Col. 
jind Mrs. Rogers, Mr. and Mrs. H, B. 
J^tobertson, Mr. and Mrs. Alistair Rob- 
t!rts.on. Dr. and Mrs. Robertson, Mr. and 
^r.s. Fleet Robertson, Mr. and Mrs. 
Renwick, Mr. and Mrs. Duncan Ross, 
Senator and Mrs. Riley, Dr. and Mrs. 
Ri.ssmuUer, Mrs. Rykesl, Mr.- and Mrs. 
Korman Rant, Capt. and Mrs. Rant and 
irliss Rant, Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Rhodes, 

C. Wsston. Miss Wsteon, Miss J, 3. 
Williams. Capt. and Mlas "WaltiraA, Mr. 
aad Mrs. W(MMUor«,¥ lC|iis*« W«»(< 
Urn. Miss WbalfM, Hr. <|Ml'^Mr<|. Wof 
lock, Capt. p. e(. WliidtMMn, Mr- A. M. 
Vhitsslds, Mrs. & 'WMWUiBtfilti M. .H^ 
Watklns, Mr. ^ B. W»»m«CMr* l^no* 
"wilsoB, Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Wilktns<»n. 
the MlBBes WiHiams, Mr. yf. WllMams, 
Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Watson, Mr. OUbert 
Wllsoiif Mlks Watasy, Mrs. C. B. Wood, 
Mrs. Watkls, Mr. and Mra. V. Ai. WoJf- 
endvn, Mr. and Mra. Tti«M« Wmiswa, M». 
and Mrs. Otto Weiler, Mrs. J. A. Wood, 
Mr. A. Wood, Mrs. W. K. Wlckens, Mrs. 
M. A. Wylde. Miss Winterburu, Col. and 
Mrs. Wadmore and Mlsi Wad-more, Dr. 
and Mrs. Watt^, Mr. mm) .Mrs. O. W. 
Wynne, Mr. and Mrs. BL Whit^ and Miss 
Whits. Mr. F. White, Mr. B; Q, Whits. 
Mrs, and Miss Wai-k. Mrs. A. R. Wolf- 
snien. Mr. and Mra. W. Wilson, Mr. T. 
a Wllaoa. Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Wllsoii. 
Mr. and Mrs. Oouldlnv Wilson, Mr. and 
Mrs. B. Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. H. Wright, 
Mr. emd Mrs. C. E. Wilson, Lieut, and 
Mri«, Pl«Jton-Wardi Mr. afld Mr.«. Stewart 
Wllllama, Mlas Helehe Wakeman^ Mr. 
H. E. Wlnsloe and Mlsa Wlnsloe, Mrtt, 
and Mlsa Wilson, Mr. H. A. WUllanis, 
Mr. and Mrs. Stnsrlstqn Wise, Mr. and 
Mrs. E. E. Wootton, Mr. S. Wootton. 
Mr. and Mrs. Wheatley, Mr. C. S. Wheat- 
i«y. Mrs. J. R. WUkins"^ ajid Mlsa 
■Wilkinson, Mr. P. R. Wilkinson, Mr. K. 
M. Wilkinson, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. 
Wllkerson, Mr. and Mrs. J. J. White, 
Officers of the Garrison- nt Work I'olnt 


Mr. and Mrs. Young and Miss Toujig, 
Hon. Dr. Young, and Mrs. Young, Mrs. 
Douglas Y'oung. Mr. and Mrs. L. S. V. 


Miss Zulckly. 

Why Wast* XimeV — Some "fool" away 
their time by trying to master Pitman's 
a ri b r Ih a;nd acoOrdtfig tO cOpybOok. . We 
have got them fooled. We teach "Pit- 
man's Simplified." Easy aa writlrig 
liingband. Come and see. The Royal 
SteT!0£:'"P.rbi'' rotnoftny, 426 Pay>w«rn 
Buiidins. ' 

You can deposit your money at 4 per' 
cent. Interest -with the B. C. Permanent 
Loan Company and be able to -wlthdra-w 
the total amount or any portion thereof 
without notice. Cheques are supplied 
to each depositor. Paid up capital over 
11,000,000, assets over $3,000,000. Branch 
office, 1210 Government street. Victoria, 
B. C. • 

..» -htr— T » 

WO VamUal to *M* 

fbt viwflta earned Iby The M«t-ual 
UU o( -Canada in tiie year 19 ll were 
«v»r •» per cent o» the pram* yras re- 
ceived «rora policyholder^, aad every 
dollar of profits earned is for the pol- 
kytioldera. A parallel to this cannot 
he found in ttie Dominion of Canada. 
It always pays to get the best in any 
Jlho, and all that Is best in llff insur- 
ance can- be h«d by a poUcy in The 
Mwtual Life of "Canada. For rates and 
particulars apv»y to ».- L. " Urury, louil 
mana«er; or Fred M. MoarejO'. "Pe- 
dal avent; oflftpes, 918 Qovemment 

^ ■ . ^auL MMn obmfmm ' mvvtu 

ta 9tff— 

It is difficult to make people believe 
that tea and coffee are a {wlson to., at 
least one person out of every three, bdt 
people are slowly flndinp It. ?fi»t,-- al- 
thouirh thousaiuls of them siifter terri- 
bly befdre they discovered the i»ct^ 

A New Y«^}^ liiotel man 'says: "Each 
time after drlnklns oe«f** T ^<>pms mat- 
loaa, nervous and excited, so that 1 1 Was' 
unable to ait flv« mtqwtes in one p.laee, 
was also inoUneii to yomit «md suffered 
from loss of sleep, which got worse and 
w-oree. ' * 

-A lady said lUai. perhtipa ."uf'Se "'as 
the, cause of my trouble and suggested' 
thai I try Pcmluili." (T<ia Is j'-s,., aa 
harmful as coffee because it contains 
caffeine, the same drug found in L-of.fee.) 
•■I laughed at the thought that coffee 
hurt me. |but she insisted »" I'ard that 
1 finally had some Bostum m^de. 1 
have been using It In place of corffee 
ever since, for I noticed that all my 
former nervousness- and Irritation dis- 
appeared. I began to sleep perrectiy. 
und the Postum tasted as good or bel- 
ter than the coffee, so what was the 
u.s« of .sticking to' a beverage that was 
injuring me? 

"One day on an excur.slon up tlie (oun- 
try I remarked to a youns lady^fricnd on 
her greatly Improved appearance. Slie 
explained that some time before .she had 

■■qint' uHTng'oo'Itee "aliit ' takren fOBtrrm.- 
She had gained a number of pounds and 
her former i^alpitalion of tlio heart, 
humming in the ears, trembling of the 
hands and logs and other disagreeable 

! fcp.Hitga had dlsapa>eared. r^he recom- 
mended me to quit ooffee and take Pos- 
t\ini and was very much surprised to 
find that I had already made the 

'•She said her brother had also re- 
ceived great benefits from leaving off 
coMee and taking on Poatum." "T-here'.s 
a reason." - 

Zlvsr read the above letter? A new 
one appears from time to time. They 
are rennlne, tme, and full of human In- 

-»* J. ., ». .1 VT J- 

Rithet, Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Reynard, 
Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Reid. Dr. Helen 
Ityan, the Misses Russeil, Mr. E. H. 
Ruaseli, Mr. and .Mrs, .J. T. Beld, Miss 
^gnes Renny, Mrs. Roberts, Mr. and 
Mrs. Percy Roberts, Mr. R. C. Roberts, 
Capt. end Mrs. C. Lloyd Roberts, Miss 
E. Russel, .Mr. S. S. Rathwell, Capt. 
Und Mrs. lluarh Rosrers. Mr.s. Arthur 
Rprt, Mvs. Dix! H. Ko-»h, Mr. H. g" R088. 


■-Miss M. II. Smith, Mr. H. A. Stewart, 
Mr. and Miss Smith, Mra. A. H. Shot- 
bolt, Mr. and Mrs/ C. H. R. SUngsby, 
ilr. and Mrs. F. H. Stirling, Mr. and 
Miri. Si. Clair, Mr. and Mrs. Savage. 
Mrs. J., I>. Stamford, Mrs. and Mra. C. 
P. W. Schwengers. Mr., Mrs. and Mls.s 
A. G. Smith, Mr., Mrs. and Misses McB. 
Smith, Misses Tatham Swan, Mr. T. V. 
Scudamore. Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Samp- 
Bon, Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Scott, Miss 
Sfirsrtrton, Mrr;. ■Nrtrhnrr!?-! s^ha'-^'. Mr. 
Airs. A. R, Sherwood, Mr. and Mrs. 
ghatford, Mrs. George Sanson, Mrs. T. 
Shotboit, Mr. and Mrs. Shallcross, Mr. 
K. Smith, Mr. nnd Mrs. Brunswick 
Shaw,, Mrs. Stanley BcB. Smith, Mr. 
and Mrs. C. .). V. Spratl. Major C. B. 
Simonds, Miss A. Smith. Mr. and Mrs. 
H. Stanton, Mr. and Mrs. Gto. F. V. 
Simpson, Miss Hilda Simpson, Mr. Geo. 
Simpson. Mr. and Mrs. Angus Smith, 
Mrs. Stewart, Dr. Stanler. Ven. Arch- 
dc-acon and Mrs. Scrlven, Mr. and Mrs. 
Solly, Mrs. J. R. Stewart, Mrs. H. S. 
Simmons, Mr. R. S. Smith, Miss Jessie 
ificott. Rev. .T. H. S. and Miss Sweet. 
Mr. and Mrs. C. Schwengers, Mr. and 
JUrB. J. A. Sayward, Mr. W. H. Spalding, 
Sir. and Mrs. A. E. and Miss Starr, Mr. 
and Mrs. D. Simmons, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. 
Slelly, Rev. .las., Mrs. and Miss Sim- 
onds, Mr. Jas. Slmonds, l||f>. and Mrs. 
A. H. Styles, Miss Helen Sharp*. Mrs. 
H. H. Shandley, Mr. and Mrs. J. Savan- 
nah, Mr. P. Sanford, Mr#. Straosy, Mrs. 
C. H. Smith. Mr. and Mrs. Bobt. Scott, 
Mr. and Mrs. F. .J. Sehl, Mr. H. H. 
Smith, Mr. J. Sutherland, Mrs. J. Ste- 
vfnson, Mr. F. Stemler, Mr. F. A. Stac- 
poole, Mra. and Mlsa Spain, Mif„ Mrs. 
and the Misses ^Spencer, Mr. and Mrs. 
W. Spencer, Mr. and Mra. D. Spencer. 
ji-., Mr. and Mra. Scholefield. 

Mr. Mra. and Mlaa Tilly, Mr. J. 
W. and the Mlsaes Tolmie, Mr., 
Mrs. and Miag Troup, Mr. and 
Mrs. Roy Troup. Mr. and Mrs. C. H. 
Topp, Mr, and Mrs. C. E. Tliomas, Mr. 
snd Mrs, .Ta*. Thomson. Hon. Thbs. and 
Mrs. Taylor, Mrs. and Miss J. Tearue, 
Mrs. J. I. Todd, Mr. and Mrs. C. F. 
Todd, Mr. E. D. Todd. Mr. W. "Todd, 
Hon. 'W. and Mrs. Templeman, Mias A. 
Thain, Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Taylor, Miss 
Alice Turner, Mrs. S. B, Taylor, Mr. and 
Mrs. J. A. Turner, Mr. and Mrs. Peter 
Turner, Mrs. and the Misses Taylor, 
Mrs. and VIss Tuck, Miss D. Tyas, Mr. 
and Mrs. B. C, Tlsdall, Mr. Frank Trot- 
ter, Mrs. Q. R. Taylor, Mr. J. Allen Tay-, 
lor. Mr. and Mrs. H. D Twigrge. Mr. and 
Wrs. O. R. rTalbot, Mr. and Mra. J. F. 
Tetnpleton, Mr. and Mrs. Bf.aii«hainp 
Ty«, Mr. A. C, Tweedle, Dr. and Mrs. 
8. F. ToImle, 

* Mr., Ifra. and Miss Ulin. 

t ▼. 

^Mr., Mr*, and Miss F. W. Vincent. 

'^Mitreivht, Mr. O. A. Vantrellht 


Lot 50x140 to lane, right off car, facing south. 
PRICE $1,000 

One-third cash and terms. 


841 Fort Street 

Phone 1741 




The following Artists will also appear: Mrs. Gideon 
.Hicks, contralto; Mr. J. D. A. Tripp, pianist; Miss Maud 
Scruby, A. R. C. M-, L. R. A. M.; 'cellist; Mis.s Miles, A. R. 
C. M., accompanist. 

Tickets $1.00, Reserved $1.25, at all music stores and 
Studio, 510 Oswego Street. 

Singing and Voice Production Taught. 

Electric Heating Apparatus 

See otir. Complete and Up-to-Date Line of these Useful 

Lowest Prices Best Quality 

Electric Supplies 

Hawkins & Hayward 

\ 7a8 Yates Stre«t Telephone 643 

WhatV tlietime ? NOW is. the time to try 

Mr.. anAj^llrs. J. KMm Wftson and 
mtut jiK'JUUKni Hr. and Mrs. Ashley wii- 

•nfet, :itr: '4aA . Vit. Jo^ Watiron. Misa ' 

'.'dSt^.i^^' 'ssita" 'IP. '.A. milkar. Mr. '«<nd 



The most wholesome spirit obtainable, and 
the very best stimulant ^or general 
As a pick-me-up tonic, 
and digestive, WOLFE'S 
Schnapps is always oppor- 
tune, and exercises A most 
beneficial effect upon liver, 

uanesrs and othm' organs, 
lai^uable for stomach 
djioraers, WOLFE'S 
3l3iNAPPr •fewdJ 

be kept in eviry 




home does, doesn't it? 

Andnghtnowyoiiare wondering just where- your home furnishing dollars will do 

most for you. 

While you are wondering, won't you just run into this store? — for we know^ that this 
store will make your dollars do most for you. 

The new Spring goods, furniture, floor coverings, draperies, lace curtains, ' etc., are 
here in unlimited quantity, and they are the newest things, the best of things, and all 

We'll gladly make arrangements to suit you. 
See this store, then come with your problem. 

We ilerewitli List aPTew Very Special OiarrValuera! Nett Price? 

CHAIR, 95c 

Golden finish, well made. 
.spindle back, solid seat, ex- 
tra strong. Get one today. 

ER, $2.85 

Comfortable and roomy, 
with solid seat, heavy spin- 
dled back with arms, 
strong and very reasonably 


Cane s«at, handsome pan- 
el -iiaok. thoroughly w«ll 
nmda and strong. Very 
good Value.' "SAME AS 


J UJil') .,.. t M ., .' .■ H . 

C H I L D'S H I G H 

Golden finish, cane seat, 
panel back, .well made, 
strong 'and comfortable. 

Handsome New Dinner Sets 

aF Prices That Should Interest You 

We have just displayed some of these beautiful new arrivals 
first floor. If you will but come and see these you will notice at 
good value. 

from England on tables on our 
a glance that they are extremely 

• 97-piece Dinner Set. with pret- 
ty dark border. Set 98.00. • 

The set consists of the follow- 
ing pieces: 

12 Dinner Plates » 

12 Tea Plates. 
12 Soup Plates 
12 Butter Pads 
12 Fruit Saucers 

2 Covered Dishes 

8 Flat Dishes 

1 Baker 

1 Sauce Boat 

1 Jug 

1 Bowl 

1 Covered Sugar 
12 Teaa & Saucers 

D7-pleco Dinner Set, with dain- 
ty de."3ign. 9ia.00 per set. 

The following list are the arti- 
cles included: 

13 Dlnnet- Plates 

12 Tea Plates* 

12 Soup Plates 

12 Butter Pads 

12 Fruit Saucers 

12 Teas & Saucers 

2 Covered Di^shes 
1 Baker 

1 Sauce Bdat 

3 Flat Dishes 
1 Cr«am Jug 
1 Bowl 

, 1 Covered SUgar 

97-pieo« Dinner Sets, 



green and gold border 



97-plece Dinner Set, with 4»rk 

per »et: 

key border In buff and gold line*. 

12 8in. FJ^t Plates 


Set f 18.00: 

12 6in. Flat Plates 
12 Bin, Flat Plates 
12 7in. Flat Plates 

12 81n. Flat Plates 
12 6ln. Flat Plates 
12 Bin. Flat Plates 
12 7 in. Flat Plates 

1 lOm. Flat Dish 

12 Fruit Saucers 

1 12in. Flat Dish 

12 Teas & Saucers 

I Uln. Flat DlBh 

1 lOin. Flat Plate 

2 Bakers 

1 121n. Flat PUt* 

2 Oravy Boats 

1 I41n. Flat Plate 

2 Covered Vegetable 


2 Bakers 

1 Cream. Jug 

8 Gravy Boats 

1 Slop Bowl 

2 Covered Vegetable Dishes 

12 Fruit Saucers 

1 Cream Ju5 

12 Teak & Saucers 

1 Slop Bowl 





Specials For Saturday^^ 





Popular Home 




iM^ ir» 


Ergfi • ^HttiltJfedlf Acres'^ Soi^enos ^District, ; 

%':./^:>''''. <V'V«lSi<iluVer ^Island.. ^'^ J^ * , .-*'■■ 




•- , 



:' :si«W !' il imm!^m'' ' 'S^W' ' !^^g^i! l^r ^^ ^ . vki&^t 

Friday, April IS, 19 U 







' r 

Productive soil, 

A readij market. 

Good transporta- 

Healtlnj climate. 

Unsurpassed f'xr 

Choicest Land 

Mixed Farming 









Office open even- 
ings from 7 till 9. 




Lands Dept., 
636 View Street 


The month-end «t the Victoria^' 
2t — "Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm." 
J7— Margaret An«Uo \t\ "(S*^'8^(i^' 

Jnga." '■ ■ 'V ♦!^-<'**;:,'^. 'VS" , _ 

29— wmiam Faveraham In "Tfe* Faun!"' 


"BalMCoa of ■uaayMMok 

"Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm," the 
utiWnttl of New KuKUnd (Iramaa ajid tho 
moat charming, In that it )>res«nUi pic- 
tures of New Knsland youths aa well 

as her sroTi-n folk, r/!ll be seen ft* th* 
Victoria theatre on Monday next. Tbp 
play la the work of Kate Douglas Wt(- 
gln and Charlotte Thompson, and -is a 
dramatization of Mr. Wiggtn'a One study 
of New England life and character, 
"Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm." Rebec- 
ca herself, the iherolne of the play, is 
tJ).o,.inu8t enchanting creature., that has 
come out of New England.^ SHi charms 
by hor naivete, her humor, h«r cheer- 
fulness and her merry heart, ker con- 
quest of the rigid discipline- of her old 
maid aunts, her winning of the love 
of a brave, good man, form the thrftad 
or Ihe Htory, which la filtered through 
with very delightful scenes of comedy 
and touches of pathos that reach the 
heart. MfKsrs. Klaw and Krlanger, have 
s-lven "Itebecca of Sunnybrook Farm." 
a stage onvlronmcnt, which for niasif- 
tude. Is only rivalled by the same firm's 
luoduotion of "Gen Hur," An excellent 
company has been organized for the 
presentation of the piece, and Includes 
in addition to Miss tirsula St. George, 
whom the managers have brought from 
London to appear in the role of Rebec- 
ca, such well known actors and aetresse.? 
n-3 Maud Ream Stover. Loyola O'Connor, 
Kannie D. MacCuiliri, Ruth Finuiay, Lil- 
lian Ross, Sam Heed, Sidney Blair, Hen- 
ry t'arlin and Alfred Hudson, Jr. 

A Seal Treat In Muslo — The I^ondon 
notices of the Flonzaley quartet reflect 
the same enihusiasni that has been 
shown in the comments on tho playlns 
of this splendid organlzutlon In Amer- 
ica "The Performance," said the Lon- 
don Jtlorning Post, "was one of the per- 
ftct kind and will rank as the most re- 
markable that has been given by a quar- 
tet of different nationality to that of 
the- composer." "Sue!} playing as theirs 
is rarply heard," declared tlie Westmin- 
ster Gazette. "For perfection of en- 
semble and beauty of tone they are cer- 
tainly unsurpassable." "The reputa- 
tion which these players have already 
sained in London," aald' the London 
*l'imes, "will be increased by last night's 
concert, ^or theJ^ played once more with 
extraordinary delicacy and vigor combin- 
ed. The delicacy of the soft passages 
was not lessened by the vigor which un- 
derlay them, and the vigor of the loud 
passages was. not dinilnlshed by the del- 
icacy witii which the smallest nuances 
were observed." "The fine blend of tone," 
said the London Standard, "the com- 
plettr understanding existing among tho 

^ >—#»~«.^ »*..-. n*.^ «!•.» V.*.^»^«.U. M^ «%*«f1r\ntj- 

manifested by each individual player, 
brought about an interpretation as In- 
tellectual as it v.'as del!'"hfcfuT.** ■ This 
splendid musical organization comes to 
Victoria early In May, being the last 
of the season's offerings by the Ladles' 
Musical club. 

Tbs Smprsss Tbaatr*— Seldom it ever 
is a Japanese act presented that Is ^o* 
more or less satlsfactorj'. This is due 
in no small degree to the precision with 
which they negotiate difficult tricks — 
the result of a-life's work before they 
attempt to perform before the puhUo. 
Toku Kisshe who is the headliner at tho 
Fmpress this week outclasses most of 
tl'.cse acts by ills daring and swiftness 
of action. Added to his acrobatic feats 
Is the splendid demonstration of head 
balancing. This Isplendid performer 
gives as thrilling an exhibition as ever 
seen In this city. He walks up a taut 
rope stretched from the stage to the 
cellins- ahove the gallery, anfl -nrltii a 
warning cry, slides rapidly on his feet 
to the stage. The act is a thriller from 
start to finish. The Guy Brothers are a 
couple of musicians and minstrel per- 
formers who have an act replete with 
minstrel melody ari'tt humor, and their 
act is one of the popular hits of the 
well balanced bill provided by Manager 
Wisncr this week. Eldon and Clifton, 
who offt-r a protean sketch entitled "His 
Awful Nightmare," include some clever 
work. Miss Clifton wh-o does some re- 
markably good quick change work ap- 
pears in tho role of many wives Eldon 
dreams of in his nightmare. Josie and 
Willie Barrows do a good singing, danc- 
ing and talking number and Billy Chance 
amuses with his monologue and songs. 
Another series of the All British films 
are shown by the Empresscope, 

Crystal Thaatra—Toda/ the pictures 
change for 1-Ylday and Seturday. 
"Mother and the Girls" Is the feature 
picture. It Is a comedy drama th»L 
lias a first class situation and fulfills 
one of art's Important functions, viz.: 
It criticizes life for the sake of health 
(ind humanity. TUie mother lets the 
girls play while she did the hard work. 
Consequently they were butterflios and 
knew so lltle about cooking that when 
mother fell sick and they had to be- 
gin their work was idiotic. It Is a 
good subject well told. "A (Prlncesa 
of the Hills" is a Kalem love story in 
Moxlcan costume. It Is set In ,an 
orange grove and palm backgrounds 
that are very pleasing. "Prospector's 
Legacy," here le an ISssanay Western 
showing a bad man and i|h«rlfr'»;'|?0S8e 
with much In It that, Is trmih wi(l^'Uii- 
usual— a certain , mJ^|^rIo'usnei^<t'th*(^' 
keeps the spectator ■Wonderlnf kna also' 
will keep your Iniere-st awake. "An 
American Count" Is a Lubln 4io<m«dy 
illustrating how they fooled a girl in- 
to marrying her old s-veetheart whom 
she summarily dismissed when told a 
foreign count was to visit heri This 
Is a good one. The vaudavlll« changed 
yesterday and you will see "kanA," 
the Illustrious ventriloquist In his big 
comedy act. "Hugo and Mendota' are 
Spanish aerenaders on the harp and 
violin and ihave one of t4)e highest 
class musical acta seen on th« road. 
Every number is a claasiiJal 6n« and 
far above the average. TJhey always 
have to replj to numeroua . ourtain 
calls. Hours -for vRuduvtiig tram i 
to 4 and 7.30 to 11. PletufM tintn LSO 
to B.30 and «.30 to .11. 'Vaudeville 
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ohange every Monday, Wedne«d4y and 
t't'Mday. Same price of admiastja^ ,ten 
c^nta. • 

8. P. C A. caaea of., 
Iiwp«etor Ruaaall. l»ll ' 
1.1 7iX. 

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of Every 

Weight, Style 

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FROM 50^ TO ?5.00 

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»-.,.. .,^.'.■,!.■'.■ ■«■.>.. ,- ..-X-^m:.^....,.,..!; — .... 

: j.Tjfj 



rrM«y. ApHI 1^ Itit 

The Bank of British North America 



Seventy-Sixth Annual Report 
and Balanee Slieet 

Report of the Directors of the Bank of British North America. Pre- 
scnted to the Proprietors at Their Seventy-Sixth Yearly General 
Meeting on Tuesday, March 5th, 19" 

the accompanying Balance Sheet to the SOth 
including »83. 712.24 brought 

share »ia4,668.67 


The Court of Directors subnilta 

10 (tialrlbute us follows: 

In the payment of a Dividend of 40s per 

In tiu. otivment of a Bonus of 10s per 

botrrayahle less Income Tax. on the 4th April next. 

Transferring to the Keserve Fund 

•• BanK Promises Account 

And in the p«Lyn.enl of a Bonus of 5 per cent, to the Staff, about. 

Oividend paid October. I'Jll 

"^'^ri ^^:^^'^D;^i:^r h^ee'rS'i^ WyVheP^^sent and^uure dividends 
and tonuses -I^^b Tax" Instead of "free of Income Tax" a« for nerly 
ThiB pracuL U n.w generally adopted by all th. principal BanKs in tne tiacd 

^""'rhe'abovc Dividend and Bonus will make a distribution of S ^Pcr cent, for 

^'"' ThT Dividend Warrants will be r»-nUited to the Proprietors on the 3rd 

^^'ainjrihe last Report. 30 Jun-". 1911. a Branch has been opened, at Lytton 
and Sub-branches at Verdun and ICorrlsdale. , i^.y- ,^ 

The following appropriations from the Profit and Iajbs Account have been 
made for llie benefit of the Staff, viz.: — 

4S, 668.66 

I'J 1.86(1.67 

llti, 000.00 
;)1. 018.71 

/-\ A4 


■ o ., .- — lU _., -^-»:.i* 

Pension Fund < 

I.iifo In.s«rance Vund — . i*rWf 
20th February, 1912. 

Proceedings of the Seventy-Sixth 
Yearly General Meeting, on 
■ Tuesday, March 5th, 191 2 -~- 

A, (4. WuUis) 
convening the 

notliing special to say under this hoad- 
lag. On the other side of the accoimt. 
cash and specie at bankers and In hand 
fl.mnnnt to, .87.173, 466r-'aji ' 

increase of 

The Secretary (Mr. 
having read the notice 

Tlic Cl-airman (Mr. E. A. Hoare) 
said: Gentlemen, before I make any 
reference to the report and balance 
sheet which is In your hands today, 
I must say a few v,xirds respecting the 
report and balance-sheet of the 30th 
June, 1911, because the report contain- 
ed two paragraphs of special impor- 
tance. Flr.«it, the liability under guar- 
antee for $200,000 which the 13ank as- 
sumed In October, 1906, in connectioii 
with the liquidation of the Ontario 
Bank, now disappears from the balance 
sheet. Xo claim arose under the guar- 
antee. This you no doubt read with 
satisfaction, but the second paragraph 
10 wlilcii I draw your attention was of 
still greatsr Importance. It was as 
follows: — "A circular was issued to the 
proprietors on June 28 informing them 
that ^tlie lloyal Charter had been ex- 
icnileU lor a period of ten >c<i.i» to 
July 1, 1921." At our meeting last 
year llie Cjjalrman informed you that 
iipplicatioa had been made to the 
lx>rds of llic Treasury for this ex- 
tension, and that there was no reason 
10 expect that tlie application would 
[„'- any less favorably dealt with than 
(Ml former occa.slon and it was a pleas- 
111 (• lo the Court to be able to Inform 
ihn iironrietors by circular on June 28 
ilKii these anticipations liad been rcal- 
r/.i(i. And now, without reading the 
ippoi t, to wiuch I siiall refer in detail 
a.s 1 proceed, 1 will pass on to point 
out the principal changes in the figures 
subnillled to you today oompareil with 
,i,rtu« nf n, y<»ar ago. The reserve fund 
,-1 |2, 774,000, compared with TJ. 652, 333 
ill 1910 — !in increase of J121,666. It 
lias often been explained to you before 
thHt as our responsibilities and our 
lluliilities increase, it Is necessary to 
keep on building up the reserve, and 
we know that you approve of that policy. 
The dep«.),slts show an increase of J4,000,- 
ino, a larger increase than you are 
to bee; wU;. i: ;= Tis-'- i-a- 
1 should mention that there ere in- 
iluded in that total certain special de- 
posits which I do not expect to be per- 
manent. Notes in circulation amount to 
$4,111,591. or an increase of $661,097. 
During the ytar there has been an in- 
creasing demand. Cor circulation, and in 
the harvest montlis wo reached a rec- 
ord total. To enable us to avail our- 
selves of our full jirivileges under the 
Bank Act, we inereased our inv^estment 
in Dominion of Canada Bond.-., to which 
I shall refer again when I speak of our 
investments, and we needed therri ail. 
Bills payable end other liabilities sliow 
an increase of $4,097,733, but there is 

$1,363,886. This cash Item represents 
4175 per cent, of our ; immediate Ue- 
bilitles — that is, deposits payable on 
demand and note circulation. at 
^all and short notice at $10,064, 26K sliows 
an inorease of $983,06G, and thr total 
of these two items amounting lo $1',- 
242 600, actually exceeds the total of 
Immediate liabilities to which I' 

you w*|0 know Mon^rml wMV t^** 
that the time h»B come ■•* J,*** ^r*"* 
tl*« oM ^uiidiiis— put xqp -"nwe *n«j« 
sixty y«ani ««« — has b«en oondemn^o. 
The constant increase of the worK Of 
fhi. hmu\ o«ce. owinK to th« .•Bt*!*)!*)^- 
ment of bo many new t»ranch««; fta» 
with difficulty been provided tor OurlnK 
the last few years. The point ha« now 
been reached when It -oannot be provid- 
ed for any Ipnger. the t>ld building 
niUBt oome down, a»d on the prowit 
site we propose to erect a modern build- 
ing which should proVld« ample space 
not only for present requirements but 
for the future. This will be a larfe 
and coBtly undertaking. I cannot thus 
bid farewell to the old building which 
Is BO familiar ^ many in this room 
without a word of regret at the sever- 
ance of old aasooletions and a tribute 
of appreciation to those who built It. 
uur predecessors here did their work 
thoroughly and well. The site upon 
which the present building stands was 
pur<.-hHHed in 1842 for $12,166.86. Today, 
after the lapse of seventy years, It Is 
worbh mkare than $213,233.33. The 
building occupied some yottrs, and I 
find from our ancient records that it 
was not completed until 1S17, the total 
c^ost of land and building being $55,2 1«.- 
66. No doubt additions were subseuuent- 
ly made, but I have not pursued my re- 
searches any further. Apparently no 
contractor was employed. «uk1 our books 
contain long columns of detalliNl en- 
tries of payments for piece-work and 
«_ . i...ii.4i„~ «.a»/,„i>.ia uvAn Ini'.ludlnii 

bricks, whiidi were sent out from uvn- 
don to Montr<vil. But tliat Is not all 
We -Jiave purchased valuable IniUding 
sites at St. John. N'ew Brunswick, and 
Kdmonton. Alberta, end In the course 
of the present year we hope to put up 
suitable buildings in Iwtli places. Wc 
take $48,666 from the profits of the half- 
vear for the credit of the^pnMiilses ac- 
count and we wish that we" couTd havB 
done more. 1 warn you that later 



have just referred. Investments 
holding in Kxchequer Bonds stands at 
the same total as last year. Dominion 
of (vflJiada Bonds show an in-'^reasp of 
$374,733. These purclinses were made 
froni time to time in anticipation of the 
demand for circulation w^hlch subse- 
quently took place. There Is no object 
In adding further to this investment for 
we liave now reached the limit which 
we are allowed to use for the purpose 
of our circulation by the Bank Act. 
Other Investments at $111,933 show a 
decrease of $43,S00. You have probably 
noticed the gradual reduction in the 
total of the other Investments. Several 
.._„_„ ^.xyc e!s'^=ed Binee thH Court de- 
cided to exchange the other investments 
for Dominion of TanadLV Bonds. Ten 
years ago the balance-sheet of I>ecem- 
ber. 1901. showed that the other invest- 
ments stood at $1,187,466, whilst we 
held no Dominion of Canada Bonds at 
all. Today as you see, entries are 
practically reversed. The intervening 
years have not been favorable for the 
sale of high-class securities, and it ha« 
required much patient watchiuiness to 
achieve this result. Now that this Is 
accomplished wo arc well satisfied, and 
I venture to say that In this matter of 
Investments our position Is most envia- 
ble, for, owing to tlie policy decided 
upon by the Court in 1909— which I fully 
explained to you in my address of l&iO — 
we enjoy complete Immunity from the 
depreciation wliich has been so harass- 
ing to all the banks in the Unltefl King- 
dom during recent years. Bills receiv- 
able, loans on security, and other ac- 
counts show an increase of $6.0l5,00n, 
and the total largely exceeds any previ- 
ous records. Bank premises, showing 
^^ i_,.-,.-„^ ^f t219.000. c*!l for th« an- 
nual lamentation which you are accus- 
tomed to hear from sucx^esBlve chair- 
men. You know quite well what T am 
going to say, but nevertheless 1 must 
say it The heavy expenditure upon 
iaank premises i.s one that we are most 
reluctant to incur, hut It Is forced upon 
us. Not to go forward is to go back, 
and we must be constantly pressing 
forward Iboaigh ■comservatlsm guides 
our steps. Nor can I even hold out 
any hopes that we are reaching the 
limit of this expenditure, for during 
1912-13 it will be neces.sary for us to 
undertake some important building w'ork 
whloh has become Inevitable. Those of 

■n you tnat laier on 
we shall be obliged to do more; but 1 
wish to make it quite clear that this 
pr"Vl?l"n l« not In respect of any de- 
preolallon in values for the properties 
owned by the Bank are certainly worth 
more today than the figures submitted 
to you In the balaxice-sheet. During 
the year 1911 eight branohes and sub- 
branches have been opened, and one sub- 
branch has been closed. We have now 
elKliLs-rieVcn separate estab!l!>hmentfi, 
compared with eighty at the close of 
1910. These figures show a general and 
satisfactory expansion and 1 am pleased 
to H«y that this expansion is also rep- 
resented In the profits. For the pre- 
ceding year the profits were $554,800 
vvherca,s the sum now at your disposal 
amounts to $627. SOQ. The result would 
have been still better were it not for 
tiie fact that the average rate for call 
money throughout the year in New 
York was no better than 2.602 per cent., 
, .^ T ^-.i„„ t 10 Tw>r rent., ajid con- 
sequently the largo sum maintained at 
call and short notice, as the first line of 
our reserves, has been earning a low 
rate of interest. Of the sum at our dis- 
posal you have already received $146.- 
000, as an Interim dividend, and we now 
propose to pay a dividend of 40s per 
share, and a bonus of 10s per. share, 
making 8 per cent for the year; to 
._„„„ff,, to r««r-rvA fnnd $121,666 to 
premises account $48,666 to make usual 
grants whii-h you have always so cor- 
dially sanctioned for the benefit of the 
Officers' Widows and Orphans Fund, 
Pension Fund, and the Life Insurance 
Fund; and finally. In the payment of a 
bonus of b per cent, on their salaries to 
the staff, and this I trust you will 
generously grant as you have done he- 
fore, for i can assure you that they de- 
serve It. Those appropriations will leave 
a balance of $92,466 to be carried for- 
ward to tilt, new account. You will 
observe that this year we are introduc- 
ing a change in respect of the dividend 

of "free of income tax,' as hertofore. 
As you are aware, this change has been 
adopted by nearly all the principal 
banks In the United Kingdom, who have 
considered it desirable to seiJarate the 
income tax payment and to show lo 
each shareholder his individual contri- 
bution In respect of the tax. Another 
change which we propose to Introduce 
is an alteration In the bank's financial 
year, whereby the t)alance-»lieet8 will 
henceforth be made up to May 31 and 
November 30 In each year Instead of, 
as hitherto, to June 30 and December 
31. It has been represen^ted to us by 

our «i«*r»l '*»*»4*Br that .tn« rouil^ 
work of tto» HiMik la h«ivl#irt #t the 

to the routme work, the special wortr 
conitscted with the preparation of all 
the ratun»» necessary for WW «»dltorg 
has. in rocent ytars. oau««« «ue»i pres- 
gure m r)«5«*h«r that it *»•>>••«_**" 
to be a rs»J- lM.r«8hlp to the staff. That 
Jyou will IrUlly approve any Vf*** 
.which will .tend ito the weU-belng of the 
«taft I re«l omte m^n. Another *d. 
VAUtaga derived from;. ■the <*•*»*• wiu 
be that the foot-note In the ''»i»n^«- 
sheets referring to Dawson and I^rt 
Oeorg* will disappear, for the altera- 
tion In the dates should allow aunicUnt 
lime for the returns to reach the auaii- 
ors In time to be incorporated in tne 
general blilaace-ahMt; "Wt do not p«o- 
pose to K»»k« any alteration In tlw dale 
of the annual meetin», which wfll «tili 
be held In Maj^Jfti of each year a^ TJ*" 
vided by the dded of settlement. I ae- 
sire to draw your particular attention 
to this alteration, because it must affect 
the profits shown in 1912. It is obvious 
that unless the unforseen occurs we 
cannot hope to earn In eleven months 
as much a» we might do In a full year, 
and therefore, although we should not 
now have advanced the dividend unless 
with isiK)d hope of being able to main- 
tain It, yo« must be prepared to -r>e 
a smaller net profit for 1912 than we 
are showing today. It Is • impossible 
for me to forecast the future, but our 
hop« is that wc may be able to make 
two equal dlBlrlbutlonj: of 'l Per '•""♦• 
each, and, dropping the bonus, U. make 
the dividend 8 per cent. T give thid 
explanation so as to prevent any pos- 
sible disappointment when you receive 
the balance-^heel made up to May -U 
next, which will represent the profits or 
only five months. The changes which 
I have now explained to you are im- 
portant, and consequently we have not 
introduced them without consultation 
with your audiiore. T am authorlzsd .c 
sav that they have their full approval. 
1 have o.<-upl«d so much of your time 
In speaking of our domestic concerns 
that 1 must not exhaust your patience 
bv referring in detail to the many points 
.of Interest which naturally occur when 
reviewing the progress of the Domin- 
ion during 1911— eaubjfect upon which 
.*» .5^o,,irt bc-M»- lnt«r^anjs -taali.-tQ..J!Eeak . 
«t length— but I must endeavor, quite 
brlefiv, to notice some of the matters 
in finance and Imlustry which appear 
to me to be of principal imporlaJice. 
The voar l?il Will, on politl^f.! grounds 
always be memorable in the history or 
the Dominion, but as It has ever been 
iho tradition of this Bank that we 
should not introduce politic* into our 
business, I do not propose to make any 
further reference to the Important issue 
submitted to the country in Septembei- 
last, or to the results of the Oenoral 
In trade and finance the 
been one of steady progress 
without excitement. The deposits in 
the Canadian banks at the end of -Oe- 
cember. 1911, amounted to $1,006,696080 
—an Increase of no less than $110,990,- 
during the year. This incjease is 
record, and is evidence of 
increasing prosperity. You niust tjot, 
however, regard this increase of $110,- 
990,000 in the resources of the nanivs 
__ „..iaiT.D. ontlrelv from tuu internal 
Jrosperity and thrift of the P«°P'^- *^^ 
it is evident that imported capital has 
contributed largely to this result. Dur- 
ing the year 1911 L'anadaspuouc sor- 
rowings in London '^';»*'""^,^ *" ^ot^-; 
800,000, the principal Item In this total 
amounting to $82,733,333, subscribed .or 
the railroads. Government borrowings 
un-usually small, amounting to 
but Municipal borrowings 
show a constant tendtncy to Incr?*?? 
wliich Is inevitable when 
rapid progress of the 
of the Dominion. Kx- 

year has 


I think, 



er return 



To capital $4,866,666.66 

20,000 Shares of;,rf50 each fully paid 

To Reserve Fund .....> 2,774,000.00 

To Deposits and Current Accounts 36,067.708.81 

To Notes in Circulation 4,411,697.70 

To bills Payable and other Liabilities, includ- 
ing Provision for Contingencies 13,712,119.98 

To Rebate Account 119,061.27 

To Liabilities on Kndorsements $606,584.43 

By Cash and Specie at Banlc- 

ers and in Hand % 7,177,386.16 

By Cash at Call and Short 

Notice 10,067,432.29 

— a condition 
we review the 

principal cities -- j k, ^w. 

cellent as these securities undoubtedly 
are it appears to me that owing to the 
frequency of Municipal borrowing a 
basis of vc.lues— that is, a hlgh- 
of interest — will have to be 
if they are to continue to 
attract investors. There was also in 
1911 a very large increase In the capi- 
tal subscribed for industrial enter- 
prises The total exceeded $34,066 666, 
being an increase of no less than $--4,- 
333,333 over the preceding year When 
"'t'''" ,, ,..^^.._- of addr»««lng you 
two years ago, I spoke a few words on 
the subject of Investments in Canada 
and I must not entirely ignore this 
subject today. The Dominion of Can- 
ada. In my opinion, affords one of the 
best, if not the very best, field for In- 
'vestment, but it is not logical to ac- 
cept every investment which is brought 
out under the heading "Dominion of 
Canada" as though it must be beyond 
qvestlon. It 13 most important that 
investors should '^.-cc.mlne and criticize 
for themselves. a.nd If they ht^ve not 
the local knowledge which enable tlierfi 
to form a correct opinion, that they 
s- ou . make enquUle.i from the many 
sources that are now opeji to them be- 
fore subscribing to new Issues. The im- 
portance of this warning to the investor 
is evident, but It Is equally important 
to the Dominion of' CanAdn. Develop- 
ment is proceeding rapidly— far more 
rapidly than Canada can finance from 
her own re»ources-^nd therefofe nia 


To Liability under Quarantee in 
respect of which no Claim 
is anticipated $300,000.00 

To Profit and Loss Account — 

Net profit for the year end- 
ing this date after deduct- 
ing all current charges and 
providing for bad and 
doubtful debts $632,117.33 

Balance brought 
forward from 
3 1st December, 
1910 4278,'378.90 

Less Dividend 


Investments — 

Exchequer Bonds — , 

£310,300. 191B, at cost 1,505,168.22 

Dominion of Canada 3% 
per cent. Bonds, £250,- 
000 at par 1,216,666.67 

Othor Invostmcnts 118,438.71 

By Bills Receivable, Loans on 
Security, and other Ac- 

and Bonus paid 
April, 1911 ... 





Dividend paid 

October. 1911 . 


Transf o«Ted t o 

Uescrve Fund . 

$121, 868.87 

Transferred t o 

Bank Premises 



TrHn»ferred to Of- 

ficers' Widows 

& Orphans' Kund 


Transferred to Of- 

flcera* Pension 



Transferred to Of- 

ficers' Life Ih- 

Hwranetr - Fufl^ » • 

BtaJff Bonu* . •••• 




Bank Premises, 
London and 
Branches . . . • 

etc., in 
at the 

t 2,838,370.60 


1 '21.217.37 


BaUnee cvallaiMa for April 
Dlvldvnd and Bonus ..•> 



_ — J. ' i t . « ' 

Deposit with Dominion 
OoveVnment required 
by Act of Parliament 
for Security of general 
Bank Note Circulation 

Note. — The latest monthly Returns re- 
ceived from Dawson. Yukon, and Fort 
George, B. C, are those of the SOth 
November, 1911, and the figures of 
those Returns are introduced Into tWa^ 
AccoUht. The balance -of the tirani;-- 
actions for Deoembeir with thoaa 
Bre.ii'drlLeB hsB been carrtad to a ^tia*: 
penile A|c., panding th% raceipt of M»* 
Deoembvr i»oi&aunts. 




Wa hava ax4mln«<l tha tbora Balance Bheat with th* »*»*« '« ^"««-^ ^l!*^!!^^^^^^ 

"«;« U %lJSiT . tt«. .tat«nen» of th. B^K-g utUi^ « ^J t.y 5a book^ «td rating. ^^ i^ ^. 

•r m -ifr^«mB»«frvt9R1Q. 


of the first importance that the London 
Market for her securities should be 
safeguarded so that the ^I>oP"lf'-'^y 
wnlch her securities now enjoy shou d 
be preserved. If any of you wish to 
examine more closely Into this ques- 
tion of Canadian Investments, 1 cannot 
do better than refer you to an article 
on the subject which appeared in The 
Financial Times" of February 1. ^h>ch, 
In my opinion, is a most mluable .con- 
trll^tlon to the current literature on 
the subject, m addition to this large 
total $189.800,000— there have been 
other channels of investment, auch aa 
purchase of real e»Ute and mortgage 
loans which have attracted to Canada 
X laTge sums of capJtaW Xou mus 
alM add to theae t6Ula th* amount 
taken into ^he «"«**"*• .^fi^^^Srv 
for many oftl»op^ «'»J*r^*"^>??»'^tI^ 
—especlaUy farmeifa r Tirom the united 
States— bring with them- quite substan- 
tial sums, imn^lgratlon shows a large 
increase o¥«t 1910, the figures for the 
year 1911— not tVie fiscal year— being 
stated aa '<J50,000, compatad with 308,000 
in 1910 It Ifi noticeable that Great 
Britain was In 1911 the largest con- 
tributor to this, total, whereas In 1910 
•migrants from the Unlt«d States ex- 
ceeded thoae from Great Britain by 
about '1«,000. The iron manufacturers 
have suffered frooft consldcxttble com- 
petition tbrough the ImporUtlon of pig 
iron from the United States, where pro- 
duction exceeded a gwrne^jhat slack de- 
mand; but notwlthBtat««ng tjita. th.^ 
results appear t« liava'i»oen 8atl«n|i^ty. 
It la exaoUy two TTOlra ago that T J«- 
f or mad you that ttti DoAilnlon O^vaTo- 
ment :had decided ti*t -to renew the 
WHriity- on n«at.«Sa»wr§*- ls"<» ^§: r^ 
declaloo waa idbar^it t», ao thfct tn 
due couraa the bounty expired. It was 
recently announced In the London Praaa 
tbat iha praaent Q«vtttW!>«»t had «a- 
eldM«HM a tamp«r»ry m»M9f^, w*^ 
waltliitf tha raault of «i«iMitt|««on by 

rtfcf «MiPi-4m »wa»f^iio^((«Bellu.'«»t««na« 

\tkPttf% ftdvieaa wtUch 1 b»va i*«a» from 
Canada appear to ahow rtat the matter 
ti eUll ttoder consideration. The coB- 
dlUona of the lumber trade were not 
favorable. The rainfall waa unuaually 

llfht during the early «^»*1** '**1 "f k I 
aon. and oonaequenUy tba^awr m tne 
atreams waa too low to eMkble the lum- 
bermen to get out thatr laat winter a 
out. ' The riiarkat. too. haa been dull, 
both In the United States and Great 
Britain; but later In the year both 
marketa showed aowe Improvement It 
is always Impoaafble at the date of oar 
meeting to give full Information re- 
specting the producUon of the mines 
for the year under revi*w, because the 
flgurea have not then been prepared; In 
fHOt, the Government report for 1910 
has only recently been laaued. This, 
however, ahowa that In that year the 
toUl mineral production was $105,000.- 
OOO, an Increase of more than 1 13.000.000 
over the preceding year. The gold out- 
put of the Yukon Territory, in which 
we are Interested tlirou»h our Dawson 
branch, was in 1911 14.019,000. based on 
the rate of $15 per ounce (th« actual 
total would be somewhat larger) ; this 
was less than in 1910, when $4,091,000 
was the total. There have, however, 
been considerable developments In the 
Camp, and a large amount of capital 
has been expended on the construction 
of a hydro-electric plant, and it is ex- 
peotod that when the plant is operating 
to Us full extent the output of gold 
will again increase. The silver mines 
ot Cobalt continue to inoream; their 
pro<luction, and it 1h estimated that the 
total output of the Camp for the year 
will not be less than 32,0ou,ouo ounces. 
Not only BO, but the prlco of silver 
has been rising throughout the year, 
and the present quotation Is higher than 
It ha.s been at any time since 1908, and 
this advance in values is another point 
in favor of the Camp. It is, however, 
to the harvest that we principally look 
for the Bvid«ni'e of t^nada's prosper- 
ity, and especially to the three Central 
Provlnceii. 1 cannot do oelter than 
quote from a cablegram addressed by 
the Minister of the Interior to the High 
Commissioner on this subject. He says: 
"The harvest was late and the quality 
of crops In some places poor, but the 
total crop was abundant, and the rel- 
atively high prices have on the wliolo 
"given" ine fafriier'a "gWJa,' thoirgh not 
a bumper, year. Th« crop will bring 
$200,000,000 to Western Canada." That 
summary coincides entirely with the 
report received fix)m our own Prairie 
branches In 1911. The see*! was »uwu 
under most favorable conditions, and 
early In the season the weather was 
warm and dry, yet with sufficient mois- 
ture to give excellent promise of abun- 
dant crops. It was not until the 
eleventh hour that this changed, and 
at Clie time of harvest cold and w-et 
w<:a.Uicr hindered the threshing, with 
the result that a great deal of grain 
was left upon the ground exposed to 
the snow, which began to fall soon after. 
The difficulties of the farmer were fur- 
ther Increased by the .congestion on the 
railways, although those great corpora- 
tions used all their available resources 
to move the crop, and it la estimated 
tlMit no less than 61.000,000 bushels of 
wheat still await shipment. As to the 
condition of the grain which It was im- 
1 poBslbla.. to move out before the winter 
iinows, I do not venture to express an 
ot)livlon, but relying upon the Govern- 
ment summary which I have already 
qajoted — tiiat the crop will bring $-00,- 
000,000 tp Western Caitoda — we may feel 
well satisfied with the results of the 
season. The remedy for these difficulties 
will, no doubt, be found In the Intro- 
duction ot mixed farming— a subject 
which you may remember we dlsousned 
at our meeting two year« ago. Further 
official Information received by the High 
Commlsirloner from the Census and 
Statistics Offices at Ottawa states tltat 
the field crops of Canada ocoupled last 
year a total area of 32,853,000 acres, and 
their value, calculated at the average 
local prices, amounted to $565,712,000 — 
a truly remarkable total, in the autumn 
Mr. J. H. Mayne Campbell paid his an- 
nual visit to Canada, and we are in- 
debted to him for much valuable work 
in the interests of the Bank. I, too, 
had made arrangements for a visit to 
Canada, but was, much to my regret, 
at the laat moment prevented by private 
affairs from leaving home. I now hng 
to move that the report and accounto 
be adopted. 

Mr. G. D. Whatman seconded the mo- 

The Chairman: I now Invite any re- 
marks that any shareholders may wish 
to make respecting the accounts or the 

Mr. T. E. Williams: It peems a pity, 
sir. that this motion should be put 
without a remark of any kind from 
this side of the tabic, but I am sure 
from your exi/«rl«nce you feel that it 
is such a satisfactory report that the 
.shareholders have no criticisms to offer 
and no unfavorable remarks to make. 
You have referred with feelings of some 
little regret, I think, to the increased 
expenditure tipon Bank premises. I can- 
not myself share tljat feeling of regret 
for I am certain from the bjiiaM ob- 
servations 1 have been able to make in 
various parts, that all expenditures of 
which I have any knowlefdge have been 
most economically and moat prudently 
designed and carried out. You have 
referred to Montreal, and probe.'bly that 
and some of the Western parts are well 
known to many who are here. I have 
noticed also both in Victoria and Van- 
couver— to speak only of two of which 
are farth«r away — that there the sites 
are exceptionally g^>od and the build- 
ings are substantial and convenient, 
though possibly they might by some be 
thought to err on the side of modesty, 
but that is a matter of commendable 
economy. I will not trouble you with 
any other remarks or waste your time 
further. I feel it is a most satisfactory 
statement that We have listened to. 
(Hear, hear.) 

Mr Maurice Powell: 1 am glad to 
see, in comparing tm»i ywr's aocoun;tB 
with last year's that there appears to 
b« an advance In almost all the Items, 
r think it is a very prudent step, con- 
sidering the very large amount of our 
transactions, that the reaervo fund 
should be increased by |121.68«. That 
Is an item whloh one must always re- 
gard with satisfaction, as It shows the 
strong ba«ls on which the Bank is found- 
ed Tou mentioned tbe investment in 
Dominion of Canada Bonds, and said 
that you had reached the limit allowed 
by the Bank Aot Perhaps you will 
juat explain what that means. 

The Chairman: The words' which I 
uaed m my arfdreaa were theae: 

«a ret tUe next dividend it wiU ba. In-, 
ruJd of »0a. :8» 8d unless you are abh» 
to make It It le-a tax. With reference 
to the change In the Bank'a financial 
year, will It a»t«- the date of the pay- 
ment of th« divldendY I think I Imve 
nothing further to say except to con- 
gratulate the directors on the aucoeaa 
which has attended their labora in the 
paat year. (Hear, hear.) 

The '^hairman: With regard to tha 
queatWrn put by Hr. Powell, the pay- 
ment of tiia dividend must be """l* »t 
a certain specified interval after the 
mooting, and therefore the dividend will 
be paid Just as hitherto. The month of 
March la fixed by the deed of settlement 
for the holding of the annual mr»tlng, 
and we have no power to alter tm,t; 
t-h^refpre. the meeting win be held as 
hitherto, tna.the dlvWend will be paid 

as hitherto, ... ,.. ^ , 

Mr Powell: ■■ Both dividends? 
The ChialriiijAn: Yoa- 
The r^Bolutlon was then put and car- 
ried unanimorusly. _...,„ 
The following directors who retire 
by rotation and offer themselves for 
re-election were unanimously re-elected: 

Mr G D. Whatman (proposed by tne 

Chali'man): Mr. J. J. Cater (proposed 
by Mr. J. H. Mayne Campbell); and Mr. 
Henry J. B. Kendall (proposed by Mr. 
J. H. Brodle). , .,^^ 

Mr Powell proposed the re-election 
of Mr. G. Sneath and Mr. N. K, Water- 
house as auditors. The motion was 
seconded by Mr. Tunmer, and ynanl- 
•mously agreed lo. ,,;,„. |, ,„ 

Mr. Williams: May I ue rinv-.^ .-^ 
vot-i of thankii to the chaii- 
c busl- 
sharehoiders 1 think 




propose a — 

man for his able condiict o.f t, 
ness today? As 

we Care exceeamgly indebted i.. tne 
chairman and his colleagues for the 
great attention thoy give- to the affairs 
of the Bank. I feel myself that It is 
a most satisfactory Bank to have a 
little mon^y invested in, because It Us 
eo verv oaref.uUy watched over and so 
ably put out' to our advantHKe. t 
to propose a vote of thanks to 
chairman, directors, managers aiid staff. 
Mr. Tunmer: I beg to second tliat 
I should also like, to say that I am 
very pleased to sec that in the balance- 
siheet this time you do not forget 
wtait. i^ast year the chairman 
that someone had written to him ob 
.lectTng"" to'' anytmilgr trxtra *einir- pa!* - 
to the staff. I do not think that It Ls 
the right policy to ■stint the staff In 
any shape or form. If we want good 
work we must pay for It. The remark 
a made last year that othsr banks 
iiad given more by way of a oonus to 
the staff, and I think that we should 
not be behind thonu I have great pleas- 
ure in seconding the proposal. 

The vote w'as unanimously accorded. 
The Chairman: We thank you very 
ir\»rfh for your kind appreciation. 
The procijedings then terminated. 

OaK Bay Lots 

. Ziools — 50x205, quarter cash 

price » 

St. Fatrlok St.— ff0xl3B, 

$460; price, 

■t. »attlek Bt. — 50x133; 

neaaant Ave.— 50x112; 

ITewport Ave. — 100x110; 

. 91000 

. $1150 



lUlnkleaa Ave. — Tw,o cleared lots 

60x110: prlco each 91000 

Oliver and Central — Double cor- 
ner, 120x120, two i-co-rs terms 

price 93000 

Beach Drive — V.'aterfront, lot 

50x200; price .. ••. -••• 91850 
ar. Hampablre Jtd. — Corner lot, 
two years terms 60x125 price 


Beckett, Major & Co., Ltd. 

Members of the Victoria Real 
Estate Exchange 

Phone 3967. 

343 rort St. 


Our Specialty Your Profit 

6 acres Cedar Hill Road, frontage, 
with 6-roomed house. Fruit 
trees. Splendid soil all cleared. 
If you want a home this Is 
yours, terms over two years, 
for :qj8000 

The best ioo were farms in Soutlt 
Saanlch, nearly all cleared and 
in crop. Well watered, with 
buildings. Large waterf rentage. 
Nine miles from the city. Terms 
over 5 years. Per acre .. f 600 

Oak Bay Avenue, half acre, val- 
uable corner. Better soo this, 
only f8500 

Another snap, corner on Oak Bay 
jk-tintie. 90x115. Third cahh. 
bal. 6, 12, 18 months.. ^4000 
Call and see our complete list 

of fruit and poultry farms. 






Mijie value than ever is put 
.into these Fit-Reform Spring 
Suits. Not only are fabrics 
finest and more sturdy, but 
the suits have those little 
style touches that appeal io 
strongly to the well -dressed 



To Acquire 7,000 Acres on 

will average twelve dollars 
($i2.Qo) per acre. Your 
money back in six months 
and a guarantee profit of five 
dollars ($5-Oo) pe«" acre in 

r\r\pk V'Par 

Write at once to Edward 
Hamilton, Box 1874, Van- 
couver, B. C. 


Nine acres, North Quadra 
street, frontage on two 
roads, no rock. I need money 
and for quick turn will take 

Real Btate Co. 

Vhona lOM OMM 




TsTo* oW<^t in adding f urtlwi tothla 
inveitmapt, for we have adw re**^ed 
the llrtMt>hlch we «e allytW to waa 
for tha pirpoae of our olrcuMid* byjhe 
Bank A<A." We are allowed to If^a 
nnt*- 1-. th« extent of 7B pf* cent of 
iur eapltai. and wi are aljowsa tOTaaua i 
further notea for tha fW"**"***!. ", *«^ 
cent if tnpvotfi *>y^» *^"«f« 
DdintVlo« of Caaada »<md» *tV-Tii* 
obaarve that »«"T>«r oa«t tn H,ai«,eM 
tha point *• h»*a now r 

V.i MM 

44nHj«5j=.^ I if ^Ba^iM'^'^M 


» w 

d' 1^4 It 

^. . .J:'"': •■' ■'" 

.^■■-—ts- ■'»'-■-- 

J^T-i.^-.r- - 


«^;^r^ ' 



^r-i' i >.''■■ 





\ 1 

.-^Ji^fHSnf <■''' 




^^m^-)^:' .. 



Comfort and Security 

The Corbin Door Check to close the door; Cor- 
bin Ball-bearing bronze butts to carry it; a Corbin 
Unit Lock to secure it. Such an equipment is a con- 
stant source of pleasure and adds a dozen times its 
cost to the value of the home. Glad to show goods 
and quote prices. 

Be Sure It IS a Corbin 

We carry Babbit Metals in all grades. ^ 


Carborundum Stones 

Gold Medal, Charleston, 1902 

Combination Stones — These stones arc designed 
especially for carpenters and mechanics. 

They are made with one face of coarse and one 
face of very fine grit. The coarse side can be used 
for sharpening dull tools, the fine side to bring the 
re((uired keen, sharp edge. 

Round Combination Axe Stone — The Carborun- 
dum Round Axe Stone has several decided advan- 
tages. It is a combination >-ton€ having one side 
coarse grit and the other fine grit, llie same stone 
takes out the nicks and gives the finished edge 
quickly, and it is of such convenient size and shape 
as to be easily carried in the workman's pocket. 

No. 196, 3in. diameter by 9,3 in. 

Knife Sharpener — A round shaft ui Carborun- 
dum, firmly mounted on handle by a steel rod extend- 
ing its entire length, giving it strength and durability. 

Slatine Roofing 

In 1, 2 and 3 Ply 

SLATINE ROOFING is fire, acid and gas proof, 
unaffected by extreme heat or cold, weather-proof 
and indestructible. Has a specially protected weather 
coating, consisting of a heavy layer of mineral rubber 
in which is embedded a coat of fire-resisting and 
weather-proof material. 



(in cages) 



lade Easy 


— i>Od-OTttii:g-=hsT:K=*t-be herd •nrerfc. 
The troulilc is lots cf people think it 
doesn't discn-c .1 E''-^"^ ^'^'^- '^'"= "K^' 
caw win make the work eaacT Ouia you 
ever tliought It could be 

Wood Saws 

(To fhroush the Tyood la a jiOy, -with 
Utile cSor'.. The blaOc L-iizn<:rcA,aotiiJ.t 
the tooth -edge Is the thicUcot part. 
Doe-n't bind cr stlcli in the wood. Made 
of bi"h-srade "('Jcl. wliirh holds a Icwa 
cutting edge. The liand'.e pcmita a ccm- 
fortablc position. Cost no xnorc tluia the 
old "good enough" kind. 

Buy an fllklns— he snt-e it bears our name. 
If it doesn't maVe vou feel more friendly 
to your wood-pile, briugr it back to us ana 
get your money bact. 


CWitli or without 



But NO pumps like 

The Red Jacket Pumps 

The picture shows the difference 

All Pumps are good, but, 

Red Jacket Pumps 
Are Better 

And they are 


They pump easier and last longer, a 

child can pump them, and when 

they need fixing, it's easy. 



Ornamental Fencin 


Ornamental Gates 

Lawn Fencing 

• Field Fencing 

We carry an exceptionally well assorted'stock of the above class of 
fencing, includiug the two well known makes of 



Both the above makes can be thoroughly relied upon — otherwise 
we would not be carrying them in stock. 




■"iVllli:,; ";'''iV.l^ni^i^{ 

Our Phones 

OFFICE 2043 

uuiiuiiig 1 aper 

Sanitary, Insulating, Waterproof and Vermin Proof. 
Does not rot and crumble away as inferior papers do. 

It s "Hickman Tye's 
for Spray Pumps 


, Pumps 


Knapsack Spray Pumps . 

Shovels and Spades 

puts a pressure of 17H pounds on your forearm. A gyi weight 
on a common shovel puts a pressure of 2oJ4 pounds on youi; 

spade was designed (by one of the most practical concrete men 
in the world) for forcing the concrete back from the forms and 
allowing the thin mix to run out against the forms. It U th« 
only spade that will not clog up and become unfit for UM if 
/icglected. For this reason any laborer can use it and getjuBt 
a'^ good results as a skilled man, and it is NOTVAS EJCPl" 
SIVE as others. 





vicmmu ^s^E^^ 

Triitg, April It. 1912 


One cant a 

word "■eh Innertlon, 1» P«r 

'"irj..:i:i^'^a'-.j?::..'u':- ^^-n. .our 

leaa than la.OO. ^. ,, 

Ptaona No. H. . 


• »»»i.'#"r- 

_vv n. Van Slcien. apuclaliBt 

A';r:;;urrmcnt' hou.o ana Uo.el J«»'«;'^»5 
,,„d i..J<leii. cou.lructlou. iM bii^vara 


CJTBNXJIL. ana Seal Rn«ravUi» — 0«n«rai 
io engraver and ateucll cutter. Uoo. Crow- 
ther, me Whai-f Bt.. behind P- O- 

IirrOOU— CUeap fv»«l. 



BAGGAGE delivery 
To., I-ta. Tol. 1^9 

— Victoria Transfer 


LUK Printing— Klectrlc IJluo l^ 
Map Co.. i:;lS l^ansley au HU.o print 



may». drauHhllnB; dealers In ""''^fS'- 
nilmmenl. and drawing »ftlc« »upplle». 

Colonial has the 

be.t hookblndery In the province; the 

loau lt l« equal In proportion^ 

■fSuTTLEH— All klnd« ot bottles wanted. 
B Good prl-es paid. Victoria Junk 

Agency, 1620 Store ut.; phona 1330. 

UILdTnQ Movers — Sandham & i-eBtor, 

bulldlns mover. »^'^ ^""""""IV'lJ "^n. 
Mew Vancouver. U. C. R««ldttaca "'J 5tlt 
Ave W. Mutimaten iurnlrihca on application. 

/-.A KB— Money properly Inveal^sd leads to 
Kj fortune. This result may oe uuaii.c.l 
by .mrchaMns tha »>e«t 26o moalln the city 

ai Iho Str and Cafe. 

/-lAKE and Ro»ttturant— Occidental Cafe 
O nestaurant, corner Wlinrt and Johnson 
HU. MeaU X6C and up. SatlBfacllon guar- 
anloed. '. '.: 

^^ v.M.=-.- .w— . Try a bea-.ilng double 

. - ^^ad ""oirihort cut mill-wood. <»*i",X«'"*5 
to any part of the city at |S C. G. U. by 
Cameron 1-u mber Co.. Md.. phona »6«. 
nTrHOLEtJAWS fry Goods— Turnar. Beaton 
& Co.. I>ta.. whol»»alo di-y noods !m 
porter* and manufacturerB. men'» furnlah- 
IHKS. tent». "lUe Horn- brand uhlrlii. over- 
alls. Mall ordi'is itilt.-nd <;d to. 

\TniOLKSALl':~W lnc» "and " uhiuoi • — Tur- 
VV Mt-r-Hceton Co.. Ltd., Wharf St.. Vic- 
toria— wholesale only. All the leafllns 
brand* of lUjuora; dl»ect Importers. ^Nrlto 

for lists and l>rj ce». 



▲Nt^SI>. «oo«l b»jr. •••»«« l*« A»»>» 
I7«« iron at. .. 

WA-NTBU, carrlar lor Col«nl«t «■<»»*•.!" 
Victoria Waal. Apply ' H »«»« I>»»ly 
Colonial Circulation DapartmaOL 

WANTED — For tha a«la of a parlag V^op 
oBltlon. to a good man t»»o'«.|?_» «■?• 

Plana prepared for apart- 
ment blO'jka and bungalows 1'. O, Bo* 


op«nlng, "Btoek atid real oatata. Apply 
Pembert'jn Hlonk, » to 10 or 4 to ». 



7.\NTKU — A Btron 

Hlg Horn Overall Factory, 

g buy about l<: l^pply 
Bastion a<i. 

iraG»; J«*W ••»». « pr»l«rr»4. B?" 
tit, Coloofalt. • . . 

CJiMV took, 8n«4lBli. ••akB »o«ltt»a. Boa 
TBt Colonlat. 

wltft prJvnta 

/^aAU*'J''KUK aaaka poalUo wltft 
\J Imitilly; c«u maka own repair*. 
kll4, Coloolat. 



Building lot. RoeltUnd Park, aouth- 

60Kl»»; view all over dly; o«Jt trtw,"* 
blm-ka rn«n Hlllalda car |ln«- »«■•;•• 
Tarm* IKSO caah. .\pply Owner, lioa 111, 

Colonial. - 

1 BUY — tOxVt, Bcott St.: (Oxkll Hhakes- 
peare, 2 block* from HUlaldei IHt-U th'.> 

pair. Hux tj;!, Colonial^ 

DAVltiA •!., "»t Ihi 
liigh^MMt 4ar, • 
iwr » (HW *nf» «»iy. 


rvMTK.u — c.oort ufflca boy. Apply Ilob- 
ortuyn and HelMtcrman. 61 « mn at. 
H » taNTKU. young man. 23 or 24 yearB of 
VV ago for office; must ba a «ood !>«»">»"• 
also quick and aocuraco at llgurea. Apply 
1210 Uoverninent at, _^.^__^__— — 

-Flrat class carpenter; 

D. U. 

W'^Uiile, corner l-'or t and St*dacona ave. 

Apply lt2« 


AUCHITBCT— Jesae'M. Warren, 414 Say- 
ward Building. Victoria. 

B. C. ; phone 


Elwood Watklns, rooms 

id Z, Green Ulk., cornef Trounce ave. 

and Broad. I'hone ■Mii; res. ;ilioi' e L1 3tf3. 

^ Griffiths. 1UU6 Gov- 

1 and 

A 11.: 

-d. »- i-r 

UClllTECT— H. K. 

nment St., phone i4H!'. 


7ANTKU — A good paJnter. 
Fort street. 


for office 

rA.NTKU — BrlBlit boy 

T. It. Cusack, iiiiS Courtney st. 


ARCHITECT — Thonms Hooper — lu prai-- 
llco In B. C. for 1:6 years. Plans and 
specification* furnished on application. 
Office New Boyal Bank Bldg. Phono ilZT, 


tAltltlAGK iiiid \Vh- 
-' .MiLble, iiniHMicr I'l 

■Warehouse 717 Johnson street. 

ilera — Wm. 
ilan hugBles, 

y #tni»»l.UiliLy. 

Phone 1326. 

A ItCHlTECT, L.and8cap« — li. B. Davlok, C. 
-i-l. !■:., designs and lays out bttftUtlM! 
country homes, laudsoapo gardens, parka 
and •.'l-'amir* r««nrtii. £21 Savwajg Bl ock. 

CANAVA.V and Mitchell, Civil Enulneors. 
Offices, 227-2S8 Pemberton Block. Tel. 
1398. P. O. Box 39. Kxamlnutlons and Ke- 
ports, Irrisatlon and Drainage. llydro-Blec- 
irlc Dcvelopmimt. WuUirworks, Hewerago 
and S(w(iK<' Disposal. 

W'ANTKK, a brlghl young man about 18 

W years of age. '■•XP'"-''""''r^i?„ „.!, 
ttrocerj' business. Appl^y_Box G76_ColonUtj_ 

\X7AT7TEn7 you'irg nian used to carpenter 
VV ,r.ide nm.t know his business and 
have tools; steady Job; aiai- wages and ex- 
perience. Box VKl. colon l.-it. , 

& McGregor — Brlt- 

urveyors, laud ag- 

A. Landry, J. U. 

i~1AnFENTEH — Capital Carpenter and Job- 
\J blnK factorv. Alfred Jones, builder and 
contractor. Estimates given on a'r classes 
of structures, shop fittings, etc. 1003 yan- 
"o uver St Office phone I.-1828. Res. R-lOOa. 

GARPBNTEU— J. S. Hlckford, commta- 
slon carpenter and contractor^.EstlmatWi 
Klv«n on all kinds of jobbing; men aem,«J«5. 
■■,;PhnnB...,.Y163B.„..,.. ^ ^ i^lJ 

/"CHIMNEY and Furnace cleaning; no c9tt- 
\J nectlon with any other chimney clean- 
(!; OHrlou B ros.; phone 195C. 

CiHlMNBY Sweep — Lloyd, Chimney Sweep. 
' ri.oiiv r: iss. 

/^LEANING, Pressing and Repairing. — 
V_> Tho .^'ev.' York Tailors desire to call 
your spcciu! attention that we guarantee 
..all our work to be faultless: Cleanlngr, 
iMTsslr.g and altering at moderate prices; 
work called for and delivered. S. Heyman, 
proprietor. «-lu .lohnson at., near Douglas; 
phone H2773. _____________ 

( -^I OTHES Cleaning — Gents' clothes clean- 
J cd dyed, repaired and pres.sed; um- 
Inellas' and parnsols made, repaired and re- 
covered. Guy W. Walker, 708 Johnson fet.. 
just east of Uouglas; phono L.12 67. 

iToTIlES Cleaning — Wah Chong. ladles' 

and gents' dry' cleaning, pressing and 

repalrhiB on short notice. 1725 Government 

gt.. Vkt orln. B. C. 

COAL and Wood— Hall & Walker, Wel- 
Jlngton Collieries coal, Comox anthracite 
and nut coal specially 
3232 Government. 

CUVIL ICuslueers- Our 
J Ish Columbi.i 
ents. timber cru 
i/tr< ■ . I ^ 7 ;■ ■:■ "' liSiiy, 

til. ibers, 

Laiv. .... ■ _ ' <- 162; 

phone <il>4; McGregor Buildlttg, TUird «t.. 
Sou th Fort George. B. C. .■. ' ' , - 

/"11V1L Bnglneers-^Topp & Co„ ClTll BJn- 

V> gineers and land surveyorSi room 211 

Pemberton block; phone 2998; P. Oi Box 

Hurtneer— George A. Smltb, BriUgh 
ottiua it M* 

V'«T\.NTED. salesmen on commission tor 
VV men's furnishing. lor Vaueouver »- 
laud: ou.. who has connection with genetal 
atorcs- Sive refer«nce» and commission rc- 

qtilrffl to Hot 781. Cul0 nl»t.__ 

\T7ANTED— Englishman to work on chlck- 
VV -,. .-ttn'-i' In return tor cmfortable 
home, "public school man pr. ferrerl. Menu 
full particulars to Box 134. Clienuitnus. 

WANTED, young man living at home 
with parents; otllcj work and collect- 
or. Apply »o^ f'^2 colunlat. 

WANTED — Boy, about 12 years. Electric 
Blue Pilht and Map Co., I2I8 Langley 

st rt/et. ' . , : " ^ 'ill' ' 

_^._ . ^..riT^s-) ..« ..n^r.,^-.:.. fwn Boad bench 
hand*. Apply Ja»- Leigh und Sons. 

WANTED, 2 good sewln jr machine »aleB- 
men. Apply 1314 Broad at. 

/'BHuHJKK'ieiJH, axperiencaii. #»*aa poaltl'ri 
\J with private family: can »»palr own 
car. Box 794 Co lonlM. 

i 4HAUKKBUK wlshas ■,>oslllon with' prl- 
\^' va;^ tamtly: caa rssslr "o-n "">•• Ap- 
ply T. W. U., Maywood P.O. 

NULiaUMAN wanta job at mechanl'.al 
work; I yaara exparlanoe adentirlo In- 
strument work, or take anything suitable. 
Box 7 84. Colunlat. __^ 

ENGLISHMAN aaeka empWytnent on gen- 
tlanian'a farm. Vancouver laland, *llh 
view to ultimately take up land state duties 
and wagBB If any; reply to G. H. B.. P. o. 
Box 8l». New 'Weatmlnater, . 

IjlXPKRIENCBD bookkeeper de»lraa aven- 
U Ing apara time work. Books opened, 
closed and balanced. Accounts i>rep«r<-d tor 
dlssuluilona of partnership and =e!c of 
of business. Terms moUerato. Write "Ac- 
counta nt." Box "O, Colonis t. 

Xl'EKIKNCKD Old Country dairy hand 
ks situation. Call 01 writs C. J. 
Brunswick Hotel, Victori a. B. C. 

will open. 



uv.'., only 3 lota from <:•>• "no. ^"'' 

« C, 12, 18 months 

Wise and Co.,, Pambtftou 

with t>ulldlng 
oivner needs money. 

.IXPEKIISNCBU bookkeeper 
ip boi 
1'. u. Box 1370. 

Close and keep books. Terma reason- 


EXPEHIENCKD real esialu sales agont, 
cuuTeroitnt wllU every dr.partmoat, 
wishes desk room or opening with good 
rnul eutat.i firm. Box SIO Colonist. 

ABAllUAl.N- up l^rth at- b»l*"-n Hill- 
•Ido and King*. » lots fcOnUl mACl;; 
ihe two for liSou, coniparo prices. Moora 
4k. Johnston. Yale* and Uroart: plione ti27, 

""T ilEAUTlKlJL uol. i(iAl2», o'. Ktannard 

tl;:ti<i: *300 rnah, bnlan 
at 7 per cfjnt 

building. ' 

ChKA H ioi. (or iMinioUjdy. ' o» *a«y 
l.Mui*; f.0xl20, near Kort st. tar for 
ISon, ciiuh ll»«; Iniiain e anittil iiuarleny 
paymrnin. ihl* I* « til'" i'J' 
re*trl<'lliiiiB or $21)00 
Box 71111, ( ■olnlllifl. ^ 

"H.^icn offer, l«ll acres at Wooke ll:ir- 
iK.r. near C. N. It.; If sold ibl* week, 
»'i) i).-r acre; iilan 100 iii:rrs l'>(|illiiiall dlM- 
li'l.i 1(1 niH.-s from •liy Hull* for »*20"; 
J370W .lisli; adjolnllig property Hold re< cnllY 
lor «:ir.u pi-r Hcte. Both Al investnunts. 
.NutloMUl Ueiiliy I'o ■ U'32 O uvt. at . ^_ 

UHIS buy, JOxHO, on Olynipia ave. 
1,5 'iTilaiitli! Par. 

ii>\ni cash. 

y " """' 

VC()lt.M':K on Kinpresa ave. and Cook 
BtM.. for S2<00; Cook st. Is now beloK 
paved. Mooro Jk 
Broad; phone C27. 

•at iha Oorga, • Ioi H«Ut» f < , 

n»w TllUwm r4.; tn-Uj* 

, 17^0 lartiia ;»»t •»**'■ 

and tbabatihea at ll» Vt mu>utU. tSu.aka 

llcaJty Co.. »ii Vatoa al. ___., , 

tTiioHT aM i»«n* a«-ra "b'tocka. tl«#a i* '>"*[ 
Mli and good roada ;neaf i><an«»i=»"; »•" 
good a«»l, aaay iltanng; »1«j p«r »'.ra, *«*/ 
tf-nii*. C. U. iirMdahaw, I'J* l'«i«lt*t».. « 

W9m UMM (I 

IU't MH t*inun Atbouc; prloa ItSOt. »«« 
4 ?M, I ttif^m. 


^'kM^^fOHt »»•„ ♦aaJJO, price ,»15o0. on 
I »M^ i»'»f. Mffwkett, Majof 

//» nif l/»,ti atfMt 





IpLK l.,ak«, e!fj»B io, i arf«>. -ymUi' '•*• 
J all ilf-ared: partly fe:i'*<l , l«v<-l/ vl-^i^, 
near rail and i.i.ctric lall. sn«p at I'V" J**' 
urre. ua»y tornia. A. T I'ramptori, /2' r-'M 
■ t. 

«. i 

N'iidi 0f.)ik4 4A>M<A« wmk loam, hich and 
f.«.v«ii. t^.v«» tfi, fix* par acre; U>ta 
>Ai// ^» *»it ifA^Tb l>,v«atlgailag. Monk. 
t4.Mt4Miiu .1.* I .. /« . '«r'ii»ent, ctnrncr of 
<*»■<.-,.' ■• ■ ,_ 

/■■,4-t *« ;.*»<• tne fountain; 
»,,»<<. »J;ii **> front fo'H, for 
... • Mvok. M/^o'-lth atld Co.. 
• - «■ • vK.-f >4raiigii(un. 


I^-^HUClMAl.T wattrfr-.m, iOxlHO; frootage 
\i to small .lieltered bay; |l»»», third 

Lsali; 4. 1 
727 Fort at. 

J, 18 months. A. T. KraiikPt/*!), 

EX-SlillVlC13 man B 
any jonllion of tru 

seeks employment lu 
ly poBllion 01 trusl, office oxperleitce. 
.\. Curby, 12lt) Gladstone ave. 

1.1AHMBK'.S eon. experienced with ahow 
. horses. cattle, sheep, dogs, etc., can 
milk, not afraid work, llko Job with re- 
spectable tuinlly iu.>umJ . liy -t surround- 
ing IsUinOs. nui."! . ■ Ap- 
ply, statins way. 

A Cl-l - 

1\. ne»r si,i and LpUndu Par.k; .'Loir.. 
Iiulliling lot, nicely treetf, »105U; Ihl 
N.iilonal Kialty Co. I. '82 Govt, st. 

'i.-IXTKA apeclal anav 1" Kalrrti-Ut; lot ih% 
VA 1117; near >ar; nf«d» fHOO taab. Apply 
Box 7 28, Colonial. 

I.^AKM 40 atrea, 10 iniie* I'om Victoria 
^ good houae and oul-builUlnKM. good soil, 

id atrea, 10 mile* f'oin 
•e ant! 
I mile* from stort 

and p"Kt 

!>f'rkc!"V'rB'.«60;" one-third cash, V"'/"f;!,*,*!T- 
Oversells Investment Agency, j«8 Pember- 
ton Bl>«".k. .__ . 

all cleared and fenced, 
built last year; 
Wilier; 10-stall 

litu ir»,.iif rH., tOxltS; prl9« 
v,,ih </«a-t'i»)r4 'edi Uacketi, 
'/ . Ltd, 443 ITaft atraat. 

Johnston, Yates 


Blackwood ami 

Jj^AKM of 17 acres, s 
With 6-roomert h 
on main roud; fine .., . ., r,..„. 

burn; price |!1U0Q; 13600 wllj handle. Ov«i- 
L„H« ' Investmenl Agency, 208 Pemberton 




ADOCBLB - _ . 
Cook st*., D0xH6. $1800; third cash 

Moore & jonnston, 


6. $1 _ 

Yntea and t^tOni; pr.or.o 

Mfc ifttta nurvaytir. 


CIVIL Engineer— P. C. Coates, Dominion 
and Provincial land surveyor, room 84 
Board of Trade. 

\\rANTBU— Good grocery cleric. b»" 
VV experlepce and wagea reqiulrod. Box 

70S, Colonist^ . 

WANTED— A you"ng wan for office work, 
muat have aome oxp«#(«|M|fti.|J»i J*ft9te, : 
Jtnnning. APBlV. In 


coal, blacksmith's 
prepurod. Phone S3 

/-^T^trsHEn Tlock and Gravel — Producers' 
yj Rock and Gravel Co.Bunkcrs Store st., 
foot of Chalham st.;" phone 305. Crushed 
rock, washed sand and gravel delivered by 
teams al bunkers or on scows at quarry and 

gravel p it at Itoyal Bay. 


"tlVlL Enirine ' ■■ ••' : ' ■ - 1 .i.m ,»:. 

Co., civil i:. ..... . 1 ' 

C. land surveyors. 111 femueriun niock. 
Branch offices lu Nelson, Fort Gcorgo and 
Hiizclton, B. C. 

CIVIL Engineer — Clarence Hoard, member 
Can. .Soc. C. E.. member Am. Ky. Engr. 
Association. Steam. Electric, Logging, Rail- 
ways. Engineering and Cur,structlon. Office. 
■lul Pemberton Building. Phone 984; Kes. 
Empress hotel; phone 1680. 

CO.M.SULT1NG Engineer — W. G. Winter- 
burn. M. I. N. A., receives pupils for 
examination for certificates. Stationary and 
Marine. 616 Bastion Square; phone 1031. 

Box 62 6. GolonlBt. 

W^ANTED — Salesmen to sell propei-ties 
VV located in 16 prairie towns and cities 
on commission to Vancouver Island peo- 
ple. Apply or wrlte^Manager, 1324 Doug- 

IjlIRST claaa foreman carpenter wanta po.s- 
Itlott as foreman. Apply Box 848. Gol- 


I4>ORRE8T and Dale. Carpenters and QeB-.' 
. eral Jobbing. Phone 112827. 

G.VIIUENING — Practical man wanta gar- 
den work; day or contract; roses and 

»aJl fruits a specialty; Agnew, Box 212,^ 

A GOOD place to build — King's road and 
Mount Htephons; good high lot*, facing 
city. »l)Bo, on terms. Thomas & Uenny, 
opposltt! City I. ii'l- ^ 


GKEAT 1 ■ 
fruit laii'i, . : ri'iiti 
Lakes, adjoin lii« town 

P. O. HVid ecl>'*oI; .t!. i*. 

acres ot choico 
UK on the Arrow 

,.i .Needles; store. 
It. atcaniboafs call 

I7^kR^•W<JOD and Haultuin, lOOxlOo: $3200; 
- third (Bsl., l.ulunCB G. 12, 11 month*. 
A. T. Krampton, 7 ^7 Kort st. 

I" r»IKTH HI., sprendld Jot, high and dry, 60x 
' Ctori., wlikh win make an excellent 

building site; price oifly »9<'0. "" '"= "■','^;*' 
terms, or we can make the terms to suit. 

_ . . ■-*-_.*.. , i_ ftKO Vul««ll »t. 

r.,Ul r-lVM. *v»;a,.> ■-^'t -* - - • - ^ . 

IAili-TH St., between Hillside , and King's 
^ rd.. two lots. 60x120, below value; 

$3000, third cash, baalnco 6 and 12 months. 
Srjtt St., the cheapest buy on the at.eet 

■,.,...,1. fK-.ii- . ii»li nr.O, V.alnnee 0, L. and 

Mkjvi a 

OAK iinj : ni'.tnaiC iot* e!!z:23 «iach on 
g<»-l*d yjfWfitt «f Orchard ave,. barely 
\H\i y«/'d* i'<//ii Ix^bch. no rock, southern 
aiii|,» I , l,r«t of %»Ti\>-u aoU; |>rtba each 12100 
\Kim* rlurd > a*b. Inula. ><a 6, 13, 1* months; 
fot aala: oi»ly by U. H. g. HiimiuilM, corner 
Orrhaiil Ave. arid We«<.'h Drive, Oak Bay: 
|ihon« Xt'i'4. 

OAK Day, double corner. 120x111. oaa 
block fiorn hotel, sea and cars; prl.u 
ttltio. li-rms ll^uO <'n«>li. balance over two 
yeurs. Adilrm* ovirn<-r, Oak B*y P. O. 

OAK. Bay— Three choice lota on Llnkleas 
avenui. flOOO each for quick aalo. 
<jv<r««?ss Inveatmeot Agency, 201 Pember- 
ton Block 

1 buy on Forbe* at., between 
Bs antr Ityan, for 8800; aize 80x1 211; 
a*h. Wise & Co. 



O.VLV 8187.10 cash 
uiinuui payments 

room l;i. 

lu house, fully 
■ . , JIOOO (uHh, 
and Thomson. 


txvlcii dally; this land !• ilmpro ; 
G-rOom frame house, stable a 
duMWii 6 acres cleared: 80 '' 
'^"WSSSulg', Vi acre of strawberri' 
fWy^KM . K.i-Ina of splendid Wi. i 
nil the tlnie; this "^ ^ iijiryjuo -n 

in\m" \i sold b«.-.. 84200 take sit. 

Apply R. W. Ford, .i,- ^aiea bU. VJctorla. 
B.C. •...'■••' .: ' ' '• 

class bUliamg site lor »»>« 



1 ASOLINB enrhi«er aeeks losltion 00 •' 
launch. Box 796. Colonist. 

Lewis Hull, dental 
goon. Jewell Blk.. corner Yates 


DoTiglas sts., 
Res. 122. 




Phones: Office 667; 

11 -^ . .MB man to drive light de- 
\V livery and attend to stable. Apply 
I'atcraon Bros.. 816 Yates st. - 

W/AN'TED. youth willing 10 work; one 
> T familiar with glazing sash preferred; 
Hpply it. A. Green & Co., 1037 FlHguivrd at. 

\T[7ANTED, men and women to learn the 
VV Uarher trade; wages paid while learn- 
Ini;- ?18 to J35 per week when qualified. 
Wo' Issue the only recognized diplomas In world; learn a trade and bo Independ- 
ent; the most complete college In the ^west 
Call or write for free catalogue. 
Barber College. 848 Main Bt. 
B. C. 

GENTLEMAN wishes poaltlon as, traveller, 
watchman, or iiny position ot trust, with 
important firm: has a horse and buggy. 
Addrest" Post Office Box 1 023. 

(""TentlEMAN, technical and business edu- 
T cation, wishes position with important 
firm. Box 405 Colonist. 


CI ENTLEMAN wants business which 81,000 
I" will handle or wouM take position of 
trust: caretaker or similar post; Can give 
bond. 619 Colonist office. 



ParK snap— RKhmond 
>xl20. $13 00. Moore 

ALARG]3 corner on King's road; splen- 
did home Bite, facing city, high and 
dry. no rock. $1100, Easy terma Thomas 
*c Denny, opp ogltg City library. - 

1 i. • tiannot ' ' '"''•• o^ 

xV ; ' , this Is .' ' ■■■■■ L on 

tho st.eijL. Cedar Hill rd.. i'l-'OU. Moore & 
Johnston. Yatc-s and Broad; phone 627. 

A LOT In Glongowan Is a bargain; prices 
»350 and up; quarter cash, balance 
over two years. 

1 li Drive. Willows. 82000; 
,„.■,,., ..alance on terms. Apply 034 Sveed 
avenue, Victoria. 

FIVE-ACRE orchard and chicken ranch, 
an 'planted King apples. 3 years old; 
loam eoi-.; 285 feet frontage main road, 8 
mn«8 from Victoria, 84725. Overseas In- 
vesmient Agency, 208 Pemberton Block. 

balance In 4 serai- 
pay incnls uf 8140 eucii; diulvu 
oiittu ill M. resia^hco lot, v«ry r.«ar Ur.lvc: 
»liy school; close to two car lines; a sur-s 
profit; net quickly; our advice. H»tjr(tler« 
& I{ob»irt», 521 ijayward blocK; phone evm- 
lugn 2304. 

I"~>LEA«ANT ave., 60x128; price 81200. 
Beckett, Major & Co., Ltd., 648 Fort St. 

OOtt. water- 

730 deep: 

T. Frampton. 727 Fort 

IJort'l'Af;!-: inUt; S'.i acre*, 
rnoiluge. 200ft, Burnslde, 


and term's. 

.K 200 yards waterfront 
i:rowuln»4 Uarooj. .Esfi: 


dcr 'lBland,'*oi'.u o. the most' beautiful epoa 
oS the Otilf IslandB. »200 an acre; apply 

Box 96 Colonist. ■ . ' 

TnOR Sale — Albernl 160 acres, house and 
J} barn, rtmnlng stream through property; 
address owner. Victoria west i\ t->. 

,\.NDY man seeks employment on ranch, 
poultry or fruit farm. 


70, Colon- 

DENT18T — W. F'. Fraser, D. M. D. 
732 Yates St., GnreSche 



lioiirs; 9,30 a.m. to 5 p.m. 


RAYMAN — Joseph Heaney, 
Wharf St.; phone 171. 



RAYMEN — Victoria Truck 
I'hone 13. 

& Dray Co. 


YE Works — Paul's Steam Dye Works. 31S 

Surveyor — J. 


C.E. Estimates for architects and con- 
tractors; prompt service; accuracy guaran- 
teed: room 8. Groen block, Broad St.; phono 
1204. . 

OBERTSON and Meyersteln, 'British Col- 
umbla land surveyors. Cliancary Cham- 


bers. Victoria, 
phono K2832. 

B. C. P. O. Box 79 3. 


■\rOIjT.H, 'high school graduate [ireterred, 
JL wanted for real estate office. Apply In 

own handwriting to 
Victoria, B. C. 

•Office," P. O. Box ISS, 


AlruuNu gir 
work. Add 

rrss: li 

Niagara Street. 

AN experienced hand 
ladles' tailoring, 
berton bulldlrwg. 

wanted for the 
H. Ermer. 402 Pern- 


ladles' and gentlemen's garments equal to 
new. I'hone 624. 

"|riI>Bi;TRIClANS — Carter 

& McKenzle. 
practical electricians and contractors. 
Phone 710; Res. phones L2270, R2667. Tele- 
phone and motor work a specialty. 1319 

Broad st.^ 

LBCTRICIANS — l-'ooc & Tuson, eicctrical 
contractors. Motor boats, gasoline en- 
gines. Phone A1446. 736 Fort St. 

LJIORE & TAYLOR. 3X9 Pemberton 
Block, tele;)hone 2708. Public typists. 
Specifications, etc., pro mptly executed. 

~ On. 1709 

::iWANNBL & NOAKE8, Dominion and 
B. C. Lund Surveycj-8, etc., removed to 
r'roiiiitt Sioi;k, iGOG tivWrriHiGnt BtrCot. A. 
O. Box 642. 'I'elephnne 377. 



AN opportunity for young ladles of fair 
education to learn telephone operating. 
Positions which offer every chance for ad- 
vancement now open. Apply In person to 
the District Traffic Chief, B. C. Telephone 
Co., u4S Basti on st. 

JAPANESE boy wants situation; work at 
the bar or hotel. Momo, P.O. Box 388 . 
TAPANESB boy wants situation as porter 

at store. Box "Z." Colonist. 

work by the day. 


.TJN-UNION Carpenter want.s 

ni al 
Box 63S. Colonist. 


SACRIFICE, 3 40 ft. lots on Tolmla 
mile trlrele; price JlOou for 

1 ' 

IMPLOYMBNT Bureau — Wing 
iment St.; phone 23. 

■i Governr 

GARDENER — C. Pederaon. landscape and 
lol/bluc cardenttl-; tree pruning ^ and 
•praying a specialty. 606 Francis ave. 
Phone L1S62. _____ 

GARDKnIsR — Lfindscape gardener. Jame% 
Simpson, 951 Johnson St., phone R1160. 
Expert on all garden and orchard details. 
Pruning and cleaning from Insecls, roses a 
specialty, lawns graded and finished In first, 
second or third quality, according to con- 

GLA.SS and Glazing — Every description ot 
glass, pl.ile, sheet, prismatic, ornamen- 
tal, leaded, etc. The Melrose Co., Ltd.. 618 
Fort St. 

N(;FENT Order of Foresters, Court KoriU 
ern Light. ,No. 6935. meets at Forejit- 
ers' Hall, Broad St., 2nd and 4th Wednes- 
rlayn. W, F. Fullerton. He,c. 

O. O. M., Victoria Lodge No. 738— 
• Meeting will be held ever>- Tuesday for 
Initiations until 60 days have expired fronr 
March ISlh. C. Boyle. Secretary. 

ORDER Eastern Star, Queen City Chapter 
No. 5 meets 2nd and 4th Wednesdays, 
K. of P. Hull, Pandora st. Sojourning 
members are cordially Invited. 

QONS fit Slngland. B. S. I'rlde of thAjaland 
io ijOttge No. X'ii meets ind and iih 
Tuesdays In A. O. K. hall. Broad street; 
president. F. West, £57 Hillside avenue; aoo- 
rctary, W. Dawaon, Head atreet, Tborbura 
P. O. 


EXPERIENCED aewera wanted at once; 
also apprentices. Apply Fred Foster, 

Furrier, 121ii Government St. 

ENERAL servant wanted at once; sleep 

out; no cooking; X-roomed house; three 

in family; another Cirl kept. Apply "ox 

Xy. Colonist, or ph one RR3113. 

i MIL wanted for mangle department. Ap- 

1>RINTBR clerk, Kngllshnvan. 23, fully ex- 
perienced In all branches of conitner- 
..,., — -_ij — f,.2d b'.i»tlte?? irnlnlnar. reaulrea 
any I'oSh'e mightsuit. B ox 735 Colonist. 

^KMEMBEH for your garden A. T. B. 
Randy Is In Victoria, 15 years' experi- 
ence first work, new garden. McKenzle 

ave. Apply 2022 D ouglas utreet. 

(14TKADY. reliable man tlcslies pOBltlon__Ra 
O bookkeeper, long experience. Box 770. 
rolonlst. . 

rrVlREE men w 
± write to O. 1. 

en want a job clearing land; 
ucBS. Oak Bay P. O. 

TREE pruning; out of town orders a spoct- 
aity. Box 1227 P. O^ 

■'ANTED, by married man. 
warehouse or of any kind. 

work In 
916 Fort. 

f^ Ml 
Ij p 

ly Standard Steam l>auudry. 



IJO.N'S of England, 

B. S, Alexandra Lodge 
6, meets 1st and 3rd Wednesdays, 

Prior & Co., r.3.rd- 
re Bnd agricultural Implements, cor- 
ner Johnson and Government sls^ 

HAUDWAltlf; — B. G. 

HARDWARE— The Hickman Tye Hard- 
ware Co.. Ltd.. iron, steel, hardwav-i 
cutlery, 30 and 34 Yuij-s St., Victoria, fl. C. 

tors. H. 

window cleaners and Janl- 
Kelway, 344 Coburg St. Phono 



BWELKKS — A Peich, 1416 Douglas St. 
Specialty of English watch repairing. 

JUNK — Wanted, scrap brass, copper, zinc, 
lead, cast Iron, sacks, bottles, rubber, 
highest prices ;iald. Victoria Junk Agency, 
1020 .Store St., phone 1336. 

J or. 

Culdwell'a Trnnsfer, general ex- 
press, sale, livery und boarding stahles, 
Cormorant si., night and day; phor^e 


J 12 

Ltd. Tel. 

». Best service In the city, 

11 . 
K. of P. Hall. H. G. King. Shelbourne at., 
president; Jas. P. Temple, 18 Erie at., sec- 

THE Boy's Brigade, "'Buro and Stedfast," 
28th year. — All ex-members who aro 
willing to help on tlie "object" are ro- 
qui'Sted to send their name, address and 
reilord of service (o Captain F. V. Long- 
staff, hon. sec. for . B. C.,' suite 20, Mount 
Edwards, Vancouver St. 


HOTEI.1 — Alhambra, Mrs. S. Thompson & 
Kon4, proprietors; R. D. Thompson, 
manager. Cor. Carroll and Water sts.. Van- 
couver, B. C, VeAcouver'a first hotel. .'Sit- 
uated in the heart of the city. Moderately 
eiuilpped throughout. Midday lunch a spcc- 
laltv. European plan. Famed for good 
w h iWk y . •_ 

HOTEL — Blackburn, A. E. Blackburn, pro- 
prietor. 'Xhia well known and popular 
hotel, entirely rebuilt and refurnished. Is 
now open to Its patrons. Steam h«at, fine 
commodious rooms, first class dining room, 
best attention to comfort of guests. Ameri- 
can plan, $1.50 to 82.00 per day. European 
Iilan, 75 cent.s u;>warda. 218 Westminster 

Employment Agency. 
ess hours. 4 to 6. — 
Wanted, al once, general maid; Cnwlchan; 
small family; one child. 3 years. Uuni.d. 
useful woman as general help: plain cook, 
housework: m,.ther with girl from 4 to 10 
v«nri. not obicctcd to; country post. Wanted, 
three housemaids, pariormuUlti, cookb ana 
KPneral maids; city. An experienced house- 
keeper seeks pos.t in boys' private school or 
college; capable and most conscien lous In 
her work. Wanted, homo tor girl ot 13 
years, where training in domeatio work 
would bo given and girl allowed to attend 
school; amall wages only; Salt ^>prinB is- 
land or country hom(!^_^ 



\-t''\NTBD by smart carpenter, houses to 
VV build:' lab or only. P. O. Box 1291. 


tlie three; good tor 48 hours only; cUent 
pushed tor money. Apply Bungalow Con- 
Bt ruction Co., Ltd., entrunce Sayward Blk . 
Snap— Gorge lot. 61 x 120. with water- 
front privilege. Price $760; terms. $100 
below adjoining lots, fenced and largo 
chicken .house. Owner, Waller ave., Gorgo 
Mew 1 ' .irk. J. Strabel. ' 

A Sure Money .Maker— Dean Htflghta, near 
Normal school site. 60x120. Price »900 
cash $350. for a few days only; Box -57 

13-..S.CRE piece of 4eop good latnl. ault- 
. .- *-_ *_;...i^ ""ard-rilrj: ntonehert. 
ready U>r cro'pplng; running stream close; 
near station, post oftlce. school and main 8 miles Victoria: price $400 an acre; 
easy terms. Owner. iS17 Cook St., Victoria, 
B. C. : phone BIS13. . ■ 

FOR sale— Very choice tract good fa.rm 
land 840 acres, about hundred mlle.s 
from Victoria; one mile v/aterfront; could 
be subdivided Into small farms; this tract 
can be bought on very easy 'erms s x 
years; $12.50 per acre; 1 will be at the 
1-rlnce George Hotel till 21st; see me about 
this. L. W. Perry.. 

"OK1CE3 are right In Olengowan. 

RICHMO.ND rd., large lot 152x210 ft., run- 
ning through from First to Sei-ond 
avenues: dry and grassy, including a house* 
now occupliju, price on reasonable terms, 
$4000; this will make six good building; 
lots. Eureka Realty Co., 862 Yates Bt. 

•-OOCKSIDE," situated on Quadra at., cou- 
JtVslstlng of house and grounds, formerly 
the Palmer Home; house Is partly furnished; 
"Tent $60 ■ptrrTntnrrth-.— - Adjoining this -aT!-t — 
part of the property Is 1% acres of bearing 
orchard which can be rented for the sea- 
son for an additional $260; orchard must bo 
prope,-ly cared for by tenant. Apply B. C. 
Land. 922 Government at. 

CJF.t'OND St., two fine lots. 69x125 each. 
C5 dry and no rock, few small oak irei>': 
S.SOO each. A. H. Harman, 1207 Liuieley 
St. (opposite Court House). 


ICEE AVISO and Co. tor lota In Glengowan. 

FOR aale- 4U acrea 
about 90 miles f 

choico farm 


rrom Vlctorli 
waterfront; halt meadow land; $16 per 
acre; $50 cash, balance four years. Apply 
U W. Perry, Prince George hotel, 

[j-VOH t^lensowan lota aee Imperial Realty, 

545 Bastion Ft. 


IT^OU good buy on Douglas st. at $200 ft. 
: for one week. VV. F. H. Thompson. 323 
Say ward Bl ock. 

IT^OR sale — Two lots, cleared, at the end 
. of Douglas car line, good value at $800 

balance six and twelve 
/' O. Hradshaw 20i» 

and bulldlne 


■-'\.NTBD — .lob by flrst-class Tnecnauu-, 

' good man on Installing ana repairing 


igs on one, on main road and 
adloining railway. 2 creeks water; easy 
drive from Victoria; price on easy 
$155 an acre; owner 1817 Cook St., 

B. C. ; piio ne R1S4 8. _— 

"a LB AN V Street, oti BurUSiCtd =s-r. JSEO 
i^cash $275, balance $15 month. Thomas 
I& Denny, oppowl te City Library. 

ALBANY St.— Good, hlgli, dry lot, No. 7. 
Price $1000, 1-3 cash. Apply Owner, 
Box 1307. V.O. ^ 

a lot. Third cash 

.Pemberton B uildings. 

IAOR bale — In Garden City HelghU; five 
. minutes from new car line on easy 
terms three lots; prices respectively $500. 
$460 und $475; cash each $25; balance $10 
per month; Interest 7 per cent.; apply 
owner ■'vir.s . H. Trull. Colqultz. 

t S^-M^B — 10 acres, 6-roomed houae, 
rater In house; Seymour water runs 

through property; dairy, 

and forty fruit trees; ' 

XiVJ.. -ow, v.. .^.fc, ..«.*. 

J- Wi 

barn and stable 
miles out. Apply 

FOR sale — t'lT ■sacrifice i aorea, 8 ro 
from Victoria; ideal place for chic 
ranch. Box 244, Colonist. 

8 miles 

CJEVENTBEN acr^s Wllfclnaon rd., best 
Jo value In the city; 3 Vi mile circle; only 
JIIOO per acre; quarter caah. balance 1 aiui 
2 years. .'VIoiik. Montrith and Co., Govern- 
ment, corner Broughton. 

SEVENTEEN and a hair acres In 3-mllo 
circle, best vle-w. highest elevation In 
Victoria. Owner going east In a tew days 
will take $1160 per acre; one-quarter cash, 
balance easy. Tills land 1* within U -mile 
from car line, get busy. It will double U- 
seir within 18 months. Monk, Montelth Hi 
Co., Ltd., Oovernmenl at., cor. B Voughton. 

^HAWNIGAN I-,ake — 5 Acres, beautifully 
O situated, near railway station; an Ideal 
spot. Price $5800. Overseas Investment 
Ae-encv. ;;08 Pemberton IJIock. 


Box 70S. Colonist. 

\t:7ANTBD, position as Inalde man In real 
VV estate concern; have had experience In 
Spokane and P ortland. Box .175 Colonist. 

VTTTANTED by sister and brother. Scottish, 
VV '-lositl'on on poultry or fruit and poul- 
try ranch; with refined people. Apply No. 
223, Colonist Office^ 

7ANTBD — Office cleaning by two smart 

ANTED — Female help; other 
kept. 1402 Stadacona Avenue. 


VV'provors and apprentices; apply to -Miss 
McMillan. David Spence r. Limited. 

W' ANTED — An Englishwoman as Jielp In 
country hi 

lomc; small family; Box 458 


reasonable; G 

Vr.BlNA Street, near Gorge, three min- 
ute* from car. $650, cash $275, bal- 
ance $15 mouth. Thomas & Denny, oppo- 
site City Library. 

LL kinds ot timber licenses and land 
for sale cheap. Apply L. A. H.inna. 
Appointments made 

and 18. 

-Fine lot. Clifford St., 
1-3 cash, 
Box 700. Colonist. 

11^ OR sale by owner- 
' Fairfield. $1200; 1-3 cash, bttiance 6. 


.^25 Saywnrd Blk. 
after 5 o'clock. 

lurname, iiptviiuiu. ims,* w*.\* ...^ ._.. --.- 
110 rock; quick sale prlce^ $900. _ ^■'J'^^'f*' 
ci Jot on iiiie oireot- i"iakioji;vi .^-cu.;-j 

P., 920 Fort St. 

■WTANTED, position, evening, 
VV racrly deputy sheriff; b 

Bdwsrd J. .Miller, 
phone R3104. 

26 20 

7 to 11; for- 

beat reiferencos. 

fJovernmcnl »t. ; 


YOUNG man chafteur wishe* position; 
country preferred: good references; Box 
473 Colonist. 

work on 

■\rOUNG man wants 
X ranch, Inexperlem 
preferred. Box 678, Colonist. 



\ A 'ANTED — General servant; good 
VV two m family; good wages, 
Tn nt Street (oft Willows car). 


LITHOGRAPHING — Lllhogrnphing, en- 
graving and embossing. .Nothing loo 
large and nothing too amall; your station- 
ery is your advance agent; our work la un- 
equalled wcBl of Toronto. Tho Colonist 
Printing and Publishing Co., Ltd. 

PATENTS — Rowland Brlttaln, registered 
attorney. Patents In all countries. Fair- 
field building, opposit e P. O., Vancouver. 

P^ OTTKRY WARM — Sewer pipe, field tile, 
ground fire clay, tlowor pots, etc. B. C. 
Pottery Co., Ltd., <or. Broad and Pandora 
ave., Vi ctoria, B. tJ. 

PLUMBING — Colbert Plumbing and Heat- 
ing Co., Ltd. For first class vi'orkman- 
ahlp In the above line give us a call. Tem- 
porary office. 756 Broughton St., phone 652. 

PLUMBING — A, N. Atkinson. plumbing 
Btovo fitting. 2644 Ulanchafd; phone 

rti si?. 

CAVnNGINO — Wing On. 1709 Government 
phone 28. 

TANTBD— Young girl for general housc- 

' work. Apply .Mr.s. Walker. 1362 Dal- 

his Road. Tel'phone 2104. 


WANI'ED. expnrlenced chambermaid for 
hotel. App ly Box 755. Co lonl at. 

WANTED — Elxperlenced woman who will 
be willing to help with house work 
and Infant; good salary: references eaaen-- 
Hal; apply 1044 Hulton street, butwen 5 and 

6 p.m.^ 

TANTBD-^Young girl to help with light 

work wanted by young woman. 


Apply, lot 12. Walter avenue 


DRESSMAKINti— Miss N. J. Watts, of 
707 ',i Yates St., begs to announce that 
the latest styles tor spring and summer 
wear are to hand. Perfect cut and fit guar- 
anteed, at moderate charges. 

A NOTHER below value — Irma at., near 
i^u Burnslde. .splendid high and dry Ipt, 50x 
163, in 
Co., 1232 Govt. at. 

1 I - ' " I 

PART.MENT house site, 120x120 ft., on 
corner Cook st., within ten minutes 
walk of shopping district; price $10,600. on 
easy .terms. This Is the cheapest buy In 
the district, and will bo easily worth 
315.000 before six monllis have passed. 
Hwner wlalies to use money In other proposi- 
tion. Western Lands. Limited, 1201 Broad 
St.. corner ot View/ . 

ASH St., lot 45.6xl'20; a genuine bargain 
at $1500; third cash, 6, 12. 18. 
.t Co. 

lOR sale, sacrifice, my quarter acre 
homeslto at Cordova Bay. Price only 
$150. Terms $10 caah and $1 per month. I 
muat leave Victoria. Act quick. Box 094, 

il^ORT St. — Corner Ash, 40x112. Beat busi- 
ness corner In the district for $2650. 
13 cash, balance arranged. Linden and 
Holland, 738 Fort street 

-TTnoui. Bav — Crescent road: tine view lot 
X^ In this beautiful sandy waterfront, 5ix 
1111 at snap pricu $1100; $650 cash, bal- 
ance 1 and 2 years; Herbert Cuthberi & Co. 
635 Fort St. 

tew very good 
.aterfronts left. Decide about thcsu 
right away. Our motor launch meets trains 
ai KoenlK's. -Make arrangeHrenta al room 
2. ^IcCalUim block, vvitli C.lsbcrt M Will, 
J'h6ne 2S2!». P.O . box 1233. 

SH.\WNiaAN l^ke waterfrontage. 330 ft., 
about S^i acres, for immediate sale. 
$1400. 6 48 Colonist. 

A megninccnt lot 64x120; 
Sunrise ave., next lo iiea In a beau- 
tifully aneltered posiiion. Tji!» aIH be on 
the Marine, Drive of Victoria, so don't he«l- 
tate as the price Is too cheap to last ac 
$1,250, 1-3 cash, bal 5, 12, and IS months. 
Wise & Co., lO'.t Pemberton Bldg. ^ 

rjiDNEY — We iiave three good buys close 
5S Roberts Bay. $450 each. Very loin? 
terms. Overseas Investment Agency, 20;* 
pemberton Block. 

SHO-VL Bay- 
on 3i 


^.IX per cent. Investment on 285 ft. front- 

1710UKTH St. 
- large 

movement Is going to be; best snap In tho 
city for $14,500; lerms. Monk. Montellh Ac 
t.'o.. Government, cor. Broughton. 

SNAP. Snap. Snap, 
caah, or buUderi 
surrounding property. 
I'eniberton Building. 


lot. 81260 


$300 below 


& Co., 109 

OjNAP — Finest lot i>u Fernv.-ood HHl, 5!!S 
fo 130. Price $1700. Easy terms. Apply 
Owner, Phone L2322. ^ 


AT half-prl-ce — Waterfront lot, 70 
Cordova Bay. 1 must sell. Price $600 

Any old terms It sold at once. 

Box 696 

A A'EBURY at. — This Is one ot the cheap- 
1\. eai lots on the slroi't, 50x128. facing 
weat, $1)00. Mooro A Johnston, Yutos and 
Broad; phonw 627. . 

Ij^NGLISH (gentlewoman seeks position as 
■J companion to lady or nursery govern- 
ess: no washing. Box 625 Colontgt. 

ENGLISH woman wants work by the day. 
Apply Flnlayson and Quadra street. 

ouaework; X'. O. Box 1023. 

WHEN In Vancouver. B. C. stop nt Hotel 
Windsor, 748 to 752 Granville street. 
Strictly first class; all rooms connected with 
baths and shower baths; first class cate In 
connection ;Njocatod In V.TUcouver's best busi- 
ness centre, opposite Vancouver's Opera 
House. Ogle & Burton, Proprietors. 


A Boy about 14-10 years of age. 
Coffee and Bplce Mill*. 


,lii.s vvaiiieii r.ii iiiiisii-iiog, ■■lilinii«yii, 

J> paiiilliiii and shiiiglliiK. See me on Job 

IM. -11,1. ..:iil UiaiKluK SI.". VV. ,M. .<inlth. 


\"\7i\N'l'ED — Good reliable girl to help with 
VV children from I p.m. to 6 p.m. dally. 

Apply Bo x 6110, Cnlnnlsl. 

WANTED — Good general at once, best of 
W wages. Phone 1687, or call 1146 

Rockland ave.. in mjrnlngs or after 7 p. m. 

Ir^XPERIENCBfJ stenographer wUhes posl- 
'J Hon In real estate of 
salary. Box 706. Colonist. 

waitress. Apply Dominion 

WANTED, a first class hand aewer: 
experienced! hnnd.i need apply, 
torla Hat Works. 844 View at. 


\"17ANTED. young lady for ofnoe work; 
VV must have some knowledge of book- 
ke<-plng. Box 674, Colonist. 

LADY, fully qualified cashier and book- 
keeper, alBO thoroughly experienced In 
secretarial work desire* position. Apply 

Box 427, ColonlsL 

ADY wlahes music pupils, pianoforte; $3 

BE.\aH Drive, Shoal Bay. 60x200; $1050. 
Box 332 t;olonl»t. 


LAt''K\VtXJD St., only $1800; good 'terms; 


iier month. 567 Colonist. 

room 14, Green block; phone lOhl. 

BURNS Rl.. Just off Oak Bay ave., 2 fine 
Inilldlng lots, 50x128 eacn , jmce J2000 
or $1050 cuili; terms: these are below mar- 
ket value. Bagahawe and Co., 224-5 Pem- 
berton building. 

BL'ltNS.IDK bargains — Two lots on Harriet 
rd at $700 each; $100 caah and $100 
quarterly. 1". O. Box 758. 

a nee 1 and 
Fort St. 

oppoKlte Carroll;. 2 lota 
Ird caa 
Frampto't, 72/ 

BURNFIDE id.„ -,.r — ,- 
65x120 each: $1SJJ; fhlrd cash, b«l 

years. A. 

MISS HOLMES, certificated teacher (Eng- 
lish), win receive pupils for English, 
li'rench nature study, drawing, mathematics 
ail physical culture; will alao prepare glrla 
fir eiiiiance exama.; terma moderate; hours 
».,tO lo 2.30 p.m. 1342 Harrison at., oft 
Fort St. 


C5 st 

SHORTHAND— In three months by the 
Fltman'a Simplified (Royal) System. 
Pay and evening claaaea. 'I'ypewrltlng. 
bookkeeping and foreign languages taoght. 
The Koyal Btenograpblc Co., 426 Say ward 
B14K. PhO— ttOI- 

Shoilhand School. 1109 
Shorthand, type- 
writing, bookkeeplpg, thoroughly taught. 

Br«ad Bt., Victoria, 

Ur»duat4»g nil (food poattlM*. 
MHlan. 9r)ii«t?a). 

► OOKKEKPER wanted. Addreaa, stating 
ago. experience and salary expected, 10 

Box 67 6. Colonist. 

fruit and 
produce business.- Apply P.O. box 482. 

■pOCKKBEPKK for wholesale 
l;Jtale experience. 


wanted to go errands. Apply New 
laon at. 

ijYB wanted. Apply «4 4 Fort at. 

BOY wanted to go errands. 
York Tailors. il45 Johnson 



IREMAN wanted, 
ard Steam Laundry. 

841 View at,. Stand- 

Nurse to take charge of 3 
. . months old infant from 1st May. 
near Cowlohan station. Apply E. H, Norle, 
Cowlchan Station. 

T» mont 



7,\N'rED, g4rl for general homework. . 

1103 View at. 

ANTED, a general servfnt. Apply .Mrs. 
H. Kent, 229 Douglaa St. 



capable gentlewomah 
wo young chllo 
Hodgaon, 154 5 Richmond ave. Tel 


VV take charge of two young children. 

B. A. Mac- 


LSlKOIWd^MUW «va Hart, exhibitioner of 
C% ».»,^al 5a7Va«« of Mualo. London, aolo- 
iat Taachw wFrtnglflir in* vojce prodnc- 
i?i'». T^wT VIIMW. method. Studio 610 

UtWfO f*. 

PAIRWO— Phone 2320. 

m^^ ~ B. 4PiI makea of type- 

wrlUra tm9*tt«l rehiMU *nd guaranteed. 

No, » ut^ y*-. T*** '-J!._: . 

TrMD^TAXlNO^'^S. a runaral Furnlah- 
U Ing Co^I»S^Wrt'«)v»**« Oovernment 

ylTg»wilIpn. inwngfWr. 

V claanm tor »»)• or ''•"V '•'^i'a Du"nt* 
tm tm ««or -without rurno'i"*. Bw *"""', 
»*.*»« k*«p clean. Phone HI. w. 1. 
opir. 7H t48t«a Bk ( 1^ i 

GENERAL antnts wanted to reprea^nt a 
" British Fire Inaurance Company (mem- 
ber Underwriters' Aasoclatlon) throughout 
vkncouver Island. Apply ''British," care of 

Box 608. tha Victoria Coloal i:- 

BARN to oe a 'moving picture operator 
at the BloBOope School, 18«« Govern- 
ment Si. $100 per month can be earned 
when proficient. Every branch of the 
moving pictui^e hUaltleM laugnt inorou»u«y 
by en expert of 80 yeara' 'experience. Call, 
write or phone No. 1207. 

SMART boy wanted for chorea and ex- 
ercising, about 17 to 21 yeara of age 
and must understand horaes tnd ride well; 
alao niu»t be able to, milk. CJood chamoa. 
for right lad. Apply 612 Sayward bloflk, 
10 to 12 or 4 t«» 5 p.m. 

W 'ANTED, a woman for general house- 
work and stood plain cook for Bmall 
fa ml I y . A pply 717 Pandora ave. 

W'A.NTF^D, a capable woman for two or 
VV , throe hours dally to aupcn-lao and 
help with bedroom work. Apply Mra. Tay- 
lor. St. Helens, 828 Courtney at. 

MISS Snelling. 1006 Yatea 
drcn'a dreaamakin 
dally or weekly. 

street — Chll- 
renovattona. etc.. 

NUHSINO — Maternity and general nurs- 
ing; moderate terms. 'Box 554, (Colonist. 

BUSINESS lot for $300 per front foot, less 
than market value; -wilthln one. block 
of*'the very heart of the city; Investigate It 
you vyan t to make big money. 790 Colonla t 
USI.VBSS Corner, Edmonton road and 
Asqulth— Good level lot. 8950. Easy 
terms. This won't la«t long. 
Denny, Oppoaltc City Library. 

Thomaa Ut 


—Lot near Agricultural bldg. 

rge lot. $876; oasy *erms. W. H. 

Collins. e|o Green & Letts. 

I.-^OfRTlI St. — Beautiful lots, 60x150. Only 
: iTjO each. Act quickly. Third cash. 
JJnden and Holland , 738 Fort a U 

I~71ULL lot on Richmtrnd ave. near car $1000 
- third cash; Box 619 Colonist. 

C^AllbEN land — We will sell 3 acres or 
r more first class land, all ready for crop, 
wire fenced all round; ten miles from city 
liar.- i^tSO per acre; terms to suit. Buy 
now' and have a crcp In the fall. Leonard, 
Held & Co., 421 Pemberton Bide; phone 345. 

V"1LEN Lake — Frontage also on Sooke road 
\J( 4 acres, malce a splendid hotel site only 
$3200 on very easy term ; G. S. Leighlon, 
1112 Government st^ ^ 

GLBNOOWAN lots, quarter caah, balance 
over two year*. 

ObnGOWAN lols are reasonable In price 

at $350 and up: quarter caeh, bilanco 

of pa>-mentB ove r two year*. 

OLDSTREAM. 3 miles from; 112 acres 
to be sold a snap at $20 per acre: W 

caah. A. T. Frampton. 72 7 rxMt St. 

7ToOD"money-ma"khtirbuy«-Oak Bay aye. 
VT —I^rge lot, 70ft. frontage. $1150. Vlo- 
t^la aveime— 1.4irEe lot. 100 ft. frontage 
i°r.oo Oak Bay— Cor. ot Monterey and 
McNeil 120ft . 160 ft. frontage. $2450. 
F^oTt Bay rokd-Large oornet^ lot 1-2 acre 
superior realdenUal a«arle.^ .•3» 60, next lot 
much smaller held f6r $4000. Fa Tieia 
Co", of Brook and Arnold, large lot. $1400. 
J^inea Bay— W«ll bulU 9-.«om houae on 
larr" lot 3' mhtateB from car. $8500. 
iamea Bay-Well built B-room »«>"»«■»;«• 
,3600. Easy tei^B. Apply Box 686, Colon- 
ial^ ■ 

ORDON Hea0— About BH aerea.- wUh 

.man cottagn and ontbulldlnga. fl«e 
Bpriw o wat " on. «* »»*"S«''JI2»' 

SOUTH Saanlch — 50 Acres, all cleared and 
tile drained, on main road, close to Vir 
line and Buckle's ranch. Price $550 acre. 
$9350 cash, balance 1. 2, 3, 4 and 6 years 
at 7 per cent. This Is $200 per aero under 
the market. Victoria Subdivision Co., 407 

Pemberton Bldg^ 

Major & Co., 

^T. PAl 
10 price 

price $1150. Beckett, 
Ltd., 64 3 Fort street. 


W "ANTED, young flrl for olllce; one juat 
left 8Ch6o'. preferred. Apply Room SIS 
Sayward bulldiing. ■ 


wanted ; 


IAI1X)R— Bushatman ^ 

work. Apply New York Tallora. giB 
JnhnBon rt. ' 

TBAMBTBR wanted. Apply C. B. King, 
Codarvale Dairy. 

TWO hUih claaa aaHwmon wanted Iminp- 
dlatcly for first elaas lirOiwalUon. Ap- 
ply J24 Pemberton Bllfc ,. 

XTtTANTBD, bookkeeper aSS aareBrfdy. Ajt* 


a I. 

ply 1214 Br oad at. 

ANTED, glfl or woman to Uk« o«t 
child afternoons. Apply lOOS OUvhant 

^ ^ ^ _ , I J l-a^li • I ' I — ^— — lli' l " " 

AftTED— AppranUo* *t the Bllta Mlllln- 

VV ary, 181« Douglaa. 

XroUNO girl, about 14, tor Hght houae- 
X work ; Bleep horo* prefearod. JH Prln- 
raaa avenuo, corner Douglaa atreet. 

^" . 1(1 ■' i?"r -^ — ' — ' — ' — 

M^mm WAinntt» 

OHM lUJrtMa itoB ift •▼•nr »^ *t^ ,. 
onura lor bMt «««!•««-«•?• "S^a^ 
CMia4«. HWh-t e««i«>l«rto« »« tW*»ta« 

POSITION aought by well-educated Eng- 
lish lady, experienced In office routine, 
typing, acco'unta, French and German; high- 
est referencea. Box 769, Col onist. 

1>0«ITION wanted as home help by nild- 
Jl die aged Bngllah woman. Box I8C, 
Colonl at. 

RBePECTABI^B Bngllah peraon wanta 
etrening work; care ot ehlldren or In- 
valids; exp*rl«noed. truBtworthy. AddreSB 
Box 2««. Colonlat. 

STENOGRAPHER, experienced, aeeka poa- 
ltlon : own typewriter . P. O. b ox 186._ 

HRBB young gtrlB wout4 IIK" poaltlon aa 
chambermalda or to learn waiting; 
would like to be tog«th«r. Bog *<8, Col- 
onl Bt. 

\X7ANTBD. ijlttiatlon by tnlddle-ag^d lady. 
VV ia tike CMS. Of ChlKL aftarnenfia. Box 
6»t ColonleL / , 

Patrick St. — Lot, Oak Bay. fine, dry, 
•lear lot. well located. $200 below mar- 
ket price. $1000. Collins. c|o Grubb & 
l-.etts. Green Block. 

SUPERIOR St., lot 60x120. close lo St. 
Jo Lawrence; $6000; third cash, balancu 
1 and 2 years. A. T. I'ramplun, 727 F.M t 

St. , 

TEN acres overlooking Cowlchan Bay, 
close station and school ;;i all good land; 
slashed; lovely site; $260 per aci*. Ov«i- 
seas Investment Agency, 208 Pemberton 
Block. ^__^___^__^___^____^_____ 

mOLMIB ave.. two beautiful large loia. 
i. $900 each; third caah. Linden Ik Hol- 
land, 7 3K Foil St. 

^ W . I I ■ I I, I . I LI " I ■, . . ' 

rnWO lots m Vlctonla West, 60xlt0; 18000 
J~ each; near the water, near the new" 
C. N. R. line, near the barracka; thaae lota 
will double shortly after the Canadian 
Northern Railway makes their aanounCa- 
ment. 790 Colonlat. 

V& P. TRACKAGE, 46x<00, for 11.000; 
• one-third caah, balance 1, 2, t, 4, B. «, 
7 yiara; would make a aplendlA factoi-y 
allV;. Wise * Co.. 109 Pemberton Bldg. 

^ K£«Slf*i.,£3fi 



IITANTBD. to look aftar one child dally; 

W e xperienced. t.2<8l. _______ 

1Y7ANTISI> -Dreaamakiof dona at modern 
W ifficaa til Michigan Bt. , 

YOtrNa woman. ScotchI duSngaged 
about Itth May, wlahea altuatlon )»• 
ntirae a r houaemald; Box 4«l CaleiHt. 

OVNO Scotch lady wanta di^lly employ- 
ment, «duc*bf«d. ^gpfcbitp. truitv;o$thy] 
wftttia tak* flh&ji* « chiMfea or^.wo«)d 
(lit iiW poaltlon of truat. «»• Colonial. 

■ ... .1.- r . 

fmm In TM€ cotawst 

Road—Phie . lot. *0xl3. M9<f. 
•Third caah, 6, I'i and 18 Linden •«* 
RoUand. 788 Fort at.- - 

C' HlCKE-S ranch — If you want a piece of 
land for this purpose, aeo ua, pieces 
right and terms to suit. Leonard, Bold & 
Go., 421 Pemberton Bldg.; phone t«E. 

C" LOVBRDALE— Ftill rfaed lot, Ivlgb (tnd 
dry; »900; caah $100; terma. l»ox 7|« 

■ h.'ooK'.t., corner OUphant; 47x1^^; & \ W^^^ ^^^^^''-^''WI 
C neaa corner, |«7t)ft; *I3«0 «iwft. l«|i®^ I WiyT^V^"' ' l±"iJ^[ ' ^ ' iL^?jM 
.„y term., A. T ^" Franyinori; W ffhM 

CtOKNBH idaxer, 8 tar— -l »fc » -t a >€ >l»|r 
; cheap It bought qi»»Gfc 0«n#r, X 
Bpeer a. Colvllle rd.. fluh. P. O. yK4>. > 

(or i WBtok «il.! «a*^. »«!f#J 
block, pteomii ^*»I. '"' 



ATALUABLB corner on Caledonia ave.; 
right on the car line; not threa quar- 
ters ot a mile from the city hall; acre of 
ground, 10 roomed hotuie. with mafnUleant 
oak treea; price la right: with p^i^iaeita 
apread over S yeara; aatuta WWT ghould 
doubia h«» m4>nay oa tW4 l»a«oca Mcond 
pww>»*rt; roow «H KtnpVa— Hotat. 

Ym«x «»**i> »««>•• WW »• as'^. **^ 
M^^vtHl, wttktit *ltir »»■«$• ^ •*!«*«» 

I ■ Al hi I ^ ^,^ ^ W<JB^*a«it«i >^ liW fc wt KSS. fl'ttl* llltt. 

rioiM» *«»*«_'«* 5^ **tt* 

UWV-. 1— T ,,,, , , ,..„,fl 

nnx ill I, CoienlM. 

C have wm^inff^ »»«♦ *»• **•• * ^H 

KM PetnlKtftOII ~ 


adjoiMB »•■. *^»»««r *t»i»«*L^^^ 
i y«iarB. OvAMKHMl IkvaMMMrtrt AllMiWi 

«war vtiw^t 


l ^ | n Hi|i yn ! ;i |L^, lfi) »,| il ll I , I .i; 

.^J,.»PI l« .1, 


Friday, April 19, laia 




. \ 


^JUiraitTy «MI OAIJC (OaaUaMcd.) 

WATERFRONTS — We h»vo three de»Jr- 
»bl« wati-rfrunt lots. baautllullir 
wood04, -n bMiuSmalt and one at Shoal 
liay. Bnqulru: OvevtmaM Xnveatmsnl 
Agen cy, ;<)» Pemberton Block. 

WHO wanta It? — lU ITeat ot waturrront. 
dcey wat«r, all l«v«l and natural 
I'i'ualtwater, right at thu Riqulmatt car 
lerminua; any reaaonable olfer not reluaad. 
Apply owners, filU Niagara aireet. 

V'HY t>ay lant when your ront money 


huiue. L.'ali at iiOv Uouglaa at. and get 
lUB t>lan. iSUlutt, Hly Co. ' 

YATKa titrudt — JUsDfO U-. revenue bear- 
tag. Juat above Cook atreul; an ex- 
i-tfllent buy at tlO.SUO. Terma. Overgeaa 
inveatment Agency, 208 .I'euiberlin Block. 

YOV want aicngowan iota. Soo Wise and 
Co., 10» Pe mfeerton BIbok. 

YATES at anap — Mft. between Vancou- 
ver and Cook, for lU.soo. P. O. Box 


ZELA at.. Oak Bay— Ktne level lot, facing 
■outlt; 54x110: five mlnuiea' walk 
from car and beach; »1«00; quarter Ott»h; 

ttnnia. Box 51l« Colonlal^^ 

•i K Aorua only one mile from Chemanua, 
J-" half bottom, le^t splemlld orchard 
land, 3-room cabin, well, 3 acres glasheil. 
right on main trunk road. $75 aire. Kasy 
terin«. Owner, Ho x B3B, Colonlgt. 

uar^rp'ri — Two and three-quarter aures with 
^lOl' beautiful waterfroniflffo; an Idiul 
j>in.... tt\r n •ummar home: bc«t flehlnc and 
boai'lng in B. C. Howell, Payne and Co., 

101« Uuuslaa 8t. ; phon o I'SO. 

(IBQ i r\— -AvBbury St., a good high lot with 
^^OrtU oak trees: below markpl valuo. 
JI,)«-«-ll, Payne and Co., l^td., lOlB Douglas 

«I.; iihuut ) 1780. .____ 

ffi1 AXA--*^'o''"<'r lot on Victoria ave., a 
^±UOU : snap: Investigate this. Howoll, 
Payne and Co., Ltd., 1010 Douglas St.; 

liliono nhO. _____^ 

Ulfi nPCn— »'• I'atrlck'B St., Hie best lot on 
«}pjL\Ji)v./ the street: ni?h ami ui y. IIov.- 
e!l, Payne and Co., Ltd., 1016 Douglas St.: 

lihoiK' 17N0. 

best snap today: 

^ ^„„ , . .„lnutes from Doug- 

Zui ca^- terrnt'uUB ' Owner, P.O. box 1269. 

I'hone usao. ______ 

uratoga avc., One DuUdlng lot, 

lane at back. Howell, 

Payn e an d Co., Ltd.. 1»18 Douglas st. ; 

ph6hTr~I7»g." " "• ■ 

ffl»-1 -I AA— Anolher snap; tine high dry lot, 
«roXlUU64xlS0, with beauMfuI view; halt 

a blo>k from Hlllshlo '^^%-- "". ^'^'i'' VuKlas 
eV.. Payne and i^Mmpany, Ltd., lOxC Douglas 
St.; phcn? i7><n. 

dtt-| -I (\f\ cash takes the 
«1P-LJL"U two lots^ 7 mlE 
lii.'s car termtuui 
I'hone usao^ 

4»-l -1 AA — One block wwit of OaV 
^IIUU bend;, a 70 ft. lot; a 

ak Cay 

HowHl. Payne and Co., Ltd.. 1016 Douglas 

Bi.; phone 17S0. ^^ ■ 


ffl»-« or A buvs a new 3-roomed house and 
$l0iDU iot 61x180;. half a bl"<=l^ '", 
nfw Hillside ave. oarllne; »250 cash, bal- 
ance fo suit purchaser. Howell, V^y"^:xnA 
Co., Ltd., i niH I><>uglas St.; phone 17 so. 
e»-l anf\—OPVO*He Government house 
SlOOU gi-ounds, the cheapest lot In the 
neighborhood; easy terms. Howell. Payne 
and Co.. Ltd.. 1016 Douglas St.; phone 1.80. 



NICBLV furnished houM, wlHi » room*: 
close to carltne. For full particulars 
apply U, it. .-tiKptasaa * Co;, 'Room 8, luu7 
(iuvernment at. 

OAk bay — T-UoomtKl tiouae for aale, Ju»t 
finished, 4 flreplac«a, puutflled dining 
room and hall. »&e«0. Apply UaJt Bay 
Post orttcc 

OAK B«l¥, elgbt-roomed house, three min- 
utes from a«a and car, ten minutes 
from golf links: four badruoma, large pan- 
elled rocentlun hall, drawluv and dlnllVK 
rooms, panelled den, cement basement, just 
built, on double corner lot; price li.SOO. Ap- 
ply owner. Box SOI. Colonist. 

OAK Bay — Cuwluhau si., t roomed bouse; 
large Ibt. one block off car Hue, )2T{0: 
11000 oaah; Box 4 8u Colonist. 

I^BINCKSS Ave »»<00 Modern t-room 
house, lot 46 X 75. 11200 cash. Apply 
owner, 223 Pemberton Bldg. Tel. 27)8. 

13BIVATE sale, large houss, wood flbra, 
plastered, bath, hot and sold, main 
road, best location, for terms send stamp 
' for reply. E. Musgreave, Laiysmlth. 

AVWAKD avc.for quick sale, S-roomod 

cottage with small stable and on Eo:)d 

lot, $;;B00; cash laoo and bal. arranged. A. 

11. Harman, 1207 Langley st. lopposlta 

(Jouii UouaeJ. 

CJ'EVKN rooms. Una house on Hilda St., on 
(o a lot £0x120, close to car. (6600. How- 
ell, Payne & Co., Ltd., 121,l» Langley St. 
Phone 1780. 

OIX-UOOMED modern house, Just off car 
K> or. lot 1003:120, with One garden. Box 
1421 City. 

SIX niouicd liuuso, rurnished;- t:!luO; terms 
102U I-'alrlleld, near Vancouver. 

QNAP Price — Well built corner house, 

^ concrete block basement. Moss St., 

south nf May, J435u. Owner, corner Moss 
-nd Coorgc. 

^JT. l'atrli.-k si.. Oak iJay; up lu datu u- 

^ room house; buUt-ln buffet, etc.; a 

',.„■, v.-jU K.^an, balance 

iS5 monthly, Linden And Holland, 73S Fort. 

\\?E have a number ot bungalows In the 
T> Fairfield and Foul Bay districts Just 
about ready for occupancy; small cash pay- 
ment, balance like rent. Bunwalow Con- 
struction Co., Ltd., entrance Suyward lilk. 

pr-ROOMBD house on Pembroke, two 
*-» porches, panelled ceilings and thor- 
oughly modern. t3600. }5O0 cash and only 
$21i per month. This Is a new house. Lin- 
den and Uolland, 738 Fort st. 

k>prA Csjsh— 2" Rooms7 large lot, good 
j—OU location. Gorge View Park. Price 
$S50. .l ones Ucalty Co. Phone 2529. 

(lf>OA/V cash, Reglna avc, 6 rooms, attic 
^pOUU and basement; new; 10 minutes' 
Ijougias car; lot 50x110; l26ov; terms. Box 
7 is. Colonist. 

(&Q,'!f A secures a ready to live In home, al- 
tjPOiJV/ ready fuinlshed; all you have to 
do Is to move in. balance payable as rent; 
gLt In quickly on this. Howell, Paynie and 
Company, Limited. 1016 Douglas M.', i)honu 


A Good corner suite to let April 14fh at 
Mt. Edwards, Vancouver St., also one 
on May 1, one furnished room. Call or 
write. Pliiinc 2.141". 


AUAV work horse, rising (1 years; Weight 
1476; a ■ptenaid worked, true and 
g^aiie; suit (ruck, single or double; tor im- 
iiicuiaio sale, ftou; aiso first ciuse leum of 
brown marss, perluct luatca; sua buck or 
express; sound and gentle; price t4uO. Ap- 
ply chas. btlgtngs, 1^36 Kdmouton rd., Vic- 
torl a, B. C. ■ 

\Ui>AP hoikd NUUabie for farm work, ti 
Boyd »U, Jam<« Bay, Phone Hill. 



^HJiAP horg« lor saJe. B. Brook, Ulau- 
ford ave. 

(CHOICE breeding pen of pure brou oiaca 
> Minorca hens and cock, and also pen of 
barred rocks. Call at 74 tlberts »i., itoss 

C'^OLQUITZ poultry Kanch, Kuyal Oak P. 
■> U. Khodd Isiand Beds; my breeding 
pons are seiectco iioin iiuu of itie best lay- 
era; J1.50 per sbttlng; JU per hundred; liOtlO 
eggs alreaay sold t or sertlng. O. V. BovlUe. 

Ii^GGS, FUhel. White Plymouth Rooks, 
J 11.60 and 13.00. Phone l.;:634; 1722 
Duchess. ^^^ 

GUtj lor naLfhlng; B. C. White Leghorn. 
^6 p«.-r hUiidruU. .nacttae, ijuncaii. 

VOB 8Al.a>--liIM}IBU>ANF.<>r8 

AU'i'Uti (br resu estate trow ttuu lu lliivv. 
Call 1410 Broad street, 

DrOMOUlLB for saleV »0 h.p. *iltchell 

XVil iuoaei, recvnliy overhauled uuu lu 

i'.,.>jllont running oruer; )»llvu. ..ippiy 

sioduaru-Dayiou Garage, 017 Vancouver sl. 

AuiLiAllJiilLJi tou- sale, 24 horse-power, 
11)12 McL.iUcii,U) Luicl;, c^us^ :■> now. 
«ituu. Apply BOX 663, Colonist. 

Ab'ru.kiOBlLli; for sale, 3 b.-p., m good 
coiiduioii, with gas lamps, etc.; price 
•jnj^v ti/Att- nnimt* :: < h 1 lu* f,»it in ut^riMin to 
C3iiiunu bUi*ii, 2ula Liouglau el. 

,MNiii,ihrt s«Tge«, ,sculcn .tweeds, lu suit 


lengths at snap, price. 148 Cuioiiisi. 

l,^i<4GLl£>>l buby bUggy tor palu cheap; 
i-J prauiicaily uvw. Audresa Box 764, Cot- 
on\si. •■ - 

.VjU sale, camp furniture, cook stove, etc.; 
;!lul Chambers st. 


ABKAUTIFCL new, modern homo ot 
seven rooms, piped for furnace, gar- 
ucn laid out by expert. This house 1. situ- 
ated on Rlchoroson St.. and In an e^i-eP 
tioual good buy. I'rlce »6U00, en terms, 9a7 

Colonist. . 

~\ COSV 5-roonied bungalow, best part ot 
J.\ Fairfield Estate, near sea ana >.<... 
,.,oou; >Ouu casn handles. H'"..* 'f.'''.,^""'^ 
uu.^1-. .\atlonal Realty Co., 123- Go\ t. st. 

AIJ.SULLTELY beat buy In James Bay-v- 
7 -roomed modern home twith accom- 
i.,oaallon for 1 more roomsj near Dallas 
lu. and beacon BUI Park; splendid sea 
view; quick sale price, :$«7uu; genuine bar- 
gain. iVatlunal lt>-ttUy Co., 12,i2 Govt, st. 
uThatTiSER will ouild to suit purchas- 
ers one or two bungalows, chv.lce lots, 
,i,imR« Hav: S2UU0 casn, balance mortgage. 
i.xcluslve agent. Post Office box »6. 

V iiicACTlVE five-room bungalow, halt 
J.\. block oft th,i car line, tor sale on very 
lasy terms; JluO cash, bal. *25 monthly, 
i.uiib'aiow Construction Co., Ltd.. entrance 

..l;,walil HloC K. ^ 

BUILT and furtJlshed for you— 3-roomed 
cotlaKi' on largo lot; Iron bedstead, 
..i,rta.iH,»lanu.s, 1 table,' 1 extension 
ijolc, i dininy room chairs, cookstove, heat- 
ing stove, reirlBerator, etc., nearly new. 
i.uuse and turnilurc lor J2U00; »45u down, 
1,-Kt at »20 per month. W. H. Collins, cio 

uiuoo iS.- liPits. Gr een Block. 

■^"^UoeET^to Tolmle ave. and car — Nice 0- 
\J room dwi'Uing, panelled walls, cenieni 
l.asf^monl, modem throughout. Price J.27&0. 
uood terms. Jones itealty Co., 321 aayward I' :^j-:). . 

C\OL\VUOD — House, ;') rooms, and 2 acres. 
J ^2,600. Town and Country Boalty, 
b.a iaus Stre'.l. Auctioneers. 


IJ^GGd tor haicniag — B.C. white Leghorn, 
-I-^ 16 per hundred; (1.26 for fifteen. Goe- 
pcl, Colqultz P, O. 

EGGS tor hatching; pure-bred Black Mln- 
orcas and llarred Rocks, 76o per set- 
ting. 436 Govornmont St., Jamv» Bay. 

1;'>LAT ot three rooms, furnished, and use 
ot kitchen in private house, city bound- 
ary, close to Willows car line. Itent $36 
p.;r month. C. O. Bradshaw, 209 Pember- 
ton Buildings. 

Ij^OR ront — Two furnished rooms for light 
JL housekeeping. 634 John st. 

ITVOH rent, housekeeping rooms. 822 Fort 

IT^OH rent, nicely burnished housekeeping 
rooms; private kitchen. 137 Eberts 

I7K)R rent, nicely furnished housekeeping 
rooms. 516 tsuperlor st. 

27SURN1SHEO light housekeeping rooms, 
- Comer Richmond and Oak Bay ave. 
"I — ■ — ' 

2i"^UI!NISHED houseKeeping room. 1809 

Fernwood road. 

Governraenf st. 

Ej^tlKNlSHBD housekeopin* rooms, 2623 
Government at. 

IjMJRNlSHED housekeeping rooms, 032 
. A'urth Park st. 

■lURNlSdiED or unfurnished houseksep- 




AVIDA S't.. Ker Addition — New 4-room 
cottiige. JISUU. J600 cash, rest »20 per 

month. Collins, cio Grubb & LcUs. 

1r^XlK.\. snap -.-^ix roomed house, modern, 
ii cement walka and basement; opposite 
iieorgu Jay school, on Princess St.; lot aOx 
120- price »7()0U; terms (1300 cash, balance 
arranged. Wise and I'o.. Pembi^rton bldg. 

Ing rooms. Apply Oaklaiids Grocery, 
14 37 Hillside ave. 

OUSEKEEPING rooms to let. tOO Gorge 
rd. Phone R1607. 

OUSEIvKEPING room; men preferred; 
820 Pandora. 

IF wanting 4-roora fiat, all modern, all out- 
sld'' rooms. In first-class condition, en- 
trance 705 i'andora, corner Douglas, inquire 
fii)a72, Mr. T)ouR"in. '>r 1^2S iJuuglaa st., Hood 
Block'. ^ 

L.\RGE. sunny housekeeping and furnish- 
ed rooms; moderate rent. 444 Kingston. 

NICELY furnished housekeeping rooms 
at 734 Humboldt St., two blocks Post 
Office. . 

riMlREE furnished houseKeeping rooms. 
J- Apply a.fter Tuesday. 2644 yuadri st. 

IjMNE oi)i>ortunlty, consequence ot explra- 
-I- lion of lease, we offer lur sale the 
Wlii.'le of our vaUiahle stork <•( laying 
pouliry, oonsi.'itlng of about SOU pure-brea 
white 'Wyandoiles, Leghorns auil wiule 
rucks; also baby chicks. Incubators, brood- 
lu*, elo., in laigo ur small iats. ii'Irst 

come, first chuice. Walker and Ker, Clt.v 
t. inns, I'.squiiiiiUi rd. ; i)nonij .\11027. 

• ^■^DU sale — Two dozen white Wyandottes 
-L and rooster; goo(l strain. J1.60 ea'h. 
iiiix 762, Colonisl.; 

• ."(OR tialo-^2 heavy horses with harness, 
■i- and two dump carls, one fllted tor mlli 
. .oil. ^.i^,.y. .,, Auuuu. IBUl Bank at. 

j j'.iGIv «alvt vvyO ^<groey - tjw l fc&r&j 5vC»*,-5»vC** 

X i«ou Oladstono ave. 

j.TOK sale — C-Year-olJ mare, soiind; also 
-L i.xmeas wagon and hurness. Apply 
Itlackburn's Transfer, 1034 Burdotto uve. 

1j"\OR sale — Five tine youhg Rouen drakes. 
. (2 each. Madrona Poultry Farm, Gor- 
uon Head, or 618 Joh nson St. 

Ij'^OR sale — LMillfH' driver, quiet, age 7 
- ycain. \v.iKii; 1 200 IbB. -K-pply 10*>J 
liichmund A ' >■. 

1i>OH sale — Pekln duck eggs, Jl per dozen. 
- Farmers' Exchange, Ltd., 63S Johnson 

17>OK s«le — Splendid ■addle' . horse. Ap- 
. ply: 1012 Broad fetrcet. 

ijAOU L'.\LE — Two sows with 9 to 10 pigs. 
X $40. John Hepbu.'-ii, 13:;0 Yates slreui. 

FOR sale — Vi'hlte Orplnglon and Buff 
Leghorn hens and pulieta; thorough- 
tired stock, In full lay. R. B. Butler, 
Laki^ Hill I'.O., Victoria. 

Ij^OR .Sale — Horse. 1600 lbs., 11 years old, 
govd worker. Grandlson, I'arson's 

I.'^OR Sale or Exchange — One pure bred 
Percheron stallion imported from 
France by McLaughlin Bros., ot Columbus, 
Ohio; color black; weight 17uu pounds; age 
XO; will exchange for similar or younger 
horse and pay difference; or will sell rea- 
sonable; horse Is ill lino condl.loii and per- 
fectly sound; tor further Intoimatlon apply 
to J. P. Murphy, sec. Coi-iboo Pure Bred 
Stock Co., Lac La Hache P. O., Cariboo, B. 

1r«OR Sale — White Wyandolt eggs for 
lAci It^ii ma, ♦i.t,./ ptst*A, ,.. ... M^.* 

chell, ■.;4:' Gorge road. 

|,'>UH sale — Gladstone buggy, set double 
S. harness; bargain. 604 -Monterey ave. 

AUR sale — A good runabout, cheap for 
cash. Apply Bo.\ 0H6, Colonist. 

, lUit SJALL — Cuuienis of 


X house, $226 v&sh. Buyer has opilun of 
ruhtlnu house. Apply DOS Colilusou btreot. 

TAGlt sale, chvap, a 4Uft- launch. In good 


AAKO.NSO.SB pa«u»Uoj» has inuiovwl trom 
Broad straet to 1410 Uovarnjaant au. 
uppoatie lue Vvaslhoima hoial. 

A iU i gauu tae the scotch conaart at the 
-i"V First Presbyterian Klra on Tutsoay 
.....vt 1 ie micut as weel ask me ii i »> 
g<iun tae tukt' ma parrilcli. U( coorso um 
t>auu, an' tua wife tae. .iuu.ii, a waUi.a mis> 
11 lor a. dollar, au' It's only litty cents. 

ANTIQIJE Jewelry, diamonds, angravlugs 
and pictures bought ilnd sold. Mrs. 
A. A. Aarouson, Ha Johnson st. 

rat«a by the V'eiorla Trauvter Co., 
pUone L2y. Ulfica open nignt and day. 

CAALlFUiiMiA hotel. 6;iS Johnson sireut, 
J workingmen's heauquarter's. Under new 
managemuui; tnoruuguiy renovated and r<a- 
nioaeliuu. Piircy t'orter. Prop. 

^HlROPODi: — corn docloi», 711» Fort St. 
Unsightly bunions taken down, special 
uiiiiuiiL ingrowing nails. 

TO Ljrr— ft'KNUHKli ROOMS 



.\piily Box I a; c;o.ornst. 

i>OU ;3alc — Estey .American ortjan; 


CluNTltACTORb and commission builders. 
J Let us build your home; satisiactloii 
ijiven both as to cost and quality; bunga- 
lows a specially; artistic plans supplied. 
i: O. Box K31. 

EXl'ERT accountant will leach you 
double entry bookkeeping tiiorouguiy. 
lerms reasoiiauie. P. O. uox 1370, 

/■^ARDE.NINQ wanted dally, or contract 
VX pruning a specialty; phone YYJ'J. 

HAVE Just received a car of extra heavy 
horses Including three matched pahs ot 
black and three matched pairs of gieys. 
weighing from 3600 to 3SUU lbs. per team. 
Can be seen at our sale barns. Hurlelth 
park, on Cralgflowor road. Stephenson Tk 
Derry, proprletois, P. O. Box 1138. Phonos 
112675 and M209. 

slops, waniul frame; good cunaitlon; 
»50. J. P. Wheeler, Post ouico. Jlsqulmali, 
--. C. 

IjAOR SALE — Wooden structure, suitable 
? for branch ri--ul estate olUce. store or 
snack. Ial 4 a^aple St reet, City. 

JjTOR sale — 14-foot teak built rowing and 
- sailing ikltf, complete, belonging to the 
oiflccrs 01 the last commission H.i.l.a. Al- 
gerlue. For ptirtlculars apply Box 755, Col- 

1AOH sale — ^Ticket, 1st.- class, to Winnipeg. 
. Box l>7, ColonlsL 

__^_________«.^ ^ 

FOR !^ '^: roll tiiii dusk and letter press: 
express wagon In gool condition. 
I'hone R-lia6, between 12 and 1 o'clock, 

}7\OR sale, logging donkey, 10x12, special 
- yarder. nearly new, fully oq dipped, on 
sled ready for work. Address Geo. H. 
lieefer, 620 Johnson st.,. Victoria. 

OR sale, furniture of rooming house; 
price. (276, Apply 1217 Cook St. 

I .\ DIBS' Beeston- number bicycle, eqtial to 
J Tt BW, t r iMi i'sb; will aeit-^i ji HSO. Apply 

■■; . M. ■■,'»■« St. . 

i,. small upright, sweet tone; only 

*j5. Can be seen 2««0 Quadra. 

iH.'VNO. lending Amcrlciu maker; owner 
vvnnix Id illmic.s. ■• ,i valuable horl- 
/.onlal giHiid plan. .. -.'itul Instrument: 
will sell ai sfhsiaiiwai i eduction and on 
broken payments. Address P.O. box 1214. 

\7'A(.'UI;M cleaner for sale; cost (20; little 
used ; take (10. Phone H1716. 

\TlOLlN cost (36,' am going east Sunday;, 
must sell. What otters? Box 776, Col- 

Of\ H. P. .Vuto In lino cendlllon, with top, 
t.)\J glass shade, lampsi spai'e iilre, etc; ."> 
geau; cash (700, or exchange for city Jots; 
P. <>. Box 1.126. ' ^^^ 



(^ ILL and Potter medium's advice by 
I mall. (1.00. S60 Hornby st., Vancouver. 

LJ'AIRDRESSING, manicuring and electric 
-tx. ur plain massage done by appoint- 
ment at your home; ladles only. R-2420. 

HOMES built by ooiitriuit. lastlmatcs free. 
Good work guaranteed. 'Irlal aullclteu. 
xiox 620, Colonist. 

HOWELL, I'ayn-? «nd Co. beg to announce 
ihul they bavo removed J'rom 12ia 
l.iingley st. to 1016 Douglas St., just BOUlh 
ot Xf'ort St. -^ __^________ 

IF you want your housa cleanung good, and 
chLUp, phone ItO tor the Dusticss Va- 
cuum Cleaner. Id. Mercer, 1 603 Jubilee St. 

JAMES Bay, (iloso to Parliament build- 
ings; furnished room to let, for one 
or two gentlemen. Box 726 Colonist. 

LND lady would like to adopt baby. 
Box 8 1. Colonist. 

Kl.N'DEROAUTEN toachli-g — Miss Nor- 
man, of l<'alrneld school. Is willing to 
train a student. Apply 515 Trutch st. 



IrMVE roomed house. Y«le St., half block 
from Oak Bay car; modern; piped tor 
furnace; large level lot; $160 under value, 
tor quick sale; (37D0; (750 cash, balance to 
suit. A. .McDonald, Room 14, Green block, 
phone 15S1. ^^__ 

110U sale, 7-.-oom house and lot, Wllmot 
^ Place, i-iak Bay ave.; S56U0; terms (luuo 
. ,ish and easy :erms tor balance. Apply 
owner, lin'A. 7SC, Colonist. 

1'^ull jale, new house, modern and well- 
^ built throughout, 8 rooms, reception 
hall bath, pantry, and 2 toilets, concrete 
basement, piped for furnace. Telephone 

it2704. :; 

IjMJR sa4e, house and lot 60x120, corner 
. Dunedln and Somas; (6600; this Is a 
low price. A. W. Hrld gman, 1007 Govt. St. 

FOR sale — 1-Roomed bungalow, furnished 
or unturnlshed. Apply 2511 Forbes hi. 

. I . -'- 

TL'^OR sale, 6-roomcd house, one minute 
X' from Oak Bay carlino; concrete lound- 
utlon, oltctric light, An largo level lot; 
(SOOU; (600 cash, balance on terms. Owner, 
Base 644, Colonist. 

IT^OH quick sale, by owner, under value — 
. Bungalow, -6 large rooms. Including 
hal! with fireplace, 2 open flroploiies, Fair- 
field; good lot, half block from Cook si. 
car, 1 minute from park. M360. Cash 
(>.5i>. Box 713 Col onist. 

HOUSE, t'ort St., -J-roomed, lot 50x180. In 
splendid condition; going _ for (lo.SOO. 
on terms. G, B. Lelgnton, 1112 Govt, street. 



lOUSE, Gladstone and Belmont avc.; 
L. price (6600; (1500 CMh. O. 8. L^lgh- 
1, 1112 Qovernroent at ^ 

fUST flnlghcd, good house; snllsracto:-y 
now open t" contract i fo- anolher; 
plans. Work and prices right. .Vbbve house, 
» rooms, etc., well bulit. 'U.iJern, on Foul 
Bay car line; clos-i B«a; paved boiilovards; 
cutting price »4700; ?i!;oo cash; iXc<-ptional 
bargain. Apply John Baribolomcw, builder, 
Ist house, Richmond ave. Houih, Foul Bay. 

IBT mo build your houM on commission; 
J cheApeat. best and qulcktst way V. 
o. Box ia»L 

IOOK In efur window If you afe In search 
i of a houWi It you do not see what 
advertised In the window come In ait tvo 
have two hundred houaes for sale. Beckett, 
Ma jor #. Co.. Ltd.. 848 Fort street. 

MopBRN «-room«d house, beautifully slt- 
uat«d, with nearly one acre fine 
ground*. Stable, fowl houae. lawns, oaks, 
fruit, frotttage 2 atreets. on terms. (8600. 
H. Booth; Room 7, 1007 government st. 

raomed *ou««, ' furntehe-l ^hrimghout, 
We can »*ll <thl« hoMge a good deal below 
Its vAlne ma the owner needs the money; 
price |(7S0. Beckett, Major * Co., l.jtd., 

«<t:yort efreet. ,.____^ 

XTKVV 7-roomed houae, comer Wilson and 
iM Rua««U itreet. Snap i»T»ce (4!toc, cash 
ilM. baWnoe e«ay- UniOiT Reitl Satatc Co., 
l^w CtiambOT*. P h one iW._, 

NSW bunvalow, • rooms: built-in barret j 
panelled w»ll», pMttnr and rireplatie; 
on D«nmM gt: |3M»I »M««»h. or |l»00: 
il too CMh, balance ai iHT^f ed. Un<)«it •nd 
RolUnd. U» gort gt. I ./- ^; ' , ^ 

TkynV/ «-n>iim houw aU'Wimm' AWv fcWf 

X grate, use ot kitchen range. 


rpo rent — Furnished and unfurnlsned 

J- housekeeping room, eleitrlc llghl. 1S*« Bay ave. 


O let — 788 Hillside, two rooms. 
W. Hawkins, 863 Pandora. 

(16. C. 

rnO let — Furnished suits of housekeeping 
-L rooms; no children. 11 76 Yates St. 

TO LET — Two unfurnished housekeeping 
rooms, modern convenience. Apply 471 
tiorgo road, near Corner Garbally. 

rno let, large, comfortable furnished houso- 
X keeping room. 

Blanchard st. 

HIGH grade blue Andaluslan's eggs. (260 
ner 16. Also fine stock for sale and 
broody hens. W. J. Jones, 2642 snel- 
bouriie street. 

ON account u( moving, our batching sea- 
son will be short. AU .ggs for hatch- 
ing from my prUe pens will bo sold at re- 
duced rate. White Orpingtons, Keller- 
Blrass strain, (1.60 to (6 per setting ot 15; 
Rhode Island Reds and Black Orpingtons, 
(1.50. W. H. van Aium. Xtjcnmond ra. suu. 

RECORD laying WhJte Leghorns and R. 
1. Reds; eggs tor hatcblng and day-old 
chicks. write for booklet; Dougan's Poul- 
try Farm. Cobble Hill, B, C^ 

KEGISTERED Jersey bull, IS months, 
from stock with big records, (50. Brad- 
ley Dyne, Duncan. 

^l.NOl.E comb Brown Leghorns and WhHo 
O Plymouth Rock eggs. (1.50 per f.etting: 
J7.50 per 100; Pekln duck eggs (1 for II; 
J. D. West, Third St., off Richmond. 

CJITTINGS of Columbia Wyondottes and 
io Rocks, (2 a sluing^ 411 Mi c higan St. 

\\TANTED to purchase, small Shetland 
VV pony. alBii little carl or riK for same; 
used III children. Address to P. O. Box 1132. 

AliUSINES.S Investment- — Partner wanted 
with (loOU to Invest In the building and 
I onsiiuutlon line, which will stand a 
tnorougli invcatlKation. Apply by letter, 
room 608, Eiiii)r<Ma Hotel. 

A GOOD opportunity to invest money In 
a wnoltsuii; jooomg company doing a 
prolllttUlu uusiness. invesiora will u^j "cll 
to look liuo tins. .\adrcss i: o. Box 120, 

A .M.VUNIFU'ENT boarding house, bcautl- 
..ij- lully sittialed In a central position on 
cut line, Willi IK well furnished rooms and 
a beautllul garden. This house has 

oiougbt liuKi! uroiiis to prcsL-nt proprietor, 
who is going to England and will inell tur- 
nlture, etc., and 2 years' lease lor (6,600, on 
twrms. Wise & C o., 100 Pembertpn Bldg. 

,\ i-xceiitionully good opportunity for a 
live wlii> with (4«0 to into a naif in- 
terest in a big paying business; will clear 
Iroin (J to (15 per day each; work Is con- 
Bcuial and pleasant. Box 724 Colonist. 

CSINESS chances — (600 secures partner- 
ship ten-acre poultry ranch Coinox dis- 
uic I. Three-rooinetl bungalow, house ac- 
commodate 360 birds, half-mile flora sea. 
B3X 684, Coloni st. __^ 

I ,"^I0HT-ROOMBD rooming jouae for rent 
U !„ party buying furniture Box 606, 


l-'ai^jaeil at once shares In fl. C. Motor 
Truck Transportation Co., Ltd. Write 
ouer to "Advertiser," 648 Government »t., 
city, - 

NOTllCE to real estate agents — ^Lots 27 
and 28, block 6, Portage Inlet, are 
not tor saic, Joe McGrath . , 

T>BAL estate agents, take notice. My pro- 
-tV pony in South Saanlch Is oft the mar- 

Ki;t.' W. A. Pl taer. _______ 

KEVIVAL of mlniaiure palnllng—Insti uc- 
tions given in this delightful art on the 
most approved method. For terms, etc., ap- 
ply Charles Budden, 1011 G overnment St. 

rpHE bes'. 250 muals In the oily from 
X 11 a. m. to 8 p. m. King George 
Grill, corner Yates and Langley streets. 

AfOMl'OH'i'ABLY lurnisbed front room 
to let. Apply evtnliigs, UU S Cook St. 

A DOUBLE and two single bedrooms, 
with every convenience breaklaat If de- 
sired; 14S6 Fort St.; phone 2881. 

FUR.NISHED room, suitable for two 
gentlemen; apply 754 Hlll alda ave. 

AT 421 Parry si., near I'arilamont, sja, 
park, two superior rooms; moderate 


J.^OR rent-^A tastily furnished steam- 
? i«MMt«*^ rf»'_'r:i wUhtn wMlklnir dlvtauce, 
111 refined family, to party with Al refor- 
••iices. Box 7ft3, Colonist. 

I.AUlt.N'lSHED bedroom to" rent, with or 
without breaKfasi. 2X01 Chumoers st. 

1,->UHN1SHED rootn lu rent. 1422 Fort st. 

1. "BURNISHED room; suit two gentlemen. 
- (1.76 each. 2608 Blanchard st. 

C^URNISHED rooins, 726 Caledonia ave. 

TAMES Bay Hotel — .South Government at. 
ZVi blocks from boat landings; fine lo- 
cation facing Beacon Hill Park; 100 rooms 
modern throughout; first class grill In con- 
nection; moderate rates by day, week or 
month; phono 2304. 

XJEW rooming house charges moderate; 
-iN 1116 North Park st.; pro.irlotress Mrs. 

BotsBii njkxrt» 

HOWELL yevna A Company have moved 
to 1016 I>ou«laa St.; go and see tb«m 
for good buya. ' 

V\"'A.NTED, small house with from hair lo 
VV yne acre In garden, wUhlu 6 milea or 
city hall, on easy terms. Box 711 Colonial. 


1214 Government St. 

Fbooa Ui9. 


TEWLY furnished rooms lo lei, 140 Men- 
zlcs St.; English family. 

CALCVIBT et, few minutes rrojn Doutlas 
»i. car; 2 rutMiitnl eviiAg", *^r«*4£«*C^, 

on 50x120 lot, lor (8011, on two yaara' i'eriua. 

T,"1A;IRFIE!.D — Splendid 7-roome4 houte on 
JO .WcKcpzle St.. few yard* from Cook at. 
car; lot 5uxl20; modern and well flnUhad; 
(4850; terms (VOO cash, good mortgac* at 
7 per cent., balance over three yeara. 

TTIAIRFIBLU— McKenaie St., vacant lot tOl 
-F 120. niled in, (anoed and ready 'lor 
builder, (1650; terms; |*00 caah, balance 
over 3 years; abaolulely the cheapeat lot 

on the street. 

Ij^AIRFIELD— .MInto St., Just o« Moss gt, 
beautiful high lot, 60x120, for (2000; 
quarter cash, balance easy. 

("^AIRFIELD— Vancouver at., adjoining 
Beacon HIM park; 50x130; (2400, on 



TT^AIRFIEIvD— The BOft. corner of Linden 
JO ave. and Hilda st. for' (2650, on good 

vjlilcuE aiieet---l3l, iotly, tvell furnlshqd 
►o rooms, son view; one minute from 
Heacon Hill '"■'^", bathrooms, piano, private 
grounds. Phono l.il715.' 

rpo Ront — Purnlshed bedroom; would suit 

J~ one or two gentlemen with board if de- 

cii. ,n...... . ... .... aclect iocuiity; all 

conveniences; ten minutes from town; 2520 
Work St.— Bay st. 

TO rent, superior lurnlahod rooms suitable 
two gentlemen or married couple, 614 

.*.itlIW(»« St, . 

TO let, a largo room, furnished or 
unfurnished, James J3ay; close In; 
would suit one or two ladies. Apply phone 



T.\.VTED — A good milch Cow. M. Leh- 
man, 134 6 Caroline street. 


ANTED — Z (X02. AVhlto Wyandottes. Ap- 
pf.v iiox. ■'. .-.-ti: : I . Ii. , 

Maplehurst, 1037 


O let — A 3-room furnisned flat. Including 
new piano; (60 a month; Fl«ld Apart- 
enta Phone 1386. 

FOR rent — T« 3 extra ' largo unfurnished 
housekeeping rooms; every convenience, 
one block from car and sea. Rent (7 per 
month each. APT'iy 240 Robert St., Victoria 

W <• s t^^ 

rpo LET — One famished housekeeping 
X room. 117 South Turner. 

rpo ront — Upper half ot good house con- 
X slstliig of three well furnished house- 
keeping roomll; SHI modern conveniences; 
two blocks from car. 14 88 Vlnlng st.. Fern- 

rpo lot, furnished housekeeping rooms. 
X 625 Michigan St., James Bay. 

TO let — Large front housekeeping room, 
1041 Colllnson st. • 

rpo rent, two large unfurnished rooma in 
X private house: good location; suitable 
for married couple; no children; convenient 
for housekeeping. Apply Bo x 718 Colonlt , 

rent — Ihjrnlahed rooms and house- 
keeping rooms. 1038 Fort st. 


rpWO unfurnished housekeeping rooms, 
X modern, ton car ilnc. Apply 621 Nia- 
gara St. Phifee L2423. 

rpwO unfurnished ■ front rooms ror house- 
X keeping; very central. 817 Fort St. 

ri"^t^fO unturnlshed rooms to let, with flre- 
X places; also for single men. 1871 Fern 
St., t ake Willows car. 

wo furnished nousckeeping rooma Ap- 
ply 660 Hlllvlde ave. 



QMALL furnished bouse • to t rooma 
io wanted May 1st; reaaonable rent, cloM 
In; I'. O. Box Hi. 

ITMNTBD — A furnished • or 6 room bun- 
VV iralovir or modern h^use; must ba 
centrally iooatB«I;wnj pay "tip "la," "|»0 par 

month. e»» Fort «t. 

'"■>■-■'-' ■" ■ ■ - 

WANTED — To rent J or 4 roomed hoaee 
or flat; ttate location and rent; Uox 
868 Colonial^ 

WANTED — Ptirnlthed houM, at least 
rour iMdrooms, modern, about May 
}«t, for rour months or naora. Raferenoea 
cKChanred. S. P. McNeill, Maclaod, Al- 

» • " > ■' ' , ' ■ 'I' V ■■' " 

WANTK&— Four-room a«ttaK«> #a!t locM*' 
ed and cloae In; WflVpl^- 110 montft- 
ly. Reply oar a H. U. tl. P.O.. box l«t». 

ANTBD, amall nont«, fttrntahad. lit to 

• *a trkA*. vnnntlt tn Mr if»af*. nlfw A 4n S 


fXl'HITE Wyandotte eggs, (1.50; baby 
yy chicks 2dc up. C. .Malcolm, 1273 
Pembroke st. 

WHITE Wyandottes, (2 per 16; (9 per 
100 and (4 per 15, (20 per 100. When 
buying from me, you are getting the high- 
est quality at (he lowest price. W. H. Cat- 
terail, Cordova bay, May wood, B. C. 


AT ST. HELEN'S, 828 Courtney St., single 
and double bedrooms to let with board; 
highest and Hiiesl position In town; oppo- 
site Cathedral; English cooking, steam 
heated; terms moderate. Phone L2202. 

OARD and room, lOU McCluro St., off 
Vancouver. Phone L1607. 


BOARD and room at the Ravcnhursl. 
nve minutes' walk from Poat OHlce. 
SIO t;ourtnBy Street. Phono L2288. 

BOARD and room close Inj terms moder- 
ate; apply 616 Hillside avenue; phone 

1;^OR sale — Pool rooim. For particulars 
- H. and R. B. Brothour, Sidney, 
li. C. [ 

I^-MJK sale — Fairvlew hotel, Uuwson. Y.T. 
- $50UU ptr year ne.i_ Tnofit, f^ir J.SOOO. 
Iiair casn, baiaiico on ir-riub, wi «iii take 
part or whole In Victoria property. .Vpply 
J. J. .seabiook. Shore Hardware, Victoria. 

\J1NE roomed rooming house tor rent to 
iN parly buying furniture; centrally locat- 
ed; Box 611 Colonist. 

1>ARTY to lake 1-3 interest In 5 acres, to 
be subdivided. This Is a first-class 
proposilloii. Only (500 required. Box 651, 


]noR rent — Two-stall stable and place for 
- rig. .\pply afier 6 p.m., 1216 Glad- 
btone avenue. 

1,'^OH Rent — James Bay slables, corner Ni- 
; agara and South Turnor; suitable for 
fcioiBge or garage. Apply R. -M. Byrne, 


Li"^OR rent, new store. No. 707 Pandora, 
-C butt, from at. Apply W. H. 
ijougan, K287 2. 

.■^HlXNT room for r.Mii; could be used as 

office between Blanchard and IJuadra. 

h4S Fort street. 

/•(KOr.N'D floor office space to rent, Ap- 
VJT ply 'i'lie V Icturla Fuel Co., Ltd., 622 
'II ounce ave. 

OFKICK. ro*m to rent In the I'omberton 
block, use of phone. (25 per month. C. 
O. Bradshaw, a09 Pemberton Buildings. 

ONE larpo front room on first floor, suit- 
able for oftlco or business; very central. 
SI 7 Fort si. 


C1AHALAN — Opposite Beacon Hill Park; 
J under entirely new management; excel- 
lent cuisine; moderate prices; phone 3X83; 

325 Doug las st. 

ToMFORT.VBLE room and board, bath. 
946 Caledonia. Phono L2(:6'J. 

DotJBLE room to let; with board, three 
minutee from Cook and Pandora car 
line. 1216 Rudlln si. 

OUBLE or single rooms with board SI 6 



LADY receives paying guests In quiet 
country house. Apply Miss Maciagan, 
Cowlchan station. 

ICE rooms, with breakfast and dinner. 
1131 Pand ora Ave. 

ROQM8 and board can be obtained at the 
sea-side resort, Cowlchan bay; house 
fltt*d with every modern convenience; 
garden running down to the sea; good loath- 
ing, boating and fishing. For terms ajv>ly 
to Mrs. Dlghton, Cowlchan Bay, V. 1. 

ROOM and board for two young men Eng- 
liah cooking; 14111 Taunton »..., Spring 


ROOMS and board beautifully situated on 
Gorge; close car line; 1247 Sunnyslde 
ave.; phone KJ126. 

S'"AX0NH'L'il8T— l-arge iunny room's firet 
class board close to Parliament bulld- 
Ingt terms m oderate; phono 2441. 


SCBAP Braaa. copper, cino. lead, oaat Iron, 
•acka and all kinds of bottles and rub- 
bar; htfbeat caah priooa paid. VioWria 
Junk Afeney, I«20 Store at.; Phona II*. 

WANTKD, an old mahogany lofa, alao a 
writing deak. Apply. Box «o», Col- 
onlit Oftipa. 

N7SD — itasond-haad typewriter, cheap 
for caah. Boa 7*7, C«)Honiat. 

TVrANTiU>— Vow old fook atevMi Til inart 
nrAKTBD— To rent or bnr two roll top 


yi"<JRE to rent, on Douglas St., In the 
►5 liiOl) block. Apply Box oH Colonist. 

^TORK to rent on DouKlas street, be- 
^ lwe.^n View and Fort. Apply Box 677, 

^TORB tor rent, 55ft. by 10 ft., central lo- 
K3 cailon, («(J'. Apply Uox 3S2, Colonist. 

riAO rent — Two tents for housekeeping, 
X man -ind wife or 2 nu-n. Foxgoods, 
1608 Douglas. 

rpo rent, store, 30x70, comprising ground 
X and mcrzanlno floors, near cnrn^r of 
Y'ates* and Douglas st, at present occu- 
pied by Messrs Baxter & Johnson; possos- 
alon given .May 1 Apply A G. Sarglson. P. 
O. Box 716 or Room 4, Promls block. 

r\yO rent, offlces on ground floor. 731 Fort 
X St. , Appjy John T. Reid, 519 Say- 
ward blocks ' 

k^ H^e 211 11(1. 
HO«3llKM VOi 


IjAOR rent, no* four-roomed bungalow, on 
Florflhce off Pine el., Victoria Went. 
App ly 726, Oalettonla Ave., fUy. 

li\OR R'BNT^— .New, cosy, B-roomed bun- 
J^ galo-A-, with bathroom hot and cold. 
- orni.r Bay and Prior sts., nrlthln 1-2 mile 
circle. (35 per month. Apply H. Butler, 
611 Da vid Street. t:lty. 

HOl'SE to lot; (18. Furniture for sale, 
(200 .cash. 1276 Centre road. Spring 

KOCKSIDB," situated on Quadra gt., con- 
sisting of house and grnundt, formerly 
the Palmer home; house is partly furnished; 
rone SBv per ~ moirtiii- AnitwiHira- thia and 
part of the property U IH acrna or bearing 
orchard which can ba rented tor the aea- 
•on for an additional $260; orchard must be 

froperly cared for by tenant. Apply B. C. 
«nd, 1122 Oovcrnment at. 

CJOOKE — To let, hottae, stable, chicken 
™ house; Ideal sountry home. Stbaon, 
R. F. D. a, Victoria. 

TO rent, S-roomed cottage. Bay ward aVe., 
' I«aa than two mlnvt^g .from car line; 
126 tnontniy. A. R. Hhiniiati, 1101 I^ancley 
St. (opposite Crturt Houaa). 
I'll ■ " - I ■' ■ ^ ' " ■ '■■ ' i i I ■ 


rent,\ K^roomed hoiuie, 


■ ■"" I " ' '.. •' "■ — t 

Apply im 

rpHE Companions ot the Forest will hold a 
-L Primrose dance in tlie Foresters hall. 
Broad St., on Thursday, Xbth insi,; tlrsi 
class music and retreslimenU ;llckets (l.OO 
per couple; extra lady 60c. 

rpilE British ColumDia Cruising and Estl- 
X iiialtng Company, Albernl, B.C.; furnish 
gbaranteed estimates based on careful cruis- 
ing by experts of timber and other lands in 
any pan ot British Columbia. 

rpo Real Estate agents — House 1127 Oscar 
X St. IB taken oft the market. 

O let — Furnitilied rooms, double and 
single. 624 Michigan si. ^ 

rr\o let — Furnished room, suitable for gen- 
X tlemen; modern, new house. 321 MJch- 

jgj,.jj. - a t ; ' ' , , ' ' ,,.", I. ;- . — ■ — , 

rpo Let — Furnished bedrooms two blocks 
JL from post office cheap; 734 Humbodlt 

St. , ; : - . 

To Tvnt, tumisfcca, large front bed-alttlng 
room; suit tw«j or throe; breakfast If 
desired. 1210 Fort St. 

CilTY — North Park St., 9-roomed house on 
J . 50x140. between Quadra and Cook St.; 
tor this wiek only this can be dellevered 
tor (B/Oll; we nave proved this lo be cheap- 
er than anything In the block, and It is far 
bcio-.v market p.-ic=: this Is well within th.. 
half mile circle. 

/""^TY — We have for sale the corner of 
\y Vanroovo)- and Quefn's ave. UOV. 
square. at the price of (10,000, on 
good terms. Vancouver street will soon he 
cut through and will Vie one of t'he finest 
streets In the city, and prices anywhere on 
the Btrpct win be greatly enhanced; have a 
look at this corner, right opposite the city 

VICTORIA West, .Mary St., close to watiT- 
front, 60x120, with good house. (10,000. 
Milne St., 60x120, $10,000. Russell St., 60x 
mu, ■ *1U,000. Corner of Russell and Lime 
St., contajinlhg almost an acre and a hal.', 
E. and N. and B. C. Blectrk- trackage, (48.- 
000 tor the lot. These properties .are ad- 
joining the new C. P. R. car shops and 
Lime Bay waterfront. See us tor other 
properties In this district. 


paJXK ISBlUtt), — TTTor ' Htr^"Wtr-1iaxc— ttJtrr-- 


rent, furnished, large front room. 168 

rpo rent, furnished front bed- Jilting room, 
J. Ureplaco. 1210 Fort st. 

^i\ CENTS per night, (2.00 a week and 
Ok) up. 1211 Langl ey st. 


[J^OUND — Pair sliver rimmed spectacles. 
1- Owner have same at this office. 

Ir^OUND, a sterling silver watch, with in- 
' Rials "E. R. M." Owner may have 
same by proving property lu Box 80 1, Colo- 
nist. ___^ 

LOST, dark English Setter dog. Phone 

rpo whom it may concern — ■! will not be 
X responsible for debte contracted by 
Mrs. B. Fowler. B. Fowler, Vancouver, B.C. 

\\r M. Smith, contractor and builder. — 
VV . Plans furnished, one hundred differ- 
ent designs. 627 Hillside ave. .. 

TXTANTED — All p.OKroBslve people to hear 
VV Dr. Butler'H lecture on Sunday at 3 
p.m. In Unitarians' hall, 1230 Government 
St., on "Thought liicainaied In FlcaU and 
Flood." Admission tree, with collection. 

\A71.VDOW cleaning — it you want your 
VV windows cleaned ring up the Island 
Window Cleaning Company, phone L1382; 
731 i'rinccss ave. 

WTDl'LD anybody who saw two boys on 
»» bicycles attacking Chinese couk cor- 
ner Broughton and Quadra St., Wednesday 
afternoon kindly coriimunlcate wHh Justice 
Irving and gi-f-ntly obllgi'. 

>\'OULD the party who left ihe gun for 
VV room rent, i'Jll, redeem the same, or 
11 will bo sold three days from this for ek- 
ponses. 533 WadiUnnton Alloy. 

I'KUfJtJli'rl' U,iIlNTED 

A N' Eastern client requires particulars ot 
-^"X I'irsl-ciass revenue producing property, 
we shall be glad lo receive full particulars 
of such property situated close In. Beckett. 
-VlKlor & Co., Ltd., 64 3 Fort St. 

I HAVE the money ready tor snaps In 
seml-buslness. Give Xuil particulars ot 
what you have to otter. Box X261, city. 

10ST, strayed from Colqultz Poultry 
.< ranch, WllV|n«nn rd., dark chestnut 
hackney colt. eight months old: four 
while feet; brown leather headstall wifn 
brass tltllngs. If found, please communl- 
•.■•iic will, the owner, O. V. Boville. 

LOST, Sunday, 14th, small mink ruff, one 
head, on Harriett road or Gorge road. 
Leave Colonist office, box 657. and receive 

LOST — Baby's gold locket With monogram 
and photograph Inside. Alexandra 

club or between club and Esquimau car. 

- .. . ... (>.._ OOlt ..nt.kntat 

i«t:ni&iu " .. *.w* ..v., ^-...., — 

LUST, Cleveland bicycle. No. 201.650, with 
mud guards, no bell. Finder return to 
The 1). C. Laud & Inv. Agency, I^td., 922 
Government si., and receive reward. 

IOBT, on Saanlch rd., cover for auto- 
J mobile lop. Please return to 715 PUn- 
fliira ave. 

LO.ST — .Silver wrist watch with engraving 
"Kate, Oct. 1010." Post Office Box 306 
Victoria; reward. 

I GST — Raleigh mane bicycle; return to 
J Harris & Smith. Broad St., and receive 

LOST, on Friday, a round gold brooch, 
with pearls. Reward, 1306 Yates st. 
j Phone 33. 

IOST — Green parrot. Suitable reward. 
■^ .\ppiy .»ti'iu. uu> . Devv.ii Uottaijf, L*- 


lots each 50x120 for $1500 each en 
block, on good terms; about r.o yards from 
the Hllslde carllne, and the cheapest pro- 
perty arouud. 

YtJORK E*(ate — C-roomed hous.^ on 50x130 
'V lot, Work St.. hetwecM Hillside and 
King's ave.; this is a gift at (STiOO and (SOO 
cash takes It; terms easy. 

VrTORK Estate — Vacant lot. 50x130, front- 
' ' iMg on Cook and Blackwood sts., for 
(IfiOn; jusi get a valuation on this Independ- 

T.^MICS Hay — Niagara St.. vacan't lot BOft. 
for (2500. Oswego si., vacant lot, 61 
ft. for 54400. Corner Soutli Turner and 
Dallas, 65ft., (5500. 8-roomed house, Su- 
perior St., modern; (5250. 5-roomed cottage 
Superior St.. $3600. 4-roomed house, Lady- 
smith St.. $4000. 7-roomed house, Coburg 
Ht., $4000. '.-roomed house. Niagara at., 
$4 200. D-roomed house, RIthct St., (4000. 
Terms can be arranged on above. 

ROSS Bay — Corner of Dallas rd. and 
Howe St., 61x120, tor (3350, on very 
good terms; this Is one of t'he finest avail- 
able corners on Dallas rd. and is certainly 
the best as regards location, price and 

ROSS Bay, .\delalde rd., few yards from 
May St. car; 5-roomed house on 60x 
120 ,for $2,150, on good terms. 

A CRE.\GE — We have a 4-acre block wlth- 
-^i- In two and a half miles from the cen- 
tre of the city, fronting on three roads; 
level. In grass, no rock, and beautifully lo- 
cated, which can bo purchased for (2000 
per acre on eosy terms. For subdividing 
this shows a clear (4000 •profit. Lots arp 
selllnar all around at not lees than 1600, and 
few al that. To see it Is to buy It. 

ACREAGE, .Sidney. North Saandoh Dls- 
■trlct; about 8 'ii acres; B. C. Electric 
runs through property and station within 
100 yards; land all cleared and cultivated: 
400 feet from the sea and near the main 
road; (BOO per acre on easy tenms; we 
bono^tly bRlleve this to be the cheapeat and 
choicest acreage In this vlotnlty. 

W. CROW & CO. 

IF you have any snaps to otter, take the 
trouble to write me full particulars; I 
have the money. Box 1261, city. 

\;i J.VNTED — To^ purchase lots' on Quadra 
VV St., near Hillside ave.; wish to hear 
lUifcci trom owners; P. O. Box 346 city. 

\V7"ANTED — Lots on or near Foul Bay; 
VV price and terems to Hollywood Realty 
Vo., corner of Lillian and Fairfield Road; 
plione 2433. 

V\7ANTED for cash, two lots or one lot 
VV .suitable for two houses; name best 
cash price and location. Address P. O. Box 
111 6. 

"ItTATED, good cheap lot near water, Oak 
VV Hay. from owners only preferred. 
Evans, 1003 Carberry gardens, eft Fort. 

VfTANTED, lots In Oak Bay, Fairfield, 
VV Rockland Park, Falrhuret and Fern- 
wood. Heath & Chaney, Sayward Block. 

W/ANTBD — Good building lot In Fairfield 
VV Estate; state size and price; owners 
only; apply -Box 477 Colonist. 

\Tli'ANTED — One good lot wanted. Oak Bay 
VV or Fairfield; give legal description, 
best price and terms first letter; owners; 
also have good agreement would like to 
exchange as pait on lots. Box 447, Col- 

IVTE desire particulars ot Fairfield lots, 
VV having several enquiries for property 
In this district. Beckett. Major & Co., Ltd., 
643 Fort St. 

732 Yates St. 

Phone 110». 


OY, 16, wants room and board In pri- 
vate family. P.O. Box 75, Victoria. , 



Ij"\OR rent, close In, good location — 7- 
■ roomed house, furnlnhed for roomers; 
rent $46. Box 77J, Colonist. 

1j">OR rent for 6 months — Fully furnished 
. 6-roomed modern bungalow, Admiral's 
road, Esqulmalt. near sea. Rent (60 per 
month. Box 664, Col onist. 

IJAURNISHED 4-room cottage to rent. Ap- 
. ply Richmond rd. and Fourth at 

SIX roomed furnished house tor rent; fur- 
niture tor aale. 1208 Vancouver at. 

TO let — Well furnished home ot 7 rooms 
In .Tames Bay district, one block from 
car and beach, two blocks from Beacon 
Hill P ark. Apply Box 768. Colonist. 

rent, furnished house, 6 rooms; few 
minu tes from city hall. P. O. Box 165, 

rpo rent, 7-room, furnished bouse In good 
X residential dietriot; Immediata potsee- 

si on. Phone 1648. ^^^^ ^ 

rpo rent, furniaheil 10-roomed house, with 
X nice grounda, to raeponslble party, ita- 
tll August SlaU Ai»ply Box P. .O. HI, c ity. 

rpo let, furnlahcd, 6 room cott»ge; rent 
JL onlv «60 per month: H. P. WlBalKr,^ 
phono Hi; 201-208 SayTrard "bo lTglhif. 

WAMivu XO amm 

WANTED to rent, naar wajerfront — Stor- 
age apace with otrica or deak room. 
Box *«6, Colonlit. 

ANTSD— 8?a«« in boat houM ror 
launch, DfxS re4i< beam; Jane* Uay 
vi«inlty)<atat* term* and particular* to Box 
680, Colonirt offtOB. 

WANTED, Wall facnaatiM aomteruUa 
bedroom in private liodiia. X. C FUOU 
p. p. Bos 114. or pbon* III. "^ 

» i M ill I !■ ■ , - ; ia» i»« .1 I i - iiiii • iiiiiii r ,, 

rt.t4J|lmDD, deah rOr<m vMom wltn Ma •! 

LADY want.s good home (year round) for 
girl and hoy, S and 7. where they can 
attend public school. Reply staling all par- 
ticulars to Box No. 6, Duncan, B. C. 

V\7.'.^N?ED — By young man, room and 
VV board with American or Canadian 
^amily lu good iocalli;', suburban district 
preferred. 'Terms must be moderate. Box 
62-1. Cclonlct 

YOUNG gentleman desires room and 
board with private family. P. O. Box 

YOUNG business man want* room and 
board In private family: close In. Box 
617, Colonist. 

YOUNG gentleman desires room and 
board with private family; must be 
strictly first class. Apply Box 689. Col- 

YOUNO woman of refinement desires 
room and board tn nice locality. P. 
O. Box 61. 


AUTOMOBILE wanted— Several large dia- 
mond rings, six to ten carats each to 
exchange for flrst class motorcar, or will 
sell at (176 per carat cosh. Address Post 
OfTlcc Box 1467 City. 

EXCHANGE — Owner of small ranch In 
Sidney, equity (1750, will trade for Vic- 
toria property. Ranch has 117 fruit trees, 
6 years old. Overseas Investment Agency, 
■iOH Pemberton Block. 

ISL.-\Nn.rd. 2 large lots 42x208 ea«h; some 
beautiful iti-ecs and a JIUle rock; the 
two would" n\i\ke n good home site; fhey are 
;h^ v>u«t nnd ohoannKt lata la that diatriet: 
price tor the two,' (2300; third caah, bal- 
andce 6. 12 and 18 months 

DEAN Helghits — Some good, level lots SOx 
120: this district Is coming to the 
front; some splenddd houses erected and 
more In course of erecrtlon; this Is 'the last 
chance to get some of these lots ait « low 
price; tor a quick sale, (860 each 

OAK Bay — For a few day« only, the own- 
(■r leaving town, a new ■well built 
bungalow; only wanU seeing; price $4400; 
(1000 cash, balance arranged. 

OM'E good acreage close in rangilnc rrom 

(1000 an acre 



Room S, toil GororanoBt Mi 
Phona II* 

JOSEPH at., large lot, prioa W0»0, *tMy 
/terms; other lots on same atreat ■alliag 
for more money^ 

dttjrrtrt cash pu'ts you in pooaeaalon of A 
w£>"" new, modern house, VIotorIa Wal*. 
6 rooms, near car; price $3400; $16 par 

month. .____^ 

^-^♦OOK St., double corner, (1100; caah $100. 

V..' balance eUry. ' ■^ 


<&QAnA — Double corner on SHacuard at.. 
^1^""" with lO-rootned houae; 4bla Is 

the beat buy In the city, 
ern home. 

aa It tg a mod- 

EXCHANOE Bulck four seated car, splen- 
did condition as part payment for 
summer cottagu on Shnwnlgan lake; could 
pay difference In cash; P. O. Box 4 36. 

WANTED, close In lots or car llhe acreage 
for nearly now 7-ua8senger automobile 
cheap at (4500. Box 360, Colonist. 


MONEY wanted to place on first mort- 
gage on Improved properties. In amounta 
from two to (en thousand dollara Heath 
A Chancy, Sayward Block. 

WANTED, for client, a loan of between 
(4000 and (4500 on an inside, aemi- 
buslness property, revenue produolng. Bay- 
shawe A Co., 224-226 Pemberton building. 

ANTED, ' (350 for 60 daya; glva itAu; 
secured. Address Box 111. Coloniat. 

rANTBD, to borrow money on tntlirOtnlitt 
Baakaichewan farm. Bos til, CM*' 



LOT 5 4x116, wWh 10-room aenM-modem 
house, close to reoerve, VIotorIa Wtil; 
price (5500; cash (3000; balance 

WS3 have buyers (or cheap lota la fhe 
Ker division. U you have any for 
sale, we will consider It a favor to handle 
them for you. 


Members ot the Rm»I Batata SaehMlBO 
Harttoa BtUMtnc. tMii St. 


'V>I..QUtTZ lUver, « aorea; WIH »er Here. 

DUNCAN— 107 acraa, 19 aww liUprovod: 
»-roomed hoii'a; wtt)i iMUt m mile 
waterfront on SolManoB laka; «6od abttOl- 
Ing and flahlnK ; (15,a90; oa a-gtMUrtar M*il. 

GORDON Head— S •Oirtd itmXmtiipIti; 
aiAail hoaae; {ruM *r*«l: amcsMiiont 

view; IS500 par acra, . V 

' " iw k i Jl ii'iii e , / 

h9xm, atAfcl%.>i >iM iii>iii t ' %0mmi\ 
impl<HiMNMi and 0U>«llM n-mmk'^'V «* f*%f 



iii ii iiiiii< ■ ip iti 

MONBY lent on mortt-w^,, 
agreemOnta of aaia 'purowKu, 
H. Mackenile, Utf. I^embelrt)i>ld;i % 

^o ioan-~iseoo at .». »•*: 



tfrm»f<^:MM ft «J|(f"Wi 


rrWAOHKK wa 




vicrrdKiA daii^t cm^riOT 

frridis^ <Atr« ^ t|1f 


'Itiiiiiiii^if I 

ii n;" ! " 1 1 I II ml i j % »ii 


otaewi Its VcwtarUa 9i*9k •»« 
B. O. PhMM iUU 

Baknich lAOd* a, Bprnetmlxr. Ph*M 1171 

FRUIT tenha in Boath Baanlcb. Bvary 
variety of aotl and tree*, all in full 
baarlns. cloM to naw B. C. B. tUr, .«M)d V, 
and ti. Ry.j Kooi .v&lar. Price from |4fO 
iiK( acre. ,'- ■• 

■ <' » > 

ct AANICH land in l»JocV» ""of Jrom t acres 
^ up at i»rice« rangtnt' ttom t7» |>er acra 
to l»0o B«r aora. _: * v 

■■ I ' I H I 

A LLBAT. North Baanlch— Waterfront 
*^ loU in thla auMlvUl .n at $400 par lot. 

HOTBU with BOia« S» *cr«« of land, In 
■ina of tha moat pleturoaq^ dlatrlct« in 
UrltUh Columbia, only > few mllea tronn 
Victoria and:auit« cloae to ufation. Hotel 
!■ duln* a Iwce and favcreaalac bualnaaa, 
and la up-to-date -In ovnty particular. Trioe 
and tanna on appiieatioh. 

llMl Baua% ,.. 
iMNirMaa. TiaaMr ImA Ulmmm. 
l|ti Broad, aomar TM^aa. ,Ph«na flit 

NBW «-roomad lMin«al»w with borlapped 
and tinted w*M« and panelled. calUnga 
BnUhed Id moat ma4aru »tyla, with furnace, 
etc.. f»lly up to 4a.l«, in Pell at.; price 
MtOOi tarma <7 »9 ■gyh . bty>*n o» »4o monthly 

tl{\ PBET on Kay au, w«a» Unden. MJOO; 
tJU third ca»h; oifner h*U ♦350U all caah 
offered for ihla Boipe ttino as* 


goaka Il«al Estate Oflia«> eoulu. 

B. C, 

OTOR ttage leavoa niil Rvaa'a Stora. at 
- - - wpun _ 
r«|^uin faro I*. 


raturnlnc the aame day; evary day exvipt WpUn-aday. 




NBW l-rootn hou*«, 
aide ave.. within one mile circle 



half block from Hlll- 
piped for furnace. IMOOi terma »100e 
biimca a rranitedu 

PIjBWOID 7-room houae, bungalow atyl*. 
all mbdern.,»nd new 


|1|«0. bftliHica eMy 

for IIidOO; cash 


ftUB ana ««7 tiaywurd Bid*. FUoue 

"r-UtBASB *»%.. Parkdale, 60xll»; »B00; one 

\J third ca«h . 

FF Thlatla at., "WlUowa. 40x120; »«00; one 

ACIIE8— Conveniently eltuated 
«ood bOU»t..- chlokcn run». etc., 

comm»ndllM( vie* «croM._^ilia etralia, 

ble for efftrken farm i^iOO. 

-isa ACRES Iraveraed by main road; an 
lob Cx "upnt«nt at |30 pW -acre. 




«»• tt-u 

5 AND 10 acre lct» w>»i roaa 
good eoll nnd ll«lil timber; 
per acre up. 


♦ li>« 

CRE lota immediately adjolnlnc hite of 
L o. N. K. at atlon. t4«0. 

to wharf; 

R««l Batata aa« Uiatt) 

ItOI Aoverament w^ 

VAi*0OUV*R aUr-The >«8t jkuy an Vn-^ 
Ofouver at., nlc«. level, gf*aay lot, to • 
lane, obe block fr^M .Ba«caa Hill p*rk; 
nao; thia la flKO laaa tixftn iU real vAlua; 
good terma; act quickly. . 

n^HB Mathewa 8uSdlvlatoK M> iba Bum* 
X sld? road cfr l^e. B(jft aubdlvisloB on 
the market, on ibo i-miie circle, larKo lutit 
and have city water. Prlcee are from )«0u 
to 476U. Quarter caah. balanoa over two 
yeara at 7 per cent. Uet ua ahow you theae. 

BATTl-JSFORD Ave. — Bl«oK and • half 
front Cai'«y road — 2« tOxllS. %HiO 
or (lltu both. Kaay terma 




86x130; J1890; caah |400. 

you wa.nt « re-ally iswoj UrtUSp, 
Ish and complfte with every 
lonco. then look at the houaes 
iiulkilnfc'. Will pass Inspection 



Al fin- 


we are 

by any 

third caah. 
-pwUNBDIN at., 

BUSINESS property inap, View etreet, be- 
tween Quadra and Vancouver. 80x120. 
tor |lt6(iu; thir d uaah. 

COOK at., between North Park at. and 
Flsjuard. VSMixU'S. with 9-room houae. 
IK40U; caah- |,:<000. 

ACRES cleared land cloao 

}36U ;«er acre. 

tor a laundry. 


/~-ipOlJ opening 


ContractorB and Real ISslate 

liroad St. I'hone L.70P. 

|»00. f320 

BUBNKINBOP St.-'Flne lot. 
caah. balance eaay. -__i 

^HAWNIOAN 'Lake, trontltig on' tlie IMK* 
•O A 7-rDom houM. well furniahed, (or 

SHOO. Terme euay. • 



UAWNIOAN t«ke— L<ot at 
caah. bal. < 10 per mon^h . ' No Intereat. 

AANICH — We have aumo of the choicest 
Saanich aoreare on elt^y terma. 

.SCAK St. — Near Linden avenue. J52B0. 


/"vSCAU St. — Near Mogg. »5000. 
Wthin one mile of Post Office and near car 

^rcKKNZIE St.- 

IINDBN" .\venue 


U Th 




Membeira Hoai iSBtatO 
McCallum BuildlUK 


I'hone 2828 

UUNSIDE rd.. 120 ft. on 

231 feet deep to tfuniaa St.; 
into 4 lots, oaoh 60x115; P'lce 
lew daya. J4500; one third cash, B. Iw! and 
IS months. 


Burniide by 

will dl- 

for a 

-60x118. J230(T. 


A LLA8 Rond, corner of WelHiiglon — ■ 
r«je larg e lota for ^67 60. 


Acres. iIl^flde 3-nille limit, Int-Iudlngr 

I'lnij 7-r()(imed house. tl2.5Q0; 1-2 
. a.111, bahinro 1 and 2 years. This la a 

-«-»r>f-v -rmv avo.. S room houae, close to 
Jt" " Bay it., and half inllc circle; »r»» 
revenue per annum ;i.hig l» a «nui) at third 
caali. balaJico 1 and i ynrx, ;-iuOQ. 

ID Greeh Block, 

PARKDALK— Good hlBh. dry lota, choapeoi; 
in the dlgtri cu i-17i>. 
•VT-ICTOH St.— 50x120. A snap at $776. 

■J\KAKE ave.— 50x160^ a" real snap, »li60. 

EDMONTON read— 50*120^ below valuv. 
^haKESFEAHB Bt.--&0sl20,.- good. ?"«■ 


Real BatAta Cowlobas Statioa 

ffovlMO of Brttlah ColwnU*, 

KoHoa' U hereby tlven tb«t\»ir pawona 
bav'na any claim againat tha late John ». 
Bobaon are required to aond by post pre- 
paid to the underaltnnd. their nam«» and 
Addrfaaaa and full partloulara in wrltln* of 
thoir tlalma verified by atatutory declara- 
tiun, and partlculart of tike aecurlty (1{ 
any) held by them. __' 

And noUca 1* haraby further riven thai 
after the lat day of June. 1«12, the under- 
■<|rned will proceed to dUiributa Jhaajweta 
ui ihe Baiu douoamgu mtwl^m '"• pCr:3S^ 
entitled thereto, having regard only to th* 
clairaa of which Ihey ahalt than he.v notice, 
and tKey will nut be liable for the aatd aa« 
aet* or any part thereof to any persona of 
wfjoao claim they shall not then have re- 
ceived notice, 

• Dated at Aabcroft, B. C. «th day of April. 


Bxecutora and Trusteee of .the I.«at Will 
and Toatament of John B. Hobeon, De- 
ceaaed. P. O. Box 4 60. Vernon, B. C. 





ACRE.S, 1» Cleared, about two miles 
rom station,- good altuailon, ll-gblly 

Price tb.OUO. half cash. 


near May— 80x120. Snap. tiu60. 

\rosj8 St. 


v..' »350. ^ 

vriL'TON- at.,' Foul Bay rd— 60x130. $1160. 

A"RBP. 830 yards sea frnnt, three 
Yn!i..H fi'oiri C.iliblo IIUI otatlon, Kood 
new eotiase with water laid un, tlnu boueh 
and KOOd anchorauc Piloo $16,000; half 

St.. Dean Helghta— «0xlS8. 


KAIGMILLER Ulghlands subdivision; 
just oft Quadra si.; a large lot In fruit 
trees. fi2xlH8; $200 cash, balance over -^ 
years; $000. 

SMYTiUC St.. Oak Bay ;nlce level lot. DOx 
130; tliird cash, 8. 12 and 18 months; 
$850. , ' 

PaiDEAU and Hampton rd., Just oft 
Burnsidc; a good double corner. Jux 
150; will divide Into three good sized lots; 
third caah; 6. 12 and 18; en bloc. $1850. 

HlGUVfBW; at.— 50x120. 


ONTEREY avo.— 56 X 

114. Only $1250. 



Real Batate. Timber. Mines and Coal Lauds 

Phona 281)8. Box >••■ 

12« Pemberton Bldg. Victoria. B. C 

Vancouver Office — Winch Building. 
Membera Victoria Real Estate Exchange. 

T>OeKLAND ave., 

lot £0x120, no ruck. 


WEST — E. & N. Trackage, 


1214 Government St. 

ENTRAL ave., 2 lota, BOxlOO 
Church; $2400. 


•DANK St. 

corner of 

1 lot 60x140; $1400. 


(^ UAMPBfllRB rd.— 50x180. $1470. 

C -CORNER Cook and Tolmle ave.- 
^ $1200. 

GROSVENOR rd.. Hllistdc— 2 i ••■- •.•■•;'■» 
■ each. Only $1200 each. 

DOUBLE corner, May and Moss — 110x110. 


Tales St. Phone L21.13 

ACRES, close to Cowlchan Station; 
very light clearing, all good laud, 
uu good rouJ. I'rice $i:'5 per acre. 

uu g< 


■ For the purchEM ot «»eurao<l •nuip- 
munt «f Bleatrioul I>«iiartnun»t«: 

Tandera will bo received up^ to » v-ta- 
April 2^t£ at ti« ofBce. of tlio'tindo** 
•lunAd. tar tin- pu>*haiie 4>t eftttlPJW**'* 
conslatlni of the foHowlnf; ' ' 
Shafting— -PulleyB. r ► 

Arc Dynamo Iiiimpa aad, Olobea. 

Scrap Copper, Bra«». etc, 
Tt« council reeerves the rJfht to 
reject M»y of**'! offers ■ma*** *••^**''*^ 
can be aeeto at the City Lijifttln* Sta- 

Tender* are jo be signed, tealed and 
addreBsed to W. W. Northcott, '.Pur- 
phftjrtng Agent, City HaVl. 

' Purchaalng Agent. 
Clfy Hall. Victoria. B. ,C., April Iff. 


small orchard, 4-roomed house. burn 
and poultry buildings for 200 birds, with 
water laid on. two creeks on property. 


Eat&lo Ottico 

Sooke and Oitor Point Heal 
Sooke, B.C. 

iTfi ACRES soa front. tl2B per aero; would 
i l/.i4v4d«.— ■ _ 

BUNGALOW — 6 rooms, 2 acres of land; 
fine views. $2, COO. 

ACRE farm — 160 cfilckens, otc; 19 
co'ws, etc.' 2 Iiors??, etc Price 


Notlca la hereby slvon that the re- 
serve exlattng over Lot 6623, Group 
'^n*?, K!oot^r»fty Ol^tri/if^ tnrn^orly em- 
braced In Timber License No. 18727 by 
reason of a iiotico bearing date of 
24lh December, 1907 and published In 
the British Columbia Gazette of 27th 
.December, 1907, is cancelled in order 
that a sale of the said lands may be 
effected to Elizabeth C. Cummlngs. 
HOST. /_ liEN'vVICK 
Deputy M;inlster of Lands. 
Landa Departmeiit, Victoria, B. C.> 
February 8th, 1912. 

Rock Bay bridge is closed to 
traffic until further notic.^. 

City Engineer 








acres. good sub- 

Patrick St.. 
lots 58x120, 

north of Saratoga ave., 
each $1750. 

■jyrcaKEGOR Helghta, 

1 lot $1500. 

LIN'WOOD ave., near Tolmle ave, 3 quar- 
ter acre lots, planttd in fruit trees; 
each $1060. 

RUSSBLI, »t.. lot 56X11B; $8676; Uiliu ■.iioU. 
l>alanco arranged. 

double corner. 


T-\OUaL,\.S St. 

240 feet frontage, with 

ERALD St.. 120 ft. on 
corner. Government. 

Herald, with 


beautiful lots; 
view; 50x138; 


-t !■■.. <t .N. irackaxe; $4000. 



S MELBOURNE St.. G-roomed house, fully 
'rurnlshod; $4000. 

p<HEAP lot. close to 

C. P. r,. i\hart. $-1500 

4/"k ACRES farm land. $35 per acre. 
|r/\ ACRES farm land, $36 per acre. 


ACRE farm, 
jirovornents ; 

with house 
150 per acre. 

and Im- 


U«ai Estate 

Yalcs street. 



Phone 2277. 

rnOLMlE subdivision, lots from $830. 


ELVEDBRE lots from $850. 

120 ft. corner lot. 

ANCOUYEH Street — Lot with 
house. $8600. 


front; $2000. 


District — 4 acre lots, water- 

lOOD choice of acroafe ai Col wood; 
from 2hi to 20 acres; cheai). 


-vriAGARA St., 


Head — A good home and 
close to beach; $10,000. 

double corner; $8000. 



1-3 cash. 

Rd. — 50x120, second lot from 
$8700; 1-4 cash. 

65x100. $2100. 




Unks Park. »95o; $300 cash. 


IIjGROVE Ave. $860; 1-3 cash. 

-IT cash. 


rvsidencu on Dallas rd., 

;3aa for ereetlng an 
office building in Victoria. To purchase 
agreements of sale Victoria property 
uoo In lots of $10,000 and over. 

■J TP 10 $400, owu to 



EST of Hardy C-ay— 13,900 Acres, $7.26 
per acre, aultabie for settlement and 
subdivision Into ZO-acre blo'cks; would sell 
readily at $20 per^.acra. 

ISLANDS, near Sidney, 
to $20,000. 

Prices from $1&00 


Real Eatat«. Timber and Insurance 
111 fiayward Building. Teleohone 142S 

^JHEEP farm. 18B0 acres, with 1009 aheep. 
^ on Island. $17 peracre. Including sheep. 
rniMBER laoda, crown grant Ucenae, etc., 

X over 4 bHI'oa - «••'- 

• - - • 

PEACE Rlvar — lOO.Oflff Acres, the finest 
area In thi s district. 
7\ARMS — We have 100 larrps on our list. 


y«lX-AND-A-THiUD acres uf fiiiK ■arid. 
O with little rock; a line and command- 
ing view of the CoIquUz Valloy. This 
property Is within the four-mile circle, and 
Is close to the new car line. Price $5,000 
on terms. Land much further out has been 
sold at double this price. 


T7^ARM nrooeriy In all par tgiii.mMlflittiV|8S 
JD Island, from $25 per ac* 

car line; beautiful S-roomei 
house; j70ow; cash jSuut;. 



$300 cash. 

Rd.— 50x150. 






_ Jw'otic* i« huroby .givan. tha.t Cbaxlea L 
Clegg, Henry I'ttxlon and Kdward Ensel 
are applying to His Excellency the Gov- 
ernor-General of Canada In Council for 
approval of the area plana, site and 
description of w-orks propose^ to be con- 
atiuot-ed in "West Bay, Victoria Harbor, 
Victoria, British Columbia, being the 
lands efltuate, lying and being and known 
au Lot 28, Block I, Subdivlalon Of 
Blocks 6 and 8, Viewfield, Eaquinmlt 
District (Reg. plan No. 262) and has 
deposited tlie area and alte plana of 
the proposed worka and a description 
thereof with the illnlsicr of fublio 
Works at Ottawa, and a dupUcete there- 
of with the Registrar-General of Titlea 
in the Land Registry Office In the City 
of Victoria, Britlbh Columbia, and the-t 
the matter of the said application will 
be proceeded with at the expiration of 
one month from the time of the -ilrst 
publication of this notice In the "Canada 

Dated this 2&th day of March, A.D., 
191'' • • 


M. B. Jackson, solicitor for the peti- 

:orner, 60x170. $900. 

t^Mrrf Tl A rrT>Tr'1/' 




Q* Kn-w-1 tf. 

The Munk-iiial Council of the Cor- 
poration of the, City of Victoria having 
determined that It is dealrable: 
* 1 n^n iiCT.i.t * j.rty^»»«rn^n* Htr<*pt from 

BvUevllle Street to Superior Street by 
means of electric Ug-ht columns bearinK 
branch lights and to construct the 
neoeas^ry fionduila for carrying the 
wires thereof unders-roxmd, and the plac- 
liiK of fire alarm .signal service and the 
police patrol signal service wires under- 

- e. -Tr^ Hght Sov*«Mne»»t-S«**At tzaan 
Superior Street to Michigan Street by 
means of electric light columns bearing 
bmnch lights and to construct the 
necessary conduits for carrying: the 
wlr-ee ^hereof iSSidcrgrround, and the Plf^- 
Irig oi. are alarm signal serYloe, and the 
police patrol signal service wires under- 

, 3". To exproprlfl/te the necessary prop- 
■ierty on the aouth sUle of Fort Street 
from Linden Avenue to the division line 
of lots 9 end 10 Cralgdarroch Park Sub- 
division, and on the north side from 
Ormon' Street to Yates Street, in ac- 
cordance with a plan marked "X Y" in 
the offloa.-ol^tbe City Engineer at the 
City Hali; lor the 't>urp«>8e of widening 
Fort Street to a uriitorin width of 78 
feet. ..,-■-' " 

• 4; To grade, drain and PK^e ^'th an 
'ABp^iaVtlc pavement, JEiegent Place, the 
entire length, and to construct perman- 
ent sidewalks of concrete, curbs and 
gutters on both sides of this plice, also 
to Jfey lateral connections to sewers, 
surlace drains a,ua vVauct i»ota~, .i— - -- 
move poles, il necessary. 

5. To construct Woxilevards on both 
sides of Beechwood Avenue from Lillian 
Road to Fairfield Road. 

6. To grade, drain and pave with an 

uutlialtle pavcnuint PinaiWBO* Av«»«; 

▲««QU«, an4. oOMtfUot p^na*a»a^ •JAj- 
waUw o« conoret*. with «.»»l« >«« t«t- 
ters on both tlda. o« Mid Anp«u«, iUbo 
lateral oopuwctlong to BeweWi. carMc* 
drain *na^w»tar main*, vtA ramova 
poloit It neteawwy; . ^ 

1, Tft, co|$»truot boulevartB oa BOtn 
«!««* of Plnewood Aremie trwm 8t 
Charlea fitreet to Wlldwood Ave»ua 

8. To «r«de, aimm ami pava *»tl» •" 
agphaltlo pavement l?*im«ld Terrace 
from Mo.a Street to U« eaaterly ter- 
mination; and construct parmanant 
•IdeWalka of concrete, -with ourba and 
gutter* on bot*» ^Idaa of wUd Terrace. 

», To con«ti#t bpvilevard* on both 
...Idea of FalrtWU Terngca from Mm* 
Street to lt» eMterty termination. 

And that^iUW «iald work* than be 
carried out In accordance with the pro- 
visions of the Local Itriprovament Gen- 
eral Bylaw, and amendmanU therato. 
and the City JSnginaer a«d OlHy A»»e«wr 
having reported to tb« Council in »o- 
cordance with the provJalons of Section 
4 of this bylaw, upon each and every or 
said works of local tre.i>rovenient. flying 
aUtements showing the amount« esti- 
mated to be chargeable In each case 
against the various portions of rea 
orooerty to bn benefited by the •aid 
Vc-'- end tb^ report, of the City Mn^ 
gineer and City Assessor as aforetold 
h-r'n- bA»n adapted by the Council. 

ti.e said reports are open for inapecUon 
at the office of the City Assessor dlty 
Hall. Douglas Street, and that unleaa a 
petition against any proposed work of 
focal improvement above '"t^.v. of 
algned by a majority of the ownei-a of 
the lar.d or reel property to toe assessed 

. _,, . ».»^«nt. and reDresentlng 

at least one-half of the value of the 
Bald land or real property. »» Presented 
to the Council within fifteen day. .from 
the date of the first publlcationj»f tile 
notice, the Council will proceed with 
the proposed Improvement upon such 
terms and conditions as to the pay- 
ment of the cost of such Improveilienl 
as the Council may by bylaw In that be- 
half "reg:ulate "axii aetonnin«^ ^ ^ 



City Clerk's Office, April 11th, 191Z- 



^H.WVN'ir.AN lake. 3H acres. 
"" ICo'.nlg's station; $075; cash 
ance 6, 1-. 18. 

close to 
$300, bal- 

to new station; $2'.;00. 

7^LK Lakr, 21 acres, a cleared, good house 
and barn; V. & S. track; $7500. 

C1TORE et., waterfrontage, 80x140; $30,000. 

-pvALLAS rd., H acre. Just Inside break- 
U ^water; fronts on two .treets; $48,000. 


good lot; $1S&9. 


-« 4 Q ttor»8, 
X-dtO f>io 


RODERICK. Ht. — ' 
' lot $975; terms. 

acres, close 


Money to Lioao. 

Life losurasuse.. PlTp Inauranoa 

Memoers Victoria. Real £<tat* ISxshasg^ 

1X21 Broad St.. Victoria. B. C. 

Saanlch rd. 
por acre. 

close to Elk Lake; 

58 acres. $30 per aero, good land. 

;iooe tn i>0«igia 


▼ ery desirable home on Shelbourne St., 

40 toet by 171 feet, yrlce only $4,000, on 
loliowlng teims, $l,i00 cash, balance at tha 
lata of $20 tier month. Interest 7 per cent. 

heart of business section, gO 
feot on Yates St., between Douglas and 
•p.!ST?fh=r4; pHee per trout foot ASUOOO-OO. 

IT^OR Sale— In 
. fee 

house; price 

IT^irXH St.. near King"a"rd. 
. feet each; $3600. 

2 tots, 10x1 U) 

56x116: $a»75. 

Victoria West; lot 

TART at., Victoria We»t, close to Esqui- 
mau »d; 60x120; new «-roome* house; 




sqi;im:al7 ri, Saslds oltyj 


( loti, only 


Phono 228 8?» Pemberton Blk. 

MODERN 5-roomed house on a large lot. 
situated on Fell Street, furnace, cement 
flow , - on basement. rooms burlapped, 
beamed ceilings . Price $410 0. 

"VTEW 8-roomed house facing City Park. 

McCASKlLL St.— 7 roomed 

OSCAR St. — Modern 6 roomed house $4760 





OUSE8 and lots wanted In all parts of 
e city. 



:>A.RSON'S Dridgc, 8b acres, 

cleared; Al land; $100 per acre; third 


a real snap. 

large lot. 

A eooA buy at $7000. 

DOMINION rd., Vloterfa Wast; lot and 
■mall house. »81Bfl; term. 1850 caah. 

CllDNEY, 144 acres and 

S3 Joining station, school and main .treet, 

$4000; $1700 cash, Balance I. 12, U hionths. 

t-room house, ad- 
ol and . 
Balance t, 12, 

GROSTON, now the lermlntts oi the Cow- 
lchan Uko"V»Bway, and the point at 
which the timber from CowlChan lake will 
be manufactured; lots .for sale at trOm $160 
up on easy temvs: go^d ,»pU; no rook; finest 
site for summer homea; 12 lots sold today; 
now Is the time to buy betore l>se railway 
is completed; tha gradlbg has been flnUhed 
und trains will soon be running from Cow- 
lchan lake to Crofton; the (Isblng and- 
Miootlng In the vlcialty of Crofton Is ex- 
ceptionally good. 


Real Eatate Agenta 

g-roomed house on corner facing 

City Park, beamed ceiiings. large open 

fireplace with modern conveniences. Price 

$10,090. ^ 

-roomed house, situated In "Wllmot 
Place. ■ basement, concrete floor and 
foundation, furnace, first-rate house. Price 

Hampshire rd., 

St raw - 

beds; frnlt and flowo^a Only $b760; 


■J^BW «- 



Rooms 1 and 2. 
Cor. View and Brond. 
llouss phona XX212t. 

Open Saturdays I to 10 p. m. 

McGregor Ulook. 
opposite D. Spencer's. 
Phone »H. 

T^BW 6 -roomed 

house. N. 
piped for fUrnaCe. large garden, 

very easy terms. 

»BAD this and get ih fli'»t- 

sale the only available 

-We have for 
business and 
rcsldentiai lota in Crofton at prices from 
1100 and upwards; at these prices we con- 
sider this to bo one of the best propositions 
ottered to the Inveetlng public. Crofton has 
a splendid harbor and railway connection 
with tha main B. ft N. railway to being 
rapidly pushed forward tow ard completion. 

ACREAGE — The only acreage at present 
. for aale ta the neighborhood. o4r«slat- 
ing 4Kf >t aor«^ of good bush land.^lH mile, 
{ran Ck-ottoa; price *I0 per acre oa ternia- 

WELLINGTON street — Fine 6-roomcd 
house, cement basement, furnace. 
Price $6S00. 
All the above on easy term a 

for subdivision — Ten acres on 
from Bta- 
Ilght clearing, no rook. $400 per 
for Immediate sale. BJasy terms. 

GOOD buy 
Qoldstreaiti road, T minutes 



ou avenui.-; sp.en- 
'third casli and long leinis. 

-Corner Richmond ave. and Fair- 
field; lOuft. 
did buildlnB lot; 

C^T(\'^{\ and $1150— Bef.een Fairfield 
^XUOU and Chandler ave— 2 fine lots. 
1-3 <^B«h and terms. 

14IINR corner, .St. Charles and Ituss at. — 
. The best view lot In Hollywood. I'rice 
$1575. Cash $000 !vnd 8, lli. and IS mos. 

ARNOLD Ave., near to Fairflold rd. — 60 
xl68xllS. Only $1300; 1 -3 cash. 

cash. Batileford avo,. I'arkdale; 
10 minut<?B from car, 60x11a, for 





Notice is hcroDy jfiven that Andrew 
Gray, of Victoria, uritish Columbia, le 
applying to His iixcellency the Gov- 
ernor-General of Canada in Council, for 
approval of the area plans, site and 
deacrlplion of works proposed to be con- 
structed in Selkirk Water, Victoria Inner 
Harbor, Victoria, British Columbia, be- 
ing the laud.-! situate, lying and being in 
the City of Victoria aforesaid, and 
liuown, numbered and described as Lot 
Thirteen (13), Section 'fen UO). Esqui- 
malt district, British Columbia, and hao 
deposited the area and site plana of the 
proposed- works and a description 
thereof with the Minister of Public 
Works at Ottawa, and a duplicate there- 
of with the Registrar General of Titles 
in th« Land Ue«i8try Office In Uie City 
of Victoria, British Columbia, and that 
the matter of the said appUcailon will 
be proceeded with at the expiration of 
one month from the time of the first 
rvubllaitlon of this notice In tha "Canada 

l>ated this 18 th day of March. A.D., 






iNOtlCe ID ilCiC^.v e.. f <.... ...t.^- ***-J.-. - 

George Sarglson and Albert Edward 
Sargison, of Victoria. British Columbia, 
are applying to Ills Excellency the Gov- 
ernor-General Of Canada In Council for 
approval of the area plana, alte and 
description of works proposed to he oon- 
slrucl.^ on Victoria Harbor., . Victoria, 
B C being tlje lands situate and lying 
and "being in the City of Victoria 
aforesaid, and known, numbered and 
described as Lots 129i aija 1294, Beclf- 
ley Farm Estate, Vancouver ;Islan^ 
brltish GO'lumbia. and have deposited 
the area and site plana of the proposed 
works and a deBcrlptloij thereof with the 
Minister of Public Works at Ottawa, 
and a duplicate thereoi with Uie KcKis- 
trar General of Titles In the Land Reg- 
Istry Office in the City of Victoria, 
British Columbia, and that the matter 
of the said application will be proceeded 
With at the expiration of one month 
from the time of the first publication 
of this notice In th-e "Canada Gazette." 
Dated thla 19tVi day of March, A. V., 
1912. ~" 


^ -petitioners. 


NOTICB Is hereby given that the Cor- 
poratfon of the City of Victoria, Injhe 
Province of British Columbia, ^ •PP'^'"* 
to His Excellency the Oovernor Oeneral e^ 
Canada in Council for approval of the area 
plans, site and description of the work 
proposed to be constructed in Victoria bar 
bor in the city of Victoria, In the Province 
of British Columbia. "Pon the landj situ 
ate. lying and being In the said City of 
Victoria at the westerly extremity of Tele- 
graph street, and has i'P"""** ^^e area and 
alte plans and a specification o' the pro- 
posed work With the Minister oi ^PuWUc 
Works at Ottawa and a duplicate thereof 
■with the ' Registrar General of Titles j.a 
The Land RegUtr, Office In the ••^ C»tir 
of Victoria, and the matter of the said, ap- 
plication will be proceeded »'»th at the ex- 
li-~.i«« nf on« month from the time or 
JiV'flrit 'publication of this notice la 'the 
"Canada -.Gasette." 
Pated this lOth day of March. 1»12. 
Assistant City Solicitor. Victoria. B. C. 

.. ._.'ai»ii»aia«_iaf *ter.« JProtocttw Act'^ ^ 

Notice IS aerew »»»i>i» •«•;- -^fl^^-'^?^,?:! 
and Arthur Edward Hay nes, both of the 

to be coh- 


tor approval 

doacri-ottoU Of works proposed 
Juucted in West Bay, Victoria, British Col- 
'mbl-i being the lands situate, lying 
beini In the said City 01 Victorm 
kno^n. numiSred and described "•„ ^ I^|« 
ihlrtr-one WU »nd thirty-two t32) lu 
Block -X" of the subdivision of B-ocks S X 
f«) and part ol Bl^k Eight (S), Viewfield 
FwrnT Bsaulmalt District. British Columbia, 
a^a. deposited the area and site plans 
of the proposed works and a description 
?her^t w^h tTe Minister of Public Works 
it Ottawe. and a duplicate thereof with 
the Reglalrar-Oeoeral of Titles In the Land 
Hl'_.fiir «"«,-.- tn tht City of Victoria. 




be received by the UI^ 
the stock, comprising 

-'^™"-r?Sr a-rU'^^nr'-i^-ri 

Men's Furnishings, etc. Fixtures, Includ 
lag horses, wagons, etc., also book ac 

R.*gt«C*v XlZflca 

ficitlsb OoJombia, and that t6» m^ii-ir 
the wid application will be proceeded with 
it the ex?lra*rcn of one month from the 
time of the first publication of this notice 
in the "Canada aasette." ^ . _ 

Dated this 22nd day of March. A.D, 







lag norsea, »»»6v/..=, ^^w«., „ -- — 

counts of the general store businesB of 
T N. McLeod, Cumterland, B. C. 

T^rwiH of tenders are as foUowa: 60 
per cent cash, balance 2, S «^nd 4 months 
with Interest at 7 per cent, per annum. / 
Said balance to be secured to the satis- 
faction of the trustees. 

Tenders will be received up to, and 
including 25th Inst, and are to be sent 
to C. W. Veysey, care Kelly, Dou«la« 
& Co.. Ltd., Vancouver. 

C. W. 

W. J. 



MoLjaOD. . 

rf-vNU v»n, thdMn. at ♦»»*•. 



tHl '^road at. corner View. 

CBDAiR Hin and Pernwood rd., SOfit. 
frbirrage on both stTeeta: this is right 
on the to*> of the hWI-from which there Is 
a magntflcent view, and only one block from 
ihe new Hillside car; this piece can be cut 
Into four lots; price for a quick sale, $4000; 
$1000 caah, «, 12, 18 at 7 per cent. 

HOUBB, S rooms, just oft T>ottHria« st., lot: 
tOxlOO; new and moflenv. >vlth basc- 
meilt, hot and cold. wa*er; price $J1u0; only 
|S04 oash. balance |20 a month and interest 
at T'lpar cent 





2 fine lots 
oft Douglas 

on Maple ave., 
St! price $1600 




cash, Donald st.. lust off Bttrnslde 
rd.. 60 ft. for $1000. 

OUSE:, 6 rooms, standing on 4 large lots, 
cofnor off Ciundra 


on selected silo. 

Bx^t«nHl"n, \ lovfily 
Prlce $6600; third 


FWW g<KMi lotti •» 0«t4«v» Bay at oi««- 
tnaq^timh mi " - 



tit PMBAMton Bnildlnc. Phone 


acre (about), high part of Quadra, 
top Of Clovfrdftle, with handsome S- 
room modern house; city wa»er; lawns and 
trees. $K500; third cash and terms. 

C1LOVBRHILL— Boma Tlnest lots In this 
J favorite subdivision. $»00 10 $»86; 
small cash pay ments. 

ca«h — Worker's homo, ten minutes 
from car and about five minutes 
from new Burnsldo line; 5 good rooms; 
pantry, verandah, large lot. fenced; price, 
ll760 and $25 a month. 

MAONiriCBNT buy In Jfimes Bay close 
back of parliament buildings; largii 
house standln* on lot g8«l«6; cash IJSOO will 




Notice Is hereby given that Luojr M. Klnc, 
of Victoria. British Columbia, la appl/Vag 
to His Excellency the Governor-Oeneral o* 
Canada in Council for approval of the area 
plans. site and description of ""ST^' 
proposed tv be «<MiatruoCaa -In West. Bar. 
Victoria harbor. Vlbtorla»; «. Ct, beiht tbs 
lands situate lying and' baing* Citjr' 
of Victoria, B. C. aforesaid, aild- known. 
numbered and described as part of SuWJvU 
Blon seven tl) of Seetlon ThlWy^tWo (It) 
Map BUty-four <64h lisqutmaU district, 
(now city), Viewfield farUh* VaiiteaMver Is- 
land, VliHorla City, BrUlfbieolumbla, and 
has deposited the area •■* <Pt» P**"* ?' tl»« 
proposed wofka and the dascriptlen )LMre«< 
with the Minister of liartne and yisherteg at 
Ottawa and a duii^cata '^ . tbaToDX 
with the Reglslrat-aeaera^ # ;,.WJ# In 
the X^nd Reglitrr offM ifliV tlH» , Cll» af 
Victoria, British ColumWI, %M that th* 
matter of the said »p»lle«tl(m wlU -W 
procooded with at the iMt^ifatloii of »»»«»- 
cation of this noUce In the "Canada Oa- 

TO CAJfApiAN A1W5B1T|EC1» ^_^ 

i«rBe Breotwl at Point ^rt>T. aear V^jT" 
cmiver, Orltlsb Columbia. , .„v,i-> •',„ 

the government of British GolOmbl* In- 
Tlti competitive plans for the geheral 
IchJsme iSid design for th. proposed new 
university, together with more detailed 
Sfans for the buildings to bo erected hr.l 
at an estimated cost of- $l.iOO,000. 

Prises of $10,000 will be given for the 
meet successful designs •"''f|»"»*4. 

Particulars of the competition and plaa 
of site may be abtalned on request from the 

"^Th^'5«ign. to be seat W by JtUr.tiet. 
i»x8, addressed to . V-,. .r .>-r;^J''> 

Parliament Bulldle«Si - 
Victoria, British Columbia. 



handle It; 

price very low. 

lilt (', 


679 Tales Street 

•DBAUXirUL home, 

apiondld IMS) filoia «o 

well. furnished; splen- 
"did oirohard of i8.y«at-«id apple trees; 
«H toaa of apples were taken oft these 
trees last year; close to station, IX miles 
troin city; a real (wap; fWOt. 



this Itth day 

t, M. KIRK 
«f ICaMfe, A. XtL, 

•nut acttwfc ootnaMMi. aigMUM, 



Jfavlgabla Waters Pr«i«itioB Art. 

NOTICK is hereby given tbav the Vlotorta 

Harbor Railway company, o^Jj'"*^'*-..?^' 

Isb Columbia, is applying to'Hls BXoelleaoy. 

Iha Governor-Qoaeral of ©anad* •Wf.'^oaaa*' 

tor the •?)>»»*" '•'"'•«l^K«iai»J^ 
treatl* works and bridge* jAtf' "ttJIwiW^tUW 
of works proposed to bo cocstruob** pHi t»* 
south side of Victoria Harb*'. •»•»« »*• 
•bore line thereof and across JM^MtU wa- 
ter In the sold harbor. And furthw tlMU 
tha said oompany has deposited tt« M|"yi 
SJnttened plan, -t^the propoMd w^. ■*» 
AMorlptlotts thereof with the mialMr '^ 
Public Workk at Ottawa. «"*_!»'" 
thereof with tha Registrar Q»*»m 
In the i:*«d Registry oMca M^ 
Victoria. BrlUsh Colntiiblki »»Jl^i 
i^ aW>«leatM>n will W^*»««NIW«" 




sitartfrtis ^"^ooai; itiMiNu mooia- 

Coal mining rights of the pbtalnlon. In 
Maiutoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the 
yuken Xerrlwry, the Northwest Territories 
and la a portion of tho Province of BrttlSh 
Columbia, may be leased for a term of twun- 
lyone years at an annual rental of H 
acre, Not more than 2,6»0 acres 
leased to««na applicant 
Application for. a leM , 
the abpUtJait Da perJon to the Agent or Bus 
Agent of the dlsti-tet lii wnlch in» rights 
applied lur are situated. 

la aarveya*- twritery' the land must M 
descrloed uy sections, or legal sub-dlvislpo. 
01 eecilO'hs; and in unsurveyed territory the 
tract applied tor shall be Hiaked out oy «ae 
applicauc bltoseU.; 

Each application must a* aocompaoied by 
a tee 01 *k whtcb wul be ti*ttm^*d U Uw 
riguis applied lor are not avauAble, but. not 
otoerwls* A royatty Shall be »aid oil tM 
merchauwble output ot lue aiMi* at.lhs raM 
of Uy^ cents pff tpp. ,; , V .. 

Tiie,p«jr»Q«v.o*<i«'at*u< ith»ij.9?|lEno. shall fi|r- 
^»b the Agent Sriin s*o«a «flt»rn» aocouAt- 
ing lor the lull «aanitty of merokaatable 
««ai* pa||t royalty thereon. U 
xnn coal mifling t^phts araaot being opwr- 
ated, suck returnA Abettlijw 
least oao* A year.-;'- ^ 

Tk* ^MkW* ^iU. 4*«li*d* ««M WM nlnlkg 
rights only, but the leme* nay be »eriiutt4# 
te -kMrekMa -'•••a^^i-m*'- a.vKiiMK»a ailfiaaa 



tbe'exptrauon of one «sBa«»rlr«J* 
publication bf this »oUo» Ik; »i# 

^lotted this «nd day •«>*•«*{' Jfei 

"WAtml^ A9«, !••." 

IHIB IS TO CBUTUrif tb*t tl^e WelUag- 
laa ColUerr Coiapany.i Ut^Uied. hol4«r of 
Watsr Uoensea Moa. Ult aa« IMO. granted 
JV Se W?t^o»mls.loa« far the Vloioil; 

oublo feet per 4wooad -t wktwr frem tne 
pt«tied7e rtverl a trlfcatary^af e«i»»«ur 
mer. Sa. «ib«ltied to •*• **»«»*»»J»?I: 
•raor la CouaeU a map at »t»a •« tha works 
to Which It taten«» to diwt tke said wM«t 
Sd Sonduot it STth* klaea wkew It ikaU 
be usaa for getteratlni eteetrie power aa 
described la the aald uee n se fc _^ , 

*»«. ?k. uadeHijtiW «,*lt*»^5il 
Uagten Colliery CMtuway. Ulaltwl. *i pet 
ewT ta the aai* »la*« la hwelw •W.lP^t'*^' 
and tha said «»«»»"?»• *»«'?^ *ilSJS!^ 
te eoiaWBBt ■*«■ «w«we Mm, «eik»f»ag 
wMka Ik woaordaaee wltk tk« pUuae •">! 

amo* of tka.i^kl«( WaiM U o i—iwrto k t M 
et CMkra M)Mk. ***** 

wkisetat" avatikKe adrUU* 


ton ktii 

fw am ui] 

,of tk« lto*«f4«. fl!kik*%«* t*l,,iflw 

aal»>A««Bt, 9t ' »mitfif^ 

O^W^lilRfMe* m1. 


ki%/i a air% 

;»A aiJi^-ruiio 

Tha above "Compwirotfani eB»p|*|-.j 
menl to wUiia iNlMrii&t^ 4i«jfN| ,5^ 

oomini; -VMMion lit Um ""tMaii M ^Up 

rw.<.>n mtmt^m**^it rtan*ifc-.v :i » s Miik'i i irat lBiii: ' 

By |u BollcKors, Rabf»«»oa' * , 
tl* Fort Btreel. VleterM. »».- 0.,,.„>,^; 

f 08S«.t ' ■ " 

Tendepg will \m tfi(im>*m'^Vi' 
B lji Bwl f or - lite pia:cil^fi ^ !:afcltJ l ^ g ^J^ 
wheel' rlv*r li«»t ^j^j'- -"--'-""— —■•■ 
f«gt ' 'tt'eoiiifli-tt^'' 
of fttilfttk.kad 


</M«h-«ri»y.,fe j^_ 

rr\d*Y, April 1% 1«1X 

.' J" '■"■,f ''■; -,' !V"" •" •:" (*.«!»W® 

T»jsf!l!5|l9!5^ ■. 




Stock markets ani 

FmsiBdal News 

Heavy Tone in International 
Mercantile Marine Siiares — 
Amalgamatecj Copper De- 
clares a $4 Dividend 

NEW YORIC, AprH IS. — The inroirnallon 
of the Tiiunur dlsasier coiiiliiut^u u> clouil 
lUo IJnaiiclul slluuUun. The uiilhiniito cuul 
«ku»lKjn ami Hiidllloiml, ltop udvlctis coii- 
siuuicd faciois of a clctcriniiifa charnuiur. 
Ill lliu way or aniial happciuntjii liu; laust 
impoilant was Uio dKOiarallon of Amaigam- 
'^'*?d *J'>i>i>^v 'jt ^ tju--i.rL*;!'iy «iWi<Arf!i! "* ?h<* 
rate Oi .•our dollars annuully. This Is 
iluublo tho illsu;ijut;oii iiiuil'j by thu coni- 
paiiy sinijo lUOS. 

Motn.'tui-y cuiiUitloiis vinually were uii- 
chans>iii. Call loans were made at «aalor 
ralen and llriiu acfoininoiIatluiiB for moat 
periods ruiaxeU. Anuihur small curn.ncy 
iihtpmiini. to Hail Kraiiclaco was made with 
PHuapeuls ot fiiither shlpmoius to other 
))Oliit.s hefuri; the liiU of tho weoU. Amal- 
gamatud made ll» lowest quotanon or t!ia 
day toiiowiriK the divldtml aniiouiu-emont. 
I'/iirly f>-atures of (h^ stieiigih occurred In 
I'. S. tjtccl, N. Y. Com., liofk Island Issues 
Hud common and proterrod Kepubllc Iron 
and Stofl Co. A better tone was shown 
by tho bonds of the Intornallonal Mercan- 
ille Marine Conipniiy. but later Ihl.s Issuo a.i 
well as the preferred stoclc was heavy. 
Keadliig becanif- <|iiU In Ihc laicr s.-s»luii. 
Net cliangi.-, .showtil a iirfi'Miil-i .iii> ■.: ■■!' 

Uonds were steady. Total sales piir value, 
SU.OOH.UOO. U. S. Government bonds wore 
inchantrcd on call. 

Metal Quotations 

NF.W YOItK. April IS. — slandard uopper 
cinlot; spot $iJ.50iiS$lu.87 ',a ; April SlD.uu; 
May $15.57 Vs4!J$15.STi(:; June $15.60® 
tlu.S'U; July $]5.6:HaCJ>$15.S7>rt! ; London 
steady. Lake copper 16 ',.; fe IS Uc. ; Klee. Ill 
iuil8i,8C. ; castliiK l«?»<r<'%. Tin qulel but 
lirni; spot $4;i.50r<i'$43.70 >i ; April $4:!.'IOiS?l 
t-IJ.70; May $43.35(ili$4:i.70; June J4;1.10((1) 
$43.70; July $4i'.S5i'cr *4;!.J5; Auguat $4:'.i;Df(il 
S4a.uo. l^ondon steady: apoi IlsS; Xsiiurcs 
£194 153. Lead $4.70«$4.:;5 New Yorlc; 
London III! 6s. 3d. Spelter firm. $6,804* 
$tl.90 New York: $6.65®$6.57 East .St. Louis; 
London C-5 15s. Antimony quiet, Cooksons 
$S.0O. Iron, Cleveland Warrants DSs, lO'.id. 
In London; loca-lly Iron was steady. No. 1 
Foundry Northern $15.-'5'ii' $1.'..75; No. 2 
$M.75t«'$15.26; No. 1 Smithern and .No. 1 
Southern soft $15,25 C" $15. 1 5^ 

Xew York Itales 

NICW YORK. April IH. — Money on call 
steady, 'l '.- Iw 'i per cent; rulliiK rate. 3 per 
cent; closing bid. :*« pel- cent; offered at 
s ii.^r eent Time loans dull, sl.vty days 
3'i'((]'3Mj per cent; ninety days 3',i(ii'3% per 
cent. I'rlme mercantile paper i'.tlvt^ni Per 
cent. Sterling: exchange firm with actual 
l.uslnpfs In bankers' hills at JI.S4.-5 lor 
sl.My davs and at $4.S7.i;0 for demand. 
I'nmmerctal bills *LX3.5n. Mexican dollars 
4 7c. Har silver 59c. 

Bonds: Governments ."Steady; ruUroads ir- 





(Furnished tiy P. W. 

Stock — 

Bid Asked. 

American-Canadian Oil 

. , . . 


fanadlan North West Oil... 

n 1 vi 

.03 '3 

1 5 '-i 

Mjirii'fma Oil 

.00 ',i 

International C:. and- C. 



Nicola Valley. C. and C. 

. . ki 


Itoya! Collieries 

.02 ',4 


Western Coal and <'. . 


M. <". Packers Com. . . 

. . . . 73.0(1 

C. N. P. Fisheries .... 

. . . . - 

. 75 


IJ. C. Permanent Loan 

.. 110. OO 

l>omlnion Trust <'o. . . 


.00 T- 


i;reat West Perm, la) 


.00 13 


I'aeific I.oan 


.00 3 


Stewart Land 

.. .. ti 



H. C. Copper 



C:\n. Const/ S. and K 

. . . . 4L 


Giat'by. . 

D7.00 60.00 

Kootenay (Jold 




NUKBCt Gold 

,4 3 


Kambler I'arlboo 


Standard Lead ....... 




Glacier (.'reek 



Portland Canal 



T>ii.i r'llf f . . 


. Hi 

Stewart M. and D 

. 3u 

Klaskino G..!.1 





1,000 Internal-lonrtl Co 

<1 and 

Cloke at 53c. 



Stevenson &. 

(Furnished by F. W. 


Wheat-- Open. 




May li:V!i 


1 1 1 '.2 


1 1 3 >.i 

1 11 1 V ....... 1 tj tt. 


ypiit 1 0^ ','4 


Com — 

-May 78 ',4 




July 7 7% 


7 5'fl, 
7 1% 


Sept 7ii'i 



Oats — 

May 57-*i 



u 1 Vi 

.'uly 5l=!i4 


5 3»4 


Sept ■• ' 

1 1 

4 3 

4 3 ' . 


May ISO" 

18. '.ii: 


IK. 13 

July lS-1^ 

IS. 5:: 

IS. 37 


Lard — 





July 10.15 

10. 13 

Short Ulbs— 

Mav 10.15 




July "L-7 




son & 

(Furnished by F. W. 



Stocks — 




Amal. Copper 




Aran. Boel Sugar 



6 5 ', J 

Aiiin. Car. and Fdy. . . 




Amn. Cotton Oil . . ■ . 


Ainti. Ico Securlllcs . . 




Amn. I^juomotlvo .... 




Aran. Sn>eltln« 







Amn. , Tel, and- Tel. .. 

Amn. Woolen 


Anaconda . .-. 

4 3',i 






do (. pfd 




B. and O. ., 




U. T, R 

C. P. s 







Cantial Leather 



20 'i 

Che8. and Ohio 


79 «4 


C. and G. W 




do pfd. 


C. M. and St. P. ... 


1 1 % 


Colo. Fuel and Iron . 


39 'i 

39 % 

1 44 



D. and R. Q 



do pfd. 


Dlitnicrs Sec 


M .* 






do l»t pfd 




Moldtteld Con» 


Gt. Nor. pfd 

Ot, Nor. Otp. cUi. . . . 

. . 


. . 






do pfd 



. 58% 

Inter. Harveater 




K««. Chy Southern . . . 


1 ..t>« w 




i^hlKb V»ll«y 


164 !4 


Mackajr Co,'a 


do pfd. . , . 


M. a. P, and 8. 9. M. 




M. K. and T 


Mo. Pacific 




Nat. BlMutt 

Nat. iMtd ....' 




Nev. Cnna. . . • 




N. T. CMtral 




N. T. O. and W, 




Nortolk Mid WMt 


Nor. P«c. 


l«aDlfl« Mall 


l>«opl<'a (Ma 




• • 

• « 


Pressed Blrel Car . . . . 

Read Ins 

Itep. Iron and Steel . . 
do pfd. 

llock Island 

do pia 

Sou. Pacific 

Sou. Hallway 

do pfd . . . . 

Tenn. Copper 

Texas Pacific , 

Twin City 

Union Pacific 

do pfd . . . 

U. 8. Rubber ■,■ ■ 

do Ist pfd. 

di' 2nd pfd. 

U. S. Steel 

do pfd 

Vtah Copper 

Xu. Car Chfcnilcal . . . 


do pfd 

Woslorn I'nlon 


Wisconsin Central ... 
Money on cull, 2% 
Touil sales. 446.100 

3a% 31% 
16«% 141 H 






173% 171% 
65% 55 




67 50% 

pe" cent, 









Municipality of North Cowichan 



»»»• a«3i. 

laa* 99IWUB It. 

Next M Merchants Banli 


rBOMTAOB rom baue 

8000 Aorva Tixabar — Quulaliio, 
Ciowo grmiUHl, 1 mile water- 

4000 Aor«a Trait Xianda — tieur 
Pentlcton, flS per acre. Particu- 
lars of above on application. 

Tenders will be received by the under- 
Blgnod iip to noon of Thur.iduy, May 3nd. 
]9]' lor the entire issue of $60,000 road 
dube'iilmcs repayable In 36 years, with in- 
terest at the rate of B per cent, per annum 
payable half yearly. ^_ ^ pi^KINSON. 

C, M. C. 

Duncan, U. C. 


Are invited tot the erection of a rf.wo- 
storey brick building to be erected on Front 
Street, Duncan, li. (.'., near the K. & N. 
itallway Station. Plans and specifications 
may be seen at the office of Mutter A. Dun- 
can, Station Street, Duncan, V. I. All 
i.ii.l.:, ! . -■• In by the SOth of April, 1913. 
I. ,:iy lender not necessarily ac- 



"Navigable Waters Protection Act." 

NOTlCli; Is hereby given that Maria C. 
Ruckle, of iiio City of Victoria, British Col- 
umbia, has applied to Ills Excellency, the 
Governor-General of Canada In Council for 
approval of the area, plans, site and de- 
scription of works proposed to ba con»Lruct- 
ed In West Bay, Victoria Harbour, victoria. 
British Columbia, being upon the lands sit- 
uate, lying and being In Vlewfleld Farm, 
Kaqulmalt District, and more particularly 
known and deBcrll>ed ft L<iig Fivn (61 and 
Six (0) lilock One (1), of Blocks Six (6) 
and Kight (8), according to map or plan 
filed lu the Land Registry Office at the 
City of Victoria aforesaid, and there num- 
bered 392, and hau deposited the area and 
silo plans of the proposed works, and a de- 
scription thereof wllk the Minister of Pub- 
lic Works ai Ottawa, and a duplicate there- 
of with tho Registrar General of Titles In 
the Land Uoglstry Office at tho City of Vic- 
toria, British Cotumbla. and that tho mat- 
ter of the said application will be proceeded 
with at tho expiration of One 11) month 
(lom the time ot the first publication of 
this Notice In the "Canada Gaiette." 

Dated the cweutlelh (30th> day of Maich 
A.D., 1912. 

M.\rU.\. C. RUCKLE 


In llie 8u|irenie Court of Brlllsli Columbia, 
..In (he Matter of Juiiioh McGuIre, Deceas- 

In the Matter of lUo "Ofnclul AdiMlnbtra- 
. .tors' Act." 

Notice is hereby glv»n thai nnd<>r «ii or- 
der sranlcd by the Hon. tlie Chi'-r Justico. 
dated ihe 4ih day of .Vpril. 1913, I, the 
undersigned, v/as appointed adiiiinioliai.ui of 
all and singular tho estate ut James Mo- 

All parties havinur claims agtelnst the 
estate of tlie said deceased are rciiuested to 
furnish ;>arllculars of sumo to me on or 
before the 4th day of Jlay, 1913, and all 
parties indebted to the said estate are 
required to pay suuh Indebtedness to me 

Dated at Victoria, B. 0., this 11th day of 

-iprii,'iA.i^"iWir -~;'r------ ------ 

» Official Admlnlstrntor. 





Wanted lady stenographer and gener- 
al office lit'l]) for Saanicli Municipa-lity; 
applications .stating salary required to 
he- In tl-.c hand:: of the clerk. Royal Oak 
y. O. on or bpfore Thursday, April 25. 


Notice Is hereby given that the firm of 
Morris and Gerow, carrying on business at 
Number 931 View Street, in the City of 
Victoria, a.s Garage keopers. has this day 
been dissolved, K Morris retiring from the 
business. The said business will hereafter 
be carried on by A. G. Gerow. .Ml ac- 
counts owing to the late firm are to be pay- 
able to A. G. Gerow, and any accounts ow- 
ing by the late firm will be paid by the 
said A. <-!. Gerow. 

Dated at Victoria this 13th day of April. 
A.D., 1913. 





Household Furniture, &c. 

At our Auction Mart 

Thursday, April 25 th 

2 p, m. 

liicludinj.; : Bureaus and vvas'.istantls, 
iron and other l>eda, sprlng.s anO niat- 
tros.SPK, linoleum, carpels, extension 
tables, sideboards, dining, kitchen and 
other chairs, bed and other ioun8<'» 
bookcase, rocking chairs, kitchen, cup- 
hoard, kltoiien cabinet, and other goods 
too numerous to mention. 

a. W. Savlaa, M. A. A., Tlia Aaotlonaar 

li»92. Warehouse, 828 Yates, Phone, 740. 

instractEd; "'■■'ff "wtH "SPlt' t tt - ou r-sstes^- 
looni.s, 72S View street, on 


2 p. m. 


Furniture & Effects 

Including: Mission oak InifTo', mls- 
slon oak sectional, large set- 
tee, morris ehulr, 3-pieoe nitUiogany 
parlor suite, mahogany centre trtl)le, 
walnut bookcnse and desk combined, 
■writing desk, round tables, parlor bll- 
ll«,rd table, very good baby buggy, 
wicker folding go-i-art, plcUnvH, large 
wardrobe, overmantel, i?oiiches, 5 full 
l?lzo Iron bedsteads, spring mattresses, 
o single and 3-4 bedsteads, spring mat- 
tresses, dressers and stands, walnut 
bedroom suite, walnut sldoboarfl, loilot 
ware, eiderdown quilts I^ortler's chif- 
fonier, sewing machines, lot of goixl 
carpets, oil cloth, linoleuin.s, matting, 
kitohen comforts, t.ables, chairs, cooking 
utensils, 2 chandeliers, meat safe, 4 
good lawn mowers, 1 tent, :! incubators. 
7 parlor stoves and healer.s, and etc. 

^Jn»Y fyn vt.».w 


200 chickens, such as Varlridge Wyun- 
dottcs, T..eKliorns, White WyandoUes, 
Plymouth Rocks, White Rocks, and etc.; 
lot of Belgium hares, 12 Angorn. nanny 
go.its, cultivator, 2 horso mowers, M.-ts 
sey Harris hay rack, planet Junior 
seeder, cream c-ans, and etc. 

MaTnard k Bona 



TOM OKB wxax oirxT 

Mew furnishings for bedroom, com- 
plete, $27.50 

New furnishings for kitchn, includ- 
ing .N'o. a cook stove, complete, 127.60. 

K. W. Savlaa U Boaa, tlia AnetloBaan 

Auction Mart, 555 Yates St.. Phone 742 
Showrooms. 660 Yates St., Res. Phone, 
1992. Warehouse 828 Yates St., Tel. 740. 




Duly Instructed by Walter Finch Page, 
Esq., to sell by 

The entire Furnishings of his residence, 
Burdette House. Corner Vancouver an4 

Monday, April 29th 

1:30 p, m. sharp 

Including Upright piano, Blutbner 
Leipzig, very fine hand carved teak and 
ebony furniture quarter cu^ oak dining 
and bedroom furniture, brasi and Iron 
beSa, fiaTf aiid TSlTicrTnftttfeaiea;^ w ttaoii 
and other carpets, rattan chatr, uphoN 
atered Devenport, arm and other chairs 
IK tapestry and morocco, urlaiMiware, 
China, curtains, range, garden tools, 
plants, etc 

Very fine aolid oak roll top daat. Mis. 
beokcaaes, letter press, a^ivel chair, etc. 

itS-MO-Ua Ifafra atre«t. monw 1*2. 

Messrs. Stewart Witliams 
& Co. 

Duly instructed by J. A, Aliynan, Est],, 
Sell by 

Public Auction 

At His Residence 

1195 FORT ST. 

Above Linden Ave., on 

Tuesday, April 23rd 

At 2 o'clock sharp, the whole of his 
well-kept and nearly new Household 
Fumiture and Effect.?, including: 

Dining Boom — Very handsome Oak 
Exj Table, 6 Carved Oak Dining Chairs, 
up. In leather; handsome Oak Buffet 
with glass doors, Carpet, Curtains, Pic- 
tures, Triple-Plated Porks and Spoons, 
Knives, E.P. Ware of all kinds Glass- 
ware, etc. 

■all— Hall and stair Carpets, new; 
I'ender and Dogs, Umbrella Stand ,etc. 

Smoking Boom — Nearly w Piano, 

by Uelntuman & Co.; leather covered 
Arm Chairs, Mahogany Tea Table, 
Bookcase, Marble Clock, pair of Bronze 
Statuettes, Fender and Dogs, Mahogany 
Music Cabinet, Large Wilson Carpet, 
Jardinieres and Plants, etc. 

Drawing Boom — Very handsome Ma- 
hogany Settee, up. in brocade, Inlaid 
Settee and Chair to match, up. In bro- 
cade (after Sheraton); Mahogany Tea 
Table, very hsyjdsomc liound Mahogany 
Table, up. Arm Chairs, Jardiniere and 
Palm, Mahogany Flower Stand, hand- 
some Pcrtleres, very handsome, Polar 
Btar Rug, Wilson Carpel, etc. 

Badxooma — Two very massive Brass 
Bedsteads, Springs and Top Mattresses, 
Mahogany Bureaus and Washstands, 
Toilet Ware, Mahogany Chiffonier, 
Bedroom Chairs, Ob.U. Sofa, up. In leath-° 
er; Oak Arm Chair, up. in leather; Rat- 
tan Rockers, Oc. Tables, 3-4 Iron Bed 
Spring and Top Mattresses, Oak Bureau 
and Washstand, 2 Double Iron Bed- 
Ateas and Mattresses, very pretty 
Maple Dressing Table, and quantity of 
good Household Linen, Blankets, Eider- 
down QulIts, Pillows, etc. 

Xl«^«»— "Majestic' Range In perfect 
order, Kitchen Tables and Chairs, Cook- 
ing ittensils, Refrigerator, Crockery, 
Waidi Tubs and Boilers, Jam Pots, 
Pott's Iron, Lawn Mower, Hose and 
Knrlnkler, Oarden Tools and other goiwia 
too numerous to mention. 

On view April 22 
Vkm AxuMem—t, ■YXWASOr wnuCABW 

___ f 

Davies & Sons 

AT* MOiat »«* iMVa^-WMttty M 




Two splendid lots uOxllS feet on l^aiisdowne Uoad, Dean Heights, right 
on t.he crest of the lUU and near The Uplands 

fl300 BAOX 

' One-third' cash. Unobstructed view of Straits and City, 

Western Dominion Land 
and Investment Co., Ltd. 

\\ ith wliicli is incornoralcfl 


222 Say ward IJldg-. Phone 247c 



. ,^--imefcauri(ha w ii nBr gM»w < 'l 


Marconi Wireless 

103-6 Pemberton Building^. 


Mining Stociu 

All Active Bbarea Dealt la 
on Oonuuisslon 

Members Vancouver and Victoria 
Stock Exchangea Prlvave wire connec- 
tion with all chief market centres. Lat- 
est quotations. 
Vsw Tork, CanadlAn and X>ondon Kkts. 

Waghorn, Gwynn & Co 

Bank of Samlltos Bldg.. 



Kxainlnation for Innpeclors of Steam 
lioilrrit and Machinery 

ICxiiininatluiii tor Ihe puiiiUon of luHuouL- 
orR (if Steam BollerB and Mitclilnery, unrtcr 
Ihe "Steam Boilers Inspection Act, " will be 
bold al the I'arliamt'nt BuilJlngs, Victoria, 
I'ominpniing May IS, inrj. Aiipllration and 
Irmtrucllon forniK can bo bad on aptillrallon 
Id Ihc. undciKlKned, to xvhom the forniir 
must bn returned correctly filled in, not 
later than .Muy 1, 1912. Salary $180 per 
per month, Increnslnif fS ;>er month per 
annum to a maximum of $180 per month. 
Ohlcf Inspector of Machinery, 

New Westminster, B.C. 



All persons having claims against the 
estate of Isabella Barlow, deceased, are 
reqtilred to send In their accounts duly 
verlfled to the undersigned before the 
fifteenth tlay of May, 1912, and all per- 
sons indebted- to the said estate are 
requested to maike payment to the un- 
dersigned forthwith. 

■ Dated at Victoria, B. C, this 11th day 
of April, 1912. 


P. O. Bo.\ 1569, 
Victoria, B.C. 
Attorney for the Executi-lx of the 
Estate of Ann Ballantlne, deceased. , 

Messrs. Stewart Williams 
& Co. 

Duly instructed by George Cliff. Esq., 
Will Sell by 

Public Auction 

AT THI'"' 




At 11 o'elook «hwrp 

The whole of his stock, horses, poultry, 
farming Implements, wagons, etc., in- 
cluding 10 good milch cows, 2 good 
calves, Uolsteln bull, sow with young 
pigs, team of young horses, about 1400 
lbs. each; team of good working horses, 
driving mare and^earling colt, 2 year 
old brown mare, arlving mare, a year 
old; 4 dozen Plymouth Rocks, a few 
ducks. 2 tuns of baled oat hay. 3 
ploughs, Adams wagon, 4-Inch tires; 
Democrat (nearly new), horse rack, 
iiioM'uig liiauhinv ^nsariy- ne w x; spad B 
harrows, heavy and buggy hamass, cul- 
tivator, tools, milk cans, kaparator. 
road cart, a quantity of BovMhoU 
rnxalttu*. inoiudlng "Hav^ Comfort" 
range, extension tAble, "Charter Oak" 
heater, 2 b«4room aUlten . anA other 
goods too numerous to mantlon. 

Lunch win b« aarved on the grounds. 

Tok* tha V. AS. Railwar tO 8««tiieh- 


Kor f urU\«r pwrttottlsni appljr to 


Will receive your money on 
deposit and pay interest at 
4 per cent thereon. 

Will pay checks drawn 
against your deposits. 


Will bear the cost of draw- 
ing your 'will. 

Will administer your estate. 

Will act as guardian for 
your children or for per- 
sons of unsound mind. 

Will execute every trust 
with fidelity. 


Will insure your buildings 
or their contents against 

Will insure your plate glass 
against breakage. 

Will insure you against 
defalcations •by your em- 

Will insure you against ac- 
cident to your workmen. 


Will procure tenants for 
your vacant- houses. 

Will collect your rents. 

Will attend to the payment 
of your taxes. 

Will care for your property 
and give it personal at- 

Dominion Trust 
Co., Ltd. 

909 Government Str^t 





Do you know that our glass front carjjatgcs arc 
at your disposal at the foUowingf charges — ■ 
FOUR PERSONS, single hour. . . .^a.UO 
FOUR PERSONS, an hour and a half _ 

or over, at. per hour , , . . .^1.5w 

In four hours a party of four can see the principal 
points 'Of interest in the City of Victoria for the 
moderate charge of $6.00. 


If you wish, wc can furnish a Victoria, at 

PER HOUR ^2.00 


These vehicles carry three and are most auitable 
for ladies doing afternoon calling* 


~ We have the only six-horse turnouts in Victoria. 
Driven by men who have had a life-long experience 
on the Cariboo Road and the White Pass & Yukon 
trails. These coaches leave the hotels at half past 
nine for the morning driVe and two o'clock for the 
afternoon. All points of interest arc covered and 
those in charge give the passengers a full explana- 
tion of everything that is considered of value to the 
tourist. The drive is about fourteen miles and takes 
from one and a half to two hours. 

The fare is one dollar. 

We have a small Tally-Ho built to carry a party 
of twelve, including the driver. For rates apply at 
the office. 


Furniture ipoving is an important undertaking. 
We have men who do nothing else. Our charges 

are — _ _ _ 

BY tHk riuUR 3P1.50 

With an extra man to help, per hour 9^.0O 


In this department prompt delivery is the import- 
ant factor. If you are catching a steamer or train 
you like to know that your luggage or packages will 
be at the wharf or station in good time to depart 
with you. What is more annoying than search- 
ing for your belongings a minute before your steam- 
er sails or your train pulls out. This is offset by 
our claim checks. Our drivers check your baggage 
at your residence. You present the claim check 
to the baggage-master — show your ticket — he then 
gives? you the railway or steamer check and that 
18 all. You then go on your way rejoicing. If we 
cannot attend to your order we will tell you and 
thus avoid suspense. 


We have 27 express and delivery wagons. For 
one of these we charTje — 

PER HOUR 91.00 


Bjetter single or double traps cannot be found on 
the "Pacific coast. 


Morning |I2.60 

Afternoon ^o.OO 

' ' "■ - '■ ' '" ■'■gg^ 


' HALF A DAY 95.00 

DAYS, half a day ^7.50 

For long distances the office will furnish partie> 


■ ' '■ 






We board your horse, look after yout traip and 
harness — 

PER MONTH .., 9S6.09 

Our object is to J>le»ie Ottr f^jktft^QHr- W« «r« r% 
sponsible to them as lo sal*^ of <liil*li||t '"^^ '" 
fumiture w coods. Olir Idfipiarli^*— ' *"-*» 
dvil and careful an4 wAi 
\i by any chaiict l^ nk) 
office or notify «i* *l><Mi^ 
an opporttiUlty to pW^ tl^ 
yotf. -Pr--- - - - 


l*I H I | iiilll>i(iillll 




■ Ml I » I I ' 

fmmmji vjisist crnxmst^ 

Friday. Afril 11^ 1*1t 

% | j ' ! i .". i ' ■ ■ "' ' ' .- ' - - ' -W "' 



Not Be a Keen Judge of Fabrics and Tailoring to Recog 

Unusual Values Offered in Our Ready-to-Wear Depi 


Fancy Costumes That Are a 
Pleasure To Wear 

HERE is no getting around the fact that the pleasure to be derived from 
a summer costume lies in the quality of the material and the workman- 
ship that goes into i^, but a perfect fit makes the pleasure more than 


ake k all the more 

..^.^Mff You Can Buy 
'm Natural Pongee 
Today at 30c 

The fact that Natural Pongee is so very popular this season 
siioul.! make this offer specially attractive. The material is 25 
inches vviilc and is of excellent quality. Will wash well and 
make up into excellent coats and dresses for the Summer. 1 er 
yard today, 30c. 

Aprons— A Little Better Than 
Necessary But Not High Priced 

OF course an apron should be designed with a view to ser- 
vice, the best possible service in the protection of belter 
and more expensive garments, but that is no reason why 
it should not be sufficiently attractive to 

pleasant to wear. -...^^. 

Here is an assortment that should please you m point of 
style, quality and price, in fact they are the best that we have 
handled for a long time. We can't speak too highly of them, 
but we prefer you to see the goods and form your own opinion 
of their value. 

HoUand Aprons, made with a bib, at, each 2.>^ 

HoUaad Aprona In large sizes, finished with neat hcm-s and piped with 

white cotton. Price each "^^^ 

HoUuid AproM— These are a good heavy quality, some have trimmings of 

_.v,».. w-B..^ ....a r,t>.or« ar» ffpfshp^ w!th a deen hem. Extra large sizes 

at, per garment ",'/ a 

Tea AproM. Som« are made of white lawn trimmed with a frill of 8Clf and 
others come In mu«lins trimmed with lace. Ucmnrkable values at each 2n<f 

Tea Aprons, made of fine lawns or fancy mu-sllna trimmed with lace and 
hemBtitcblng. There are many different styles to from at, per 
garment, 75c and ®^^ 

OvnaU Aprons made of white llnon. Have a tucked yoke and finished with 
a frill over the sshoulder. Price each ^H.OO 

OTsrAll Aprons, made In many attractive styles, lnclu#1ng empire, prlnceas 
and loose-fitting . Prices range, according to quality, from 75c each up 
to >i»l-25 

Oood Print Aprons in dark blue with white spots. These are a very special 
value at 25< 

Olnffbun Aprons Without Bibs. Made In large sizes. Price rf»<J 

BUok Batasn Aprons, in small sizes and finished with a frill of self. Rare 
value at, each 6»»^ 

OTSMlU Aprons made of good black .sateen. These are to be had with or with- 
out sleeves. Price each ipi.25 


These are facts that had our careful consideration when we purchased our 
stock and the ever-present question of price was considered last of all. As a 
"result we are in a gosition to o ffer you the veryhigh estjos sible a"a' 'Jl7^^ 
mnderate oricc. ■ jBWHBWHBW BBI 

Both the more conservative and the extreme NeW York trimmer 
are here to choose from, also many that strike the happy medium, and as we 
have garments in all sizes, you are sure of finding just what you want in this 

assortment. ,^^^ ^^ 

PRICES FROM $22.50 TO $50.00 

Women's Tan Calf and White 
Canvas Button Boots ^^^# 


1^ THE...V.... ,^ 

Our shoes for Spring and Summer embrace the features of refined el^:v 
! <ranre that the most skilful shoemakers alone can produce. For comfort a* 
iu well as beauty these models are hard to equal, and it is very doubtful if bet- 
ter can be had even if you are prepared to pay a much higher price. 

Fashion has proclaimed tan as the leading color for both Spring and 
Summer, and button m.odel? are growing more popular every day. We have 
them'in'th'e newest American models with high dome toes and "Goodyear" 
welts. All sizes are here at, per pair, $4.50. 


Another popular style that will be a close rival of the tan leather mod- 
els. They are American made, have high toes and short vamps. All sizes 
are here and we guarantee a perfect fit at, per pair, $3.00. 

Quality Pajamas and Shirts 


MFN who require, the best materials and workmanship will find these 
'"garments all that they can desire and still cost very little more than 
the average garment. The extra comfort and wear to be had by 
wearing garments of the better sort is worth far more than the little increase 
in their cost, in fact they really cost less in the long run. 


Imported I^nnslstts »aJ»Bi*s, in 

fancy .stripes. Those are a very .special 
value and are well suited for Spring an^ 
Summer wear. Per suit ^1.54) 

imported Pajamas, made of good Ceylon 
flannelette, in fancy stripe patterns. 
These are a nice medium weight and 
may be had In three different aUfts. Per 
«uit *2.25 

imported Pajamas, made of good cham- 
bray.s, in plain colors and stripes. Colors 
Krev, blue, pink, mauve and pongee. 
They are made in the double-breasted 
style and fasten with large pearl but- 
tons. AH sizes at. per suit f2.00 

imported Oeylon Shirts, In fancy light and 
dark stripes. They are light weight and 
arc well made. Are generously cut in 
the bodien and are finished with plain 
while neck bands. All sizes and an as- 
surance of perfect shirt comfort In every 
garment. Price f 1.25 

Ceylon Plannel Blilrts. wltli turn(?own col- 
lars, reversible, in td* sizes. These gar- 
ment.s may be had in light and dark fancy 
stripes, and are as good as shirts can 

be. Per garment ^1.60 

Flannelette Shirts. These are Imported 
garments and have turndown collars 
that button at the neck, are full size at 
the body and are well made.. These are a 
very special value. Per garment ...85^ 

TirlU Black Satin SMrts. These are light 
weight and have a merceriEed finish. All 
size.s are to be and no better garment 
Is on the market at this price. Per 

garment ^l.OO 

Bine Cambric Working Shirts. Light in 
weight but strong. They are In plain 
blue and o^mc Iti all sales. Sfeciallv 

good valv.o at. pt r garment S5f: 

Xhaki BrlU Shirts. Nothing better for 
working In. Fox strength and comfjrl 
a better parment wiU lie hard to find. 

All «lzes at. per garment fl.OO 

Imported Oeylon Flannel Shirts, in fancy 
light and dark .stripes. These are finish- 
ed with neckband for ordinary collar and 
have soft double vutte. All sizes are here 

at, per garment ^2.75 

AU wool Taffeta Shirts. Imported gar- 
ments finished with collarband and soft 
double cuffs. These are tie finest qual- 
ity made and are guaranteed shrunk be- 
fore making up. To be had in both light 
and dark faocy strlpeti. All sivse* at, per 

garment Jp.l.oO 

Crloketlnr Shirts for Men or Boys. These 
arc imported garments, made of a good 
flannel that was thoroughly shrunk 
before being made up. Have turndown 
collars that button at the neck and soft 
cuffs. All sizes arc here at the follow 
Ing prices: For men t?. a garment 
Youths' sizes at $1.75, Boys' sizes 
at fl.SO 

Daintily Embroidered Belts 

Many handsome designs to choose from 

Xo c-ioiiot you will reuulre a new belt to wear with your new gar- 
■inent.<v .Ana\,ypu will be inttrested to know that we have made a sP-v 
-cial effort to meet the exacting demands of our patrons and have now 
,«. farger a^sortmsnt than ever for you to choose from. The styles are 
.'s. rvic«able aiid BO weU assorted- tliat'Ohooslng should be an easy mat- 
ter. AiJ^i to He*' th'*m, Main floor near the elevatolr. 
WMM 'SailitolaArsa' BsUs. with fancy buckles and a choice assortment 

4f XMtt«*}a*. f'rlce each 25< 

BIMtte »*ltS In floral designs. Colors myrtle and black. They are 

fitted with *llt buckles and are a rare value at 38^ 

jHj«Ay a«tW In fancy destgns. These are in black only and have black 

buckler Prtce ^**^ 

WUm9t JilllS in greyi U f own , navy, while ftild trlasii. Thcse niVe »aRCj' 

nickel and slk ttuoklM. Price each TKf 

an«t*r ttrowa Mis In cslors navy,, cardinal, white and fancy stripes. 

"jf^ts^jtfs e»e«U«»t ▼ftl««i •*. •*<:»» **# 

W^IBMVS >Mt>tr iMtlS. Vine auftUty, and may be had in brown and 

tilMiMf fU4«4 with gut Wd btcek bucklm. Price each. -98^ 

VMMM^ SMM^ ins4e OC tiae leather. These come In a nest black and 

wiati minp»> #rl«i» «»«»» • **^ 

A Better Assortment, of Dinner Sets 
Than Ever Before 



has just arrived and are ready for your in 
very reasonahle price and you should get 
signs to choose from, at prices that range 
be an easy matter, 

English Semi-Porcelain Dinner Sets of 
superior quality. $io is the real val- 
ue of these sets, but having made an 
advantageous purchase, we arc .sell- 
ing them at ^7.90 

Dinner Sets, consisting of 97 pieces, 
.sufficient for serving 12 persons. 
They are made of a very high-class 
semi-porcelain, and are to be had in 
unu.siially attractive patterns. We 
had this lot made specially to our or- j 
dcr . and can guarantee satisfaction, t 
Prices $15.00 and ^12.90 

spection. We have secured them at a 
the benefit. There are 25 different de- 
from $7.90 to $15-00, so choosing should 

Dinner Sets, consisting of 12 meat 
plates, 12 soup plate's, 12 pudding 
plates, 12 tea plates, 12 fruit plates, 
12' cups and saucers, 2 platters, 2 ve- 
getable dishes with covers, i teapot, 
I sauce boat, i sugar box, i slop 
bowl ^d 1 cream jug. These sets 
are worth at least $15.75 ^ set. Spe- 
cial, while they last ._ ^10.90 

Q7.Piec« Dinner Set, made at Stoke-on- 
Trent, England. Several patterns 
' are here to choose from, and all are 
very attfaetiyc. Ms&tly floril de- 
signs. ' Price today f 9.75 

David Spencer, Limited 

$2.50 for Waists Worth Twice 

the Price 


THESE are a few' samples that we have been fortunate in se-' 
curing, and although there are most sizes m the lot, there is 
only one or two of a kind. It's impossible to give you a good 
idea of the value or designs in this advertisement, but one glance 
at the garments will convince you that the g-armciit.^^ never 
made to sell at this low figure. ' ^^^' 

There are silks in black and various colors, some plain tailored 
Willie others are tucked, trimmed with braid piped with silks of 
contrasting colors, or in the popular one-sided effect. 

..T , , ...,,...,. ;„^4.4.~. o-ro i-x-rp mndf no; in verv attractive 
i\et anu iiiai4ii)aci.LC.-i ...^v. ..-i- j - 1 ., -, .-r n 

styles some hand<.rimelv trimmed with colored braids, beauti ull> 
embroidered and finished with high and low necks, short and long 
sleeves. You'll have to shop early if you want one. 

Are You Interested in SKeets and 



Even if you have enough to do for present use it v.'ill pay you to invest in a 
few extra sheets for emergency cases. We can't sell such excellent qualities at 
u'scTrices regularry, an^d ifs hard to say how lon^ it will be before another op- 
portunity like this will present itself. 

Blesohed Sbeetinj suUable for single beds, 
free from dressing and an excellent wear- 
ing quality. Per yard 25^ 

Btronj Cotton Shdrtlng, fully bleached and 
suitable for three-quarter beds. A quality 
that will launder well and give long ser- 
vice. Three qualities In this line. Per yard. 

40, 36c and ^5^ 

A Spaclal Iilne of Slieetlnj. This material is 
2 yards wide and 1b made of a strong round 
thread. 30c is a low price for this grade. 

but we are selling It today at 25<i 

Ke»T7 QnaUty Steetlnar suitable for double 

D«i8. ttnu "• nuttiitj. > ..... ^-c i.i-- — . 

expectant. Four different qualities to 
choose from. Per yard, 50c, 45c. 40c..35«i 

TwUled Shetftlnjr, 2 yards wide and an extra 
.stronsr material. They are well bleached 
and extra good values at, per yard. 45c, 40o 
and a«^ 

Extra Wide SheetiiMr. These come In 2V4 and 
2^! yard.s wide, in both medium and heavy 
weights. 2Vi yard material sells at. per 
yard, fiOc, 45c and 40c. 2% yard Sheeting 
kpHh at. per yard. BOc and 46^ 

Unbleached Slieetlag'. These are to be had in 
both light and heavy grades, and in all the 
regular widths. Prices as follows: 

2 yards wide, per yard. 35c, 30c and 25^ 

2U yards wide. at. per yard. 40c and 35^ 

2V2 yai-da wide at, per yard 46c and 40^ 

Circular Pillow Cotton. This comes in widths 
40. 42. 44 and 46 Inches, and is woven from 
ft good round I'lirea^. «•» 6, smooth finish 
and is free from dressing. Any width at, 
per yard 26^ 

Two Special Hose 
Values Today 

ObUdren's Hoee, ribbed arwJ made of a fine cot- 
ton. They are to be had In all sizfes and col- 
ors black and tan. Fast colors. Palr..25< 

Fine Cotton Ko«o for Woaiea. They come in 
plain, fancy embroidered and lace styles, in 
colors black and tan. Special value for to- 
day's selling, per yalr 35^ 

Beautiful Hand Bags 
at $1.75 


Dainty Hand Bar* that you'll be proud to use. 
They are made of a fine Ottoman silk, have 
silver trimminge. 'toras eord with braeeletr 
and may be had in colors green, champagne. 
Pongee, sky, white and black. They are now 
being shown In the Broad Street windows, 
and one glance will convince the most ex- 
pectant woman that full value is represent- 
ed. Today's special |H.75 

Men's and Boys' Clothing 


Hen's Buite made of good tweeds and cheviots 
in a large assortment of patterns and col- 
ors. They are three-button sacques. are 
well tailored and trimmed, and may be had 
in all sizes. They are ideal business suits, 
are inexpensive .durable and smart in ap- 
pearance. A splendid bargain at..fl2.50 

Boys' ■VrMh Suite. There are Buster and sail- 
or styles to choose from, and may be had in 
about six different colors and patterns. They 
are Just the garments for summer wear, es- 
pecially for picnics and other holiday occas- 
ions. Will wash well and always look new 
and fresh. Ducks, ginghams and prints are 
the materials, and the »l«es range for boys 
from 2 to 10 years old. Per garment $1.00 

Boys' Double-breasted Bolts made of strong 
tweeds. They come In mixtures of browns. 
greys and greens, and are well taUored »nd 
trimmed. Sizes for boys from 3 to 1* 
old are here, and you can't get better gar- 
ments for school wear. Prices from |>.36 
,0 »*.tS 

Cblldren's Bompers made of good prints. 
Three different patterns fcnd colors to 
choose from, and arc specially good value>ti 
por garment ••♦ 

Straw Bats for Bor«. In boater and s^ap 
styles, made of fancy cut and split strata, 
have arrived and are waiting for yoa' to, ., 
make your selecUon. AU the regular •li***' 
are here, and you never «aw better <|«ft1lM«y 
offered at the prices. yPrlces r«nge Wyi 
11.26 each down to ...-IpNI^ • 



Collars, Frills and Jabots 


It's astonishing what a differences-^ pleasing difference--* *ltt 
collar, side frill or jabot will make to your drcSs or co«tttm«, »^,V 
can get the latest and best at s^ch a tmtn cost, there's k> Detlon 
shouldn't have a change. . \-^- •> ' 

Ask to «»e^th«m in the dtpartment on the M«i|i l^ow. 

Bttttib 0«il«Mnt tn lace ftiiji ^tmbi^iM^nry^ ,^« 
range of i»tt«Tni !• aWfijUW^M* •»« 
the v*lue« are Wtter ttan t)i«, ftveirNt*. 
Ther* art OMny h«r* tW« «m 0mf^ foi^ 
Prlc«« •t»a't at «M ttA nmf* «^ **|^ 
as , .#•.** 


* < 


prddt^ttoAi «*A m** if*# 4W »«>« ^ 

ba hU.-^.Mv0' turnup 

■' rjit'BJv.-v,.-.;.:..-r 

jNiiOta'lft W»iaMl> maiKvHf